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					South Lakes High School Athletic Booster Club
11400 South Lakes Drive
Reston, VA 20191

                                                Board Meeting Minutes
                                                  August 11th, 2010
In Attendance:         Bob Clinage, Erika Castro, Lora Griffith, Eva Dempster, Matt Maginniss, Linda Jones, Kelly
                       Kroll, Jean Marie Youngren, Irv Greene, Julie Lasure, Marilyn Maginniss
Guests:                Craig Lunde (boys lacrosse coach)
Meeting Start:         6:01pm
Meeting End:           7:50
Quorum:                Yes             No

Treasurer – Bob Clinage
         Updated Cash position report - Updated net cash balance is $2,929.78. Costco credit card balance is $0.00.
          $130.00 membership renewal due 9/1. Sam’s Club credit card balance is $0.00. $100.00 membership
          renewal due 8/17. Annual liability insurance premium of $766.00 due 9/2.
         Booster Club Contributions to South Lakes Athletics Year-to-Date is $0.
         Current Activities: summer camp administration: payroll, final county reports being completed. Seven camp
          weeks completed; each was profitable; final report in September
         Competing quotes for annual insurance policy being sought
         Costco/Sam’s Club card changes. The following people have Costco cards: Julie, Jean Marie, Kelly and we
          have one we will hold onto for future use.
         Research for hot dog cooker and pretzel warmer continues
         Rolling grill/hot dog warmer with sneeze guard runs anywhere between $600.00 – $1200.00.
         Pretzel warmer with humidity system and heater runs between $1000.00 - $1300.00 plus freight.
         It was decided that we would buy pretzels first and microwave them to see how they sell first before investing
          in a heater/grill, etc.

Secretary’s Report – Eva Dempster
         July meeting minutes were approved and seconded
         Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 11th at 6:30. NOTE NEW START TIME!

Director of Ways and Means – Open Position

2       Vice President - Team Reps – Lora Griffith
       List of team reps is growing. She will submit final list to board in September.

Director of Publicity – OPEN

President’s Report – Matt Maginniss
    Matt is speaking at the Parent Orientation Meeting on 9/2 at 7 pm and the Fall Coaches Meeting on the 18

       of August.

Director of Membership – Erika Castro
     Booster cards are ordered.
     People are starting to sign up for booster memberships. They can go on line to order a membership.
Director of Concessions – Jean Youngren
     It was decided that we were going to go with regular chicken sandwiches and nuggets – not spicy.
Linda Jones
Director of Volunteers – Kelly Kroll
          Volunteer forms have been collected as people turn in athletic physical forms.
          Will input all their information. E-mails are the main key to reaching people.
          Will give non-booster related info. such as field maintenance, etc. to Linda Jones
          She is currently trying to fulfill the volunteer need for 8/18 and 8/21.

Director of Apparel – Julie Lasure and Susan Campbell
     Julie taking the requests for tables. It was decided that the groups that requested a table first get their
       choice of table set up first.
     12 tables have been requested so far.
     All new, spirit wear apparel has been ordered and it is on schedule to be received prior to Block Party.
1 Vice President – Fundraising – Irv Greene
     Paradise Ice Cream is all lined up – they may give us a cut of sales.
     We will also do a 50/50 raffle as a fundraiser. Will charge $1.00 a ticket or $6.00 for five.
     The booster table will handle the selling of tickets as well.
     Need someone to go into the stands and sell tickets.
     Matt will make announcement of winner and distribute the winnings.

Action Items:
  Matt will try to find someone (and needs help) to find corporate sponsors next year. Needs someone to also
     make phone calls to past sponsors to see if they want to donate again.
        Julie and leadership committee are mapping out tables for Block Party.
        Irv will ask Galvin about car decals.
        Linda will ask permission if the art students can paint the trailers (sea containers) outside.
        Susan to get information to Matt in regards to what sport teams take over what apparel products.
        Linda will send e-mail as to whom has signed up for dunk tank and what time slots they will take. Need 5
         commitments at least by the 18 of August.
        Julie checking into whether or not kids can get into dunk tank.
        Lora to send e-mail to all team reps about bringing their own cash boxes, cleaning up their mess,etc.
        Kelly will get Brandi’s Costco card from her.
        Linda will request Block Party to be put on marquee. She will get ADSA to do it.
        Leadership Committee: Will make a used CD; will speak to Drumline regarding playing; Facebook
         reminders are constantly being made; posters will be made.
         2009/2010 Booster Contacts:

               Name                          E-mail                                               Phone

               Susan Campbell                                 703-758-1024
               Bob Clinage                                              703-709-9179
               Julie Lasure                                      703-439-9691
               Eva Dempster                                        703-407-5715
               Irv Greene          
               Linda Jones                                      703-715-4518
               Lora Griffith                                  703-574-2528
               Kelly Kroll         
               Matt McGinniss                                    703-304-0542
               Erika Castro                                       703-464-0648
               Jeanmarie Youngren  

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