Alfa Spider Project List by ashrafp


									                                       Alfa Spider Project List
                        Done                                            Done (more)
Driver electric mirror rehab                        Shampoo carpets
Clutch hose replace                                 Replace passenger motor mount
Clutch master rebuild                               Driver side motor mount
Clutch slave replace                                Grounding strap check and R&R
Front rotors replace                                Bleach hardtop headliner
Front pads replace                                  Heater motor rebuild
Front calipers replace                              Heater valve replace (toughest so far)
Front brake hoses replace                           Heater hose replace
Rear rotors replace                                 New battery
Rear pads replace                                   New injector hoses (5)
Valence panel replace                               New intake runners (4)
Drain tube replace                                  New passenger seat belt anchor
Wiper hoses replace                                 Replace oil separator vacuum hose
Driver window adjust                                Adjust E-brakes at wheels
Driver window motor rehab                           Battery hold-down
Passenger outer door handle/lock replace            Make and install door water shields
Wiper replace                                       R&R reverse, license, and third brake lights
Valve tappet replace (1)                            Finish door panels and install
Oil change and filter                               Reinstall air dams
Tachometer fix                                      Center muffler replace
Speedometer fix                                     Front tires
Oil gauge fix                                       Interior lights
Horns replace                                       Radio / speakers
Shift boot inner repair                             Automatic antenna rehab
Shift boot outer design and fabricate               Fix lower dash lights (bad trace on board)
Steering wheel wood rehab                           Replace driver motor mount
Shift knob wood rehab                               Replace transmission mount
Seat (2) glider fix                                 Replace header pipe and O2 sensor
Carpet dye                                          Replace all hoses from tank to pump
Fuel sender rebuild
Fuel pump (tank) rebuild                            Still To Do
Fuel tank cleaning and POR-15 treatment             Mirror glass
Glove box door / hinge repair                       Fill steering box (90 wt hypoid)
Instrument pod rehab                                Fill transmission
Fuse/contact cleaning                               Bleed brakes one last time
Air tube rehab                                      Deal with rust
Fix fog lights                                      Replace fuel filter
Brake pedal replacement                             Rear tires
Throttle linkage rehab                              Vapor canister rehab
Brake master cylinder rebuild                       Redo door panels
Radiator hoses replace                              Rebuild driveshaft / support / guibo
Window switch rehab
Repack front bearings                                                 Long term list
Paint door handles and seat levers                  8ga wire from alternator to + post
Replace fan/alternator belt                         A/C belt (#17305, 0.53” wide by 30.5” OD)
Fix fan shroud                                      Fix water leaks
Oil separator check                                 Headlight relays
New by-pass hose

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