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									WREStlINg FACIlItIES  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 60-61
UNIVERSItY OF IllINOIS  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 62-65
IRWIN ACADEMIC CENtER  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 66
ACADEMIC SERVICES  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 69-71
DIVISION OF INtERCOllEgIAtE AtHlEtICS  .  .  .  .  . 72-73
CHAMPAIgN-URBANA  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 74
CAMPUS lIFE  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 75
IllINOIS AtHlEtIC ExCEllENCE  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 76-77
IllINOIS WREStlINg AlUMNI .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 78
NOtABlE AlUMNI  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 79
UNIVERSItY ADMINIStRAtION  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 80
DIRECtOR OF AtHlEtICS  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 81
IllINOIS HEAD COACHES  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 82
DIA ADMINIStRAtION  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 83
IllINOIS RADIO/tV ROStER  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 84
                 tHE UNIVERSItY OF IllINOIS

                 HUFF HAll

                 Huff Hall is named for long-time Illinois athletic director and coach George

                 Huff, who served as athletic director from 1901-1935. During that time, the
                 athletic programs enjoyed unparalleled success, including 12 Big Ten wrestling
                 titles. Illinois athletics enjoys a proud tradition in Huff Hall.

                 The gymnasium served as home for Illinois basketball from 1925-63. During

                 that period, Fighting Illini teams won eight Big Ten championships and earned
                 two NCAA Final Four appearances.

                 Huff Hall also was the longtime home of the Illinois High School state

                 basketball tournament, creating the circus-like atmosphere that fostered the
                 term “March Madness.” The facility also hosted nine IHSA state wrestling
                 tournaments – in 1948, ’49, ’51, ’53, ’55, ’57, ’61, ’63 and ’65 – before the
                 championships moved to the Assembly Hall. Collegiately, Huff Hall was the
                 site of numerous championships, including the 1930, ’33, ’46, ’48 and ’58 Big
                 Ten Wrestling championships. In 1940 and ’47, the Fighting Illini hosted the     Huff Hall serves as the home of Illinois wrestling.
                 NCAA national wrestling championships at Huff Hall.

                  “HUFF HAll PROVIDES US WItH AN IDEAl                                                         WREStlINg AttENDANCE RANkED IN tOP 20
                                                                                                               FOR FIFtH-StRAIgHt YEAR
                   VENUE tO COMPEtE IN . It’S lOUD AND                                                         Illinois wrestling finished in the top 20 for home dual
                                                                                                               attendance for the fourth straight year in 2008-09, posting
                   tHE FANS ARE ClOSE tO tHE MAt, WHICH                                                        an average of 1,025 fans over four home meets at Huff Hall
                                                                                                               to place 15th nationally.
                   MAkES It A gREAt ENVIRONMENt FOR                                                            The Illini’s largest crowd last season was when 1,409 fans
                   WREStlINg .”                                                                                watched Illinois’ dual against Michigan on Feb. 20, 2009,
                                                                                                               which was the 10th-largest crowd in school history.
                                                       - Head Coach Jim Heffernan                              The largest attendance in school history came on Jan. 28,
                                                                                                               2005, when 3,573 fans packed Huff Hall to watch Illinois
                                                                                                               defeat Iowa, 25-7.

                 60 // 2009-10 IllINOIS WREStlINg
                                                                                          tHE UNIVERSItY OF IllINOIS


                                                                                                                                SEASON PREVIEW
The Illinois wrestling team is beginning its 16th year in its training facility –
Huff Hall. As part of the University’s increased commitment to the sport of wrestling,
the Fighting Illini practice in a refurbished wrestling room located on the third floor
of Huff Hall, the same site where home competitions are held.

The 6,100-square foot wrestling room, one of the largest in the country, was
renovated in 1992. The room’s south wall contains eight windows that provide
natural light and ventilation. New wall and floor mats were installed in the room
prior to the 1992 season and were repainted in April 1993. The wrestling room also

contains the Illinois Wrestling and Officials Association Hall of Fame. A list of its
members is displayed on the wall opposite a list of University of Illinois wrestling
All-Americans. Pictures of Illinois’ 18 NCAA champions also are on display along
the north wall of the room.

In the summer of 2006, more technological advances were made in the wrestling
room. Four cameras were installed along with a video recording station. The cameras
are constantly capturing the action on all mats during practice. In 2008, Illinois’
locker room and team room was expanded and refurbished.

Huff Hall also contains the Illinois locker room and weight room on its lower level,
which was renovated in 2004. Wrestlers can run on the Armory’s 200-meter indoor
track, which is connected to Huff Hall by an underground tunnel. The main arena
of Huff Hall has a seating capacity of 4,500 for wrestling. In the past nine years,
the gym has been refurbished with a new sound system, bleachers, scoreboard and
lighting system. Bleacher seats circle the floor of the gym, and permanent balcony
seats ring the east, west and north sides of the gymnasium.

                                                                                             2009-10 IllINOIS WREStlINg // 61

                 tHE UNIVERSItY OF IllINOIS

                 The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is          Illinois faculty members win the most prestigious
                 the state’s classic land grant university, dedicated to    national and international awards, including Nobel
                 building on its tradition of excellence in education,      and Pulitzer prizes, Guggenheim Fellowships,
                 research and public engagement, and driven to innovate     Tony Awards, and National Medals of Science and

                 in each of these missions. True to its commitment to       Technology. Illinois alumni are similarly recognized;
                 provide access to top quality higher education to all of   11 have won Nobel Prizes.
                 Illinois, the Urbana campus regularly ranks among the
                 “best buys” among American universities.                   Campus resources include one of the world’s largest
                                                                            public university libraries, with its online resources

                 More than 2,000 faculty members lead more than             and precious rare book collections, including the
                 40,000 undergraduate, graduate and professional            earliest specimen of printing in the world, the oldest
                 students in a process of discovery and learning in 16      book printed in moveable type, and the first folio of
                 colleges and schools and more than 80 research centers     Shakespeare (1623).
                 and labs.
                                                                            World-class research facilities include the National
                 Illinois provides a diverse learning environment with      Center for Supercomputing Applications, Beckman
                 students and faculty members from more than 120            Institute and the Siebel Center for Computer Science,
                 nations, and a choice of 150 undergraduate majors.         and the campus community enjoys outstanding centers
                 Students have opportunities ranging from participating     for the arts as well as Big Ten sports.
                 in research or studying abroad, to leading one of more
                 than 1,000 student organizations.

                                                                                                              Top: The Quad is the hub of all activity on the University
                                                                                                              of Illinois campus; Above Right: The Alma Mater statue;
                                                                                                              Left: The Engineering Quad; Above: An example of a
                                                                                                              University of Illinois dormitory.
                 62 // 2009-10 IllINOIS WREStlINg
                                                                                                                                                          tHE UNIVERSItY OF IllINOIS

Far right: Front view
of the Illinois Main
Right: Illinois’
Undergraduate Library,
which was built
underground to preserve
the Morrow Plots;

                                                                                                                                                                                                  SEASON PREVIEW
Below: Altgeld Hall, the
math building.

                                                                                                                                           Finally, the University of Illinois at Urbana-
                                                                                                                                           Champaign is the only U.S. institution of higher
                                                                                                                                           education ranking in the top 10 in the three key

                                                                                                                                           metrics of international education: international
                                                                                                                                           student enrollment, total number of study abroad
                                                                                                                                           students, and the number of federally funded Title

                                                                                                                                           VI National Resource Centers for international
                                                                                                                                           and area studies. The campus has collaborative
                                                                                                                                           relationships with the best institutions around the
                                                                                                                                           world, which benefit students and faculty alike.

                                                                                                                                           In its 2009 rankings, U.S. News & World Report’s
                                                                                                                                           America’s Best Colleges rated Illinois as the No.
                                                                                                                                           10 public university and the No. 40 national

                                                                                                                                           According to the 2009 U.S. News & World Report’s
                                                                                                                                           graduate and 2009 undergraduate rankings:

                                                                                                                                           •   The Graduate School of Library and

                                                                                                                                               Information Science’s program is tied for 1st
                                                                                                                                               in the nation.

                                                                                                                                           •   The College of Engineering is ranked 4th
                                                                                                                                               (tie) in undergraduate and 5th in graduate
                                                                                                                                               programs nationally.
 1868 — first architectural instruction west of the Allegheny Mountains
 1876 — establishment of the oldest continuous soil fertility research plots in                                                            •   The College of Business is ranked 13th in
        the Unites States, the Morrow Plots                                                                                                    undergraduate programs nationally.
 1893 — first school of library science west of the Alleghenies
 1922 — invention of sound-on-film movies                                                                                                  •   The College of Education is ranked 24th in
 1935 — discovery of the essential amino acid threonine
                                                                                                                                               graduate programs nationally.
 1940 — invention of the betatron for high energy physics
 1948 — first comprehensive college program for students with severe physical
        disabilities                                                                                                                       •   The Master of Fine Arts is ranked 21st (tie)
 1952 — construction of the pioneering IllIAC and ORdVAC computers                Established in 1876, the Morrow Plots are the oldest         in graduate programs nationally.
                                                                                  experimental research fields in the United States.
 1959 — development of PlAtO, the first computer used for direct education
 1970 — construction of the first visible-spectrum semiconductor laser                                                                     •   The Ph.D. of Computer Science program is
 1977 — discovery of a third life form, distinct from the forms that produce plants, animals and bacterial, called Archaea                     ranked 5th (tie) nationally.
 1977 — development of the quantum well laser, which made compact disc players possible
 1990 — invention of the e-mail program Eudora                                                                                             •   The Ph.D. Mathematics program is ranked
 1993 — development of the first browser for the world wide web, Mosaic, was developed into Netscape
                                                                                                                                               18th (tie) nationally.
 1996 — development of a processing method that extends the life of microchips as much as 50 times
 2001 — development of self-healing plastics
 2003 — the University library’s collection exceeds 10 million volumes, the largest collection of any public university in the world�      •   The Ph.D. Physics program is ranked 8th
 2004 — development of the laser transistor                                                                                                    (tie) nationally.
 2005 — development of the world’s fastest transistor and of a stretchable silicon that can be used to build high-performance electronic
        devices onto rubber substances                                                                                                     •   The Ph.D. Chemistry program is ranked
 2007 — student invention allows wheelchairs to be controlled by thought                                                                       7th (tie) nationally.
 2008 — development begins on Blue Waters - expected to be the world’s most powerful academic supercomputer

                                                                                                                                                               2009-10 IllINOIS WREStlINg // 63
                 tHE UNIVERSItY OF IllINOIS

                 tHE UNIVERSItY OF IllINOIS

                                                    In 2007, the Institute for Higher Education at
                                                    Shanghai Jia Tong University ranked Illinois as

                                                    the 26th best university in the world and the 19th
                                                    best university in America.

                                                    The 2008 Washington Monthly College National

                                                    Rankings lists Illinois as 11th in the nation.

                                                    Entrepreneur magazine (2007) ranks Illinois 16th
                                                    in top undergraduate entrepreneurial programs and

                                                    21st in top graduate entrepreneurial programs.

                                                    The Academic Ranking of World Universities
                                                    (ARWU) ranks the University of Illinois as
                                                    25th in the World (2006); third World rank in
                                                    Engineering/Technology and Computer Sciences

                                                    (2007); 19th World rank in Life and Agriculture
                                                    Sciences (2007); 20th World rank in Natural
                                                    Sciences and Mathematics (2007)

                                                    PC Magazine (Dec 2006) ranks Illinois sixth
                                                    “Most Connected, Plugged-in, and High-Tech
                                                    Campus in the Country.”

                                                    The 29th edition of the closely watched TOP
                                                    500 list (www.top500.org/lists/2007/06) of the
                                                    world’s fastest supercomputers rank NCSA’s two
                                                    newest cluster computing systems eighth and
                                                    47th, released during ISC’ 2007 in Dresden,

                                                    The Harvard Graduate School of Education cited
                                                    (2007) the University of Illinois as an Exemplary
                                                    institution for faculty satisfaction in the following
                                                    categories: Nature of work (research), Policy
                                                    effectiveness, Work and family, and Global

                                                    Design Intelligence (Dec 2006) magazine’s
                                                    “America’s Best Architecture and Design Schools
                                                    2006” ranked Illinois’ Undergraduate and
                                                    Graduate Industrial Design programs No. 8 and
                                                    Graduate Architecture programs No. 10 in the

                                                    Illinois ranks 17th in the Peace Corps’ 2007
                                                    Top Universities and Colleges (large university

                 64 // 2009-10 IllINOIS WREStlINg
                                                   tHE UNIVERSItY OF IllINOIS


     1�   University of California
     2�   University of Virginia
     3�   UClA
     4�   University of Michigan
     5�   University of North Carolina
     6�   College of William & Mary

                                                                                         SEASON PREVIEW
     7�   University of California-San diego
          Georgia tech
          University of Wisconsin
    10 . University of Illinois
    11� University of Washington
    12� University of California-davis

          University of California-Santa Barbara
    14� University of texas
          Penn State University

(2009 U.S. News & World Report)


                                                      2009-10 IllINOIS WREStlINg // 65
                 tHE UNIVERSItY OF IllINOIS

                 ACADEMIC SERVICES

                 Top: The Irwin Academic Center is a facility dedicated to the academic endeavors of Illinois’ student-athletes. It houses the entire academic staff,
                 computer labs and study lounges; Middle left: A presentation room was part of the renovation of the Irwin Center in 2007; Above Right: In the renovated
                 portion of the Irwin Academic Center, a spacious room has been created for group projects and working areas; Above left: Irwin computer lab

                 66 // 2009-10 IllINOIS WREStlINg
                                                                                                                               tHE UNIVERSItY OF IllINOIS


                                                                                                                                                                        SEASON PREVIEW
2008-09 seniors: Troy Tirapelle, Mike Poeta, head coach Mark Johnson, John Wise, Roger Smith-Bergsrud.

The goal of each sports program within the                  ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE: Among the                        The DIA also sponsors a Student Athletic
Division of Intercollegiate Athletics at the                elements stressed by the Academic Services staff      Advisory Committee (SAAC), which is made

University of Illinois is to strive for success. The        to assure student-athlete success are counseling      up of representatives from all 19 Fighting Illini
DIA has taken a comprehensive approach to the               and tutorial services, a monitoring program           intercollegiate athletic teams.
success of the student-athlete. The Douglas C.              and state-of-the-art computer labs. The Irwin
Roberts Illini CHAMPS/Life Skills program is                Academic Center, the former Kappa Alpha Psi           CAREER DEVELOPMENT: Through the

designed to assist our student-athletes in their            fraternity house, opened as a center to consolidate   Illini CHAMPS/Life Skills Program, workshops
overall development.                                        academic services for student-athletes.               are provided to help prepare the students for
                                                                                                                  their careers following graduation. Topics
Sponsored by the NCAA, the Douglas C.                       ATHLETIC EXCELLENCE: Athletically,                    include resume writing, internships, grad school,
Roberts Illini CHAMPS/Life Skills program is                the University of Illinois has long supported a       finding a major, interviewing, preparing for a

comprised of five programming commitment                    broad-based sports program. Its coaching staff        career fair, and dressing for success. Student-
areas viewed as critical to personal growth                 and facilities are among the nation’s best. The       athletes are also provided the opportunity to
and development. The commitment areas are:                  UI’s support units included excellent staffs for      mock interview, complete a resume review, and
academic excellence, athletic excellence, personal          recruiting, equipment, facilities maintenance,        can take part in job shadowing in careers of their
development, service to campus and surrounding              fund raising, publicity and promotions. Its sports    choice. A Student-Athlete Resume Portfolio
communities and career development.                         medicine staff not only assists student athletes in   is published each year and sent to hundreds
                                                            strength training and conditioning, but also in       of companies nationwide interested in hiring
This comprehensive balance of academic                      personal health maintenance. Workshops are also       Fighting Illini student-athletes.
excellence, athletic achievement and personal               provided in the areas of focus and concentration
well-being is stressed daily by the staff and               to improve their sports performance, preparing        The strong relationships built within the vast
coaches. Inevitably, a student-athlete’s playing            for life after sport, and player-agent relations.     Illinois alumni networking system provide
days will end, but with the assistance of the Illini                                                              excellent opportunities for all student-athletes,
CHAMPS/Life Skills program, each Fighting                   PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: As important                    whether for summer jobs, internships or in career
Illini student-athlete will be fully prepared for           as the U of I’s commitment is to the student-         placement after graduation. Each year an Illini
the career and personal challenges that lie                 athlete’s performance in the classroom and            Career Networking Night is held to give student-
ahead.                                                      on the field, it also considers the individual’s      athletes the chance to meet individuals working
                                                            spiritual and emotional needs. Fighting Illini        in careers they have an interest in. Former Illini
Presentations and workshops are offered                     student-athletes are afforded the opportunity         take part in this event and are encouraged to
throughout the year on topics from the                      to attend a variety of workshops during their         assist with our career programming, which allows
commitment areas. In addition, coaches can                  collegiate experience, helping them enhance their     current student-athletes to benefit from their
request workshops from the Illini CHAMPS/                   collegiate experience and their future following      predecessors’ experiences.
Life Skills menu of programming. These                      athletics. Among the seminars offered are those in
workshops are tailored to the particular needs of           financial planning, time and stress management,
the team making the request.                                sexual harassment, and drug/alcohol education.

                                                                                                                                     2009-10 IllINOIS WREStlINg // 67
                 tHE UNIVERSItY OF IllINOIS

                 ACADEMIC SERVICES
                 Illinois offers over 111 majors to incoming students in 10 different colleges
                 College of Agricultural, Consumer and            College of Education (EDU)                      theatre                                     Philosophy
                 Environmental Sciences (ACES)                    Early Childhood Education                       Urban and Regional Planning                 Physics
                 Agricultural and Environmental Communications    Elementary Education                                                                        Political Science
                 and Education                                    Special Education                               College of liberal Arts & Sciences (lAS)    Portuguese
                 Agricultural and Biological Engineering                                                          Actuarial Science                           Psychology
                 Agricultural Science                             College of Engineering (ENg)                    African American Studies                    Religion
                 Agricultural and Consumer Economics              Aerospace Engineering                           Anthropology                                Rhetoric
                 Animal Sciences                                  Agricultural and Biological Engineering         Art history                                 Russian and East European Studies

                 Crop Sciences                                    Bioengineering                                  Astronomy                                   Russian language and literature
                 Food Science and human Nutrition                 Civil Engineering                               Atmospheric Sciences                        Secondary Education
                 horticulture                                     Computer Engineering                            Biology                                     Sociology
                 human development and Family Studies             Computer Science                                Biochemistry                                Spanish
                 Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences     Electrical Engineering                          Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering-lAS   Statistics
                 technical Systems Management                     Engineering Mechanics                           Chemistry                                   Statistics and Computer Science
                                                                  Engineering Physics                             Classics
                 College of Applied Health Sciences (AHS)         General Engineering                             Communication                               College of Media (MDIA)*
                 Athletic training                                Industrial Engineering                          Comparative and World literature            Advertising*

                 Community health                                 Materials Science and Engineering               Earth Systems, Environment and Society      Journalism*
                 health                                           Mechanical Engineering                          East Asian languages and Cultures           Media and Cinema Studies*
                 Kinesiology                                      Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering   Economics
                 Recreation, Sport, and tourism                                                                   English                                     School of Social Work (SOCW)*
                 Speech and hearing Science                       College of Fine & Applied Arts (FAA)            French                                      Social Work (Begins 2010)
                                                                  Architectural Studies                           Gender and Women’s Studies

                 Institute of Aviation (AVI)                      Art and design-Foundation year                  Geography
                 Aviation human Factors                           Art Crafts                                      Geology and Geophysics
                 Professional Pilot                               Art Education                                   German
                                                                  Art history                                     Global Studies

                 College of Business (BUS)                        dance                                           history
                 Accountancy                                      Graphic design                                  Individual Plans of Study
                 Business Administration                          Industrial design                               Integrative Biology
                 Business Process Management                      landscape Architecture                          Interdisciplinary Studies
                 Finance                                          Music                                           Italian
                 Information Systems and Information technology   Music Education                                 latin American Studies

                 Management                                       New Media                                       linguistics
                 Marketing                                        Painting                                        Mathematics
                 Supply Chain Management                          Photography                                     Mathematics and Computer Science
                                                                  Sculpture                                       Molecular and Cellular Biology

                  IllINOIS PRODUCES tHE All-AROUND StUDENt-AtHlEtE
                  AlEx tIRAPEllE (2001-2006)
                  The goal of the University of Illinois athletic department is to develop the all-around

                  student-athlete in every individual that joins the Fighting Illini family. In each sport,
                  there are numerous examples of athletes who have shown excellence in their given sport,
                  while putting themselves in position to have a successful post-collegiate career.

                  One of wrestling’s great examples is former Illini Alex Tirapelle. Tirapelle joined the
                  team in 2001, redshirting his first season. During the 2002-03 year, he became the
                  first freshman NCAA finalist in school history. He went on to earn two Big Ten
                  Championship titles and two All-American honors during his last two seasons. Tirapelle
                  finished his career earning both an NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship and Academic All-
                  America honors.

                  The NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship is a $7,500 award given to 174 recipients annually,
                  split evenly between men and women among the fall, winter and spring sports seasons.
                  Tirapelle was one of 29 male student-athletes nationwide to earn a postgraduate
                  scholarship during the winter season. Nominees for an NCAA postgraduate scholarship
                  must have a minimum GPA of 3.20, be nominated by the institution’s faculty athletics representative or athletic director and intend to continue academic work
                  beyond the bachelor’s degree as a part-time or full-time graduate student.

                  He also earned an ESPN the Magazine first team Academic All-American honor, as voted on by members of the College of Sports Information Directors of America
                  (CoSIDA). Tirapelle represents the University At-Large Division, which is the most competitive.

                  These weren’t the only awards Tirapelle received after his senior season. He earned his fourth-straight Academic All-Big Ten nod as well as his third-straight
                  NWCA All-Academic Team honor. In April, Tirapelle took home the Spirit Award at the 2006 Scholar-Athlete Banquet. As his goal of becoming a national
                  champion went unattained, he selflessly worked out the remaining wrestlers and coached them to victory from the sidelines. Tirapelle finished his career at Illinois
                  as the all-time winningest wrestler with 128 victories. He graduated with a 3.73 GPA in accountancy in May of 2006 and completed the master’s program in sport
                  management in December 2007 while serving as an academic counselor for the Illini wrestling and softball teams. He accepted an assistant coaching position at
                  UC Davis in June 2008.

                 68 // 2009-10 IllINOIS WREStlINg
                                                                                                                                              tHE UNIVERSItY OF IllINOIS

                                                                                                         CAREER PlANNINg CHECklISt
                                                                                                         FRESHMAN: Orientation / Adaptation
                                                                                                         •   Successfully complete First year Student-Athlete Meetings Course
                                                                                                         •   Explore campus activities and student organizations
                                                                                                         •   Participate in hOMEtOWN hEROES program
                                                                                                         •   Visit the Career Center to learn about its services
                                                                                                         •   Attend life skills career development workshops

                                                                                                                                                                                          SEASON PREVIEW
                                                                                                         •   develop your professional and networking skills

                                                                                                         SOPHOMORE: Self-Assessment / Exploration
                                                                                                         • Evaluate your strengths, skills, values and interests
                                                                                                         • discuss career ideas with counselors, faculty, family & friends
                                                                                                         • Update your resume

                                                                                                         • Attend Illini Career Networking Night
                                                                                                         • Gain career-related experience: an internship, a summer job
                                                                                                         • Participate in hOMEtOWN hEROES program
                                                                                                         • Attend workshops and seminars to enhance your personal and career goals

                                                                                                         • look for opportunities to develop leadership skills in and out of your
                                                                                                           athletic career
IRWIN ACADEMIC CENtER gEtS ExPANSION                                                                     • Work with the life skills coordinator and your academic counselor if you are
                                                                                                           unsure about your major or career choice

In the fall of 2007, the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics completed the expansion
                                                                                                         • develop professional skills
of the Irwin Academic Services Center. With the great continued support from the
Irwin Family Foundation, this project will assist student-athletes in many academic
areas. The $4.6 million expansion of the Irwin Center added 11,400 square feet,                          JUNIOR: Decision Making / goal Setting
                                                                                                         • Work with your academic counselor and the life skills coordinator to

allowing more opportunities for the student-athletes to achieve their academic
                                                                                                           develop career goals and strategy
goals. Student resource areas comprised of a presentation room, a new general study
                                                                                                         • Fulfill academic requirements needed for graduation and your career field
area, individual tutoring and study rooms, and a computer lab allow this all to
                                                                                                         • Maintain a strong grade point average
happen. Student-athletes now have more access to computers; better environments
to meet with tutors with less distraction and the opportunity to have more space to                      • Research your career field to determine which qualifications you

                                                                                                           must develop
concentrate on their academic endeavors.
                                                                                                         • Attend Career Center and life Skills workshops: resume writing, interview
                                                                                                           skills, job search strategies, and research occupations and companies
5 IllINI NAMED ACADEMIC All-BIg tEN                                                                      • Acquire hands-on experience: internships, clinical or field experience

Five Fighting Illini wrestlers were named to the Academic                                                • take advantage of volunteer opportunities through hOMEtOWN hEROES
All-Big Ten team in 2009, with Troy Tirapelle earning                                                      program
his fourth-straight honor and Clint Arlis capturing his                                                  • Attend the Illini Career Networking Night
third laurel. John Dergo earned the honor for the second                                                 • Attend campus Job Fairs
time, while Martin Smith and Harold White each were                                                      • Work with the life skills coordinator to update your resume and for
named Academic All-Big Ten for the first time.                                                             assistance with career planning
                                                                                                         • If you are considering grad school, register for necessary exams (GRE,
                                                                                                           MCAt, GMAt, lSAt, etc�)
                                                                                                         • develop strong relationships with faculty, counselors, administrators and
                                                                                                           professionals in your field of interest
IllINI tEAMS ExCEl IN tHE ClASSROOM IN 2008-09                                                           • Work with life skills coordinator to secure a summer job in chosen field
• Eight of 19 Illinois athletic teams recorded over a 3�0 GPA�                                           • test your career choice to ensure its right for you
• Football’s Ryan Mcdonald was named an ESPN the Magazine/CoSIdA Academic All-American and
  Illinois had eight athletes earn Academic All-district honors�                                         SENIOR & FIFtH YEAR: Job Search / Implementation
• twenty-one (21) student-athletes earned a perfect 4�0 GPA�                                             • Update resume and create a cover letter
• the Illinois women’s golf team earned a perfect 1�000 in the NCAA Academic Progess Rate (APR)�         • Register for on-campus interviewing with Career Center
• 132 student-athletes earned Academic All-Big ten honors�                                               • Continue to attend Career Center and life Skills workshops and seminars
• Fifty-two (52) percent of all student-athletes earned over a 3�0 GPA in the spring, while 54 percent   • Continue to participate in hOMEtOWN hEROES program
  posted a 3�0 or better in the fall�                                                                    • If attending grad school, register for post-graduate exams
                                                                                                         • If eligible for awards or post-graduate scholarships, work with the life
                                                                                                           skills coordinator to complete application process
                                                                                                         • Continue to pursue leadership roles on campus
                                                                                                         • Utilize the Career Center, life skills coordinator for support and resources
                                                                                                           in your job search process

                                                                                                                                                    2009-10 IllINOIS WREStlINg // 69

                                                    DIVISION OF INtERCOllEgIAtE AtHlEtICS

                                                    Top: Assembly Hall; Upper Left: Illinois
                                                                                                      The Division of Intercollegiate Athletics (DIA)
                                                    Field, home to the Illini baseball team; Above:
                                                                                                      was chartered in 1892 as a not-for-profit
                                                    Atkins Tennis Center; Left: The Demirjian
                                                                                                      corporation of the State of Illinois. It was
                                                    Indoor Golf Facility; Below: Newly renovated
                                                                                                      charged with overseeing and conducting the
                                                    Memorial Stadium, home to Illinois Football
                                                                                                      University’s intercollegiate athletic programs and
                                                    since 1924.
                                                                                                      associated support services, and operated as a
                                                                                                      separate entity.

                                                                                                      After the state legislature voted in June 1989
                                                                                                      to bring UI athletics within the university
                                                                                                      proper, the DIA assumed the functions and
                                                                                                      responsibilities of the Athletic Association. The
                                                                                                      DIA began operations officially July 1, 1989,
                                                                                                      and now, more than a century after University
                                                                                                      of Illinois athletics began, the mission is still to
                                                                                                      achieve excellence both in the classroom and in
                                                                                                      sport competition.

                                                                                                      The director of athletics is the division’s chief
                                                                                                      executive officer and reports directly to the
                                                                                                      chancellor of the Urbana-Champaign campus.
                                                                                                      The chancellor has final authority regarding the
                                                                                                      athletic program in all areas except for budget and
                                                                                                      major appointments. Those decisions rest with
                                                                                                      the University of Illinois Board of Trustees.

                 70 // 2009-10 IllINOIS WREStlINg
                                                                                                                        tHE UNIVERSItY OF IllINOIS


                                                                                                                                                                SEASON PREVIEW
The Athletic Board serves the DIA in an advisory   The “Illinois Renaissance,” a $160 million
capacity. It is composed of 20 members, (nine      renovation project for Historic Memorial
faculty, four alumni, three students and one       Stadium, was completed in 2008. New

trustee); and the three non-voting (ex-officio)    permanent stands were in by the first kickoff
members from the University administration.        of 2007, while major construction of suites and
The faculty and student members are nominated      club seating, in addition to a new press box,
by the Urbana-Champaign Senate and selected        capped the project.

by the chancellor.
                                                   Seven years ago, a total refurbishing of the
The DIA does not receive state tax dollars and     football complex took place in time to host
over the years has been able to fully fund the     the NFL Chicago Bears for the 2002 season.
NCAA maximum allowable number of athletic          A second renovation, was done in 2008, which

scholarships for student-athletes in each of its   created a new strength and conditioning room as
sports programs, as well as to hire excellent      well as an entire performance facility for football.
coaches and maintain and upgrade its facilities,   In 2000, the construction of the $12.5 million
staying on par with the best major collegiate      indoor football practice facility was completed,

programs across the nation.                        located just east of the current football complex
                                                   and locker room. The football practice field opens
This has been accomplished through revenues        directly onto the East Outdoor Practice Field.
derived from the following major sources: gate
receipts from football and men’s basketball,
television and radio rights fees for those two
sports, corporate sponsorships, and donations
to the I FUND. The I FUND contributions
provide the maximum allowable number of
                                                                   AtHlEtIC BOARD
scholarships in the 19 men’s and women’s sports                 William d� Adams, ex officio
at an average annual cost of approximately                       Michael B� Bass, ex officio
$25,000 for in-state student-athletes and about                       C�l� Cole, faculty
$39,000 for those from outside Illinois.                             Cleo d’Arcy, faculty
                                                               thomas A� diSanto, alumnus
FACIlItIES                                                          John Erdman, faculty
The DIA utilizes and maintains 16 facilities                      Robert Falato, alumnus
for competition and the administration of 19                    Emily Ganschinietz, student
                                                               Ronald E� Guenther, ex officio
sports. The facilities include Memorial Stadium,
                                                                  Margaret Kelley, faculty
Assembly Hall, Huff Hall, Illinois Field, the                       Mary Mallory, faculty
Outdoor Track & Field and Soccer Stadium,                        lou Margaglione, alumnus
the Armory, Atkins Tennis Center, Khan Tennis                       Cece Marizu, student
Center, Kenney Gym, the University of Illinois                     dan O’Connor, student
Orange and Blue Golf Courses, the Bielfeldt                         Ryan Potts, alumnus                   Top Left: Huff Hall, home to Illinois wrestling,
Athletic Administration Building, the Ubben                      Nancy Sottos, faculty rep�               gymnastics and volleyball; Top Right: Bielfeldt
Basketball Practice Facility, Eichelberger Field                 Christopher Span, faculty                Athletic Administration Building; Middle Right:
                                                                      tom Ulen, faculty                   Eichelberger Field Softball Complex; Bottom
Softball Complex, the Irwin Indoor Practice
                                                              Matthew B� Wheeler, faculty rep�            Right: Armory Indoor Track Complex;
Facility, the Irwin Academic Center and the
Demirjian Indoor Golf Complex.

                                                                                                                             2009-10 IllINOIS WREStlINg // 71
                 tHE UNIVERSItY OF IllINOIS


                                                    Top Left: The changing leaf color beautifies
                                                    one of Urbana’s historic residental areas; Top

                                                    Right: An aerial view of Champaign-Urbana;
                                                    Left Photos: CU’s electric entertainment and

                                                    Champaign County is a warm and welcoming
                                                    community with a dynamic mix of technology,
                                                    tradition and culture.

                                                    The community is rich in culture and full of
                                                    activities. Champaign County provides a level
                                                    of entertainment opportunities unmatched by
                                                    other communities its size due in large part

                                                    to the presence of the University of Illinois.
                                                    Champaign County is proud to offer vibrant, yet
                                                    diverse attractions while maintaining friendly,
                                                    small town hospitality.

                                                    Literally a “crossroads,” Champaign County lies
                                                    halfway betwwen the Windy City of Chicago
                                                    and St. Louis. East or westbound travelers find
                                                    Champaign halfway between Indianapolis and

                                                    Nearly 180,000 people call Champaign County
                                                    home. Add 40,000 University of Illinois students
                                                    and faculty and you see the diversity of a
                                                    poplulation that makes Champaign one of the
                                                    most sophisticated counties in Illinois.

                                                    Four distinct seasons provide much of the
                                                    flavor of Champaign. The summer months
                                                    provide many outdoor activity opportunities
                                                    with hiking, canoeing and camping locations
                                                    nearby. Children can be entertained by a wide
                                                    variety of summer camps and water parks. With
                                                    the fall comes a beautiful display of changing leaf
                                                    color and the always brisk weather for the college
                                                    football season. Snow activities are the name of
                                                    the game in the winter, as well as Fighting Illini
                                                    basketball and other indoor sports. When spring
                                                    rolls around, the community shakes off the
                                                    winter chill and continues to enjoy fine cuisine,
                                                    entertainment and intellectual stimulation.

                 72 // 2009-10 IllINOIS WREStlINg
                                                                                                            tHE UNIVERSItY OF IllINOIS

SHOWS AND CONCERtS                                      year, while Foellinger Auditorium seats 1,750
The Assembly Hall, which seats 16,618, is the           for concerts, speakers, and special events. The
largest Illinois arena outside of Chicago’s United      Japan House and Arboretum offer formal and
Center.                                                 informal tearooms, stroll gardens, and art and
                                                        cultural classrooms.
From rock shows to Broadway to family shows
to Fighting Illini basketball and much more,            tECHNOlOgY
the Assembly Hall has hosted the top names in           Illinois is the founder of the National Center

                                                                                                                                                  SEASON PREVIEW
show business. Performers and events hosted at          for Supercomputing Applications and currently
Assembly Hall include The Rolling Stones, Dave          houses the “supercomputer.” NCSA opened
Matthews Band, Ludacris, Garth Brooks, Kanye            its doors to the national scientific
West, U2, Frank Sinatra, Nelly, Aerosmith,              computing community in January
Tina Turner, “Cats,” Bill Cosby, Mikhail                1986. Because of Illinois’ strong tie to
Baryshnikov, The Harlem Globetrotters, Elton            computer technology, the school boasts
John, Reba McEntire and Bruce Springsteen.              over 70,000 computer connections for

                                                        students on the campus network, with
ClUBS AND ORgANIZAtIONS                                 110 buildings having wireless access.
Illinois has over 1,087 registered student              Blue Waters, Illinois’ next major
organizations, honorary societies, and teams,           technological project, is expected to be

giving students opportunities to pursue interests       the most powerful supercomputer in
in religion, politics, ROTC, professional               the world for open scientific research
advancement, service organizations, rights/             when it comes online in 2011. It will
                                                        be the first system of its kind to sustain

freedom issues and performing arts. With
60 fraternities, 26 sororities and 10 African           one petaflop performance on a range of
American Greek organizations, Illinois has the          science and engineering applications.
largest Greek participation of any university.

The university’s recreation department offers
many amenities for all students. In addition to a
wide variety of club sports (ice-skating, hockey,

soccer, volleyball, etc), many students take part
in intramural athletics in numerous sports (flag
football, basketball, softball, volleyball, bowling).
The outdoor recreation department designs

and gives students day trips for the following
activies: bike trail riding, canoeing/kayaking,
cross country skiing, hiking in Allerton State
Park and horseback riding.

Illinois presents a rich variety of cultural
programs for education and entertainment.
Performance centers and theatres present the
world’s finest operas, ballets, and plays, and
auditoriums host popular performers of music
and shows. Great museums, lectures, and
presentations by the world’s top scholars enrich
both the campus and the community.

Krannert Center for the Performing Arts: four
theaters seat about 4,000 and annually host 350
student and professional performances, as well
as commencements, lectures, and other events,
                                                              Top Right: Outdoor pool at the Acitivies
many of them free.
                                                          and Recreation Center (ARC); Upper Right:
The University hosts four cultural centers                   Dave Matthews has made two recent stops
— Afro-American; Asian-American; La Casa                    in Champaign; Above Right: Green Street,
Cultural Latina; Native American. The Illini                 the hub of Illinois student nightlife; Above
Union allows more than 83,000 students to                    Top: Nelly performs at the Assembly Hall;
attend or participate in over 200 programs,               Above: ARC’s climbing wall; Right: Chicago
lectures, musicals, and concerts in a given              native Kanye West came to Champaign for his
                                                                                   “Touch the Sky” tour.

                                                                                                               2009-10 IllINOIS WREStlINg // 73

                 IllINOIS AtHlEtIC ExCEllENCE

                                                    •   the University of Illinois athletic teams finished 20th in the 2008-09 learfield Sports director’s
                                                        Cup, which honors the nation’s best overall athletic program� Nine of Illinois’ 19 teams finished
                                                        in the top 25 nationally including three in the top 10 — men’s gymnastics (5), wrestling (8) and

                                                        women’s cross country (10)� Fifteen of 19 teams advanced to postseason NCAA competition�

                                                    •   the Illinois men’s gymnastics team reached the NCAA team Finals for the seventh-straight year,
                                                        finishing fifth� the squad sent retiring Coach yoshi hayasaki out with a bang as the team won
                                                        the Big ten Championships and he was named Coach of the year� Sophomore Paul Ruggeri was
                                                        crowned the NCAA high bar champion for the second consecutive year and won his first national
                                                        title on parallel bars, while earning All-America laurels on four events� Fellow sophomore daniel
                                                        Ribeiro won his first NCAA title on pommel horse� It was the first time since 1958 that the Illini
                                                        had three national champions in the same season�

                                                    •   led by 5,000m NCAA champion Angela Bizzarri, the Illinois women’s cross country and track
                                                        and field teams put together two top-12 national finishes� In the fall, Bizzarri finished sixth to
                                                        lead her squad to a fourth straight top-10 placing as they took 10th at the NCAA Cross Country
                                                        Championships� during the outdoor track and field season, she won the 5,000 meters to take home
                                                        the national title in the event� the squad had five All-Americans which led to a 12th-place finish
                                                        at the championships�

                                                    •   Illinois’ women’s gymnastics made school history as the squad advanced to the NCAA team Finals
                                                        for the first time� the team had its first first-team All-American when Melissa Fernandez finished
                                                        seventh on the balance beam and the coaching staff swept the national coaching awards�

                                                    •   the UI wrestling team was the second-highest finishing squad at Illinois last season, taking eighth
                                                        at the NCAA Championships� three grapplers were All-Americans, including Mike Poeta (157) who
                                                        was second, Jimmy Kennedy (133) who finished fifth and John Wise (hWt) who was seventh�

                                                    •   Illinois’ men’s golf placed 21st at the NCAA Championship after winning the 2009 Big ten title,
                                                        the first in 21 years� head coach Mike Small was named Big ten Coach of the year�

                                                    •   three Illini squads made the Sweet 16� the men’s tennis team advanced to the third round of the
                                                        NCAA tournament for the 13th straight year� Illinois volleyball saw a resurgence with their first
                                                        Sweet 16 appearance in five years, while soccer made its third round of 16 in the last five years�

                                                    •   Sixty-two (62) Illini were named to All-Big ten teams and 22 were All-Americans�

                 74 // 2009-10 IllINOIS WREStlINg
                                                 tHE UNIVERSItY OF IllINOIS

                               AWARD WINNERS
                               Michelle Bartsch, volleyball; Big ten Freshman of the year
                                      Mideast Region Freshman of the year
                               Angela Bizzarri, women’s track and field
                                      UStFCCCA Midwest Region track Athlete of the year
                               tonja Buford-Bailey, women’s track and field
                                      UStFCCCA Midwest Region Coach of the year
                               dave Emery, women’s tennis
                                      ItA Midwest Region Assistant Coach of the year

                                                                                               SEASON PREVIEW
                               yoshi hayasaki, men’s gymnastics; Big ten Coach of the year
                                      Central Region Coach of the year
                               Kim landrus and Amy Kruse, women’s gymnastics
                                      NACGCW National Assistant Coaches of the year
                               dennis Nevolo, men’s tennis; Big ten Freshman of the year
                                      ItA Midwest Region Rookie of the year
                               Andrew Riley, men’s track and field
                                      Big ten Indoor Freshman of the year

                               Mike Small, men’s golf; Big ten Coach of the year
                                      Midwest Region Coach of the year
                               Justin Spring and Ivan Ivankov, men’s gymnastics
                                      Central Region Assistant Coaches of the year
                               Bob Starkell, women’s gymnastics; Big ten Coach of the year

                                      NACGCW National Coach of the year

                               NAtIONAl CHAMPIONS

                               Angela Bizzarri, women’s outdoor track and field; 5,000m
                               Paul Ruggeri, men’s gymnastics; parallel bars, high bar
                               daniel Ribeiro, men’s gymnastics; pommel horse

                               BIg tEN CHAMPIONS

                               Melissa Bates, women’s track and field; outdoor 400m
                               Angela Bizzarri, women’s track and field; outdoor 5,000m
                               deserea Brown, women’s track and field; outdoor 400m h
                               Aja Evans, women’s track and field; outdoor shot put
                               Kelsey Joannides, women’s gymnastics; vault

                               Gakologelwang Masheto, men’s track and field;
                                     indoor 400m, outdoor 400m
                               Gary Miller, men’s track and field; 600m
                               Mike Poeta, wrestling; 157 pounds

                               Andrew Riley, men’s track and field; 60m hurdles
                               Paul Ruggeri, men’s gymnastics; parallel bars, floor exercise
                               Sarah Schmidt, women’s gymnastics; floor exercise
                               luke Stannard, men’s gymnastics; pommel horse

                               Angela Bizzarri, women’s cross country & track and field
                               Arrelious Benn, football
                               deserea Brown, women’s track and field
                               Vontae davis, football
                               laura deBruler, volleyball
                               Katie Engel, women’s cross country
                               Aja Evans, women’s track and field
                               Melissa Fernandez, women’s gymnastics
                               Jimmy Kennedy, wrestling
                               Scott langley, men’s golf
                               Brit Miller, football
                               Roger Pasek, men’s gymnastics
                               Mike Poeta, wrestling
                               daniel Ribeiro, men’s gymnastics
                               Andrew Riley, men’s track and field
                               Paul Ruggeri, men’s gymnastics
                               Sarah Schmidt, women’s gymnastics
                               Greg Shroka, men’s track and field
                               Brandon Wikoff, baseball
                               John Wise, wrestling
                               Emily Zurrer, soccer
                               danielle Zymkowitz, softball

                                                        2009-10 IllINOIS WREStlINg // 75
                 tHE UNIVERSItY OF IllINOIS

                 NOtABlE AlUMNI
                                                                            lou Boudreau
                                                                            Professional Baseball hall of Famer (deceased)
                                                                            Charles Bowsher
                                                                            Former U�S� Comptroller General (1981-1996)
                                                                            James Brady, Press secretary during Reagan
                                                                            Administration; wounded during Reagan assassination
                                                                            attempt; namesake of the Brady Bill on handgun control
                                                                            DeeDee Bridgewater

                                                                            Grammy nominated jazz vocalist
                                                                            Nancy Brinker, Breast Cancer Foundation
                                                                            Dee Brown, Author of “Bury My heart at Wounded Knee”
                                                                            Avery Brundage
                                                                            Former president of the International Olympic Committee

                                                                            Hal Bruno Jr .
                                                                            Retired director of political coverage for ABC News
                                                                            tonja Buford-Bailey, three-time Olympian, 1996 Olympic
                                                                            Bronze Medalist in 400m hurdles

                                                                            Dick Butkus, College Football and NFl hall of Famer
                                                                            James Cantalupo, Former Chairman and CEO of                   JERRY COlANgElO
                 ROBERt JOHNSON                                             Mcdonald’s Corp� International (deceased)                     director of USA Basketball; Former president of the Pheonix
                 Owner of the Charlotte Bobcats NBA franchise; 2003

                                                                            John Chancellor, Political analyst and newscaster for         Suns and Arizona diamondbacks
                 Sports Illustrated’s Most Influential Minority in Sport;
                 Former CEO of Black Entertainment television               “NBC Nightly News” (deceased)
                                                                            george Chandler, Actor, played Uncle Petti on “lassie”        Rick george, President of the PGA Champions tour
                                                                            (deceased)                                                    John georges, CEO of International Paper Co�

                 Max Abramovitz, Architect/ Assembly hall (deceased)
                                                                            Dr . Shou-Po Chao, former General Secretary of taiwan         thornton gilchrest, President, National Safety Council
                 John B . Anderson, 1980 Presidential candidate
                                                                            Steven Chen, Computer designer                                S . Malcolm gillis, Former President, Rice University
                 Mark Andreessen
                 Programmer of Netscape internet browser                    Doris kelly Christopher, Founder of the Pampered Chef         Harold “Red” grange
                                                                            John Coleman, Founder of the Weather Channel                  College Football and NFl hall of Famer (deceased)

                 Nelson Algren, Chicago Writer
                                                                            Michael Colgrass Jr .                                         Richard greenberg, Film maker
                 Scott Altman, Astronaut
                                                                            Composer; 1978 Pulitzer Prize winner in Music                 Jerry Hadley, Opera star
                 Michael Arrington
                 President and CEO, Recon Management Services               Rafael Correa, President of Ecuador                           george Halas, Founder of Chicago Bears (deceased)

                 Albert Babb, Pioneer in hemodialysis                       godfrey Danchimah, comedian                                   Erika Harold, Miss America 2003

                 Barbara Bain, Actress                                      John Darling, Former Chancellor, louisiana State University   leanne Harvey
                                                                            Andrew Davis                                                  Former General Manager, New Orleans Zephyrs
                 Arnold Beckman, Founder/chairman emeritus of Beckman
                 Instruments (now SmithKline Beckman)                       Film director/producer (“the Fugitive,” “Under Siege”)        Eric Halverson, Former opera star, bass
                                                                            Ollie Watts Davis, Opera Singer                               Sharon Hendrick, Wheelchair track Olympian (1984, 1988)
                                                                            Dorothy Day
                                                                            Founder of the Catholic Worker Movement (deceased)
                                                                            Jean Driscoll, Wheelchair athlete; Eight-time winner of the
                                                                            Boston Marathon
                                                                            Alan Dysert
                                                                            Actor, played Sean Cudahy on “All My Children”
                                                                            Dwight “Dike” Eddleman, Olympic high jumper and Final
                                                                            Four and Rose Bowl participant (deceased)
                                                                            Andrea Evans, Soap Opera actress
                                                                            lee Falk, Cartoonist (The Phantom, Mandrake the
                                                                            Magician) (deceased)
                                                                            Perdita Felicien, World Champion and Olympic hurdler
                                                                            Michael Filerman, tV producer
                                                                            george M .C . Fisher, CEO of Eastman Kodak
                                                                            Dan Fogelberg, (Attended) Composer and recording artist
                                                                            Rich Frank, Former President of disney Studios
                                                                            Steve Friedman, tV producer, director
                 MANNIE JACkSON                                             Dale gardner, Astronaut
                 Former Pro Basketball player, FormerOwner of harlem                                                                      SUZE ORMAN
                                                                            Bill geist, Journalist on “CBS Sunday Morning”
                 Globetrotters                                                                                                            America’s Personal Finance Expert

                 76 // 2009-10 IllINOIS WREStlINg
                                                                                                                                         tHE UNIVERSItY OF IllINOIS

                                                             Steve Nagel, Retired astronaut
                                                             Malden Nesheim, Emeritus Professor, Provost Emeritus,
                                                             Cornell University
                                                             Ray Nitschke
                                                             Professional Football hall of Famer (deceased)
                                                             Robert Novak, Columnist and CNN political commentator
                                                             Jerry Orbach, Actor (deceased)

                                                                                                                                                                                    SEASON PREVIEW
                                                             Suze Orman, financial advisor and author
                                                             Ray Ozzie, Microsoft Chief Software Architecht
                                                             Peter Palmer, Actor, singer (Broadway)
                                                             larry Parks, Actor, “the Al Jolson Story” (deceased)
                                                             Francine “Penny” Patterson

                                                             taught Koko the gorilla to communicate through Sign
                                                             greg Philbin, Member of the band REO Speedwagon
DERON WIllIAMS                                                                                                           ANg lEE
2008 Olympic Gold Medalist, Utah Jazz                        Irna Phillips, creator of the Soap Opera                    Film director (“Brokeback Mountain,” “Crouching tiger,

                                                             Ron Popeil, Ronco Inventions                                hidden dragon,” and “the hulk”)
Beth Henley                                                  Richard Powers, Author, National Book Award winner
1981 Pulitzer Prize Award winner for “Crimes of the heart”                                                               Sam Skinner, Secretary of transportation; Chief of Staff

                                                             Fidel Ramos, Former President of the Philippines            during the George Bush Sr� Administration
Nicole Hollander, Cartoonist (Sylvia)
                                                             James “Scotty” Reston                                       Ralph Snodsmith, tV gardening guide
Mike Hopkins, NASA Astronaut                                 Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist (deceased)
Sue Ann Huseman,                                                                                                         godfrey Sperling Jr ., Syndicated columnist for the
                                                             Bobby Richards, Olympic pole vaulter                        Christian Science Monitor
Former President, Monmouth College (1994-97)

                                                             Alan Ruck, Actor, “Ferris Bueller’s day Off,” “Spin City”   Justin Spring
Billy Morrow Jackson, Painter
                                                             Stephen Sample, President, USC (1991-Present)               Olympic Gymnast, 2008 Bronze Medalist
Jesse Jackson Jr ., (Attended) Politician
                                                             E . Roger Sayers                                            Mark Steinberg
Donald Johanson                                              Former President, University of Alabama (1988-96)           Senior Vice President and Managing director of Golf, IMG

Anthropologist, discoverer of oldest known hominid, “lucy”
                                                             gerald Schoenfeld, Shubert Organization                     John Strohm, Founded World Wildlife Fund (deceased)
Arte Johnson, “laugh-In” television personality
                                                             gene Shalit, “NBC today Show” film critic                   Dennis Swanson,
Shiela Johnson, CEO Salamander hospitality                                                                               Chief Operating Officer, Viacom television
                                                             Albert Shanker
Jawed karim, co-founder of youtube                           American Federation of teachers (deceased)                  Joe tanner, Astronaut

katherine kendall                                            Allen Sherman, Comedian, co-developer of tV game show       Barbara Ann teer
Retired United Nations Social Affairs director               “I’ve Got a Secret” (deceased)                              Founder & CEO of National Black theater
Charla krupp, Former Editor, Glamour magazine                thomas Siebel, Founder of Siebel Systems                    Nancy thies, Olympic gymnast, sportscaster
Annette lu, former Vice President, taiwan                    Shel Silverstein                                            lynne thigpen, tony Award-winning actress, “An American
Naomi lynn, Former Chancellor, University of Illinois-       (Attended) Author and songwriter (deceased)                 daughter” (deceased)
Springfield (1991-2001); First hispanic woman president      Roger Simon, Chief Political Columnist, Politico�com; New   Craig Virgin, Olympic Runner
of an American public university�                            york times Best Selling author                              Marvin Wachman, Former President, temple University
Jack Mabley, Newspaper columnist                                                                                         (1973-1982); Author, “The Education of a University
Carol Marin, television journalist/anchor                                                                                President “
Prentice Marshall, Federal Judge (deceased)                                                                              Arnold Weber
                                                                                                                         Former President, Northwestern University (1985-95)
lynn Martin
Secretary of labor during the Bush Administration                                                                        William Wegman, Artist
Fred Marx, Co-director and editor of “hoop dreams”                                                                       Jack Welch, Former CEO of General Electric (1981-2001)
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Actress                                                                                     Cheryl West, Playwright
tim McCarthy, Secret service agent during President                                                                      tug Wilson
Ronald Reagan Administration (wounded during 1981                                                                        Former Big ten Commissioner; Olympian (deceased)
assassination attempt)                                                                                                   C .E . Woolman, Founder of delta Airlines (deceased)
Jim McNeely, Grammy nominated jazz pianist                                                                               leslie B . Worthington, President of U�S� Steel Corp�
Donna Mills, movie and television actress                                                                                Rosalyn Yalow, 1978 Nobel Prize-winner in physiology &
Erie Mills, Opera star                                                                                                   medicine
Bobby Mitchell, Professional Football hall of Famer                                                                      timothy Zahn, writer
Jacob Morowitz, Owner, USA trading Company
tom Murphy, Retired chairman of General Motors               ROgER EBERt
                                                             Pulitzer Price-Winning Film Critic
Scott Mutter, Artist/Photographer

                                                                                                                                                 2009-10 IllINOIS WREStlINg // 77
                 tHE UNIVERSItY OF IllINOIS

                 UNIVERSItY ADMINIStRAtION
                                        INtERIM PRESIDENt StANlEY IkENBERRY                         BOARD OF tRUStEES
                                        Stanley O. Ikenberry was appointed University of
                                        Illinois interim president, effective Jan. 1, 2010, by      Frances G� Carroll                  lawrence Oliver II
                                        the Board of Trustees at a special meeting on Oct.          Karen A� hasara                     Pamela B� Strobel
                                        3, 2009.                                                    Christopher G� Kennedy              Carlos E� tortolero
                                                                                                    dr� timothy N� Koritz               Matthew M� Reschke, student
                                      During the fall 2009 semester, Ikenberry, 74, is              Edward l� McMillan                  Bogdan “dan” V� Zavorotny, student
                                      serving as interim president-designate, enabling him          James d� Montgomery                 derek R� Felix, student
                                      to work with President B. Joseph White and other

                 senior administrators to facilitate an orderly transition. As interim             Ikenberry launched the University’s first major capital campaign and led a
                 president, Ikenberry will serve until a new permanent president is named.         second campaign in the late 1980s to raise more than $1 billion.

                 Ikenberry served as the 14th president of the University of Illinois system for   Following his U of I presidency, Ikenberry served as the 10th president
                 16 years, from 1979 through 1995. As president, he led the consolidation          of the American Council of Education from 1996 to 2001. He has been
                 of the University’s Medical Center and Chicago Circle campuses to become          president of the Board of Overseers of TIAA-CREF (the nation’s leading

                 the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), which is today the largest           retirement system for college and university employees) since 2000.
                 university in the city. Major academic initiatives during his presidency
                 included the establishment of the Beckman Institute for Advanced
                                                                                                   Ikenberry returned to the University of Illinois in 2001 to teach higher
                 Science and Technology and the National Center for Supercomputing
                                                                                                   education policy and leadership in the College of Education on the Urbana

                 Applications, both on the Urbana campus.
                                                                                                   campus as Regent Professor and President Emeritus. He also holds an
                                                                                                   appointment in the University-wide Institute of Government and Public
                 During his presidency Ikenberry oversaw significant facilities growth on the      Affairs.

                 Urbana and Chicago campuses. The Urbana campus added the Veterinary
                 Medicine Basic Sciences Building, the Swanlund Administration Building,
                                                                                                   Ikenberry was born in Colorado and reared in West Virginia. He earned
                 the Grainger Engineering Library Information Center, the Microelectronics
                                                                                                   a bachelor’s degree from Shepherd College (now Shepherd University in
                 Laboratory and the Kinkead Pavilion.
                                                                                                   Shepherdstown, W.Va.) in 1956 and master’s and doctoral degrees from

                                                                                                   Michigan State University in 1957 and 1960, respectively. Before he
                 At UIC, new construction during Ikenberry’s presidency included the               came to the University of Illinois in 1979, he was a senior vice president
                 University of Illinois Hospital, the UIC Pavilion, the Student Residence          for administration at Pennsylvania State University and a professor in its
                 and Commons, the Engineering Research Facility, the Chicago Technology            Center for the Study of Higher Education.
                 Park and the Laboratory for Molecular Biology.

                                                                                                   Ikenberry is the recipient of 16 honorary degrees and is a fellow of the
                 In 1985, Ikenberry established the President’s Award Program that has             American Academy of Arts and Sciences. A student dining hall and
                 provided monetary assistance on all the University of Illinois’ Urbana-           residential complex on the Urbana-Champaign campus are named for

                 Champaign, Chicago and Springfield campuses to thousands of high-                 Ikenberry and his wife, Judy, who were known for their hospitality to
                 achieving students from underrepresented groups.                                  University students, alumni and friends.

                 78 // 2009-10 IllINOIS WREStlINg
                                                                                                                                                 tHE UNIVERSItY OF IllINOIS

                                                                                                                                                                                                SEASON PREVIEW

In his 18th year as Director of Athletics at the University of Illinois and the longest         Director of Athletics for External Operations, administering the development program,
tenured current athletic director in the Big Ten, Ron Guenther has returned his alma            public relations, promotions, tickets, merchandise and summer camps.
mater to the national elite. In competing for championships in 19 intercollegiate sports,

Guenther has assembled outstanding coaches, staff and facilities which have accounted for       Guenther spent the previous three years within the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics as
three Top-25 finishes in the NACDA Director’s Cup competition in the last eight years,          associate athletic director for development, coordinating the “Campaign for Excellence in
including the program’s highest finish of 20th in 2009. During Guenther’s time as athletic      Athletics.” His efforts in fundraising have grown immensely since his tenure as Director
director, the Illinois men’s tennis program won the 2003 NCAA national championship,            of Athletics. The campaigns gave Illinois facilities their first major facelift in nearly 60
while Illini teams have produced 28 conference titles.                                          years on campus. Among the projects completed under his watch are: the Irwin Academic

                                                                                                Center, Illinois Field for baseball, the UI Outdoor Track and Field and Soccer Stadium, the
In 2001, he was named the NACDA/Continental Airlines Central Region Athletic                    Atkins Tennis Center, the Khan Outdoor Tennis Complex, the Ubben Basketball Practice
Director of the Year. The MVP of the 1966 Illinois football squad, Guenther continues to        Facility, the Demirjian Golf Facility, Eichelberger Field and the Irwin Football Complex,
move the Illini athletic program on a breakneck pace toward competing at a championship         housing coaches offices, locker rooms, sports medicine, strength and conditioning facilities
level in all programs.                                                                          and meeting rooms for Illinois football.

Guenther has overseen a series of dramatic changes that have local, regional and national       One of the nation’s top athletic fundraisers, Guenther has been instrumental in soliciting
media, alumni and fans marveling at his ability to recruit top-level coaches, successfully      gift commitments totaling more than $175 million toward capital improvements at
engineer a $175 million fundraising and resource operation, and create a model program          Illinois during the last 16 years. Additionally, Guenther has led a $120 million Memorial
producing outstanding student-athletes. He currently is leading a second major capital          Stadium renovation project, which was completed last fall. Endowment fundraising under

campaign to expand and renovate facilities, strengthen endowment and increase annual            Guenther’s leadership has gone from $2 million invested to $40 million in 2008. In the
giving to offset the rising cost of tuition. The centerpiece of the campaign was the            same fashion, the annual fund has grown from $2.4 million to more than $8.5 million this
Memorial Stadium Renaissance, which was the largest renovation project of the historic          year. The Loyalty Circle, which represents donors giving over $10,000 annually, began with
stadium that was built in 1923. The Renaissance project has made Memorial Stadium one           nine families in 1993 and now has over 500 members.
of the premier football venues in the nation.
                                                                                                Firmly committed to delivering the Illinois message across the state and Midwest,
Under Guenther’s leadership, Illinois has steadily improved its performance on the field        Guenther served from 1983 to 1987 as assistant athletic director for Chicago operations,
and in the classroom. Off the field, Illinois student-athletes have continued to benefit from   renewing a commitment that continues today to reach out to the thousands of Chicago-
outstanding academic service programs, matching the overall campus grade point average          area alumni, donors and fans.
and producing nearly 100 Academic All-Big Ten award winners annually in all sports. The
Irwin Academic Center is proof of the commitment toward academic success as more than           During his tenure in Chicago, Guenther created the annual statewide caravan for
$7 million was invested into expanding the building in 2007.                                    promotion and public relations and saw a tripling in the number of donors to Illinois
Guenther also has spearheaded a revolution for funding championship-level programs
and facilities as the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics has opened additional revenue       Guenther spent eight years at North Central College in Naperville, Ill., including a stint
streams totaling more than $4 million through partnerships with corporate sponsors and          from 1975-79 as director of admissions and also as an associate head football coach.
management of the Illini Sports Radio Network.                                                  From 1979-83, he served as the vice president of development and public affairs at North
                                                                                                Central, helping to design and implement a $15 million Capital Campaign. As associate
Guenther’s aggressive plan to make the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics a valuable and     head football coach, Guenther helped the Cardinals amass a 23-12-2 record, including the
enthusiastic partner in the overall education, research and service mission of the University   school’s first winning season in 15 years.
has begun to pay dividends in the 21st century.
                                                                                                Before moving to North Central College, Guenther was offensive line coach at Boston
Now in his fourth decade with the University of Illinois, Guenther was the Most Valuable        College from 1971-74, helping to develop nine NFL players. From 1968-71, Guenther
Player on the 1966 Illinois football squad under head coach Pete Elliott. He was a second-      was a teacher and coached football, wrestling and track and field for the Evanston
team All-Big Ten selection at offensive guard, also earning first-team Academic All-Big         Township and Glenbard High School systems in suburban Chicago.
Ten honors and recognition as the University’s outstanding senior in physical education.
Guenther earned his Bachelor of Science degree in physical education from Illinois in           Born Oct. 3, 1945, Guenther is a native of Elmhurst, Ill., and a graduate of York High
1967 and an M.S. in administration in 1968 before embarking on a successful career in           School. He lettered at Illinois in 1965 and 1966, helping Illinois to a 24-14-1 record in his
coaching, athletic administration and business.                                                 four seasons. Guenther earned MVP honors on a squad that produced five All-Americans
                                                                                                in 1966.
Guenther was named the 17th Director of Athletics on May 14, 1992, after serving
for two years with the University of Illinois Foundation as Director of Major Gifts and         He was inducted into the Chicagoland Sports Hall of Fame on Sept. 22, 2005. Guenther
for three years as a partner with The Barofsky Association, a Chicago-area investments          and his wife, Megan, reside in Champaign.
and marketing firm. From June of 1988 to March of 1989, Guenther served as Interim
                                                                                                                                                       2009-10 IllINOIS WREStlINg // 79
                 tHE UNIVERSItY OF IllINOIS

                 FORMER IllINI DURlACHER REtIRES                             COACHES / tEACHERS   Ben hay
                                                                             Seth Brady           Patrick heffernan
                 FOllOWINg 2008 OlYMPIC tRIAlS                                                    Jevon herman
                                                                             tyrone Byrd
                                                   Former       Fighting     Mike Castillo        Blake hoerr
                                                   Illini great Lindsey      dan Collins          luke Kalman
                                                   Durlacher announced                            tim Kanke
                                                                             Shane Cook
                                                   his        retirement                          Ben King *
                                                   following his third-      Nick Curby
                                                                             Steve doerrer        Jamie lee
                                                   place finish at the

                                                   2008 U.S. Olympic         Cal Ferry            Andrew lukanich
                                                   Trials. Durlacher         Matt Fletcher        Anuj Maniar
                                                   won a bronze medal        Gabe Flores          Joel Manning
                                                   at the 2006 World         lambros Fotos        Evan Mizue
                                                   Championships and         Pete Friedl          Mike Nichols
                                                   placed fifth at the                            Mike Novak
                                                                             Brian Glynn
                 2007 World Championships in the 55 kg/121 pound                                  Anthony Opiola
                                                                             Joe Gomez

                 weight class, helping propel the U.S. to a team gold.
                                                                             Joe Greene           Joe Paun
                 Durlacher was a two-time All-American during his time       Matt harding         lance Pelton
                 at Illinois, taking second at 118 pounds in 1997 and        troy hatton          Cassio Pero
                 finishing fourth in the same class in 1996. His 32 wins     Chad hay             Jason Pero

                 in both 1995-96 and 1996-97 are the eighth-highest          Brendan heffernan    twan Pham
                 total in school history and his 86 career wins rank 25th    Mark Jayne           Paul Preissner
                 at Illinois.                                                                     Jason Provinse
                                                                             Joel Karr

                                                                             Jon lanning          Pat Quirk *
                 FORMER IllINI VAUgHN                                        Will lepsi           Charlie Rallo
                                                                             Mike levanti         Manny Rigatos
                 AWARDED PURPlE HEARt                                                             Steve Rusk *
                                                                             Chris little

                                                   In November 2004,         Kelly Madden         Eric Ryan
                                                   former Illini wrestling   dan Manzella         John Sears
                                                   letterwinner       Jon                         Patrick Sheahan
                                                                             Steve Marianetti
                                                   Vaughn received a                              tim Sheahan
                                                   Purple Heart from         Pete Marx
                                                                             Eric Novak           tony Siebert *

                                                   the U.S. Marines.
                                                                             Kyle Ott             dennis Slomski
                                                    Vaughn, a member of      Nate Patrick         Roger Smith-Bergsrud
                                                    the U of I squad from    Carl Perry           Brian Stewart
                                                    1994-97, suffered        Mike Poeta           david Stoltz

                                                    injuries to his hand     Jason Potter         Mike Stonitsch
                                                    and leg during battle                         dave Sullivan
                 in Fallujah, Iraq. He was then sent to a German hospital
                                                                             Griff Powell
                                                                             donny Reynolds       devin Sullivan
                 for recovery and returned to the States shortly after.
                                                                             Eric Siebert         Adam tirapelle *
                 Vaughn was a four-time NCAA Qualifier for the Illini        Brad Sikora          dominic Valvano
                 at both 134 and 142 pounds. He is currently a captain       Alex tirapelle       Matt Weight
                 as well as an attorney in the USMC.                         troy tirapelle       Matt Winterhalter
                                                                             tim Wyller           John Wise
                                                                                                  Billy Zeman
                 CONtINUINg EDUCAtION                                        PROFESSIONAlS        dan Zeman
                 Anton dietzen - Chiropractor / Medical school               Ernest Benion, Jr�   * indicates professionals who
                 dan Catarello - Chiropractic school                         Scott Benson           are also coaches
                 dr� John lockhart - Resident, Cleveland Clinic              Pat Brownson
                 Kyle Ott - Medical student                                  Jason Butler*
                                                                             Anthony Castilo
                                                                             Brian Cravens
                 U .S . ARMED SERVICES                                       Aaron Eagermann
                 Jim Comfort - U�S� Army ranger                              Ryan Escobar *
                 Jon Vaughn - U�S� Marines captain                           Jason Esterl
                                                                             Joe Fonzino
                                                                             Paris Fotos
                                                                             Charles Gary *
                                                                             david Gleissner
                                                                             Brett hart
                                                                             ladaryl hale
                                                                             Jay hansen

                 80 // 2009-10 IllINOIS WREStlINg
                                                                                                                                                       tHE UNIVERSItY OF IllINOIS

the University of Illinois wrestling team, along with the
rest of the student-athletes from Illinois’ 19 sports, know
the importance of giving back to the community� through
a program called “hometown heroes”, the Illini student-
athletes have the opportunity to participate in many different
community service activities� the program is organized
through the Academic Services office and works with a number
of groups in the Champaign-Urbana area� the following is
a list of all the regular events at which you will find Illinois

                                                                                                                                                                                                         SEASON PREVIEW
the Adopt-A-School program is a joint partnership with
Champaign and Urbana Elementary and Middle Schools
through their One-to-One Mentoring Program� Individual
student-athletes or entire teams make regular visits to their
assigned adopted school to read, play and interact with


Visits to after school programs at both Champaign
and Urbana Elementary Schools are scheduled throughout

the year�

Each year, Illini student-athletes, led by the women’s tennis

team, host a holiday party and provide presents for kids in the
Big Brothers Big Sisters program� the kids play games and
make crafts with student-athletes and receive their presents
from Santa�

Student-athletes have been involved with local boy scouts in
various ways ranging from speaking at meetings and Blue
Gold Banquets to hosting troops on campus visits�                  well as on the Pediatric floor� Student-athletes also take part    SCHOOl VISItS (ElEMENtARY AND MIDDlE)
                                                                   in the Pediatric Oncology holiday Party held each year�            Student-athletes make regular visits to schools in the

CRISIS NURSERY                                                                                                                        Champaign-Urbana area to visit with children in classrooms
Illini student-athletes each year volunteer their time at          MIttEN tREE PROJECt                                                or for all-school assemblies to address a variety of topics such
the Crisis Nursery holiday Shop assisting young shopper in         this community outreach program provides our student-              as the importance of staying in school, making good grades,
purchasing presents�                                               athletes with the opportunity to collect donations of warm         staying away from drugs and alcohol, and treating others with

                                                                   clothing (hats, gloves, coats, scarves, mittens, etc) that         respect� Visits can be made to individual classrooms, school
DARE (DRUg ABUSE RESIStANCE EDUCAtION)                             is then donated to the Champaign district 4 Warm-A-Kid             groups, or all-school assemblies�
PROgRAM                                                            Foundation that strives to ensure that every child in the school
Student-athletes each year speak at graduation ceremonies          district has adequate warm clothing during the winter�             SPECIAl SPECtAtORS
in an effort to encourage youth to stay away from drugs and                                                                           Fighting Illini student-athletes partner each year with the
violence�                                                          NAtIONAl SAlUtE tO HOSPItAlIZED                                    non-profit organization, Special Spectators, to bring children
                                                                   VEtERANS DAY                                                       undergoing treatment in the Carle hospital Oncology Center
DCFS (DIVISION OF CHIlDREN AND FAMIlY                              Student-athletes visited with patients at the local VA hospital    to a football game� Prior to the game, student-athletes from
SERVICES)                                                          as part of “National Salute to hospitalized Veterans” day in       other sports visit with the kids at a tailgate Party held in
Fighting Illini student-athletes are given the opportunity to      February�                                                          their honor�
attend a holiday party to brighten up the holidays for kids who
have been placed in foster homes within the CU area�               NURSINg HOME VISItS                                                StAY IN BOUNDS (CHARACtER EDUCAtION
                                                                   Illini student-athletes are given opportunities each semester      PROgRAM)
DON MOYER BOYS AND gIRlS ClUB                                      to visit senior citizens in local nursing homes and assisted       Illini student-athletes visit local schools to promote and teach
Students-athletes visit the local Boys and Girls Club to           living facilities� during these trips, student-athletes may play   citizenship through sports while encouraging students of the
play games and talk with local kids who take part in their         bingo, do crafts, play games or just visit with the residents�     importance of good character and ethical conduct�
                                                                   READINg IllINI                                                     StUDENt-AtHlEtE ADVISORY BOARD (SAAC)
gEt kIDS IN ACtION PROgRAM                                         this outreach program puts our student-athletes in a position
                                                                                                                                      ClOtHINg DRIVE
Get Kids In Action is a student-athlete mentorship program         where they can promote the importance of literacy to young
                                                                                                                                      Each November, the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee
designed to promote daily physical activity by school children     people� Student-athletes work with elementary school age
                                                                                                                                      (SAAC) organizes a clothing drive and donates all clothing
through weekly classroom visits�                                   students one on one or in small groups reading books or
                                                                                                                                      collected to a local shelter�
                                                                   playing word games in an effort to help children improve their
gIRl SCOUtS                                                        reading skills and vocabulary�
Fighting Illini female student-athletes participated in the U
Rock Conference this spring�                                       RElAY FOR lIFE                                                     Illini student-athletes have taken part in Free Friday Nights
                                                                   Several teams and individual student-athletes each year raise      and their Easter Egg hunt and egg decorating party�
HOSPItAl VISItS                                                    money for the American Cancer Society by taking part in their
Illini student-athletes make regular trips to Carle Foundation     annual Relay for life�
hospital to visit with kids in the Pediatric Oncology Center as

                                                                                                                                                              2009-10 IllINOIS WREStlINg // 81
                 tHE UNIVERSItY OF IllINOIS

                 IllINOIS HEAD COACHES

                       Wayne Angel                   tonja Buford-Bailey       Brad Dancer         Michelle Dasso     kevin Hambly
                    Men’s Cross Country             Women’s track & Field      Men’s tennis        Women’s tennis       Volleyball
                       track & Field                    Cross Country

                        Dan Hartleb                    Jim Heffernan           Jolette law          Sue Novitsky      Janet Rayfield

                         Baseball                         Wrestling         Women’s Basketball   Swimming & diving        Soccer

                       Renee Slone                       Mike Small           Justin Spring         Bob Starkell      terri Sullivan
                       Women’s Golf                      Men’s Golf         Men’s Gymnastics     Women’s Gymnastics      Softball

                      Bruce Weber                        Ron Zook
                     Men’s Basketball                     Football

                 82 // 2009-10 IllINOIS WREStlINg
                                                                                                                                                          tHE UNIVERSItY OF IllINOIS


                                                                                                                                                                                                            SEASON PREVIEW
    Dana Brenner                        kent Brown                          terry Cole                      terry Conlon                  Steve greene                          Chris Hanna
Associate Athletics director      Assistant Athletics director             Senior Associate             director of Concessions        director of development            Assistant Athletics director
                                       Communications                      Athletics director                                                                                Sales and Marketing

     Mike Hatfield                 Jason Heggemeyer                        Warren Hood                        kathy Hug                      Vince Ille                          kathy kaler

    Executive director            Assistant Athletics director        Associate Athletics director     Assistant Athletics director   Associate Athletics director             Academic Services
        Varsity I                          ticketing                                                       Event Management                                                    hometown heroes

  Marty kaufmann                        Pat kreger                         Jim Mcguffin                  Penny Mckinney                    tom Michael                         Howard Milton

Assistant Athletics director   Associate director of development   Associate director of development     Varsity Room director        Assistant Athletics director      Associate director of development
 Corporate Sponsorships                     Chicago                             Chicago                                                       Academics                   Major Gifts / Premium Seating

    James Morton                      Chris Peacock                     Stephanie Record                   Nancy Sottos                     Chris tuttle                       kevin Ullestad
Assistant Athletics director      Assistant Athletics director           Cheerleading Coach              Faculty Representative           director of Varsity I            Associate Athletics director
    Event Management                                                                                                                                                             Assembly hall

     Brian Walsh                        Shawn Wax                     Dr . Matthew Wheeler                  lenny Willis                    Andy Young                         Susan Young
director of Summer Camps               Senior Associate                 Faculty Representative            director of Facilities            Video director                Associate Athletics director
        and Clinics                    Athletics director                                                                                                                      Business Affairs

                                                                                                                                                                  2009-10 IllINOIS WREStlINg // 83
                 tHE UNIVERSItY OF IllINOIS

                 IllINOIS RADIO/tV ROStER
                 157                      165 / 174                         157                              174                                197                                  184                         125

                       Clint Arlis           Joe Barczak                         Jake Beechy                    Jordan Blanton                      Patrick Bond                         tony Dallago             John Deneen
                       5-9 // Sr�                 6-0 // Jr�                       5-7 // So�                       5-10 // So�                       6-2 // Sr�                            5-10 // Fr�               5-4 // Jr�

                       Batavia, Ill�             Fox lake, Ill�                   New lenox, Ill�                  Richmond, Ill�                   Chesapeake, Va�                        harrisburg, Pa�           Marengo, Ill�

                 184                      157                               157 / 165                        125                                197                                   141                        157

                     John Dergo              kyle Dooley                          Ben Friedl                        B .J . Futrell                 Mario gonzalez                       Jimmy kennedy             Jake kimberlin
                       5-11 // Sr�              5-7 // R-Fr�                       5-10 // Jr�                       5-6 // So�                           5-11 // Fr�                           5-6 // Sr�           5-7 // So�

                        Morris, Ill�            Monticello, Ill�                 Orland Park, Ill�                 Park Forest, Ill�                       Aurora, Ill�                        Ingleside, Ill�     Bourbonnais, Ill�

                 149                      133 / 141                         174 / 184                        149                                197                                   174                        165

                    Matthew lee             tyler lePretre                     Matt McCarter                      Nate Millman                      Jake Norman                           Clinton Polz             Conrad Polz
                        5-7 // Jr�               5-7 // R-Fr�                     5-11 // R-Fr�                      5-9 // Fr�                           6-1 // Sr�                         6-0 // Jr�             5-9 // R-Fr�
                        Aurora, Ill�            Orland Park, Ill�                  Batavia, Ill�                   Park Ridge, Ill�                       Batavia, Ill�                   Orland Park, Ill�        Orland Park, Ill�

                 141                      157                               133                              197                                157                                   149                        149

                     Ryan Prater           Brian Reynolds                        Zeke Rowan                       Martin Smith                       Dan Stelter                          Reese taylor            Eric terrazas
                         5-9 // Jr�             5-9 // R-Fr�                       5-6 // So�                       5-11 // So�                       5-9 // R-Fr�                          5-7 // R-Fr�               5-9 // So�
                       Plainfield, Ill�         Frankfort, Ill�                Evergreen Park, Ill�                  Quincy, Ill�                     Villa Park, Ill�                     Rock Island, Ill�           Wheaton, Ill�

                 133                      141                               141                              HWT                                HWT                                   125

                    Daryl thomas           John Van Duyne                       Vince Vercelli                     Pat Walker                      Harold White                            Sam White
                      5-5 // R-Fr�             5-9 // Fr�                         5-10 // So�                       6-2 // R-Fr�                      6-0 // So�                             5-4 // Fr�
                     Edwardsville, Ill�      Wilmington, Ill�                    Wilmington, Ill�                   lombard, Ill�                     Chicago, Ill�                        Massillon, Ohio

                                                                  Jim Heffernan                      Carl Perry                  Jeremy Hunter                            Mike Poeta
                                                                 head Coach                   Associate head Coach                 Assistant Coach                      Assistant Coach
                                                              18th year at Illinois           Eighth year at Illinois            Ninth year at Illinois               First year at Illinois

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