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					Recruiter 1
       August 2004 Vol. 50 No. 7

          Editorial staff
        Brig. Gen. Dutch Remkes

           Chief, Public Affairs
        Lt. Col. R. Steven Murray

    Superintendent, Public Affairs
   Senior Master Sgt. Linda Brandon

         Staff Sgt. Marti Ribeiro

 This funded Air Force magazine is an
authorized publication for members of the         Purple Heart
U.S. military services. Contents of the
Recruiter are not necessarily the official       Brig. Gen. Dutch Remkes, Air Force Recruiting Service com-
view of, nor endorsed by, the U.S.               mander, awards the Purple Heart to Master Sgt. Greg Elmore
government, the Department of Defense,           during an Aug. 11 ceremony at Boerne, Texas. Sergeant Elmore,
or the Department of the Air Force.
                                                 AFRS standardization and training manager, earned the award for
 The editorial content is edited, prepared,
and provided by the public affairs office        injuries sustained during Operation Iraqi Freedom. While helping
of Air Force Recruiting Service, Randolph        recruit for the Iraqi Army, Sergeant Elmore's duty station was
Air Force Base, Texas. All photos are Air        attacked by a suicide bomber that killed 47 Iraqis.
Force photos unless otherwise indicated.
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  Correspondence should be addressed           Staff Sgt.
ATTN: EDITOR, RANDOLPH AFB, TX                 Clint O’Leary
78150-4527. Phone numbers are
commercial (210) 565-4678, DSN 665-            Job title: Enlisted accessions
4678 or e-mail             recruiter, 362nd Recruiting Squadron
         cover photo                           Office location: Temecula, Calif.
                                               Hometown: Murrieta, Calif.
                                               Time in Air Force: Eight years
                                               Time in AFRS: Two years
                                               Hobbies: Golf and mechanics
                                               What inspires you to do what you
                                               do? My family and my belief in what
                                               we do in the Air Force
                                               What is the best advice you have
                                               received? It’s not a got to, it’s a get to
                                               Career goals: Stay in recruiting, make rank, progress in my
As a member of the customer support
center, Staff Sgt. Jon Singletary makes
                                               career with my next assignment being in officer accessions
up one of three levels of support              What hints can you give others about recruiting? Work
available by Air Force Recruiting Service      smart, be creative and have fun
to meet the monumental demands of
information technology. His support along      Personal motto: Life is full of ups and downs. It’s what you do
with online tools allow users across the       with the downs that counts
globe to accomplish their recruiting
mission. (Graphic illustration by Staff Sgt.
Marti Ribeiro)

2 Recruiter
AFRS conducts IT like no other
By Col. John Boggess
Chief, Information Systems
                                        These folks are in
                                        one-deep positions,

          fter serving in the
             military for more than     have a huge area of
             24 years, I can truly      responsibility to cover,
say my last two years at Air            and they are on the road
Force Recruiting Service have
                                        a lot taking care of the
been the best. With its unique
challenges, AFRS is the first           IT needs of our
organization I have been a part of      recruiters.
that has complete control over its
information management systems,
Air Force Recruiting Information
Support System and network             of IT issues before reaching the       allow systems within AFRS to be
resources.                             headquarters customer support          touched from a central location.
    This gives us an advantage         center or network control center.      Hopefully, this will reduce the
when trying to implement new           These folks are in one-deep            amount of time the squadron SAs
information technology ideas. We       positions, have a huge area of         and WGMs spend on the road.
conduct IT support like no other       responsibility to cover, and they          In addition to working initia-
unit in the Air Force.                 are on the road a lot taking care      tives to reduce the workload for
    Last month we held our first       of the IT needs of our recruiters.     SAs and WGMs, AFRS is
Air Force Recruiting Information           Headquarters AFRS is con-          looking at ways to make our
Technology Conference in three         tinually trying to provide better IT   systems and services more user
years. The feedback I received         tools for SAs and WGMs to              friendly.
from the conference was ex-            make their jobs easier.                    Currently, our No. 1 initiative
tremely positive and our team              This month the command             is to wrap up our computer room
must continue to host this event       began its Windows XP deploy-           renovation project. We’ve
each year.                             ment and our team provided             expanded the size of the room as
    During the conference, I had       hardware and software to reduce        well as purchased replacements
the opportunity to meet with           the workload associated with this      for antiquated equipment.
system administrators, workgroup       deployment.                                Upon completion of the
managers and information man-              Another tool we’re working         project, recruiters and support
agement professionals. I truly         on with the AFRS information           personnel should see a significant
appreciate the hard work they do       protection experts involves            increase in performance for
in the field and the support they      researching and evaluating prod-       AFRISS.
continually provide my staff on a      ucts that will allow SAs and               The IT industry is moving very
daily basis.                           WGMs to perform virus scans of         quickly, and it will always be a
    These professionals are the        their networks.                        challenge to keep up, but I’m
first level of support for our field       Also, we’re looking at remote      confident that AFRS will stay on
recruiters. Thus, they handle a lot    administration tools, which will       the cutting edge of technology.

                                                                                                 Recruiter 3
By Tech. Sgt. Daniel Elkins                             perform the job … from troubleshooting problems
Air Force Recruiting Service                            over the phone and configuring laptop computers to
                                                        setting up e-mail accounts and resolving connectivity
    They’re perhaps the most skilled in any squadron issues,” said Master Sgt. Kirk Clement, Headquar-
at crisis resolution. However, what may be a crisis     ters AFRS Network Control Center chief, who
on one end of a phone line often results in a simple    spent four years as a systems administrator with the
troubleshooting solution on the other end of the line. 361st Recruiting Squadron. “We realize that by the
    System administrators at squadrons throughout       time someone has to make a call for help, he or she
Air Force Recruiting Service are usually at the top of has already tried everything they can to make their
the list for business calls first thing in the morning. computer work and are at the end of their rope.
Before they can even find the time to pour a cup of     While many problems can be solved with a call to
Java and check their own e-mail, these computer         the system administrator or help desk, there’s
technical experts are glued to a phone troubleshoot- sometimes no substitute for hands on a computer.”
ing connection problems with a frantic caller on the       Systems administrators, commonly referred to as
other end or having to juggle their schedules for the   SAs, serve in one-deep positions assigned to each
day to make an impromptu office visit as far as three of the command’s 28 squadrons. Adding to the
or four hours away.                                     challenge of their jobs is the enormity of area for
    “Systems administrators have a critical job in      which they are responsible, explained 1st Lt.
making sure the field has the support it needs to       Edmund Williams, AFRS Information Technology

4 Recruiter
                                                          “That’s the unique part of the position of an IM –
                                                      we wear various hats,” Sergeant Huffman said.
                                                      “Although we’re administrators, the majority of my
                                                      job is workgroup management requiring more
                                                      hands-on work with computers instead of spending
                                                      time on administrative duties.”
                                                          Although she won’t overtly admit her anticipation
                                                      for the arrival of a system administrator to the
                                                      squadron in October, Sergeant Huffman clearly
                                                      recognizes the value of temporarily filling the posi-
                                                      tion, which takes about 60 percent of her time.
                                                             - Return to primary workgroup managers as
                                                          “IMers are appointed as AFSC
                                                             - Compete for reassignment in through
                                                      part of our core tasks and receive trainingAFRS
                                                             - development courses) and information
                                                      (careerRequest one-year extension at current location
                                                      technology classes,” she explained. “Since we work
                                                      hand in hand with system administrators, temporarily
                                                      filling the position is a perfect avenue for honing
                                                      those skills and being prepared to step up whenever
                                                      assistance is needed in order to accomplish the
                                                             - One
                                                      mission.” copy is provided to the recruiter
                                                               One copy of support for AFRS
                                                          As-the first levelis sent to HQthe field, systems
                                                      administrators and information managers are able to
Branch chief.                                         answer most of the questions from the field and
    “They spend a lot of time on the road in their    troubleshooting problems.
areas of responsibility providing assistance to the       For some technical issues requiring additional
recruiters, particularly if there is a deployment of  help, the customer support center at Headquarters
equipment to the field or necessary software updates AFRS provides a staff that fields approximately 300
requiring them to spend one or two weeks visiting     service calls a day. Sergeant Clement said customer
recruiting offices,” Lieutenant Williams said.        support center representatives typically resolve most
    Helping relieve some of that burden, according to problems in about one to two minutes. The roughly
the lieutenant, are squadron information managers     20 or so calls requiring additional expertise are
who, in addition to their primary duties, serve in a  referred to Sergeant Clement and his staff, who
backup role as workgroup managers.                    make up the third level support, in the network
    One of those information managers whose job       control center.
has taken a sudden shift in support of systems            “The 1,000-plus calls made across the command
administration is Staff Sgt. Dana Huffman of the      for support can be dwindled down to only about 20
345th Recruiting Squadron at Scott Air Force Base, needing additional support from the network control
Ill. While immersed in her duties as part of the      center,” Sergeant Clement said. “This is a true
marketing office, the absence of a squadron system    testament to the quality of work our people at the
administrator necessitates she stay abreast of the    squadrons and in the customer supporter center are
latest in information technology.                     performing on a daily basis.”

                                                                                      Recruiter 5
AFRS combines separate
Web sites to create XTRAnet
   Air Force Recruiting Service officials hope to       which provided strictly public information, officials
provide a central location for recruiters and support   created in order to incorpo-
personnel to gather and exchange information and        rate the collection of limited personnel data from
clear confusion over competing Web sites with the       users. Resources from this site, along with the
creation of the new XTRAnet.                            Intranet, were eventually combined to create the
   Previously, two recruiting service Web sites         XTRAnet.
competed for the public’s attention. Those were               The XTRAnet allows AFRS members to and                 share resources over a publicly accessible Web site
   Originally designed to replace,        while still maintaining security of sensitive informa-

6 Recruiter
tion.                                                      Not only has this new system made it easier to
       “The XTRAnet provides us a secure place to track information, it continues to grow and find ways
continue the development and placement of systems to alleviate some of the paperwork traps.
that track recruiting-sensitive information,” said John    The Web site already tracks hundreds of items to
Noss, Headquarters AFRS Web development                 include reports of survey, postal expenditures,
technician.                                             computer equipment accounts, computer security
    By offering products formerly available on the      ordinances and fitness records.
two previous systems, along with additional features       A retirement pay and compensation calculator,
aimed at easing use by anyone with an AFRS e-mail       and other training resources are also on the horizon
account, AFRS is now able to satisfy requirements       for the XTRAnet.
for information sharing across the command that was        Another feature of the XTRAnet that benefits
not previously available, Mr. Noss added.               squadron and group personnel is the local unit
    “One of the features of the new system is an        support of activities, which includes a calendar of
online library that recruiting personnel can use to     events, library resources, personnel directory, local
store and retrieve information and files, as opposed    weather conditions and alerts, system controls, unit
to the old method only allowing select personnel to     resources, leadership information, and a way for the
share files and information via Outlook public          commander to immediately flash alert news items
folders,” Mr. Noss said.                                across the top of the web page in a moment’s
    He added that this new platform, from a field       notice.
perspective, offers much more than a place to share        “The XTRAnet is an amalgamation of what we
information and resources – personnel can also post     were attempting to do with with the
bulletins and become involved with online discus-       potential of what could have been done with the
sions in support of popular topics in recruiting, using Intranet,” Mr. Noss said. “Combined, it offers one
the XTRAnet bulletin board.                             user-friendly site of new systems, more information
    “Now they’ll all have a way of reaching out and     and additional features to help recruiters and support
touching each other, which wasn’t possible before,” personnel accomplish their mission.”
Mr. Noss said.
       The Web development technician explained
that the XTRAnet also provides a better means for          How do you get into the XTRAnet?
tracking personnel. Because there is a command-
wide need for personnel information, directories,
                                                               For those at HQ/AFRS, go to:
and rosters, the benefit of the XTRAnet is that its
personnel records are maintained by two methods.
       “The first method collects information for new                       http://xtranet/
personnel from the global (e-mail) address book as
well as removes that information from the XTRAnet              For those outside of an Air Force
when his or her e-mail account is removed from the         base, type, input
AFRS system,” he explained. “The second method                your e-mail address and password
is driven by the fact that personnel can maintain their       and you’ll be greeted with a screen
own contact and other identifying information on the         that gives you four options. Click on
XTRAnet.                                                          the fourth option, XTRAnet.
       “So, ideally the information should always be
current,” he said.

                                                                                              Recruiter 7
Personal recruiting Web sites
could impact network security
By Capt. Joni Grunewald                     AFRS does not authorize Web             Recruiters, however, are not
Air Force Recruiting Service            sites for recruiters.                   totally kept out of the information
                                            “Recruiting school gives each       age. Recruiters can send their
    With today’s technology,            recruiter the tools they need to        applicants to
building a personal Web site is         perform their job in the field,” said       The AFRS marketing depart-
just a click away. But recruiters       Chief Master Sgt. David                 ment is dedicated to the content
conducting military business on         Gaertner, HQ AFRS Operations            and maintenance of
personal Web sites may be               Division superintendent. “Indi-         This Web site contains current
unintentionally opening the “back       vidual Web sites are not currently      information for people interested
door” to dot-mil locations.             one of those tools, even though         in joining the Air Force as well as
    A dot-mil site has limited links    the technology is there.”               people in the delayed entry
that are available to the public and        Not only are our recruiters         program.
certain links that can only be          provided other tools for recruit-           “ is the company
accessed by military people. By         ing, the approval process, design,      Web site,” said Chief Master Sgt
linking to a dot-mil Web page you       content and maintenance of a            Jeffery Martin, HQ AFRS Mar-
run the risk of violating Air Force     Web site is a full-time job. A          keting Division superintendent.
instructions and compromising           maintainer is responsible for               “It has the latest and greatest
security features in place to keep      obtaining necessary coordination        recruiting tools, programs and
the dot-com world out of the dot-       and approval and keeping Web            special events. This should be the
mil domain, granting access to          sites and pages updated. This           home page on every recruiter’s
Privacy Act information, detailed       process includes maintaining an         computer.”
maps or training schedules.             original Internet Release Package           For more information on Air
    Master Sgt. Larry Gonzales,         and necessary coordination with         Force and DOD Web policy and
Headquarters Air Force Recruit-         the public affairs office and           keeping the back door locked go
ing Service information assurance       communication squadron.                 to
section chief, has experienced
links that allow people around                  Air Force Recruiting Service is re-introducing
Department of Defense firewalls,   this month. This Web site is a user-
the electronic barricade intended           friendly source for researching a multitude of
to keep the public out.                     AFRS programs including Recruiter Assis-
    “It’s a scary situation,” Ser-          tance and the We Are All Recruit-
geant Gonzales said. “The                   ers. It also has information for
                                            becoming a recruiter or
information someone can access
                                            squadron commander, the
by avoiding a firewall puts us all in       latest news releases as well
danger. With terrorism knocking             as instructions for requesting
at our front door, I wouldn’t want          Boy and Girl Scout recognition letters.
to be the recruiter who lets them

8 Recruiter
AFRISS gets makeover
Recruiting database                                         “We’re also looking at the requirements of the
                                                        Reserve and the Guard’s officer accessions and
receives major upgrade                                  readdressing the requirements of active duty, par-
By Tech. Sgt. John Asselin                              ticularly officer accessions,” she said. “So, while the
Air Force Recruiting Service                            techies are upgrading the system, the functional
                                                        people are looking at what new features are needed
    The computer application that keeps the Air         to support business requirements. The goal is to
Force Recruiting Service running is getting a           make a system that all the components can use, and
makeover.                                               provide functionality and features present users
    The AFRS Information Systems Division is in the don’t have.”
process of reengineering AFRISS to create a faster,         Requirements will be added piece by piece, with
more flexible and reliable information support          multiple efforts taking place at the same time, Ms.
system.                                                 Jarratt said.
    “Rather than starting from the                                                    “We’ll match and imple-
ground up and building a new                                                       ment requirements with the
system, we’re taking the current                                                   section of the software being
system and reengineering it to                “Rather than starting upgraded. When a require-
support the Guard, Reserve and                from the ground up                  ment logically fits a part of
active duty with the functionality            and building a new                  the software, we’ll work
they need,” said Gail Jarratt,               system, we’re taking                 them together, as well as the
project manager for AFRISS                 the current system and ‘behind-the-scenes’ up-
reengineering.                                                                    grades. Then we’ll take the
                                               reengineering it to
    To do this, the AFRS is upgrad-                                               next chunk that fits together.
ing software, gathering require-               support the guard,                 We’ll roll out pieces as we
ments and making some “behind-                Reserve and active                  go.”
the-scenes” updates, according to           duty with the function-                   AFRISS reengineering is
Ms. Jarratt.                                    ality they need.”                 under way, with changes
    “One of the things we’re doing                                                being made in the near
is bringing the current system up to                             Gail Jarratt     future, according to Ms.
the highest level of Air Force-                   AFRISS project manager Jarratt.
approved technology,” she said.                                                       “We should have the total
    During the next few months, the                                               software upgrade completed
software will be brought up to an interim level and     in five to six months. Then we can start rolling out
stabilized. It will then move to the highest level, Ms. the additional Reserve, Guard and OA pieces. We
Jarratt added.                                          plan to have full functionality for the Reserve in 18 to
    “By being on the higher level of software, we are 24 months following the software upgrade.”
allowed flexibility for functionality that we do not        When the project is complete, the payback
have at our level,” she said. “We also need to be on should be immense, Ms. Jarratt said.
a version approved for maintenance, so we must              “All of the technology and the people that run and
upgrade to be compliant with the Air Force.”            maintain it will be in one spot, instead of each of the
    At the same time, AFRS is working on the            components running their own systems,” she added.
functionality it needs to add to the system.            “It’s a large savings for everyone.”

                                                                                                Recruiter 9
Recruiting school marks
50 years at Lackland AFB                                                                      Photo by James Coburn
By James Coburn
37th Training Wing
Public Affairs

BASE, Texas (AFPN) — More
than 4.3 million people have
joined the Air Force in the past
50 years through the efforts of
enthusiastic recruiters trained at
the Air Force Recruiting School
     “Every recruiter has to come
through this school first,” said
Tech. Sgt. Lynn Bryan, one of 14
active-duty recruiting instructors
at the school, which is celebrating
its 50th anniversary, along with      Recruiter instructor Tech. Sgt. Lynn Bryan shows Air Force Recruiting
the Air Force Recruiting Service.     School commandant, Chief Master Sgt. Gerald Thayer, the school’s
     Sergeant Bryan said the          entrance redecorated with newspaper and magazine stories covering the
                                      school’s 50-year history.
school’s 23-member staff also
includes two Air National Guard       search,” she said. “I love being a     Talespinner, Defense Secretary
instructors and one Air Force         recruiter. I think it’s the most       Charles E. Wilson authorized the
Reserve instructor.                   rewarding job I’ve ever had. To        Air Force to take full control of its
     The Air Force began recruit-     learn about our history and just be    own recruiting, withdrawing from
ing its own Airmen July 1, 1954,      a part of it is very rewarding for     a joint Army-Air Force system. It
but Lackland’s school began           me.”                                   was believed that more Airmen
teaching its eight-week charter           The school has a training          would remain for longer than a
class of 20 enlisted recruiters and   requirement of 589 active-duty         single tour if the Air Force signed
four officer recruiters eight weeks   recruiters, 96 Reserve recruiters      up its own men. At the time, the
before that, on May 12, accord-       and 72 Guard recruiters for the        Air Force was below its autho-
ing to base newspaper articles        fiscal year ending Sept. 30.           rized strength of 970,000 men.
published in 1954.                        Chief Master Sgt. Gerald                Nowadays, recruiters who
     Sergeant Bryan found the         Thayer, commandant of the              have first served for three years in
articles while doing research to      school, said there are about           the United States have the option
decorate the school’s entrance        1,750 recruiters in the field today,   of going back to their original jobs
with newspaper and magazine           including about 310 working to         or moving up to a second-tier
stories about Air Force recruiting    recruit officers.                      position, such as being an instruc-
in chronological order.                   According to an April 1,           tor or one of the 10 to 15 re-
     “I really enjoyed the re-        1954, article in the Lackland          cruiter positions overseas.

10 Recruiter
                                                                                     Photo by Tech. Sgt. Steve Marciniak

Brig. Gen. Dutch Remkes (front), Air Force Recruiting Service commander, leads the charge for the Air Force
cyclist team during the Des Moines Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa July 25. RAGBRAI takes
cyclists across Iowa from July 25 - 31.

Air Force cyclists continue
RAGBRAI legacy for 10th year
By Cynthia Bauer                     three from the 343rd Recruiting           Air Force Recruiting Service
Air Mobility Command                 Squadron and members from              supports the team by arranging
Public Affairs                       Offutt Air Force Base, Neb.,           for permissive temporary-duty
                                     formed a RAGBRAI team to               status for eligible riders and
SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill.           bolster Air Force awareness in         provides special promotional
(AMCNS) – For the 10th year,         Iowa.                                  items to give to others throughout
Air Force cyclists took to their        Retired Lt. Col. Stu Carter         the ride.
bikes for the Des Moines             rode in eight of the nine past            Recruiters also take advantage
Register’s Annual Great Bike         RAGBRAIs and has served as             of RAGBRAI, akin to a “rolling
Ride Across Iowa.                    the team’s executive director.         county fair,” to set up displays at
   RAGBRAI XXXII got under              “One of the precepts of our         the overnight stops.
way July 25 and concluded July       team is that we are all recruiters,”      This year, the commander of
31, covering about 500 miles         said Colonel Carter.                   AFRS, Brig. Gen. Dutch
through the middle of the state.        “We set a positive image all        Remkes, led the charge for the
   The “Team Air Force” legacy       week long — on and off the bike        team on the first day of the ride
began in 1995 when a group of        — and talk to people about the         from Onawa to Lake View,
28 active-duty Air Force bicycling   Air Force and what we do in the        featuring a total elevation climb of
enthusiasts, a support crew of       Air Force.”                            2,685 feet in 69 miles.

                                                                                                   Recruiter 11
Air Force officials announce
staff sergant promotion rates
(AFPN) — Twenty-three members in Air Force                AFRS Staff Sergeant selectees
Recruiting Service are among 13,625 selected by
the Air Force for promotion to staff sergeant. A total     Clifton E. Hensley               313 RCS
of 33,306 senior airmen were eligible, representing a      Michael P. Spinelli              314 RCS
40.91 percent selection rate.                              Ronetta T. Williams              319 RCS
     The Air                                               Charles A. Caskey                332 RCS
Force released                                             Vincent O. Johnson               336 RCS
the promotion                                              Thomas F. Roberts                336 RCS
list Aug. 11. The                                          Clifton Fulkerson                337 RCS
complete list of                                           Brandi N. Bushur                 341 RCS
selectees is                                               Christopher C. Cook              341 RCS
posted to the Air                                          Richard M. Martin                341 RCS
Force Personnel                                            Michael S. Whitten               343 RCS
Center’s Web                                               Maria T. Beltran                 344 RCS
page,                      James C. Potter                  347 RCS
     “Certainly the Air Force has had another banner       Regina M. Price                  349 RCS
year in terms of promotion,” said Chief Master Sgt.        Christopher Stewart              349 RCS
Mark Billingsley, the center’s enlisted promotions         Andrew W. Gill III               361 RCS
branch chief. “The Air Force has singled out those         Jacob L. Hawkins                 361 RCS
senior airmen who have shown they are ready for            Veronica Billings                362 RCS
the next big step in their career. This group has          Matthew F. Leas                  364 RCS
worked hard for their stripes and will make valuable       Donald C. Buske Jr.              368 RCS
contributions as our newest (noncommissioned               Jill R. Carr                     368 RCS
officers).”                                                Ryan G. Schneider                369 RCS
   The average score for those selected was 272.33         Jennifer Martinez                HQ AFRS
points, with the following averages:
     — 130.85 enlisted performance reports                   People who tested received their score notices at
     — 58.23 promotion fitness exam                      the end of August.
     — 54.29 specialty knowledge test                        This allowed them to see just how their promo-
     — 16.43 time in grade                               tion fitness examination and specialty knowledge test
     — 10.88 time in service                             scores rank against others within their Air Force
     — 0.79 decorations                                  specialty.
     The average selectee has 1.77 years time in             Each Airman can also get an electronic copy of
grade and 4.39 years in service.                         his or her score notice by logging into the virtual
     Those selected will be promoted to staff sergeant   military personnel flight at
beginning this month through August 2005.                (Courtesy of AFPC News Service)

12 Recruiter
                                                                                                  TAKE NOTE

RAPTOR gaming                                             OA videos
   Recruiting squadrons should begin receiving flight        Videos aimed at helping recruit health professions
simulator gaming software, joysticks and video            should begin arriving at recruiting squadrons in the
cards this month for use with their RAPTOR mar-           coming months.
keting displays, according to marketing officials at         A general health care video highlighting doctors,
Air Force Recruiting Service.                             dentists, nurses and biomedical service corps
   As a means for appealing to the video game             professionals is already being distributed to the field.
target audience, Air Force advertising contractors           Officials from the Air Force Recruiting Service
GSD&M and Tribal worked in conjunction with               Marketing Division said videos specifically targeting
Critical Mass Interactive to develop a new software       the dental and biomedical service corps fields are in
program for the Cross into the Blue tour and RAP-         the editing process and expect them to be distrib-
TOR kiosks.                                               uted this month.
   The software includes three missions, each lasting
three to five minutes, which highlight an F/A-22          Operation Blue to Green
dogfight, Predator surveillance flight and C-17              The U.S. Army is offering bonuses to Airmen
humanitarian food drop.                                   interested in transferring services as part of the new
                                                          Defense Department program Operation Blue to
Sijan nominees                                            Green intended to rebalance the size of the military.
    Four members from Air Force Recruiting Service           The focus of the effort centers on grades E-1
were nominated for the Lance P. Sijan award               through E-5, but the Army will consider other grades
recognizing senior and junior officer and enlisted        in meeting their needs. Approximately 120 Air Force
Airmen who demonstrate outstanding leadership             specialties can transfer into 37 Army specialties.
abilities.                                                Bonuses are available for the Army’s most critical
    Representing AFRS at the Air Education and            military occupational specialties.
Training Command level are:
    — Maj. Paul Johnson, 347th Recruiting Squad-          Marketing displays
ron commander, senior officer category                        The Air Force Recruiting Service Marketing
    — Capt. Michael Bliss, 331st RCS Support              Division continues to roll out new F/A-22 minijet
Flight commander, junior officer category                 and cutaway engine and trailer displays to the field.
    — Master Sgt. Kirk Clement, Headquarters                  Four Midwest recruiting squadrons are the latest
AFRS network control center NCOIC, senior                 to receive the new F/A-22 minijets for use with their
enlisted category                                         RAPTOR marketing displays.
    — Tech. Sgt. Ronnie Dunker, 347th RCS                     Receiving the new minijet were the 311th Re-
enlisted accessions recruiter, junior enlisted category   cruiting Squadron, 317th RCS, 338th RCS and
    The Lance P. Sijan award was first given in 1981.     339th RCS. A total of 20 minijets have been deliv-
It was named in honor of the first Air Force Acad-        ered to the field with the remainder to be delivered
emy graduate to receive the Medal of Honor. Sijan         by the end of October.
was shot down over Vietnam on Nov. 9, 1967, and               Delivery of the second cutaway engine and trailer
evaded capture for 45 days despite severe injuries.       display is expected in the coming weeks to the
He later died while in a Vietnamese prisoner-of-war       360th Recruiting Group. This is the second of four
camp.                                                     displays that will be assigned to each recruiting
    Sijan was awarded the Medal of Honor posthu-          group. Marketing officials anticipate the two remain-
mously for his heroism.                                   ing displays to be delivered by the end of October.

                                                                                                  Recruiter 13
                                                                                  Photo by Tech. Sgt. Steve Marciniak
RCG command changes
    All four Air Force Recruiting Service groups have
changed command during the past few months.
    Col. Glenda Raichlen replaced Col. Yvonne
Schilz at the 360th Recruiting Group.
    Col. Gary Kirk replaced Col. Daniel Adams at
the 367th RCG.
    Col. Mike Wasserman replaced Col. Earl Chase
at the 369th RCG.
    Col. Timothy Arrington replaced Col. Gail Gilbert
at the 372nd RCG.

Cosmetic surgery policy
    Air Force doctors perform cosmetic and recon-
structive surgeries as part of essential training, but
elective cosmetic procedures such as breast aug-
mentations are not routinely available as perks to
servicemembers and their families, according to Air
Force Medical Service officials.
    Recent published reports in civilian media sug-
gested that elective procedures are prevalent in the        Tuskegee Airmen
military health care system.
                                                            Tech. Sgt. Sonia Kilgore, 343rd Recruiting
    Some reports also indicated that free cosmetic          Squadron enlisted accessions recruiter, visits
surgery is common among servicemembers and their            with veterans during the 33rd Annual Tuskegee
families.                                                   Airmen Conference Aug. 4-8 at Omaha, Neb.
    Air Force doctors, and their counterparts across        The conference featured the Air Force Cross
                                                            into the Blue national display and cut-away
the Defense Department, perform elective cosmetic
                                                            engine trailer. Recruiters from the 343rd RCS
surgeries, but not to the extent people have been led       supported the display and recruiting efforts at
to believe, according to Air Force Medical Service          the conference.

Airman’s Manual
    Air Force Manual 10-100, more commonly               manders and support agencies.
known as the Airman’s Manual, has been condensed             With the AFI revision, mental health providers are
to a 250-page guide.                                     required to review all open and closed mental health
    The newly condensed version will be distributed      records before active-duty Airmen transfer to
to all active duty members on mobility.                  another base.
                                                             They are required to use the review to determine
Suicide prevention                                       if an Airman needs additional resources before and
  In a move to reduce suicide risks, the Air Force       after the move.
has revised AFI 41-210, Patient Administration               Providers will also be allowed to ask command-
Functions, which will help protect privacy rights        ers to help with decisions regarding an Airman’s
while ensuring an information flow between com-          welfare.

14 Recruiter
Air Force symbol                                                September
   The Air Force symbol is
now official, four years after                                  Promotions
                                                                Pr omotions
the service first applied for                                                  Captain
trademark protection.                                     Angel E. Betancourtoyens           336 RCS
   Trademark protection                                   Bryan M. Purtell                   318 RCS
designates the symbol as exclusive property of the        Tanya H. Rapone                    314 RCS
Air Force and gives the service authority to control                   Senior Master Sergeant
and enforce its use.                                      Ronald P. Atencio                 367 RCS
   Servicemembers and squadron marketing offices          Reginald J. Howell Jr.            344 RCS
that design local promotional items must be aware of
the guidelines when using the Air Force symbol.                            Master Sergeant
                                                          James P. Brown III                 HQ AFRS
Department of Defense employees have implied              Kevin M. Edward                    347 RCS
license to use the Air Force symbol on personal           Alfredo Gonzalez                   333 RCS
products such as printed materials, clothing, litera-     Michael T. Jackson                 318 RCS
ture, briefings and coins.                                Rosalind C. Kohl                   317 RCS
   These items must be intended for internal use and      Rodney B. Shepherd                 341 RCS
                                                          Mark I. Spivak                     341 RCS
not for retail sales, advertising or potential endorse-   Troy D. Turner                     330 RCS
ments.                                                    Jonathan R. Weinberg               364 RCS
   When displaying the logo, the “U.S. Air Force” is      Jonathan P. Wissler Jr.            342 RCS
not mandatory in conjunction with use of the sym-
bol, but is the preferred position.                                       Technical Sergeant
                                                          David Aguilar                      341 RCS
   The logotype is not authorized to be place above       David V. Ash                       333 RCS
the symbol. The symbol is not to be distorted or          Robert W. Ashley                   HQ AFRS
stretched.                                                Gerald R. Beat                     349 RCS
   Drawing or portraying objects coming through or        Kelly J. Dawson                    338 RCS
protruding from the symbol is prohibited. Changing        John F. Fetter Jr.                 341 RCS
                                                          Albert Freeman Jr.                 344 RCS
the symbol’s texture, using shadows or using unap-        Anthony W. Fullilove               341 RCS
proved colors is also unauthorized.                       Kimberly A. Gessling               362 RCS
   For a complete list of the symbol’s guidelines,        William D. Hilton                  349 RCS
visit                         James R. House                     345 RCS
                                                          Delano M. Jackson                  368 RCS
                                                          Brian K. Johnson                   317 RCS
Quarterly Award winners                                   Scott A. Klaas                     330 RCS
   Five members from Air Force Recruiting Service         Joel A. Langton                    345 RCS
were recently recognized as the Second Quarter            Mark T. Lomax                      317 RCS
award winners.                                            Pedro F. Lozano Jr.                341 RCS
                                                          Tanya Mitchell                     368 RCS
   The winners are:                                       Bernhard G. Wallman                362 RCS
   - Senior Airman Matthew Leas, 364th RCS,               Edward E. Weaver                   336 RCS
Airman category
   - Tech. Sgt. Robert West, 349th RCS, NCO                                Staff Sergeant
category                                                  Omar Bolanos                       347 RCS
                                                          Mark A. Coots                      338 RCS
   - Master Sgt. Laura Lindsey, 362nd RCS,                Jeremiah J. Mollman                368 RCS
Senior NCO category                                       Tiara M. Smith                     341 RCS
   - Capt. Pete Ellum, 319th RCS, CGO category            Lateisha M. Wise                   349 RCS
   - Vilma Bernal, HQ AFRS, Civilian category I

                                                                                             Recruiter 15
     AFRS/PA                           PRST STD
     550 D Street West Ste 1      U.S. POSTAGE PAID
     Randolph AFB TX 78150-4527     LAS VEGAS NV
                                     PERMIT #583

16 Recruiter

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