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									The Pioneers Projects
and Programs Periodical
AT&T Edition                                                                                Winter 2010 * Vol. 3, Issue 12

                            Pioneers Announce $5,000 in Scholarships
                            Pioneers began accepting scholarship             involvement in community service, school and
                            applications for the 2010-2011 academic year     leadership activities and academic
                            on November 15th. Five $1,000 scholarships       achievement. All applications are judged by an
                            will be awarded.                                 outside independent scholarship judging
                            Eligibility requirements include:
                            The student must be a relative of a Pioneers     Eligible students must complete the scholarship
                            member (Regular, Life, Associate or Honorary     application form and submit all the requested
                            as defined by the Pioneers bylaws) but need      certifying documentation including a certified
                            not be a dependent or nor live in the same       copy of the most current high school
                            residence with the Pioneers member.              cumulative grade transcript.

                            The student must be a high school senior         Applications will be accepted November 15,
                            planning to enter an accredited post-secondary   2010 through February 28, 2011 (postmark
                            institution or trade school upon graduation      deadline.)
Five high school seniors    from high school.
will be awarded $1,000                                                       Click here for additional information and to
each in 2011.               Applicants must have a minimum grade point       download the scholarship application.
                            average of 2.50 on a 4.0 grade scale, 3.1 on a
                            5.0 grade scale or at least a cumulative
                            numerical grade of 80 out of 100 or better in
                            all academic courses.
                            Scholarships are awarded based on applicant

                            Pioneers Bring Joy Over the Holidays
                            Now that the holiday season is in full           The Auraria Council of the Qwest Pioneers
                            swing, Pioneers are more visible than            in Denver has provided Christmas
                            ever bringing joy and hope to their              Stockings to needy children in the Denver
                            communities. At this time of year many           metro area for over 30 years. Each year,
                            people are in dire need of any assistance        Pioneers cut and sew the stockings and
                            being offered.                                   Pioneers, family and friends are asked to
                                                                             decorate and fill them for children ages 0
                            For instance, many families' bread-              - 17. This year, the council teamed up
                            winners have lost their jobs and may not         with the Pioneers Headquarters and
                            be able to afford food or clothes, let alone     hosted two Christmas Stocking Open
                            holiday gifts this winter. Pioneers answer       Houses which invited Qwest employees to
Stockings bring joy to at
                            the call of those in need for cold weather       decorate and fill a stocking for a needy
risk children.
                            clothing by participating in coat drives         child and sign up to be a Pioneer
                            and knitting scarves, hats and mittens.          member. The Pioneers International
                            To help the food insecure, Pioneers Units        Board of Directors also participated in
                            collect food and donate it to local food         decorating and filling stockings at the
                            banks, serve in soup kitchens, donate full       December Face to Face in Denver.
                            Thanksgiving dinners and deliver food for
                            Meals on Wheels.
Pioneers International Awards
As 2010 comes to an end, Pioneers are beginning to think more about awards
specifically which projects and individuals the Unit will be submitting for potential
recognition at the centennial event in Boston next November.

The intent of the Awards program is to recognize Pioneers Units who implement
community service projects that make a significant impact on their community.
                                                                                        Pioneers are recognized for
                                                                                        their service.
Above all, Pioneers is dedicated to exceptional service. Because its so vital to the
Pioneers mission, Units that make an extraordinary impact through community
service, chapter management, community improvement, and fundraising are
rewarded. We also reward individual Pioneers who go above and beyond to spark
change in their communities.

For the current awards period (October 1, 2009 - June 30, 2011) there are ten
categories of awards Units can submit an application for, including: Chapter of
Excellence, Community Impact, Excellence in Fundraising, Project Excellence,
Individual Pioneers Excellence, Excellence in New Member Growth, Excellence in
Volunteer Engagement, Vice President's Award, President's Award and the coveted
Chairman's Award.
                                                                                                 contact us
Click here for more information on the Pioneers International Awards Program and
to download the awards manual.

Support Students Education and Career                                                   930 15th Street, 12th Floor
                                                                                        Denver, CO 80202
Exploration with Kuder® Navigator                                                       Business: 303-571-1200
                                                                                        Facsimile: 303-572-0520
When it comes to making career plans, it can be an overwhelming               
experience for middle school and high school students. Yet those who put
a career plan in place early on are more likely to graduate and transition
into some form of post-secondary education.

Pioneers chapters that are seeking a new way to support local youth with                upcoming events
their career planning can now do so with Kuder Navigator. Navigator is an
online system that helps students in grades six through 12 identify their
                                                                                        To find Pioneers-driven
career interests, plan their education, and explore and prepare for the
                                                                                        community service projects
various options after high school.
                                                                                        and events going on in your
                                                                                        local area and across the US
Education has always been a main focus of our volunteer efforts at
                                                                                        and Canada, please visit
Pioneers, which is why we recently partnered with Kuder, Inc. to bring their
line of education and career planning tools and resources to members at a
25% discount. Additionally, Kuder passes back 10% of each purchase to

To sponsor Navigator at a school or local youth organization, please contact To learn more about Kuders full line of career planning
systems for users of all ages, visit the Pioneers Member Benefit Center.
  Centennial Rewards and Recognition                                                                     fellowship

                                                                                                                      loyalty     service

The following Pioneers have logged 100+ hours in VolunteerNow! from June 30, 2010 - September 30,
2010. Congratulations to everyone who has reached this milestone — keep up the good work!

    AT&T                     Doloria Duggan
                             Mark Elias
                                                    Patricia Lesnansky
                                                    Lorene Lesza-Kowalczyk
                                                                             Mabel Robinson
                                                                             Carolyn Roland
    Nola Adams               Margaret Erickson      Mary Lichtler            Blair Rossing Sr.      William Badcock
    Catherine Adkins         Evelyn Ferranti        Jennifer Lowman          Connie Ruiz            Joan Barczai
    Robert Albrich           Carol Feutz            Thomas Luedtke           Dorothy Sampson-Hull   Alice Barss
    Judy Anderson            Helen Flynn            Duncan Mac Innes         Donna Sanders          Douglas Barss
    Gracie Armstrong         James Fountain         Judith Marlin            Lyda Sanders           Kelly Anne Beaton-Snailham
    Carol Baker              Esther Fowble          James Marriner           Deborah Sartino        David Bird
    Karen Barker             Patricia Frazier       Annie Martin             Mary Schaum            Jean Bryski
    Richard Bearmann         Alexandra Fryoff       Debra Martin             William Scheider       Barbara Butt
    Harriet Beckham          Patricia Gannis        Carol Martin             Thelma Schilling       William Butt
    Yolanda Bell             Jelli Gauthier         Amy Martinez             Mal Schindler          Isabel Campbell
    Esther Bishop            Roger Gentry           Carolann Mattaliano      Richard Schrage        David Chessie
    Merrill Boehme           Theresa Gludovatz      Bev McCartny             Marina Sezon           Fraser Clarke
    Harriet Bonin            Geraldine Gonwa        Ruth MCcollough          Charlotte Smith        Peggy Collins
    Mary Borsare             Christopher Griffin    W. McCord                David Smith            Jack Crosby
    John Bowers Jr.          Mary Guyet             Michael McCoy            Donna Smith            Michele Doiron Campbell
    Janet Boyd               Carolyn Hager          J. McDaniel              Carol Smith            Donna Doutre
    Joseph Brandon           Arna Hargrave          Lewis Meadows            Carl Snedeker          Bren Fahey
    Lou Brock                Bonie Harstead         John Merlino             Paul Soat              Russ Floyd
    Carolyn Brouillette      Charlotte Haug         Joshua Meyer             Graciela Solano        Gordon Ford
    Barbara Brown            Judith Havill          Joseph Mikolay           Betty Stark            Robert Graves
    Betty Brumley            Masinah Hawkins        Alice Mikolay            Doris Steelreath       Dena Hoyseth
    Merle Butler             Harold Heinrich        Blanca Montemayor        Dmytro Strykowsky      David Hume
    Sandra Cahill            Margaret Hernandez     Robert Mrla              Donald Stuttgen        Sandra King
    Yolanda Calleja          Saundra Herren         Elinore Mustard          Vivian Sullivan        Margaret Kourles
    Maggie Campos            Bonnie Hester          Barbara Nadolny          Richard Sutherland     Vincent Leblanc
    Rick Campos              Ricahrd Heuberger      Kathleen Nehrenz         Paula Szuch            Marilyn Lorence
    J. Canady                Michael Hickey         William Notbohm          Linda Taylor           Hugh Martin
    Carol Canady             Laura Hill             Carol Novak              Terry Taylor           Willis Martin
    Ruth Carbone             Eddie Hindman          Anne Oberbeck            Kathryn Taylor         Pam Mcgugan
    Pete Carbone             Connie Holm            Howard Oestreich         Sandra Thomas          Trevor Mcgugan
    Juan Cardona             Gaye Hughes            Patricia Oestreich       Paul Thompson          Debbie McLean
    Richard Carmona          Robert Jahncke         Beverly Oldham           Allan Trull            Brian Mehlenbacher
    Felicia Carter           Jean James             B. Pair                  Adriana Valenzuela     Dee Mills
    Judy Childers            Deborah Johnson        Lois Parollina           Gloria Vanaacken       Stan Mills
    Patricia Clark           Debra Kappel           Corey Parollina          Thelma Vann            Laurie Naugler
    Margaret Clark           Mary Karahuta-Kanzeg   Shirley Passerini        Sarah Villarreal       Ron Nicholson
    David Clark              Paula Keimel           Katherine Patton         Kathleen Villasenor    Robert Noseworthy
    Ouida Collins            Rebecca Keller         William Pazel            Dorothy Wall           Gerald Parsons
    Sharen Condley           Catherine Kelley       Junaita Pearson          Betty Ward             Jacquie Perigny
    Florence Cooke           Pauline Kempton        Victoria Pool            Robert Webster         David Rennie
    Karee Craig              Cortney Kent           Patricia Postek          Gaylord Weidner        Dennis Riach
    Bonnie Davis             Naomi Kerr             Joyce Proctor            Cynthia White          Dale Richardson
    Marion Day               Robert Kerr            Magnolia Pugh            Frieda Wilcox          Candace Salkey
    Hazel Day                E. Kimbriel            Wilma Quarles            Rosalie Williams       Georgina Syrgiannis
    Patricia De Los Santos   Zilpha King            L. Ragland               Emma Witherspoon       Barbara Titus
    Jorge Deapodaca          Shirley Kitchens       Dennis Reinen            Danny Wong             G. Marion Warren
    Saudra Derr              Stephanie Knight       Sam Reynolds             Susan Worner           Harry Wells
    Susan Dixon              Kathleen Knudtson      Yvornnie Rice            Christine Wunder       Edd Wisniewski
    Dorothy Dorris           Anne Kujawski          Jason Ridley             Karen Yaeger
    Neysa Dreessen           David Lascher          Burton Rigley            Phyllis Yancey
    Rosemarie Duesing        Maureen Lawrence       Patsy Roach              William Yarber
    Amy Duffy-Ripley         David Lazenby          Inez Roberts             Jessica Ybarra
  Centennial Rewards and Recognition                                                                             fellowship

                                                                                                                              loyalty     service

The following Pioneers have logged 100+ hours in VolunteerNow! from June 30, 2010 - September 30,
2010. Congratulations to everyone who has reached this milestone — keep up the good work!

    FairPoint               D. Dean Cook
                            Jerrol Davis
                                                  Phyllis Rist
                                                  Albert Rodgers Jr.
                                                                         Joyce M. Hartmann
                                                                         Audrey Higgins
    Elizabeth L. Hackett    Betty Dean            Linda Rothschiller     Joan E. Kominos
                            Robert Dickensheets   Virginia Shea          Rita Laurence
    New Outlook             Lois Dudek
                            William Dyment
                                                  Harlan Shively
                                                  Jerry Sims
                                                                         Juanita Liebner
                                                                         Sally A. Lombardo
    Mary Anthus             Madge Farkas          Janet Sims             Marion T. Marino
    Eunice Carter           Carolyn Farkas        Karin Skeim-Roe        Harriet McDonald
    Bernard Coll            Mary Farley           Maynard Smith          Robert E. McMahon
    Charles Gronitz         Rita Federico         Kathleen Steele        Barbara Meinhold
    William Harbison        Rito Federico         Roseanna Steele        Gloria Moran
    Bernadette Hartshorne   George Fisher         Truman Stewart         Judith Moskal
    Fred Klena              Peter Fox             Carl Swenson           Elizabeth Mutton
    Marie Matyas            Carolyn Fox           E. Tinker              Helen R. Nichols
    William Neison          O.D. Gahlhoff         Sara Van Horne         William Nievera
    Frances Omick           James Gieseman        Elva Vogt              Henry Nowicki
    Albert Polen            Rhonda Goldsmith      Betty Walford          Roxanna M. Parker
    Larry Reese             Shirley Halsey        Olive Wilkison         Rose K. Patton
    Roy Roth                Jean Helzer           Roger Winkler          Maria G. Rausch
    Gloria Roth             David Hemmer          Olga Winkler           Jean Reed
    Jacqueline Younger      Donald Hinkley        Juanita Youngberg      John Reynolds
                            Lila Hughes                                  Dolores Rogers

                            Karen Hughes
                            Shirley Jester
                                                  Verizon                Joan Rusin
                                                                         Joan G. Sanderlin
                            Donald Kemp           Dawn Aikman            Sandra K. Schnopp
    Lorena Burandt
                            Mary Kraining         Agnes M. Anderson      Shirley W. Sergent
    Robert Statt
                            Sandra Kreber         Edward B. Boharsik     David Sill
                            Renee Lang            Bernice Brotz          Rhoda Small
    Qwest                   James Lange           H. Brown               Harold V. Smith
                            Donna Lascher         Lona Butler            Roberta Smith
    Judy Allen              Susan Lovenstein      Anne E. Carberry       Shirley Stenglein
    Joan Anciaux            Norman Mason          James S. Cilione       Edwin Swan
    Allen Banick            Carl Mason            Gail Cilione           Margaret A. Talley
    Richard Barger          Joseph Mattecheck     Josephine M. Conklin   Geneva E. Templin
    Cynthia Barnes-Pharr    Mary Mcfadden         Ruth A. Convery        Russell Thomas
    John Bartholomay        Maureen Mcquade       Martha J. Cox          Helen Vandermost
    Vince Beeson            Morris Meese          Ruth Craddock          Barbara Vennard
    Marsha Berland          Frederic Melton       Gregory Crawford       Gerald G. Verrechio
    Lisa Berquist           Joyce Moore           Lucille Cudeck         Kenneth Walker
    Michael Blair           Shirley Moss          Charlene J. Davis      Harold Ware
    Barbara Blair           C. Munden             Roselina Di Nardo      Russell Wrachford
    Dorothy Blake           David Nielsen         Lucille Diehl          Carol Yeager
    Robert Blasko           Jane Nishita          Grace Dinardo
    Doreen Bloomer          Dale Norblom          Richard H. Doster
    Margaret Boccuzzi       Robert Orton          Ethel L. Farley         Each time you volunteer to help your local Pioneers in 2010
    Mary Bowers             Marlin Parker         Stephen Fisher          and 2011, you can earn special Centennial recognition. Just
    Lucille Bradley         Richard Peterson      Frances Fleeton         be sure to log your volunteer hours online at VolunteerNow!
    P. Buehler              Carol Petzold         Deborah Foley           Your hours will accrue cumulatively to determine the
    Mary Burns              Jerald Pischel        Ardythe Ford            recognition you’ll receive throught the Centennial Recogni-
    Alfred Busnardo         W. Pomeroy                                    tion Program.
                                                  Edward Gill
    Barbara Butler          Dorothy Prairie       Karen J. Glover
    Ron Butler                                                            Stay updated on Centennial activities, including information
                            John Quinn            Lula Grooms             about the Centennial Rewards & Recognition Program online
    Linda Byrd              Vern E. Ramsey        Philip Hahn             at
    Vernon Carpenter        Ellen Rhodes          Lloyd Harris
    Robert Chevalier        Nancy Richter

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