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                               NEWS RELEASE
                                       JVC COMPANY OF AMERICA
                                        DIVISION OF US JVC CORP.
                                      1700 Valley Rd., Wayne, NJ 07470
                                         Telephone: (973) 315-5000
                                            Fax: (973) 315-5011

                                                                  CONTACT: Jessica Olsen
                                                                           JVC Company of America


       JVC Announces New “HDVideo” Recorder Capable
            of HDTV Recording and Playback – the
         HM-DH30000 D-VHS Digital Video Recorder
     Wayne, NJ . . . JVC, the inventor of the VHS video format and one of the world’s leading
     innovators in audio-visual consumer electronics, is introducing a new D-VHS format digital
     recorder capable of recording HDTV broadcasts at full quality. Its D-VHS HS (High Speed)
     mode operates on an incredible 28.2 Mbps data transfer rate, clearly surpassing even the 19.3
 5   Mbps ATSC standard for HDTV broadcasts. And with its enormous 50 GigaByte capacity per
     cassette* which provides 4 hours of full HD recording on a single cassette*, it will be possible
     to record an entire feature-length hi-def movie without having to change tapes midway. In
     addition, this model also features the D-VHS STD mode (14.1 Mbps transfer rate) for
     standard-definition digital recording in MPEG2 format, and the LS3 mode (4.7 Mbps transfer
10   rate) which enables an incredible 24 hours of MPEG2 digital recording per cassette*.
     Although D-VHS is a totally digital recording technology separate from analog VHS, JVC
     nevertheless made sure that people who buy the HM-DH30000 can continue enjoying their
     accumulated analog collections too.              With the HM-DH30000’s multi-format
     recording/playback capability, users will be able record and view in analog VHS, Super VHS,
15   and Super VHS ET, in addition to digital D-VHS.

     *Using DF-480 cassette

     Compatible with all 18 ATSC Formats
           An important function of any video deck is its ability to record TV programs for later
20   viewing, or “timeshifting”. To assure that people will be able to record and view programs
     in the new HDTV broadcasting environment, the HM-DH30000 offers “Full Spec HDTV
     Compatibility.” That is to say, it enables digital-to-digital recording of 1080i, 720p, 480p
     and 480i ATSC formats when connected to a digital set-top box via i.Link (IEEE 1394)
     terminal. And it also has a built-in MPEG2 CODEC (encoder/decoder) to allow digital
25   recording from NTSC analog sources as well as digital sources such as camcorder footage in
     the popular MiniDV format, to D-VHS with MPEG2 digital conversion. This will give people
     the ability to archive everything digitally, from TV programs to camcorder footage. And
     when dubbing from an external analog source such as a camcorder or VCR, JVC’s Frame
     Synchronizer eliminates jitter and noise from the input signal to produce high quality dubs that
30   can actually appear to surpass the quality of the original. In every sense, the HM-DH30000
     literally spans the spectrum when it comes to HDTV format specifications, so users will be
     ready and able to enjoy their hi-def home theater in many ways, immediately as well as years
     from now.

           Still early in the transition to HDTV, the current availability of HD (high definition)
35   broadcasts is still relatively minimal, but in the near future such broadcasts will be increasing

           “EchoStar's DISH Network is committed to offering the most satellite TV-delivered
     high definition channel choices in the U.S. and to that end, we plan to offer a wide set of
     compatible formats for viewing,” said Mark Jackson, senior vice president of EchoStar. “We
40   are developing a set top box featuring DVI outputs as well as 1394 (5C) DTCP outputs. A
     1394 connection allows customers to record HD broadcasts in original form and offers
     timeshifting through D-VHS in the digital era. We believe that D-VHS is an ideal and
     affordable recording and archiving solution for HD broadcasts and should accelerate the
     overall demand for digital broadcasts.”

45         Due to D-VHS’s ability to allow timeshifting of HD broadcasts, the same convenience
     that has won the heart of the American household will continue as broadcasts shift to digital.
     D-VHS will provide the ideal means for people to record HD content for personal enjoyment,
     as expressed by Jerry C. Barbera, Vice President, Consumer Video Division of JVC Company
     of America when he said, “D-VHS is the ultimate timeshifting and archive solution for the

50   HDTV era. The VHS format has continually evolved to meet the need of the consumer and
     D-VHS is clearly the best solution for the HDTV customers of yesterday, today and

     Multi-Format Compatibility: From Analog to Digital
55         With its multi-format compatibility, the HM-DH30000 is possibly the most versatile
     video deck ever to be marketed. Its D-VHS HS mode (28.2 Mbps) for high-definition
     recording and playback (max. 4 hours), STD mode (14.1 Mbps) for standard-definition
     recording and playback (max. 8 hours), and LS3 mode (4.7 Mbps) which lets you record up to
     24 hours of programming on a single cassette, together will cover a wide range of recording
60   needs. And to make sure users can continue enjoying their VHS tape collections, this deck
     also has full analog recording and playback capabilities. Super VHS, Super VHS ET and
     conventional VHS are all supported so the video collection you have today won’t become
     obsolete tomorrow.

           To deliver the highest levels of picture quality even in analog, Super VHS is supported
65   by JVC’s proprietary DigiPure Technology, a collective name for the Digital Wide TBC (Time
     Base Corrector) which helps stabilize the picture of old tapes and rental cassettes; Precision
     3-D Color Circuit which provides clear color separation and sharpens image edges; Precise
     Digital 3-D YNR/CNR which improves the S/N ratio by approximately 3dB; plus the Digital
     R3 Picture System which applies edge correction to the luminance signal to enhance detail.
70   And providing a solid foundation for this formidable list of DigiPure technologies is a Digital
     3-Dimensional Circuit with 4MB Frame Memory.
            In a single deck, the HM-DH30000 has the ability to let people enjoy all the video of the
     past, present and well into the future.

75   Multi-Connectivity: Variety of Input and Output Possibilities
           To allow input from a variety of external sources, the HM-DH30000 is equipped with an
     i.Link (IEEE1394 compliant) terminal which will allow connection of a set-top box equipped
     with the same output for digital-to-digital recording.* There is also a separate set of i.Link
     terminals that route the input signal through a DV MPEG2 Converter, thus allowing
80   MiniDV video camera owners to dub their footage over to a higher-capacity high quality
     format for permanent storage. The S-Video input terminal will provide a link with
     high-resolution sources with the best possible results in analog.

      * In addition to and without limiting the foregoing, JVC expressly disclaims all warranties, express or
      implied, and shall not be liable for any and all damages, claims or liabilities, direct or indirect, arising
      from or relating to the use of this product with any other product, device, component, part or material
      that is not in conformity or compliant with EIA-775-A “DTV 1394 Interface” Specification, dated April
      2000 (the “Specification”), or that implements with Specification in a non-conforming manner with
      this product.                                          -3-
            The other end of the equation is output, and here again the HM-DH30000 is sure to offer
      a high degree of satisfaction. First, there is the HD Component Video Output (Y/PB/PR
 85   RCAx3pin HD Video Output for 1080i/720p/480p/480i) which makes connection to a
      high-definition TV as easy as possible. Since the signal is routed through the internal
      MPEG2 HD decoder, the output signal is ready for direct connection to the Component inputs
      of an HDTV, without any need for a set-top box. There is also the capability to output the
      digital signal via i.Link (IEEE 1394) terminal, so it will be possible to digitally dub exact
 90   duplicates of non-copyrighted content, and even in cases where the recorded program isn’t in
      MPEG2 format, the playback can be routed back through the set-top box and decoded for
      viewing on a TV. Naturally, it is also equipped with the S-Video and Audio/Video
      connectors you would expect of a high grade video deck. And to specifically address the
      audio needs of serious home theater enthusiasts, it is also equipped with optical 5.1ch Dolby
 95   Digital and 2ch Linear PCM Digital Audio outputs. What’s more, D-VHS allows Dolby
      Digital to be reproduced at full capacity by virtue of its 640 kbps maximum transfer rate.
      With absolutely superior picture quality, and cinematic sound performance to match, it would
      be no exaggeration to call the HM-DH30000 the ultimate home theater machine.

100   Playback Picture Format Converter
           Since the HDTV environment is still in its early stages, it is difficult to imagine that all
      users will have the optimum equipment pre-installed by the time they purchase the
      HM-DH30000. That is why this model offers flexible playback picture format conversion
      capabilities. So for instance, even if you recorded at the highest quality 1080i in anticipation
105   of a future HDTV upgrade, you can play back and view on the 480i NTSC TV you have now.
      Or, if you record in 720p, you will be able to view the playback picture on native 720p or
      1080i HDTV as well as current 480i NTSC TVs. The user can freely choose the output
      format that matches his home theater environment.

      Recorded Format                   Selectable Playback Output
      1080i                             1080i / 480i
      720p                              1080i / 720p / 480i
      480p                              480p / 480i
      480i                              480i

      Easy Tape Navigation
            With up to 24 hours of recording on a single cassette, users will probably need some
      help finding the exact program or episode they wish to view. JVC’s HM-DH30000 does
      exactly that with its new Video Navigation System, which stores information on the programs
115   you record (approx. 2000 titles maximum) within the deck’s built-in memory, allowing quick
      on-screen selection of the program you want, followed by automatic search and playback by
      the deck. To watch a recorded program, the user simply browses through the program lists –
      these can be listed by tape number, program category (like movies, sports, news, etc.), or date
      of recording. This smart system makes finding any program incredibly easy, and makes this
120   ultimate home theater machine a user-friendly companion the whole family can enjoy.

      D-Theater Ready
            D-VHS VCRs bearing the D-Theater logo are compliant with the advanced D-VHS
      security system developed by JVC in order to protect the high value of digital content such as
125   HD software. In addition to recording and playback of HD broadcasts, the HM-DH30000 is
      D-Theater compatible in order to allow playback of prerecorded HD tapes in the future if and
      when they become available.

            Finally. The wait is over. The video format that HDTV has been waiting for, will
      be making its way into living rooms all over the nation, in the form of the HM-DH30000 from
130   JVC.

      Notice: The i.Link/DV connection of this product conforms to EIA-775-A “DTV 1394 Interface”
      Specification, dated April 2000 (the “Specification”). Use of this product with any other product,
135   device, component, part or material that is not in conformity or compliant with the Specification, or
      that implements with Specification in a non-conforming manner with this product, may not be
      supported and may cause damage to or malfunction of this product. Any use of this product
      with a non-conforming or non-compatible product, device, component, part or other material shall
      be at the user’s sole and exclusive risk.
      D-VHS and the              logo are trademarks of Victor Company of Japan, Limited (JVC).

           Specifications                                                        Supplement

                            D-VHS Recording                              S-VHS/VHS Recording

      Recording format      D-VHS MPEG2 HS/STD/                          S-VHS/VHS with Hi-Fi Audio
                            LS3 modes
      Channel reception     VHF 2—13, UHF 14—69, CATV 113 channels

      Cassette              D-VHS, S-VHS, VHS cassettes (D-VHS cassette required for D-VHS

      Max.                  HS mode: 4 hours* (full HD quality)          SP mode: 3 hrs. 30 min.*
      recording/playback    STD mode: 8 hours* (better than DVD EP mode: 10 hrs. 30 min.*
      time                  quality)                                           *using ST-210 cassette
                            LS3 mode: 24 hours* (S-VHS quality)
                                           *using DF-480 cassette
      Tape speed            HS mode: 33.4 mm/sec.                        SP mode: 33.4 mm/sec.
                            STD mode: 16.67 mm/sec.                      EP mode: 11.1 mm/sec.
                            LS3 mode: 5.55 mm/sec.
      Analog inputs                              AV x 3, S-Video x 3 (including front)

      Analog outputs                     AV x 2, S-Video x 2, Component Video x 1 (Y, Pb, Pr)

      Optical digital out                  x 1 (5.1ch Dolby Digital / 2ch Linear PCM Audio)

      i.Link terminal                      x 2 (4-pin, MPEG2 in/out, DV in) (including front)

      Other connectors                       JLIP x 1, Remote pause/AV Compu Link x 1

      Dimensions (W x H x              17-15/16” x 4-3/16” x 13-5/8” (455mm x 105mm x 345mm)

      Weight                                               13.3 lb. (6.0 kg)

      D-VHS / Digital Set-Top Box / TV Configuration


      DV  D-VHS Recording

155   NTSC Analog Source Digital Recording

160   Correlation Between Broadcast Type and D-VHS Recording Mode

      NTSC (Analog) 480i                HS / STD / LS3 modes

                  480i                  STD mode
      Digital     480p*

                  720p                  HS mode

                * Depending on the bit rate, HS mode may be applicable.

165   HM-DH30000 Basic Digital Recording Specifications

                                         Main Data    Recording   Recording
                                         Input Rate   Rate        Time

                              HS Mode    28.2 Mbps    38.2 Mbps   4 hours*

          D-VHS               STD Mode   14.1 Mbps    19.1 Mbps   8 hours*

175     Storage: 50GB*
                              LS3 Mode   4.7Mbps      19.1 Mbps   24 hours*

       *Per DF-480 cassette



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