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Telco Churn Management document sample

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									Churn Prevention
       Executive Summary >> Churn Prevention System >> Allround Risk Management Framework

Reaching, keeping and “protecting” the most valuable customers for long term and in a profitable way should be an
elementary goal of every mobile operator. It is also well accepted that acquiring a new customer costs significantly more
than retaining an existing one.

Usually subscriber churn is treated as a deterministic part of the telco business and churn figures are surprisingly static in
time. Very often no matter of the exact churn rate operators have learnt to live with it; trying to make out the most of the
only tools they have: the loyalty programs and weakly targeted campaigns based on data warehouse or CRM reports. Sure,
the competitor is doing the same.

Worldwide statistics show that yearly churn rates vary market by market, region by region. However, it seems to be realistic
to make an effort keeping the yearly rate under 20% - as industry best practices justify.

Current global economical challenges will reduce your           and more targeted churn prevention business processes
customers’ buying power affecting your new sales numbers.       with much shorter reaction time.
But - as the extensive growth is slowing down - the almost
only way to increase the subscriber base is the seduction       Additionally, due to the feedback and evaluation you can
of each other’s customers. Changes on your market are           continuously adapt your churn prevention activity to the
forcing you to reevaluate the importance of churn prevention    market circumstances.
and rethink your approach and business processes.               Technically: move churn prevention from Business
                                                                Intelligence domain to your everyday operation. To do so –
>> YOUR REWARD?                                                 and due to the limited headcount and budget you have – you
                                                                need a good system with high level of automation. This is
According to Chorleywood Consultancy decreasing your            exactly what we offer.
churn rate by 1% will increase your profit by 6%. Sounds
encouraging but how to achieve it?                                 o Integrated solution covering all major elements
                                                                     of churn prevention: symptom
                                                                     handling, customer
With a sophisticated and         well   functioning   churn          segmentation, workflow
management solution you can                                          support, evaluation and
    › Retain the high value subscribers resulting
      in increased average ARPU                                    o campaign
    › Assure the most effective usage of the allocated
      resources for churn prevention due to well defined           o additionally, provides input
      and good targeted offers                                       for offer management and
                                                                     operational support for
    › Have maximal control in your hands by accurate                 fferings
      and up-to-date reporting and evaluation.
                                                                •	 Gives	immediate operational solution

                                                                •	 Assures	shorter response times with balanced
>> HOW TO ADAPT TO THIS CHALLENGE?                                 workload

Amaze your subscribers by demonstrating how much you            •	 Easy to implement and integrate. – can interface
understand their needs! Implement more customer centric            surrounding systems or work with raw data


                          KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN. ALLROUND PUTS YOU IN CONTROL.                                       ›››
Allround CHURN PREVENTION SYSTEM (CPS) detects in a timely manner those customers who intend to churn
and enables you to act to retain the most valuable customers. Allround’s CPS:

•	 collects	all	the	relevant	information	from	customer	satisfaction	
   point of view,

•	 builds	a	customer profile based on detailed usage habit

•	 generates	predictive early warnings based on even the slightest
   changes in habits

•	 supports the whole workflow making it effective, efficient and

•	 allows	you	to	continuously track your churn prevention expenditures
   and costs and improve their return and impact on your profit.

Allround CPS is not just another customer relationship management solution. If you already have a CRM system in place:
check out whether it supports subscriber level operational churn prevention workflows. Not really? This is what we
provide. But also no problem if CRM is only in the strategic plans. For a fraction of the cost and effort of implementing a
CRM system we provide you our Multidimensional Customer View methodology.

The advantage is clear for saturated countries but what is the value for high growth markets? Learn from others’
experience: it proved to be almost impossible – i.e. very-very expensive – to significantly change the market shares after the
high growth phase is finished. Rather think in advance for 2-3 years and start to actively manage your subscriber portfolio
by our churn prevention solution now. You leap frog your competitors and ensure owning the biggest share and highest
value customers for a long-long time.

Allround Churn Prevention System can help you a lot – mainly if you act before your competitors do.


    About ALLROUND
With presence in 4 continents - North-America, Europe, Middle-East, Africa – and more than 20 countries Allround pioneered commercial
CDR/xDR processing and is a leader in risk management, roaming and the billing testing area.

ALLROUND puts telecom operators in control with its integrated
Risk Management Framework providing a real business enabler,
comprehensive solution to telecom operators.
                                                                       Allround Global Footprint
Allround built its Risk Management Framework 2.0 based on
real operator needs incorporating our 13+ year experience,
Word Billing Award winning methodologies and innovative
products. Supports all mobile and fixed-line access technologies,
addresses multiple business areas by utilizing all – business
process and technical level – synergies: Fraud Management,
Interconnect Bypass Detection, Revenue Assurance, Churn
Prevention, Internal Fraud Detection, Partner Monitoring.

ALLROUND is a profitable, private European company
headquartered in Hungary. The company is an Associate
Member	of	GSM	Association	since	April	2002.

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