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					Forever and a Day
By Craig Stellpflug ©Copyright 2006 all rights reserved
“Love you forever and a day!” You said as we kissed goodnight “Forever and a day!” I replied as you drove out of sight I breathed a lonely sigh as I started walking to my car Stepping slowly, reflecting on how precious to me you are I could smell your sweet perfume that was lingering in my mind Crisp air of the night and tantalizing memories combined I wistfully kicked an empty can as I plodded along Not a care in my heart, absent-mindedly humming a song “Forever and a day” I chanted with a rhythmical beat An orchestra in my mind helped make the melody complete The song of love in my heart was weaving its magical spell I was pretending a dance with you as the music did swell Dancing along with soft neon light in unison blinking The moon was smiling and the stars with approval were winking But the moment fell away as I felt someone watching me An old couple standing hand in hand, smiling amiably Blushing and embarrassed I returned to them a sheepish grin To the old man and his wife with knowing eyes and wrinkled skin I nodded my head slightly to them as I picked up my pace I chuckled out loud as I imagined the look on my face Over the breeze I heard the old man turn to his wife and say “I’ll always love you like that my dear, forever and a day!”

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Description: A whimsical piece about being in love