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									Nasir Iqbal


   To obtain a long-term and challenging career with an organization, where I can deliver a quality work using
   my experience and skills, hence strengthening the organization, team and myself by playing a leading role.

Skill Summary
      Have an overall 8 years of software development experience in B2B, e-Commerce, ERP, and standalone
      Capability and Capacity to lead and manage teams
      Proven ability to determine priorities, schedule work and meet critical deadlines
      Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
      9 years in Database development and administration DB2 UDB, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL
      6+ years of experience in Java/J2EE technologies
      Strong knowledge and experience of complete software development life cycle
      Management of team and development
      System analysis, functional specifications, system design and development
      Project scoping, requirement analysis and change management
      Knowledge of configuration management, system integration, shipment preparation and deployment
      Resource planning and management

Computer Skills
      Language(s)     Java, C++, SQL, UML, VB
      Technologies Java Technologies (Servlet, J2EE, JSP, EJB)
      Frameworks      Struts
      DBMS(s)         IBM DB2, Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL
      Operating System        Windows 95/98/NT/2000, UNIX/AIX, Linux
      Application Servers     IBM WebSphere Application Server, Tomcat, JBoss
      Java Tools      IBM WebSphere Studio, Jbuilder, Web Methods, Eclipse
      Reporting Tools Crystal Reports 9, Oracle Report Builder, Birt
      Management Tools        Together, Visio, MS Project, Erwin
      Project Domains         Web, e-commerce, ERP, B2B, B2C, C2C, M2M, Accounting, Desktop
      Business Domains        Chemical Industry, Textile, Garments, Payment solutions

Work Experience
   amaana (Pvt.) Ltd                         (March 2004 - Present)
   Principal Software Engineer/Project Manager
       amaana’s vision is to built ecommerce infrastructure for Pakistan. amaana has built a technology
       platform that enables instant and secure payments. Users can make payments to anyone with an email
       address or a mobile phone through our intuitive web interface or through simple SMS commands. We
       want to let consumers and businesses in Pakistan engage in electronic payments for everyday needs
       like billing and shopping.
       Major Project(s)
                                 (March 2004 - date):
              Environment: J2EE, Struts, Tiles, JSP, PostgreSQL, Linux, Windows XP, Erwin, JBoss, Eclipse
              Role & Responsibilities:
                    Requirement analysis
                    System Architecture and Design
                    Software Team Management
                    Persistent layer Design and Implementation
                    Design and Implementation of database
                    Ownership of Accounting, Business Logic, Back Office Layer and Reporting Modules
                   Application-wide security framework
                   As Lead resource Design, develop, implement, & monitor SMS gateway.
                   Fine tuned SMS based interface of application for transaction processing.
                   Management of development and production databases

CresSoft, Lahore                              (March 2000 – March 2004)
Senior Software Engineer
   CresSoft was an offshore development company. - IT consulting firm that specializes in Web
   architecture, collaborative commerce, cable wireless Internet solutions, and business processes. My
   roles and responsibilities during my stay there involved:
         Deputy Team Lead in team of 14-17 developer
         Software Time and Resource estimation
         Software Team management
         Requirement Analysis
         Application Architecture
         Functional Specification document
         OO Design
         Design, Plan, and Implementation of Application Database
         Persistent layer Design and Implementation
         Design and implementation of integration modules
         Handling Database performance and optimization issues
         Providing Support to QA for server and application configuration
         Work and Resource monitoring.
   Major Project(s)
      Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)             (June 2003 – March 2004)
          Inventory Control: Being part of Business Analysis team. Analyzed business requirement,
          Participated in proposal development, Requirement Specification, and Functional Specification
          for inventory control.
          Oracle Financial Legler Nafees Denim Mills: Explored Oracle Financial data transfer utilities,
          administration, security features, developing customized financial reports using FSG, a tool
          provided with Oracle Financials to develop reports. Registering these reports on OF.
      Aspen Market Place Migration, USA              (October 2001 – June 2003)
          Environment: IBM Web Sphere Application Server, IBM WebSphere Studio Application
          Developer, Jbuilder, J2EE, JSP, Servlet, Java, DB2, HTML, LINUX, Windows NT, Erwin
          The project was the migration of Aspen Marketplace, a comprehensive platform to manage a full
          range of Business-to-Business interactions in a collaborative manner, on J2EE platform with
          Globalization and Multicultural support both in database and application. The whole process
          comprise of Successful Order Placement and Order Fulfillment modules. Application provides
          both WEB and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) channels for Partner Connectivity, Information
          Exchange and to communicate with business partners depending on business requirements,
          frequency and volume of shared information. Extensive effort was put, to design and
          implement, to achieve the true application and database performance in large size (about 50-
          100 MB data per transaction) transaction processing. Aspen B2B Foundation was designed to
          function in business environments where reliability and tractability were of critical importance.
          Role & Responsibilities:
                   Worked as Team Lead, Deputy TL, and Team Member during different modules
                   Requirement Analysis
                   Prepared Functional Specification document.
                   Application Architecture & Object Oriented Design
                   Implemented Model layer of the application based on EJBs
                   Designed, Planned, and Implemented Database while taking care of
                   Database performance and optimization issues.
                   Administered development and QA Database
                   Provided support to QA team in preparation of Servers and application configuration
      British Petroleum Amoco Chemicals, USA         (March 2000 – July 2001)

          Environment: Net.Commerce, Java, Servlet, DB2, C++, HTML, JavaScript, AIX, Windows NT,
          Erwin, WebMethods (Integration Server)
            A B2B product for BPA’s Chemical related products. The major objective was Order Processing
            that includes order creation, product selection (catalog & shopping cart), order submission,
            price calculation, carrier selection, email generation at different stages, and partial integration
            of BPABDO system with SAP. SAP Integration and Shipment Tracking allow BP Amoco customers
            to track their orders online for the BP Amoco’s specified carriers. Chemicals can be shipped
            through railcars and trucks. Customers may opt for shipment through BP Amoco’s specified
            carriers or may specify their own carriers only incase of shipments through trucks.
            Role & Responsibilities:
                    Proactively participated in Requirement Analysis,
                    Prepared Functional Specification document.
                    Object Oriented Design and Implementation.
                    Designed, Planned, and Implemented Database.
                    Implemented Business Logic & Constraints on backend with too much squeezed time lines
                     in various releases.
                    Provided support to QA team in application and DB Servers configurations.
                    Analyzed, Designed, and Implemented the logic & rules to integrate the web application
                     with SAP.
        e-CommerceFrameWork                           (November 2000 – January 2001)
            Tools and Technologies: Weblogic, J2EE (JSP, Servlet, EJB etc.), XML, Oracle8i
            CresSoft’s In-house B2B Application framework. Part of team to Analyze, Estimate Time &
            Resource effort, Design approach for different framework components. Part of team to develop
            e-CommerceFrameWork prototype.
        Cable & Wireless Customer Relation Automation - Prototype, USA
            Tools and Technologies: Windows 2000 (Advanced Server), ASP, VB Scripting, Java Scripting,
            ADSI, COM+, SQL Server
            Participated in Prototype Development of a Customer Relation Automation project for Cable and
            Wireless, USA. I implemented the User Registration & Lead generation modules.
  Trisoft Private Limited, Lahore              (February 1999 – February 2000)
  Software Engineer
        JavaTeam                                      (October 1999 – February 2000)
            Tools and Technologies: Java (applets, Beans, RMI), JBuilder
            Worked as R&D developer to evaluate and analyze the requirements of prospective projects.
            Involved in planning and coordinating the R&D activities involving exploration of new tools and
            technologies and developing experimental applications.
        Bareeze Pvt. Ltd-.Pakistan                    (June 1999 – October 1999)
            Environment: Visual Basic, MS SQL Server, Windows NT
            I had actively participated in various releases. Analyze, Design & Develop inventory control
            system for factory & Bareeze sales point system.
        DS Textile Pvt. Ltd.-.Pakistan                (February 1999 – June 1999)
            Environment: Visual Basic, MS SQL Server, Windows NT
            Joined the project & company as a fresh graduate, participated in analysis, design &
            implementation. After completion I deployed the application on client side successfully. Arrange
            & conduct client training sessions.

                   Served as a teaching assistant of SE & Database at FAST - National University of Computer
                    & Emerging Sciences, Lahore        (January 2001 – June 2001)
                   Taught Object Oriented programming course at Beacon House Informatics, Lahore
                                                       (February 2001 – June 2001)
                   Have attended a 7-day workshop on OOA & OOD, at Trisoft Pvt. Ltd.
                                                       (November 1999)

                   BCS – FAST Institute of Computer Science, Lahore. (1998) — was among top ten students
                    of the batch
                   BSc. Punjab University (Islamia College Civil Lines Lahore)
  References will be provided on request

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