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					     T H E N AT U R E O F T E C H N O L O G Y
     TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCE                                         (3A)

     T   echnology has been a powerful force
     in the development of civilization, all
                                                      The strand effect of technology on science
                                                      is designed to show how students might
                                                                                                      RESEARCH IN BENCHMARKS

                                                                                                      Even in middle school, students typically do not
                                                                                                      distinguish between an engineering model of
     the more so as its link with science has         advance beyond the common notion of             experimentation, where the goal is to produce a
                                                      “technology as handmaiden to science” and       desirable outcome, and the scientific model of
     been forged. Because of students’ greater
                                                      begin to understand the synergistic nature of   experimentation, where the goal is to understand the
     exposure to technology, it is especially
                                                      the relationship between the two disciplines.   relation between causes and effects (Carey et al.,
     important for them to understand its             Although the map alludes to the telescope—
                                                                                                      1989; Schauble et al., 1991). Some research suggests
     connection to science.                           and the discoveries it makes possible—as an
                                                                                                      that students can understand and use the engineering
        Like the scientific disciplines, the          example of the impact of technology on sci-
                                                                                                      model before they can the scientific model—that is,
     boundaries between science and technol-          ence, a variety of other examples such as
                                                      imaging technologies and computer model-        that students inevitably will think about producing
     ogy are often blurred, so a clear distinction
                                                      ing may be used to help students appreciate     desirable outcomes before they are able to do the
     between them is not the point. Rather,                                                           more analytic form of thinking involved in scientific
                                                      that technology impacts all of science.
     students should understand how technol-                                                          inquiry (Schauble et al., 1991).
                                                      Several historical episodes, such as THE
     ogy draws on science and contributes to it.      INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION, are mapped in
        The map is organized around three                                                             High-school students do not distinguish between the
                                                      Chapter 10 and can be used to illustrate that
                                                                                                      roles of science and technology unless explicitly asked
     strands—effect of technology on science,         technological advances contribute directly to
                                                      scientific progress. The new 9-12 benchmark     to do so (Fleming, 1987). This is evidenced, for
     effect of science on technology, and effect
                                                      in the effect of science on technology strand   example, by students’ view that science serves the
     on society. The progression of under-
                                                      is from Science for All Americans. High         public interest. More generally, some students believe
     standing begins in the elementary grades
                                                      school benchmarks on the SPLITTING THE          science affects society in more positive ways than does
     with a focus on using tools and appreciat-                                                       technology. That is partly because students associate
                                                      ATOM and DISCOVERING GERMS maps can
     ing their value, not just in science class but   also contribute to an understanding of the      science with medical research but associate technology
     in everyday life. Later grades emphasize         contribution of scientific knowledge to         with pollution or weapons. Students appear to
     contributions of various technologies to         technological discovery.                        understand the impact of science on technology, but
     society and kinds of interactions among                                                          they do not always appreciate the impact of
     science and technology.                          The 9-12 benchmark in the effect on society     technology on science (Fleming, 1987).
                                                      strand indicates that students are to under-
        Because technology and science are
                                                      stand the different roles of science and
     so closely related to mathematics, users
                                                      technology and their somewhat different
     of this map will find it helpful to refer        effects on society. These distinctions are
     to the NATURE OF MATHEMATICS map.                developed in more depth in the SCIENCE
     Specific technologies described in maps          AND SOCIETY map in this volume and in the
     can be used to illustrate the ideas on this      map in Atlas 1.
     map. Additionally, middle-school bench-
     marks that are part of the GALAXIES AND
     THE UNIVERSE map in Atlas 1 can provide
     contexts for learning about how technol-
     ogy affects science. At the high-school
     level, maps in Chapter 10: HISTORICAL
     PERSPECTIVES describe discoveries and
     developments involving technology and
     science that provide interesting contexts
     for all three strands on this map.

       T H E NAT U R E O F T E C H N O L O G Y



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