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Telecommunication Contract - DOC by pao50992


Telecommunication Contract document sample

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									                                                                                                                ADDENDUM 5


1     Scope of work

       These guidelines are to serve as the minimum requirement for all new construction and retrofit work, including all
       materials, equipment, and labor necessary to install, test, and certify structured cabling systems. On new
       construction sites the conduits will be provided by other contractors.

      a. The structured cabling system for this project includes all communications cabling, wire ways, communications
           outlets, terminal blocks, racks, patch cords, cabinets, splitters, surge protectors, and related connectors,
           mounting hardware, identification devices, accessories, and appurtenances for TIA/EIA Cat 5 data cabling
           system and the telephone distributions cabling system where applicable.

      b. On new construction, the rough-in shall provide all conduit paths, outlet boxes, plaster rings, pull strings,
           backboards, grounding conductors and bus-bars, power receptacles, surface raceway and connectors, and
           utility columns as indicated on the construction documents to accommodate the detailed installation. Existing
           schools will require retrofit work with surface raceways in areas where walls cannot be finished. Panduit LD
           series raceways shall be provided.

      c. The design review will be made available to the project site contact, data processing, and any additionally
           needed personnel prior to installation. This group will make up the Design Review Team. Design documents
           will be provided by the contractor with input from the Design Review Team. A joint site survey will be
           scheduled to verify and agree on requirements.

      d. Provide a complete telecommunication system, fully operational, capable of operating at 100 Mbps or better,
           ready for the occupants to use both voice and data outlets as indicated. The installation shall include all
           accessories, devices, and cut-over from the Southern Bell point of demarcation required to provide a complete
           and functioning system. Any materials and devices not specifically mentioned in these specifications or
           indicated on the contract drawings that are required for a finished and operating system installation shall be
           furnished and installed at no additional cost to the owner. The owner shall arrange for the required wide area
           network connections via routers. This cabling system may require outside fiber optic cabling and terminations
           for adjacent school buildings.

Revised: August 16, 2011                                                                                                 Page 1
                                                                                                               ADDENDUM 5

2     Submittals

      a. Submit for approval, manufacturer’s catalog data bearing the printed logo or trademark for the following items:

              Racks, Rack Hardware, and Accessories
              Patch Cord Organizers and Cable Rings
              Wiring/Patch Blocks
              Fiber Optic Cable
              Multi-pair Telephone Cable
              Category 5 UTP Cable
              Cable End Connectors, Each Type
              Patch Cables
              Communications Outlets (CO), Each Type
              Cable Wireway
              Cable Management Cabinets
              Surge Protectors
              Pull Strings
              Backboards
              Grounding
              Conductors
              Surface Raceway and Connectors
              Utility Columns
      b. Receive approval in writing from the Design Review Team for each item of submission prior to commencing
           work. Items to be considered for substitution must be clearly indicated as a substitute item at time of

      c. Samples of materials/devices shall be provided as requested by the Design Review Team. Samples shall be
           returned to the contractor after formal review is complete and written authorization to use submitted products
           has been received.

      d. As-built drawings shall be provided which indicate accurately all approved changes, labeling, actual device
           mounting locations, and all pertinent graphical information necessary to facilitate system administration,
           maintenance, and future moves. Contract drawings shall be furnished to the contractor and shall be returned
           and revised to reflect as-built conditions using the same format. The as-built drawings shall be returned no
           less than five (5) working days from the substantial completion of the project and copies furnished to the
           members of the Design Review Team during the final inspection of each project.

Revised: August 16, 2011                                                                                             Page 2
                                                                                                                     ADDENDUM 5

3     Quality Assurance

      a. All work performed under this contract shall be done in accordance with the most recent issue of the following
           codes, standards, and guidelines. All materials and equipment shall be UL listed for the intended application.

              NFPA National Fire Protection Association
              TIA/EIA-569 Electronic Industries Association/Telecommunications Industry Association
               Commercial Building Standard for Telecommunications Pathways and Spaces
              TIA/EIA-568 Electronics Industries Association/Telecommunications Industry Association
               Commercial Building Telecommunications Wiring Standard
              IEEE 802.3 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers LAN Standard for Ethernet
              BISCI Building Industry Consulting Service International Telecommunications Distribution
               Methods Manual
              AT&T SYSTIMAX Premises Distribution System - Wire Installation Manual
              AT&T SYSTIMAX Premises Distribution System - Fiber Installation Manual
              AT&T Outside Plant Engineering Handbook
      b. The Structured Cabling System Contractor shall be an experienced firm regularly engaged in the layout and
           installation of structured cabling systems of similar size and complexity as required for this installation. The
           contractor shall have successfully completed the installation, testing, and warranty of systems of similar size at
           least four years prior to bid. Contractor shall retain a R.C.D.D. on staff, LAN Specialist designation is preferred.
           The contractor shall be factory certified for all of the products they install.

      c. A mandatory pre-bid meeting shall be held, administrative and technical questions will be answered at this
           time. Failure to attend this meeting will result in ineligibility to quote pricing for this contract. A pre-design
           meeting may be held with the selected contractor to answer any further questions.

4     Delivery, Storage, and Handling

      a. The contractor shall make all arrangements to unload and transport delivered materials and equipment to the
           job site. Equipment and materials shall be received at the site in new condition and shall be maintained in new
           condition throughout the installation process.

      b. Designated telecommunication rooms may be used with the project manager’s approval for material storage.

      c. Materials shall be new. Damaged or deteriorated equipment and material will not be acceptable.

5     Project/Site Conditions

      a. Conditions of the projects will vary with each installation. The majority of the buildings within the scope of this
           work will be occupied during this installation. Every consideration must be given to the building occupants.

      b. Projects may require some work to be performed when the building is unoccupied or after normal working

6     Sequencing/Scheduling

Revised: August 16, 2011                                                                                                    Page 3
                                                                                                              ADDENDUM 5

      a. This task shall be the responsibility of the Structured Cabling Contractor. Scheduling of work to be performed
           in existing, occupied buildings shall be the responsibility of the project manager along with the Design Review

7     Warranty

      a. The installed structured cabling system shall be GUARANTEED against defects in material and installation for
           a minimum period of one year from the date of completion. Longer periods of warranty as provided by the
           equipment manufacturer will be provided.

      b. Upon completion of the project, all owners manuals and related documents, including warranty paperwork, will
           be provided to the Design Review Team.


1     Materials and Equipment

      a. All materials, equipment, and devices shall, as a minimum, meet the requirements of UL where UL standards
           are established for those items, and the requirements of NFPA 70. All like items of equipment shall be a
           standard product of the same manufacturer. No substitutions shall be allowed without written approval.

      b. Horizontal Wiring, Voice and Data. TIA category 5, four pair 100-ohm unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable with
           24 gage solid copper conductors. AT&T 1061 or AT&T 2061 if used in a plenum area or approved equal. All
           cable must have the words “UL Verified Category 5” stamped on the outer insulation jacket. Maximum length
           90 meters (295 ft.). Provide documentation of current UL certification with submittals.

      c. Entry Connecting Block. Entry Block shall be required where appropriate. Acceptable styles shall be AT&T
           189, 188 and cross connect or 110 or 66 style blocks.

      d. House (Backbone) Telephone Cable. Multi-Pair riser cable, pair count as indicated. AT&T 1024.

      e. Horizontal Wiring Patch Panel. Patch panels shall be provided in sizes as needed for each project and shall
           be available in 24, 48 and 96 port sizes. Patch panels will be EIA 568A wired, TIA/EIA 568A category 5 110
           style termination to RJ45 modular jack, AMP Series 55786X-1 or approved equal.

      f. Patch Cables. Factory terminated and tested patch cord, TIA Category 5, (minimum). Four pair, 100-ohm
           unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable with 24 gage stranded copper conductors. Provide with an 8-pin modular
           plugs on each end, and TIA 568A pin/pair assignments. Provide factory strain relief boot (color Blue) on each
           end of patch cord. Allentel or approved equal. Provide documentation of factory testing to Category 5
           requirements with submittals.

      g. Wall Mount Voice/Data Communications Outlet. Connector shall be a modular 8-pin jack assembly with 110
           style IDC connecting hardware and TIA 568A pin/pair assignments. Submit evidence of UL verification to TIA
           Category 5 with submittals. Jack shall be AMP 557818-X and 55750X-1 series faceplate or approved equal.

      h. Wall Mount Voice Only Communications Outlet. Wall plate shall be stainless steel, single gang, single jack,
           with lugs for wall phone mounting. Provide with 6-pin (RJ11) modular jack assembly. Hubbell BR630W6A.

      i. Floor Mount Voice/Data Communications Outlet. Jack assembly for voice and data shall be a Hubbell
           5110819 TIA Category 5 modular connector. Provide evidence of UL verification to TIA Category 5 with
           submittals. These connectors are designed to be used in Hubbell 3SFBSS floor boxes.

Revised: August 16, 2011                                                                                              Page 4
                                                                                                                  ADDENDUM 5

      j. Utility Column Voice/Data Communications Outlet. Outlet shall be designed to attractively fit utility pole.
           Provide evidence of UL verification to TIA Category 5 with submittals.

      k. D-Rings. Various sizes as manufactured by Allen Tel, GB13 models.

      l. Slotted Wireway and Accessories. Manufactured by Panduit, type S, slotted wall duct, gray in color, in sizes as
           indicated on drawings.

      m. Surface Mount Raceway. Manufactured by Panduit, Panway, Type LD raceway as needed.

      n. Wall Mount Rack 19”. EIA/TIA standard 36” high x 19” wide x 18” deep aluminum wall mount rack with
           universal 5/8”, 5/8”, ½” alternating hole pattern. Chatsworth 11632-518.

      o. Surge Protector. 120 volt surge protector as manufactured by American Power Conversion, Surge Arrest Plus

      p. Patch Cord Organizer. Homaco models FCM-19-2L and FCM-19-1.

      q. Blank, Rack Space. Blank 3 rack space, Homaco BF-19-3B. Blank 1 rack space, Homaco BF-19-1B or BF-

      r. Cable Management Cabinet. Sizes 32” and 50” high x 18” wide x 6” deep, with factory fire retardant plywood
           backboard, key lock, and 3” diameter grommets both sides/top and bottom plus two top and two bottom (total
           of eight). Homaco MC-5018-6BO or MC-3218-6BO.

      s. Labels. Furnish and install engraved phenolic plates with 5/32” high white lettering on a black background for
           all racks. Attach with epoxy based clear adhesive.

      t. Patch Panel and Outlet Labeling. All labels shall be preprinted and uniquely identify each port. No handwritten
           labels will be accepted. Brother P-Touch or Brady Labeling Systems will be used.

      u. Fiber Optic cable shall be 625/125 Micron Multimode FDDI grade and packaged as required for the application
           in which it will be used, i.e. Plenun rated, Indoor/Outdoor Duct or direct burial Gel-filled or Loose Tube.

      v. Hub equipment shall be 3Com, Configuration and models to be used shall be agreed upon by the design
           review team. 3Com Core Builder 3500 Switches, 3Com 3300 10/100 Switches and 3Com Superstack II 500
           series 10/100 Hubs are the models of choice for most applications.


1     Installation

      a. The installation shall be in strict accordance with all applicable codes and standards, the respective
           manufacturer’s written instructions, contract drawings, and these specifications. All materials, equipment, and
           devices shall be new and unused, of current manufacture of the highest grade, free from defects.

      b. Workmanship shall be of the highest grade in accordance with modern practice. The installed system shall be
           neat, clean, and well organized in appearance. Provide working clearances for normal system operation,
           reconfiguration, and repair.

Revised: August 16, 2011                                                                                                 Page 5
                                                                                                                  ADDENDUM 5

2     Cabling

      a. Route cabling in provided wireways if available. Install all required cabling support systems per TIA/EIA 568A.
           All cables shall follow the building at parallel and perpendicular angles and be supported every 4’ with
           approved methods. No cables shall be supported by the ceiling grids or attached to any existing conduit or
           ceiling support wires.

      b. Any penetrations must be sleeved and fire stopped as required by NEC, State and County Codes.

3     Termination

      a. Category 5 termination shall be made in strict accordance with TIA guidelines as well as the manufacture’s
           printed instructions for both the cable and the termination device for all field connections in the “horizontal
           telecommunications link”.

      b. Strip cable jacket back a maximum of 1 inch from the termination.

      c. Maintain factory symmetrical twists to within 0.5 inches (13 mm max) of the point of termination.

4     Identification

      a. Label cable at each end. All labels shall be produced using a laser printer and shall be easily readable from
           the floor level when viewing a backboard, panel, or communications outlet form the front. Handwritten labels
           are not acceptable. Provide data sheets describing proposed labeling products for cable and conduit with pre-
           installation submittals.

      b. Label horizontal wiring cables based on serving wiring closet number, outlet location room number, and outlet

      c. Label distribution (house) cables based on building number, source telecom room number, and destination
           telecom room number.

      d. Label each communication outlet, horizontal wiring terminal block, and rack as indicated on the contract

      e. Label all fiber and copper uplink cables to identify equipment connection.

5     System Verification and Acceptance

Revised: August 16, 2011                                                                                                 Page 6
                                                                                                                   ADDENDUM 5

           a. Category 5 UTP cable testing shall test each conductor for end-to-end continuity. Test each cable for
               correct termination on a pin-by-pin basis. Test each station with a Category 5 tester, Microtest Penta
               Scanner or approved equal, to verify compliance with EIA/TIA specifications for Category 5 UTP with an
               allowable deviation of plus or minus five (5%) percent. Use test method, which allows for connectorization
               at each end. Test at the full range of frequencies indicated by EIA/TIA up to and including 100 MHz.

           b. Fiber Optic Cable shall be tested with a Tektronix TFP2A FiberMaster OTDR. The OTDR shall be fitted
               with a 3.5 inch disk drive for storing test results in *.WMF format. Each strand of the installed fiber optic
               cabling, with mated connectors at each end, shall have a total power loss (in db) less than or equal to the
               manufacturers’ performance specifications for the cable and connectors, when adjusted for the installed
               length, and with an allowable deviation of 1.0 db.

           c. Document results of testing and submit to the owner’s representative for review and approval. The test
               log to be submitted shall include outlet identifiers as indicated on the drawings, the test date, the initials of
               the technician who performed the test, and the test results.

6     Instruction of Owner

      a. The contractor shall schedule a time to provide not less than four hours of formal training to not less than two
           persons identified by the Design Review Team.

      b. Training shall include a “walk-through” of the system for location and labeling orientation, a discussion of
           overall system concepts and configuration, specific instruction in system reconfiguration using patch cords in
           the wiring closets, a review of the as-built drawings, a review of the system testing and acceptance
           documentation, and guidelines for basic trouble-shooting of the structured cabling system.

      c. The instruction shall be presented in an organized and professional manner by a person who is thoroughly
           familiar with the installation.

Revised: August 16, 2011                                                                                                   Page 7

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