MRV Kickoff Meeting - 2006 by wuxiangyu


									Connectivity Unlimited
   MRV Fast Facts

                        - Americas      - Europe         - ASIA
                            US             Sweden            China
                            Canada         Germany           Singapore
                             Brazil        France            Taiwan
                             Mexico        Belgium
  Founded July 1988                       UK
  Total Annual Revenues:                  Israel
       $356 million (2006)                 Finland
       $284 million (2005)                 Denmark
  NASDAQ: MRVC Since 1992                 Netherlands
  ~1300 Employees
  6 Divisions, 50 Offices in 23 countries
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                  MRV Communications

   Started in ’88 with a small 5,000 sqft Fab. Today, dominates

   Verizon and Bell South FTTP / FTTC Triplexers.

   Legacy of combining Switching and Optics

   Boasts largest Metro Ethernet deployment + Most console

   server ports than all competitors combined

   Grew revenue 32% (9 mo. ’06). Turned profitable, without

   cutting expenses

   Strong Balance Sheet. Cash >> $100 million
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                  18 Years of Optical Innovation

         2006                First to run DWDM SFPs over 200 km in the OS9000
                           eWDM + MPLS + Cross Connect in single platform
        2005               First SDI SFP for Video Optical Transport
                         First Optical Performance Monitoring in Ethernet Access
       2004             First WDM Optical Ethernet Access
                      First MPLS WDM Network deployment in the world
       2002 First all optical wireless
                   First 802.3AH Pluggable Optics System
     2000 First integration of 802.3AH over fiber and VDSL solution
    1998        First ILEC Optical Ethernet Deployment
               First 16 CWDM Optical Transport system
    1995 First Metro Ethernet network deployment
            First hardware-based Linux router
   1992 First Gigabit Ethernet to 75 km
         First with 10/100 Dual Speed LAN switch
  1988 Founded as a Laser Diode Manufacturer
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              Luminent Leadership in FTTH / FTTP

      FTTP Components
      Integrated Triplexer
             One per home
             G-PON and B-PON optics
             Voice, video and data
             Complete CATV receiver
             One fiber, three optical signals

     Metro Transceivers
      Leading supplier to top OEMs
      Technological breakthrough DWDM SFPs to 200km

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From Wafer to System. Our Ability to Provide both
Optical Components and Carrier Class Optical
Systems is Unique in the Marketplace

   In-depth optical leadership since 1988
   200 engineers, with more than 15% PhDs

     Wafer       Chip      Module      Transceiver    System

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                      MRV Who?
Remote Presence Solutions
Xyplex, Whitacre/Xyplex, Nbase-Xyplex, iTOUCH= MRV in 2004!
Optical Infrastructure Management
Fibronics, Galcom, Harris, Zaffire, Nbase-Xyplex= MRV in 2004!!!
Ethernet Switching
Nbase, Optical Access, Zuma= MRV in 2004!!!
Free-Space Optics
Jolt, Astro-Terra, Optical Access= MRV in 2004!!!

                      MRV IN 2004!!!
     Unlimited Connectivity
     For Scalable Networks

          Fiber-Optic Components
              Building Blocks for Connectivity

          Fiber Optimizers, Repeaters & Converters
              Infinitely Flexible Fiber Optic Connectivity

          Wave Division Multiplexing
              Multi-Service Connectivity Over Fewer Fibers

          Free-Space Optics
              Connectivity From Building to Building
                Fiber Speeds without the Fiber!
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     Unlimited Connectivity
     For Scalable Networks

      Switches and Routers
              Connectivity Within Your Campus
                Enterprise or Metro Backbone

      Fiber-to-the-X & Long Range
              Connectivity to Your Commercial
                and Residential Customers

      Remote Presence
              Connectivity From You
              To Your Data Center Even If You're Not There
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     MRV: Connectivity for Networks that Scale

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  Leading Companies Choose MRV
  Carriers and Service Providers

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  Leading Companies Choose MRV!
  Healthcare & Education & Hospitality


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    Leading Companies Choose MRV!
    Transportation & Utilities



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  Leading Companies Choose MRV!
  Finance & Manufacturing


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    Leading Companies Choose MRV!
    Homeland Security / Government


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                  Leading Companies Choose MRV!

               Telecom                  Internet/Media



Finance                                              Medical

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                   Innovative Products for the
                     Metro Ethernet Market

  Providing carriers with a robust suite of Optical
   Transport and Ethernet solutions

       WDM & Optical Transport               Ethernet Aggregation and

               Pure pluggable conversion
                                                          10GE Enterprise
                 WDM Solutions                            Metro Access
                       Wireless (FSO,WiFi)

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