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OGC Buying Solutions’ (OGCbs) new Telecoms Network Framework Agreement
went live in January 2008 to provide an appropriate procurement vehicle for
commoditised telecoms goods and services.

The framework agreement has been put in place to complement OGCbs’ Specialist
Solutions framework as well as replacing parts of the Government
Telecommunications Contract (GTC), GCat and Broadband frameworks.

Scope of Framework

The Telecom Networks framework agreement, which was awarded to 37
suppliers, covers a wide range of telecommunications services and products

   Voice Calls and Lines
   Point-to-point Circuits
   Infrastructure & Connectivity
   Dark Fibre
   Connectivity to the Kerb
   Wireless Data Infrastructure
   Networking Equipment
   ISP Services
   Enhanced Government Telephony Preference Service
   Structured Cabling
   3rd-Party Maintenance
   Billing Audit Services

A more detailed breakdown of each Lot is detailed at Annex A and a supplier matrix
is provided at Annex B.

How to Utilise the Framework

The Framework can be utilised through direct purchase from the catalogue or via
further competition as detailed below:-
Direct Purchase from the Catalogue

•   Customers may order directly from the catalogue without competing their
    requirements if they can determine which Service Provider can deliver best value
    for money from the details provided in the catalogue.

Further Competition

•   Customers may invoke a Further Competition by issuing an Invitation To Quote
    (ITQ) through the Buying Solutions website. Customers should allow a
    reasonable amount of time for Service Providers to respond, and should aim to
    treat all Service Providers fairly and equally without discrimination.

•   Customers may use Reverse Auctions in further competitions.

Specialist Solutions v Telecoms Networks Explanation

•   The existing Specialist Solutions is targeted at customers with a general
    telecoms-related business requirement for which the supplier is required to
    develop a telecoms solution;

•   The new Telecom Networks Framework is targeted at customers with a
    specific, defined, network requirement, wishing to specify and procure the
    requirement to the level of detail defined in the Lots.
                                                                                    ANNEX A


Lot                           Description                                          Suppliers
1 – Voice Calls and Lines     Including but not limited to:                        Click here for
                              • Voice call packages, voice minutes                 Suppliers
                              • Line rentals & bundled packages
                              • Integrated Fixed-Mobile telephony services
                              • Premium rate numbers
                              • Non-geographic numbers
                              • 118 enquiries
                              • Voice over IP (VoIP) packages
                              • Call preference services

2 - Point-to-point Circuits   Copper or fibre-based leased and private lines       Click here for
                              for voice, data or converged services including      Suppliers
                              but not limited to:
                              • SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy)-based
                              • Ethernet private circuits
                              • Circuits for LAN (Local Area Network) and
                                  SAN (Storage Area Network) extension
                              • Wavelengths

3 - Infrastructure &          •   Multipoint connectivity & bandwidth for Wide-    Click here for
Connectivity                      Area Networks (WANs) and Metropolitan            Suppliers
                                  Area Networks (MANs)
                              •   Broadband infrastructure & access including
                                  Local Loop Unbundling (LLU)
                              •   Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

4 - Dark Fibre                •   High capacity optical fibre infrastructure and   Click here for
                                  connectivity for Wide-area Networks and          Suppliers
                                  Metropolitan Area Networks (excluding
                                  provision within buildings and campuses,
                                  which is covered in Lot 10)

5 - Connectivity to the       •   Services for copper and fibre supply to          Click here for
Kerb                              specific roadside or other non-premises-         Suppliers
                                  based locations

6 - Wireless Data             Including but not limited to:                        Click here for
Infrastructure                • Licensed/unlicensed Wi-Fi, Hotspot,                Suppliers
                                  Community Broadband
                              • Wi-max
                              • Satellite Broadband
                              • Mobile/Personal Wireless DSL

7 - Networking Equipment      Including but not limited to:                        Click here for
                              • LAN/WAN routers & switches                         Suppliers
                              • Public Branch Exchange (PBX)
                              • VoIP hardware and software
                             •   Telephony switches and handsets
                             •   Associated software

8 - ISP Services             Including but not limited to:                          Click here for
                             • Internet access, transit, routing                    Suppliers
                             • Broadband+Voice packages
                             • Home/Teleworker packages
                             • Email and website services as part of ISP
                             • Co-location and hosting as part of ISP service
                             • On-line storage as part of ISP service
                             • Security services such as anti-virus, email
                                 scanning and filtering, firewalls, intrusion and
                                 spyware detection
                             • Authentication and access management, web
                                 and application sign on services
                             • Domain name services
9 - Enhanced Government      • Enhanced Government Telephony                        Click here for
Telephony Preference             Preference Service (EGTPS): Provision to           Suppliers
Service (EGTPS)                  Government-approved organisations, through
                                 a combination of dedicated lines and/or
                                 switching hardware and software, of a means
                                 for essential users to have assured access
                                 via land-based lines to the Public Switched
                                 Telephone Network (PSTN) with a high
                                 probability of successful call completion, in
                                 the event of extreme congestion caused by
                                 emergencies, etc.

10 - Structured Cabling      •   Provision of data cabling and Local Area           Click here for
                                 Networks (LANs) within buildings and               Suppliers

11 - 3rd Party               •   Provision in Telecom Networks limited to           Click here for
Maintenance                      telecoms infrastructure and products only.         Suppliers

12 – Network Analysis        •   Services for commercial and technical              Click here for
and Billing Audit Services       network & usage analysis, leading to overall       Suppliers
                                 cost reduction.
                                                                                      ANNEX B


Important Note - The information below is accurate as at March 2008. Customers
should check the details on the OGCbs website to ensure this is still accurate prior to
contacting suppliers.

                                      Lot   Lot   Lot   Lot   Lot   Lot   Lot   Lot   Lot   Lot   Lot   Lot
Lot/Supplier Name
                                       1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10    11    12
4C Strategies Ltd                                                                                        X
a&o Systems Ltd                                                     X     X
Affiniti                              X     X                                   X     X
Alfred McAlpine Business Services                                         X                       X
Alfred McAlpine Infrastructure
Services Ltd                                            X     X     X
AT Communications PLC                                                                             X
Avanti Broadband                                                    X
Avaya                                                                     X
Azzurri Communications                X           X                       X                       X     X
Bailey Teswaine                                                                             X
British Telecommunications plc        X     X     X     X     X     X     X     X     X     X     X     X
Cable & Wireless                      X     X     X                             X     X
Cityspace Limited                                                   X
Claranet Limited                                  X                             X
Communications Advisory Service Ltd                                                                     X
Computacenter (UK) Ltd                                                    X                 X
Datacenta Hosting Ltd.                                                          X
Datavilla Ltd                                                       X
Easynet                               X     X     X     X     X     X           X
FibreSpan Ltd                                           X
Freedom Communications (UK) Ltd       X     X                             X                 X
Global Crossing                       X     X           X                       X     X
HEDLEY 2000 LTD                                                                             X
IDN Telecom plc                       X                                                                 X
Mason Communications Ltd                                                                                X
MLL Telecom Limited                         X     X                 X
NEC-Philips Unified Solutions UK
Limited                                                                   X
Networks by Wireless Ltd                                            X                             X
Opal Telecom                          X
Siemens plc                           X           X     X                 X     X                 X     X
Source8                                                                                                 X
Switch Communications Ltd                         X                       X
Synetrix Ltd                                X     X     X           X     X     X                 X
Telewest Ltd                          X     X     X     X           X     X     X     X     X     X
THUS plc                              X     X     X     X                       X
Updata Infrastructure UK Ltd                      X
Verizon Business                      X     X                                   X
Suppliers per Lot                     13    11    12    9     3     11    12    12    5     6     8     8

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