The Secret by liaoqinmei


									1.   A guest confides an incredibly juicy and embarrassing story about someone you both
     know. You are really tempted to tell another guest later that day:
      You keep that secret contained, no matter how much it hurts. The confidence of a trusted guest is more
      important than the fleeting pleasure of telling this story to someone else.

      You swear the second guest to secrecy, and tell the story. As long as a chain of secrecies is maintained, you
      have not broken your promise.

      Of course you tell the second guest and others as well! Chances are your first guest broke a confidence by
      telling you the story anyway.

      Someone may be using you to spread false information. You will verify the facts independently before repeating
      the story.

      You ask the second guest if he or she heard about the secret. Then you will decide what you are going to do.

2.   A guest calls the reservation center with a complaint:
     Ask them to calm down. Tell them you only work here, you didn’t create the policy”, and to stop yelling at you;
     immediately transfer them to a salon.

     Demonstrate active listening skills and empathy. Apologize for the inconvenience and let them know you will do
     whatever you can to make things right. Thank them for the feedback it helps us to improve our service. Let them
     know you will personally look into the situation and ask if there is anything else you can do. Follow-through.

     Roll your eyes, and while they are talking you put down the phone and pick it up every once in a while to say uh-
     huh, I see.

     Say “I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that, we are always having that problem”. Tell them you will
     send them a gift certificate for next time, but you can’t promise it will be any better.

3.   A guest comes in for a service and mentions she has pink eye after her service has
     Tell the guest you don’t want to do her service, grab the disinfectant spray and begin spraying everywhere
     making sure everyone around you knows the guest has pink eye.

     Ask why she would even come in to the salon with an infection like pink eye, and ask her to reschedule. Go
     straight to the backroom to tell your story and get a good laugh with the other service providers.

     Find a box of gloves and a face mask and continue doing the service; warning everyone who walks by that your
     guest has pink eye and to stay as far away as possible.

     Discreetly finish the service; politely let the guest know that pink eye is contagious and in the future you
     recommend rescheduling her appointment. Handle her payment, and check-out the guest yourself. Wash your
     hands and clean your area thoroughly, without making an issue or comments to other guests or service

                                                                                                          April, 2007
4.   A guest and her daughter both have appointments for a haircut, and would like to sit
     next to one another; their service providers are seated at opposite ends of the salon:
     No, I'm sorry, but the service providers are not next to each other. When you call next time let us know you want
     to sit together, and maybe we can arrange it.

     No, that really isn't possible. We would have to move the service providers, and their equipment, and then they
     would have to move them back, causing them to run late, and I really need to be out of here. It really is just too
     much work.

     Absolutely. Personally, let the service providers know the mother's request, find two stations together, and move
     any necessary equipment. If all stations are being used, ask other service providers to switch stations to help
     accommodate our guest.

     No, I would have to move you to another service provider that sits next to her, and they don’t have an opening.

5.   A guest is purchasing a liter of Sap Moss conditioner, and would like to get a couple of
     samples for her friend to try:
     I’m sorry, but we do not have any samples in that conditioner, Aveda is actually discontinuing all of their sample
     sizes, maybe you could send them a letter and let them know you would like to buy some.

     I would be happy to put together a couple of sample sizes for your friend to try. I will also include 20% off a
     haircut with one of our service providers, so your friend can enjoy an experience with us, and have a full
     consultation to determine if the Sap Moss, or possibly a different product, would work best for their hair

     You could have your friend go to the Aveda store, I think they could probably give them some, or you could pour
     some of yours into a cup. I don't know.

     No, we don't give samples of that, it is really expensive! Even with my discount, I can't afford it. Aveda really
     overprices their stuff. You’re a VIP Guest so you will get your discount though.

6.   A bride is getting her make-up done, and wants waterproof mascara applied; Aveda
     does not make waterproof mascara:
     Tell her you won’t do her eyelashes, and she can go to Marc’s or Target when you are done, and buy some that
     she can put on in the limo on the way.

     Say, yeah, you would think we would have some of that. I might have some in my purse, but I had pink eye a
     couple of weeks ago, so I don’t know if you want to use it.

     You don’t want to upset the bride so you tell her the regular IS waterproof, and put it on. I mean after all she will
     have tissues, right!?

     You are prepared! You know you will be working on brides, and have the waterproof mascara purchased ahead
     of time, and in your drawer ready. If you do not have any, discreetly ask an assistant or a member of the front
     desk to purchase it for you while you are applying the rest of her make-up.

                                                                                                             April, 2007
7.    A guest feels “Aveda is too expensive”:
      So are jeans and cars, but you still buy those.

      Many guests actually save money when buying Aveda. Aveda only uses the best quality ingredients; we don’t
      use any water so our products are very concentrated, so you can use less. Give testimonials from your own
      experiences. Tell them the difference you have noticed since you switched to Aveda.

      You may save money when you buy drugstore brands, but you spend a lot more when you have to fix your dried
      out and damaged hair.

8.    From the following choose the best response to a service provider running late:
      We know how valuable your time is, and regret any inconvenience this may cause you.

      We do our best to always remain on schedule but unforeseen circumstances sometimes arise.

      We are so sorry, but you can be certain that your appointment will not be rushed because of this and your
      service provider will always spend your scheduled amount of time with you. We appreciate your patience and
      would like to offer you a complimentary (value-added service) while you are waiting.

      I am sorry your service provider is running behind, I can see if another service provider is available, or we can
      reschedule if it is more convenient for you.

9.    A guest arrives at 1:00, and we do not show their appointment time until 4:00:
      Continue the check-in process, let the service provider know the guest arrived early, and if possible, complete
      the service without the guest ever knowing we showed them scheduled at a different time. Allow them to fully
      enjoy their experience.

      We regret that there was an error in communication and your appointment was booked incorrectly. We will try to
      accommodate you.

      I’m sorry but we do not show you scheduled until 4:00, so you will need to come back then. Thanks.

10.   You see a friend wearing a new hair style that looks absolutely ridiculous. The friend
      respects your point of view and asks privately for your honest opinion on the hair style:
      You tell your friend diplomatically that you think the hairstyle is terrible.

      You tell your friend that you think the hairstyle is okay, but you have heard others, many others, commenting on
      how awful it is.

      You rave on and on about how much you love the hairstyle. You say you wish everyone was wearing it.

      Tell her you think it is great she is trying something new, and show her styles you feel would even work better for
      her to try in the future.

                                                                                                             April, 2007
11.   The credit machine is not working, how should you service guests who are unable to
      pay with check or cash and would like to use their charge card: 2 POSSIBLE ANSWERS
      I am sorry, but we can only accept cash or check.

      If credit is the only means write down their credit card number and expiration date. Fill out a slip that covers their
      services, products and tip and make them a receipt. Process the credit card transaction later when we get our
      machine restored.

      Tell them due to the power not working we can’t take their credit card, since we have no way of knowing if their
      credit card would go through and we would be stuck.

      Call the corporate offices, or another salon, and have them run the credit card. They can do a ticket for a gift
      card in the amount of the service, and you can use the gift card number to process the ticket at your location. We
      can mail the guest their receipt.

12.   A guest would like to know where John is speaking next:
      Give the guest John’s email and website address, and tell them that is the best way to find out.

      Tell the guest you never know when John is speaking; you are not even sure what he talks about.

      Tell the guest you would be happy to print out the information for them before they leave. Also, write down John
      and his assistant Lana’s email address and phone number, as well as, his website should your guest like more
      information or have any questions.

      Have the front desk write it down on a piece of paper to give to the guest when they check-out.

13.   A guest comes to the salon to meet with Denise Thompson:
      Assume Denise must be in town, and tell the guest to have a seat, and that Denise will be here shortly.

      Ask the guest what time her meeting is with Denise, and find out what the meeting is in reference to (confirm she
      is not their to observe); offer her some water, ask if she would like a tour, and let her know you will contact
      Denise to let her know she arrived.

      Tell her Denise does not work at the salon that she needs to drive to the corporate offices.

14.   A Guest calls to schedule with a Service provider who is no longer with us:
      I regret that Suzy has left her position with John Robert’s. I would be happy to schedule you with another one of
      our service providers who are equally as talented and at the same level as Suzy.

      She is now with ABC salon up the street, I am sure she would love to hear from you. Here let me get that
      number for you.

      Well you know how Suzy was late all the time, we finally fired her, let me see who else I can put you with.

      Recommend other service providers at different levels who may be suited to fill their needs. (i.e. hair is curly,
      prefer to see someone younger and more trendy, or more mature and conservative, etc)

                                                                                                               April, 2007
15.   A guest says “I like what I’m using at home or I use ABC product and I like it”
      Ok, that’s fine, just let me know if you ever have any questions about Aveda.

      OH that is horrible for your hair; you really should stop before it breaks all of your hair. Aveda is definitely much
      better; you get what you pay for.

      You have to use what works for you.

      I have not personally used that system, what do you like about it? Let me show you some Aveda products that
      not only does that but has additional features.

16.   A guest wants to use a non-transferable certificate under someone else’s name:
      I can understand why you would want to take advantage of this offer; unfortunately, it was extended to new
      guests only.

      By allowing someone who is not a new guest to use this offer it defeats our purpose of introducing someone new
      to the experience of our services.

      It is a large expense for our business if we are unable to gain new guests from this type of offer.

      I can write one out for a friend of yours who has never been to John Robert’s that you think might enjoy the
      experience and you can give it to them as a gift.

      I apologize that I cannot allow you to redeem this. It is never our intention to deny something to a good guest of
      ours; however, some of the promotions that we extend are targeted to helping us build our clientele. By referring
      someone new, you would receive a gift certificate for your referral as a thank you, and also be entered into our
      referral contest to potentially win some great prizes!

17.   A guest wants to be squeezed in for an appointment that isn’t available:
      I know how difficult it can be to get in with such a busy service provider. I also know how valuable your time is as
      well as theirs. If I squeeze you in, it can disrupt the appointment ahead of and behind you, and not allow you the
      proper amount of time with your service provider.

      I’m sure you know that she is a perfectionist, and that she wants to be sure all of her guests enjoy their

      I will leave a voice mail so that she knows of your urgency to get in. (after scheduling something) I willn add you
      to her wait list and put a note that signifies that you’d like to come in sooner than what we have scheduled now.
      We also have a service that allows you to book a standing appointment so that you always have time allotted
      with your favorite service provider; I would be happy to set that up for you today.

      It wouldn’t be fair to you to have your time shortened, and it wouldn’t be fair to her to not be able to give you
      everything she wants, including her time. I can recommend another service provider to you, or tell you what her
      next available appointment is.

      All of the above

                                                                                                              April, 2007
18.   A guest is late; how can you approach this situation:
      Ms. Smith I show your appointment as scheduled for 3:00 today. May I arrange an appointment with another
      service provider or schedule you on another day where you can relax and enjoy your experience?

      I know how valuable your time is, please appreciate that the time of the guest booked after you is also.

      Our schedule is designed to provide you with maximum care and attention. Therefore, an appropriate amount of
      time has been allocated to complete each scheduled service and since you are late, we can not do you today.

      You are really late, and there is no way we can do you today. Please call the reservation center to reschedule.

19.   A guest wants to speak directly with their service provider, and they refuse voice mail:
      I apologize your service provider is currently with a guest. I would be happy to take a message and take it to her

      I can transfer you to the front desk so that they make certain she gets the message and gets back with you at
      her earliest convenience.

      If you would just leave a message on her voice mail, I will let her know that you left a message and to listen to it
      at her earliest convenience.

      We don’t like to interrupt their time when they are with a guest. I’m sure you can appreciate that when you are
      with her you have her undivided attention.

20.   A guest wants a service that is not in their best interest; wants to be blonde and their
      hair is damaged:
      You have really done enough damage to your hair, there are other options, not many, but for now I would wait to
      do anymore color. You really need to invest in some purescription treatments immediately, before you loose all
      of your hair.

      I like that look too, and I can understand your need for a change. What concerns me is the condition of your
      hair. I feel it would jeopardize the integrity of your hair if we performed this type of chemical service on you.
      What I can do is deepen the underneath so that the top appears lighter, or we can try a series of purescription
      treatments to bring back the vitality of your hair structure. What is it that you liked about this picture? Would
      you consider doing…? Another look I can recommend for you would be….

      The guest is always right; you do the service as the guest wishes.

      Go get a service provider with more experience, and discuss how unhealthy the hair is; this way the guest hears
      that you are not the only one who feels her hair is in really bad shape.

                                                                                                              April, 2007
21.   A service provider is sent off site to do a bridal party and calls the Reservation Center
      because they are lost:
      Map Quest directions for them and read them turn by turn, if necessary, until they get there. Have someone call
      the guest to let them know their service provider is on the way.

      They are already late, call and tell the guest their service provider is not coming.

      Wait until the guest calls, wondering where their service provider is, and then ask for directions.

22.   A Guest wants a pedicure and they have a fungus on their feet:
      I know you were looking forward to receiving your pedicure today; however, I am noticing that you have what
      could possibly be a fungus on your toes. Because this can be highly contagious, we are required by our state
      board not to perform services on this condition until it is cleared up. Because we are not doctors or licensed as
      medical professionals, we do not have the necessary equipment or medications needed to handle this. When
      you are ready, please call my voice mail, and I will make it a priority to get you in quickly.

      I hope you can understand we have all of our Guest’s best interests in mind by prohibiting any type of
      contamination during our services. This is not something uncommon, and I can recommend a podiatrist to you
      that can prescribe what you’ll need to clear this right up, and we can reschedule your pedicure for that time.

      You happen to have the same fungus on your foot and you show it to your guest so you can compare, and she
      won’t feel embarrassed.

23.   A guest knows they arrived 30 minutes late and they would still like their service:
      Tell the guest how late they are, and that they will need to reschedule.

      If their service provider is unable to accommodate them at that time, give the guest all possible options. An
      immediate opening with another service provider. Ask if they would like to add a pedicure, massage, facial, etc. if
      we are able to get them in a little later that afternoon. If it is for an hour service, and we have a 30 minute
      opening, offer that as an alternative. Be sincere in our willingness to do whatever possible to accommodate our

      Let them know that we are really busy, and they should call when they are going to be late. Maybe if we
      embarrass them they won’t do it again.

24.   A guest is unhappy with the price of their highlights:
      Quickly check their history, and see what they paid last time. If it is the same price let them know that their last
      visit included the same services, and the charges are the same; verify that they did not have something different.
      Explain that our pricing is based on the amount of product used, and may vary. If necessary, have the service
      provider personally explain the pricing to the guest, and apologize for any misunderstanding.

      Sorry that’s what we charge, you should talk to your service provider about it next time.

      It does seem really high, that service provider always seems to overcharge, let me go check with her.

                                                                                                            April, 2007
25.   A guest would like to celebrate his anniversary by having massages in the same room
      with his girlfriend:
      First of all, happy early anniversary, you thoughtful man, you. Bravo. I think a day at John Robert’s is a great way
      for you to treat and pamper yourselves. You'll be so smooth and buffed by the time you leave; you'll fall in love all
      over again.

      I do want to tell you that we do not offer anything like couples massage or co-ed steam rooms or saunas. You
      can have nail services side by side, Pedicures side by side, but for all other services, you will each be in your
      own separate treatment rooms.

      We don't have any specific packages available, but our a la carte offerings are deluxe! Are either of you facial
      fans? There's nothing like a little glow to get you going. I recommend taking a look at our spa services online.
      You'll get a full description of each service, its duration and pricing. I recommend: Pedicures.

      Happy Anniversary! We are excited that you are choosing to spend it at John Robert’s. If I may recommend
      scheduling a pedicure for the two of you side by side, and we can provide a special cake or chocolate covered
      strawberries to celebrate your occasion while you relax. I would be happy to schedule a massage for you to
      begin with; our massages are currently designed to provide an individual experience to allow for complete
      relaxation. What date and time works best to schedule your experience with us?

26.   A guest that has never been to John Roberts before calls in December and wants to use
      a promotion that expired in October:
      Apologize for the inconvenience, and let them know that offer is expired.

      Allow them to use it since they are new.

      Allow them to use it in January.

27.   The hot water in the salon is out and a guest is scheduled for a Vichy shower:
      Apologize that we were not able to get a hold of them prior to their service, and offer them a discount to give
      them a massage instead. As a courtesy, contact them when the Vichy shower is back in working order.

      Reschedule for the next day and give them a discount.

      Tell them we are unable to accommodate them, and they will need to call our reservation center to reschedule.

28.   A guest mentions that a friend was in last week and did not enjoy their service:
      Find out who they saw and let them know.

      Thank the guest for bringing it to our attention. Get the name of the friend, and confirm her phone number.
      Contact the guest to apologize they were not pleased with their experience; ask them what happened, and how
      we can make it better. Send a letter with a discount off her next visit.

      Ask the guest to apologize to their friend for us and give them a certificate to get them to come back.

                                                                                                             April, 2007
29.   A man calls wanting to set up an appointment for his wife as a surprise. You notice she
      has an upcoming appointment scheduled:
      Ask if he would like to pay for the appointment she already scheduled.

      Don’t mention the appointment, she may not want him to know, and we might get more money this way.

      Let him know she has an upcoming appointment and mention some open services that he could add to her visit.

30.   Guest is booked for single process color, and turns out to be a color correction:
      Tell guest they’ll have to reschedule

      Solicit help from team members to fit guest in, explain to guest cost and time associated with service

      Offer to do single process only as scheduled and hope it helps for now

31.   Laundry is behind, and we are running out of white capes for new clients:
      Use any other color, better than none.

      Take the spa loads out and put some capes in.

      Assign a team member who has down time to help get laundry caught up and/or go to Laundromat if necessary.

32.   Guest leaves with their ring still in our jewelry cleaner.
      Call and tell the guest they need to pick up their ring before we close, that we can’t be responsible for lost or
      stolen items.

      Call the guest and offer to deliver the ring or store it in our safe until they are ready to pick it up. If they are
      unavailable, leave a message that we have stored it in our safe. Follow-up the next day.

      Don’t do anything, guest will eventually call, or you can claim item if it goes without being picked up.

33.   Guest is very happy with service when they leave. They call back 2 days later and want
      their money back:
      Listen to their concern; Let them know that all of our guests are valued, and that we are sorry to hear that she is
      having a challenge. Let her know we would really appreciate the opportunity to correct the challenge at no
      additional charge, and that if we are still unable to exceed her expectations we would be happy to refund the

      Tell them that while we are unable to refund the cost, we would be happy to schedule an appointment for them to
      have their service redone at no additional charge.

      Remind them that they liked it the other day, and offer them a complimentary blow dry lesson.

                                                                                                                   April, 2007
34.   Guest arrives Tuesday for a hair appointment with a service provider who does not
      work on Tuesdays. She is certain she would not have booked it for a different day:
      Explain that our reservation center is very careful and always reads date and time back, the guest must have
      misunderstood. Offer to reschedule.

      Apologize for our miscommunication. Express that while we can not erase her initial disappointment, we can
      offer 50% off with a service provider we feel is perfect for her; and if she is not 100% pleased at the end of her
      service there will be no charge.

      Apologize and give them their choice to come back or see someone else.

35.   A guest is discussing personal issues about their neighbor, who is also a guest:
      Let the guest continue to talk, we all like to get the scoop on other people.

      Let the guest know that you know their neighbor and agree with what they’re saying.

      Attempt to steer the conversation into another direction. Do not offer your opinion or make judgment; listen only.
      Remain professional, and respect what you hear from clients as privileged information that is not to be repeated.

36.   Washer or dryer breaks on a busy day and we have very few clean towels left.
      Tell the guests what has happened and use the same towel on them for every part of the service and complain
      that you can't believe it happened.

      Use what we have sparingly and send a team member to the laundry mat ASAP. Contact maintenance to fix the
      problem as quickly as possible.

      Don’t take anymore guests until someone runs to sally’s to buy all new towels and address the problem when
      there is a free moment.

37.   Guest accidentally gets cut during a haircutting service:
      Apologize over and over, get it to stop bleeding and have them pay for their service

      Remain calm, sanitize and clean the affected area, and put a bandage on. Apologize and give a number they
      can reach you at if there are any concerns. Assure them if it is necessary we will handle any medical expenses.
      Call and check-in the next day; send a personal apology letter with a complimentary haircut with you.

      Flip out start crying and tell the person next to you that your guests bleeding and you don’t know how to get the
      blood to stop pouring down their head.

                                                                                                             April, 2007
38.   Service provider is shampooing a color and they tell them how pretty their new red hair
      looks. The guest flips out telling them they were going for brown hair they hate red:
      The service providers apologizes, she must have mixed the wrong color.

      The service provider tells the guest it’s the same color she had before, nothing changed we didn’t do it.

      Blame it on something they have done to their hair. That it probably did that because you colored it yourself last
      time, and that’s what happens.

      While I think the color looks beautiful, the service provider has not completed your service, and let me assure
      you, your color will be exactly what you want before you leave. Inform the Service provider, so they can make
      any necessary adjustments, and further reassure the client her expectations will be met.

39.   Guest goes up to the front and complains about the price of their color because it’s
      more expensive:
      They get the service provider and she/he tells them that they have a lot of hair and had to use more products.

      Front desk tells them, "I don’t know why, that’s just how much it is."

      Apologize that they weren't on the same page and you thought they had understood that this process would
      require more product. Break down the prices for them and if they still seem upset, for this visit offer to charge
      them the same cost as last time. Make a note in their file to be very clear and discuss the cost of service up front
      to prevent future challenges.

40.   A guest coming in for a hair service, also wants her nails done and has to be out at a
      certain time:
      Have a nail technician paint her nails at the station where she is receiving her hair service.

      Send them to another salon that has an opening.

      Give her a bottle of nail polish to do it herself.

41.   An irate service provider has an issue and approaches you in front of a guest:
      Make the guest wait while you leave the front desk to resolve the situation.

      Tell the service provider to wait for you in the backroom and apologize to the guest for the sudden outburst.

      Tell the service provider to go in the backroom. Explain to the guest that she is always a problem and that we
      are getting rid of her.

                                                                                                             April, 2007
42.   A guest comes in and says that they hate our color conserve because it does not make
      their hair feel soft and sultry:
      Tell them to try another brand.

      Tell them about hair detoxifier to remove any previous build up. This will allow a clean slate for their hair, and the
      color conserve should give much different results.

      Apologize the product did not provide the results they were hoping for, and let them know you will be happy to
      exchange it with a product that may be better suited for their hair structure. Have a service provider or the Aveda
      representative talk with them.

43.   Guest asks for gratuity back from their credit card. You watch them put it in their wallet
      and they walk out with it:
      Instead of giving the cash back to the guest. While their card is authorizing, fill out the envelope, and put the
      cash inside. As you are writing the names confirm with the guest “I have $5 to Sandy from Barbra”. This is one
      less thing the guest needs to think about.

      Making any mention, may be offensive or perceived as rude. Guests are not obligated to leave gratuity, even if
      they mention they would like it added. If they leave with the money; they may return when they realize they kept
      it, leave additional gratuity on their next visit, or do nothing.

      As you notice the guest putting the money into their wallet, politely ask if they would like you to fill out a tip
      envelope for their provider. This should remind them.

      All of the above are correct.

44.   A service provider tells the front desk they are running 30 minutes behind.
      Do nothing. Allow guests to come in and wait or tell them they need to reschedule

      As a courtesy call, email, or text message the upcoming guests to see if they are available to come in a few
      minutes later. Block open times, so the provider can catch up.

      Tell the service provider that isn’t your problem, and they need to find a manager, or tell their guest; you have
      your own problems.

45.   While doing confirmation calls, you are unable to confirm an appointment due to
      incorrect information:
      Do nothing. Cross their name off the list and continue.

      In the guests file enter a pop-up note “need updated contact information” and date it. Mark the note as urgent.
      When the guest is checked in at the salon, the guest information is updated, and the note is deleted.

      Erase the bad number from their file and enter in 9's instead.

                                                                                                                 April, 2007
46.   A guest wants to know why an assistant applied her color:
      This allows the service provider to concentrate on the actual cut and style, and accommodate more guests by
      having their assistant shampoo, apply color, and perform value added services on our guests. The service
      provider will always be the one who consults, and formulates the color.

      The service providers have more important things to do.

      How else are the assistants suppose to learn

      The service provider must have been running behind.

47.   A guest shows up to buy a product, as you are leaving. The cash is put away and the
      drawers are closed:
      Spray them with mace and run as fast as you can. You can not trust people like you used to.

      Write out a ticket with the guest’s name, and phone number, the product, and how they paid. Put it in the drawer
      to be entered and processed in the morning. If the guest pays with cash, and you do not have any change; offer
      to do a store credit.

      Tell them we are closed, and they will need to come back the next day; make sure to show them the hours
      displayed on the door.

48.   The computers are down and the phone keeps ringing for appointments:
      Apologize for the inconvenience; give them the option of using our website to schedule their services online, and
      let them know you would be happy to take their name and number, what type of service they would like to
      schedule and time frames. Assure them they will be contacted as soon as the system is restored.

      Tell them the computers are down, and to call back in a couple of hours.

      Log the phone system on; so guests can leave messages.

49.   A VIP guest calls for a gift card and needs it ASAP:
      Offer to deliver it to the guest personally or by courier. If they are in the area, and would prefer to pick it up have
      it prepared and ready.

      Tell them it is really busy, and you can’t do it until tomorrow. They really should have been more prepared.

      Transfer them to someone else.

                                                                                                                April, 2007
50.   A raving fan calls to tell about how wonderful a service they had:
      Thank them for being so kind as to let us know. Transfer them into John's voice mail and call the salon
      coordinator so they can tell the service provider personally.

      Transfer them into the service provider’s voice mail.

      Let the salon coordinator know, and they can handle it.

51.   A guest would like to purchase a product her service provider recommended, and your
      location is temporarily out of stock on the item:
      If another location has the product, offer to drop the product off at the guests home later that day, or if the guest
      passes that location on her way home, we call that location, give the guests credit card info over the phone, and
      a team member meets the guest in the parking lot with the product.

      Apologize, and ask them to try back next week.

      Don’t check out other locations we will order the product, and call her when it comes in.

52.   The sheet covering a male guest falls, leaving the guest completely exposed. The guest
      apologizes but hesitates to recover himself. The service provider completes the service
      and then relays the incident to the Salon coordinator who recalls another service
      provider describing a similar "accident" with this same guest:
      The service providers complete an incident report. The service providers are both advised that if they feel
      uncomfortable, they do not have to continue servicing this guest; we will steer this guest to another service
      provider. The salon coordinator and director will be on alert. Should an incident occur with this guest again, a
      decision will be made as to whether they will be welcome at John Roberts. The safety of our team is non-

      Whenever the guest calls to schedule an appointment, tell him we have nothing available and hope he will stop

      Only allow the guest to be scheduled with male service providers for his services.

      The service provider completes an incident report and the salon coordinator and director meet to determine if this
      guest should be banned from John Robert’s due to his inappropriate behavior. One time is an accident, twice is
      too risky for our service providers safety.

                                                                                                              April, 2007
53.   A guest forgets her cell phone in the pocket of the robe she was wearing. The cell
      phone is not detected prior to the washing of the robe and the phone is ruined. The
      Guest stops back to retrieve the cell phone.
      The Salon Coordinator learns the phone has been ruined, and explains the unfortunate incident to the guest,
      offering to reimburse her for the cost of the phone. The guest brings back the sales receipt for the replacement of
      the phone. We apologize again for the mistake, give the guest the $100.00 reimbursement for the phone, and
      then exceed the guest's expectations by giving a gift card for a free massage.

      Explain that she must have left her phone in the pocket of the robe, and that we washed it, unaware that it was
      there. Apologize for the incident, and offer to pay half of whatever it cost for a replacement.

      Tell the guest we have not found any phones, that she must have left it somewhere else, and that we will call her
      if it shows up.

54.   A Service provider comes up to the desk and informs that we are out of detergent and
      dryer sheets:
      Take a drawer entry from the drawer and send someone to the store to retrieve them. Come up with a solution
      that ensures we are always stocked. Research buying in bulk to be cost effective.

      Tell them that we aren’t able to go to Sam’s club until next week due to the budget.

      Tell them you are sorry but you aren’t in charge of that and to tell someone who is.

55.   There is a water main break and the salon is without water:
      Send everyone home and close up shop.

      Go to the nearest store and buy gallons of distilled water to rinse the chemicals out of the guest's who were
      processing and finish pedicures and manicures, try to do all other cuts dry and use minimal water till it comes
      back on. Try to reschedule the later appointments at our other locations.

      Have every guest wait until the water is back on, who cares about what they have planned for the rest of the day.

56.   You find out from the bride that her bridesmaid is unhappy with the updo we did and
      thinks it makes her look ugly:
      Find someone to fix the updo completely, redo it until she is happy with it. Provide a make-up application to help
      calm her skin and make her feel beautiful again.

      Tell her she looks fine, she doesn't want to look better than the bride! It’s not her wedding she shouldn't worry
      about it!

      Tell her she should have told her professional while it was being done, there isn't anything we can do for her now
      because we don't have any more professionals and they have to leave to get to the church on time.

                                                                                                             April, 2007
57.   A guest walks in needing a haircut because she is leaving to go out of town for a funeral
      the next morning. There are no service professionals available at that time:
      Offer her a later time, check another salon, and ask service providers if they can stay late to accommodate the

      Tell her she should have scheduled an apt, she is crazy to try to get in on a Saturday at 4pm

      Tell her we don't take walk-ins

58.   A guest is unable to find her coat:
      Begin calling guests that were scheduled around her appointment. Find out who accidentally took the coat, and
      go pick it up, and deliver it to the guest who lost the coat.

      Ask her what she wants us to do about it, tell her when we have a chance we will work on finding it.

      Apologize, and tell her a story about how many other people have lost their coats. Is she really sure she even
      wore it inside the salon.

59.   You are doing a redo color. The guest is upset and there are no formulas to guide you:
      Thank the guest for returning to the salon; allow them to vent any frustration they may be having about their hair.
      Apologize the outcome was not as they hoped, and give every effort to achieve her desired results. Explain there
      will be no additional cost.

      Proceed with correction, taking all the time needed to fix it. I hope also to get this guest to come back to me so I
      don't let the fact that this $200.00 correction is only going to net me $85.00. I follow up with proper hair care,
      arrange for her next visit.

      Tell Heather or Marie what happened in case the service provider has had other color issues and needs more

60.   A guest scheduled for a massage has been waiting at the front for 10 minutes and the
      spa attendant has not come to take them back:
      Take the guest back to the spa; get them a robe and slippers to change into, and a locker. Prepare a foot soak,
      and let the massage therapist know her client is ready. Use the two-way radio to notify the spa attendant.

      Let the massage therapist know their guest is here for them, and you don’t know where the spa attendant is.

      You figure someone will come for them eventually.

                                                                                                              April, 2007
 61.   A guest comes in for color but has concerns about the expense:
       Consult with her about different options to cut cost like only doing highlights around the face, or a partial highlight
       every other time.

       Tell her she shouldn’t do anything until she can afford it.

       Recommend a drug store brand you think would work well.

 62.   After 3 hours the guest says she does not like her hair. The guest’s mom also tells the
       service provider that the color is all wrong. The salon closes at 8 and it’s already 7:30:
       Tell the guest and her mom to come in tomorrow to fix it.

       Explain to the guest and her mom, that you are committed to getting the color perfect for them. Tell her you
       would like to have her go home with a purescription treatment to sleep in that will help to condition her hair from
       the processing, and prevent damage, allowing the color to take better the next day. Confirm a time for her to
       come back, and recruit whoever is available to help correct the color.

       The artistic coordinator and service provider stay late and work together to get exactly what she wants.

63.    The salon is out of some products but the budget doesn’t look like we can afford to
       order any:
       Order what we need anyways and make up for it later in the next few weeks.

       Don’t order anything cause the budget shows we can’t.

       Sell what’s left on the shelves to bring up sales so we can order more.

 64.   After a guest leaves the service provider realizes she over charged her guest by $80.
       She tells the Salon Coordinator:
       The salon coordinator calls the guest to let her know she was over charged by $80 and lets her know that we will
       mail it to her.

       The salon coordinator calls the guest, apologizes for the error, and offers the guest an option of crediting her
       account, so she can use the amount on her next visit, or crediting the amount on her credit card.

       The salon coordinator doesn’t call or let the guest know and we just let it go.

                                                                                                                April, 2007
65.   The electricity goes out while you are performing a service:
      End the service immediately, and tell them they have to reschedule.

      Ask the guest if they would prefer to relax for a moment while you find out about the situation, or end their
      service, and reschedule so they have can have their full service without interruption. If the power comes back on
      and you can complete their service, discount their visit. If it appears the power will be out for an unknown
      amount of time; apologize, and offer to call them when the system is back up to reschedule their appointment. If
      possible call the reservation center, or another salon to schedule the appointment.

      Run around screaming that it’s too dark. Start asking everyone what is going on, and tell them how excited you
      are that now you can go home.

66.   While waxing a guests eyebrows a part of their skin comes off; you find out the guest is
      on medication:
      Keep waxing and hope no more skin comes off.

      Tell them this wouldn’t have happened if the guest told you that they were taking antibiotics.

      Apologize, and provide some products to help heal the area. There is no charge for the visit. Tell them you will
      call the next day to check on them. Explain that if they are on any medications or using a topical cream that for
      future appointments they can have their eyebrows tweezed to prevent irritation.

67.   As a massage therapist, you explain to the guest to disrobe and lie on the table under
      the blanket and sheet. When you return they are lying on top of the blanket completely
      Politely remind them to lie under the blanket and sheet, and turn around. Explain that we want our guest to feel
      comfortable, and that our policy requires that they are covered at all times while their service is being provided.

      Start the massage and feel totally uncomfortable.

      Scream, and then leave the room to tell everyone what just happened.

68.   A guest is standing in the hall, by the changing room, holding her dirty robe and
      You excuse yourself and walk past her.

      Offer to take the robe and sandals and see if there is anything else they need.

      Go get a spa attendant to help them.

                                                                                                             April, 2007
69.   When you arrive at work you find out the spa attendant called off sick, and you have a
      full schedule:
      You, go sit in the back room and complain that you are going to be running behind all day.

      Walk through the spa and see if your guest is back there yet.

      Spring into action. Clean up the spa lounge, take back dirty laundry, check the laundry situation in the back
      room, set up your own room and see if your first guest is waiting.

70.   A first time guest comes in with signs of mold under their acrylics:
      Bring the guest back and consult with them, let them know it appears mold could be beginning to form, and that
      you are going to clean the area, and if they would like you can apply a new acrylic nail. Soak off the acrylic nail,
      spray with NAS spray, and buff/file off the mold. Glue the tip to the natural nail, and explain to the guest that the
      natural nail grows away from the acrylic, so you are using glue as a filler, to prevent water from getting trapped
      between the natural nail and the artificial one. Assure them the technique we use is designed to prevent this
      from happening.

      Tell the guest that this happens all the time, in salons where they use a drill.

      Explain to the guest that your acrylics don’t lift and that they won’t have any problems if they book with you.

71.   First time request guest comes in on time, and the service provider is running behind:
      Offer them coffee, let them know the service provider is running late and to have a seat.

      Let them know the service provider will be up for them shortly and go back to the conversation you were having.

      Offer a tour of the salon, refreshments and style books for the guest to review; have someone give a
      complimentary conditioning treatment or hand paraffin treatment while they wait.

72.   The service provider does a consultation, and is still unsure of what the guest is hoping
      to achieve:
      Service provider gets frustrated and guest leaves not wanting any services.

      Provide style books to review with the guest; and call over another service provider that might be able to put
      insight into the consultation. This will give more opinions and understanding.

      Service provider does what they want thinking it will look better than what the guest wanted anyway.

                                                                                                              April, 2007
73.   A guest is not happy with their updo, and the service provider’s next appointment is
      The service provider tells the guest that it is important to us that our guest’s leave happy, and if it is ok with the
      guest she would like to have another talented service provider work with her to complete her look. That you feel
      another Service provider could give a fresh view and you are confident, that we can achieve the result she is
      looking for.

      Tell them your next guest is here, and you can’t do anything else; tell the front desk or a manger that you are
      done, and just not to charge her, because you don’t know what else to do.

      Send them home you spent and hour doing that style you are not going to redo it. Service provider gets up and
      starts crying and tells them it’s their hair, it wont do anything.

74.   A guest with a manicure appointment walks in and sits down, 25 minutes pass before it
      is realized; the service provider’s next appointment is walking in:
      If they requested a specific service provider, and another service provider is available, apologize for our mistake,
      and offer 50% off their service if they would give the other service provider an opportunity.

      If they have not requested a specific service provider, and another service provider is open, immediately get
      them taken back. Apologize for their wait, and let them know we will be taking 20% off their service for their

      If they do not want another service provider; let them know that we are sincerely sorry for failing to provide a
      positive experience, and present them with a gift card for their next service to be free of charge. Offer 50% off a
      blow dry, massage, or facial if one is available since they are already there. Send an apology letter.

      All of the above are correct.

75.   Color gets spilled and ruins a guest’s purse:
      Apologize and send the purse to the cleaners and if it doesn’t come out we buy her a new purse, the same one
      or have her go the store pick one out and mail us the receipt and we can reimburse her for it. Hopefully with that
      and a gift certificate she is a lifetime guest due to a misfortune.

      Apologize, and do not charge her for her services.

      Get some more color, and dye the rest of the purse to match.

76.   Your guest is finished with their service and getting ready to check out when you notice
      color on the back of their shirt:
      Ignore it and pretend you didn't see it.

      Bring it to their attention, apologize and offer to have the shirt dry-cleaned or replaced.

      Blame it on your assistant, and make them pay for it.

      Bring it to their attention, and say "It's not my fault, you should have taken it off"

                                                                                                               April, 2007
77.   Your guest shows up 20 minutes late for their haircut, and your next guest isn't due in
      for another hour, you:
      Take the guest without mention of their tardiness

      Hide in the back and refuse to take the guest

      Ask another service provider to do their service, make sure to note that this guest is always late

      Take the guest but make sure they know you are doing them a favor

78.   A guest's jewelry is misplaced and they insist someone stole it or threw it away, and
      they are irate, you:
      Say "I'm sorry we are not responsible for lost or stolen items." Offer to let them search through the trash.

      Take the guest to a more private area, and apologize this had to happen; that we sincerely wanted her to have a
      positive experience, and that while we can not go back, we are going to give every effort to finding her lost item.
      Ask the guest to please allow us the rest of the day to thoroughly go through the salon and the trash. Send
      guest home with a contact number, and assure her we are serious about making it right.

      Call the police, and have the entire team questioned.

79.   You are about to start a service on a color guest and we are completely out of coloring
      and black cutting capes....they are all dirty or wet:
      Have them hang up their clothing and put a smock on. Have a towel around their neck for additional protection
      and go on with the service.

      Use a white cape, it might get stained with color, but at least they have a cape on.

      Apologize for there being no capes, you don't know why the assistants can't keep up with the laundry.

      Get a dirty cape out of the laundry and quickly wipe it down with soap and water and spray it with a disinfectant

80.   The service provider you are assisting overslept and is on her way. Her first guest is
      waiting up front:
      Apologize that she is going to have to wait longer, the service provider overslept.

      Don't say anything and wait for the service provider to get there to deal with her.

      Wait a few minutes then take her back and give her an extra long stress relieving treatment, and hand and arm
      massage, offer her something to drink, and let her know the service provider will be with her shortly.

                                                                                                             April, 2007
81.   A guest is booked on your line for a blow dry and they want an updo. The service
      providers that do updos are completely booked:
      Apologize and tell her you don't do up-styling, but you will give it a try.

      Apologize for the miscommunication, and let them know that while updo’ are not a service you currently perform
      you will get some hair books, and recommend some styles that would look great for her special occasion.

      Realize that you should learn some updo techniques.

      Find an assistant that can do updo, and have them do the guest.

82.   A guest calls upset because her hair color is not right, and she wants it fixed with
      someone else today:
      We listen to them vent. We thank them for letting us know there is a problem and that we will correct it. We
      always try to book with the same person, however if they feel too uncomfortable we will try someone else that
      has been trained by our master Service providers. We try to get them in that day if possible.

      We listen to them vent. We reassure them that their service provider is an expert. We are surprised by this and
      would like if they could give the service provider who did their color a second chance to make the corrections
      herself. If not we understand.

      We listen to them vent. We offer someone else at the same level. We then ask if they could call us back and let
      us know how great there hair turned out.

83.   A service provider calls off during the day and no one tell the reservation center:
      As the reservations center sees blocked appointments we need to call the manager at that salon. Find out what
      needs to be done and how we can help take care of it.

      If no one calls us we assume everything is good and that the salon will call all the guests.

      Call and yell at the salon manager for not telling us first.

84.   A returning guest calls for an appointment and refuses to provide their name and
      address, will only give 1st initial, and starts yelling that is all the information you need:
      I would be happy to update your information to not include your address; if you would please spell your first and
      last name, so we can verify our system is accurate we would really appreciate your help.

      Apologize that we are having difficulty pulling up the information, and ask if you may have the phone number
      they provide for confirmation calls. Search by their phone number. In their profile, select the do not mail option,
      and put a note in the address section stating the guest chooses not to give her address.

      Rather than appearing to be rude transfer the call to a manager at the location of appt.

                                                                                                              April, 2007
85.   A guest had her color done at another salon (not JR), and is very unhappy with the
      color. The guest says it’s too red at the roots and orange on the ends. She’s never been
      to John Robert’s before:
      Look at higher level service provider schedules, and offer a service provider who would have time to do a
      consultation. They could then either apply the color themselves or formulate the color for an assistant or another
      service provider to apply.

      Let the guest know corrective color cost a lot of money to fix, and so they have to meet with a service provider
      first, and schedule the appointment.

      Tell the guest they should call the salon where they had the color done, and make them fix it.

86.   Guest has a 15 minute appointment and calls to say they will be 15 minutes late:
      Check the schedule, if there is enough time move the appointment, without telling the guest. If the person they
      were previously with is booked, and another service provider is open, offer that as a solution. If they only want
      the initial service provider, and they are booked, let them know when the service provider’s next availability is;
      and then remind them of the alternate choice. Let them know how much we appreciate the phone call.

      Tell the guest they will have to reschedule.

      Tell them just to show up, you are sure they can “squeeze” them in.

87.   A service provider is ill and we call the guest to reschedule, they booked their
      appointment weeks in advance. We have moved the appointment at least three times:
      Apologize to the guest, and ensure them that you will make every effort to get them in with an alternate service
      provider, at the same time of the original appointment. For their inconvenience we are giving them 20% of their

      When the service provider calls off; ask what days and times, they can open their book to accommodate the
      guest. Apologize to the guest for having to reschedule their appointment, and mention the additional days and
      times the service provider has offered to be available for the inconvenience. Also offer alternative service

      Apologize for this being the third time, and that their will be no charge for their next appointment with the Service
      provider of their choice.

                                                                                                              April, 2007
88.   A guest threatens to go to another salon because they can never get in with their
      service provider:
      Suggest that they call in advance to insure their chances of getting an appointment. Tell the guest you will put
      them through to their service provider’s voice mail and maybe they can squeeze them in, or come in on their day

      Express that you appreciate their loyalty to John Robert’s and assure them of our extensive training, and what all
      is included with our haircuts is standard with all of our Service providers, and that you would love the opportunity
      to recommend an alternate Service provider as well as 20% off to “give them a try”. Choose a day their service
      provider is working so they can consult with the alternative service provider to ensure the cut and blow dry are as
      the guest is accustomed.

      Recommend a great salon closer to their home.

      Tell them you appreciate their frustration, and that you would be happy to contact their service provider and find
      out whom they would recommend as an alternative, and that either you or the Service provider will call them
      back to schedule the appointment.

89.   Paraffin is on back order from the distributor. The morning shift comes in and they
      cannot dip there guests, it is going to take a few hours to melt if it does arrive today:
      Come up with an alternative: Example…Due to the fact that our paraffin is on back order we are offering
      complimentary exfoliation treatments in it place. While the guest is soaking make up an exfoliant and apply.
      (Caribbean, Beautifying, etc) Remove with hot towels.

      Have someone run to Sally’s/Barnum’s and get some, and give out complimentary paraffin dips to anyone who
      comes in before the wax is melted.

      Just don’t dip them and hope they don’t notice so we don’t have to give out a freebie.

90.   A guest is having a pedicure at our Chagrin location, and mentions they were unhappy
      with a manicure at our Mayfield location, and almost did not come back to John
      Explain to the guest, “I know they were poorly trained over there.” I apologize and you will get a great service

      Apologize and give them a complimentary service with you so that you get the guest.

      Apologize that the guest did not feel positive about their experience at the Mayfield location, and that you
      appreciate that she is giving John Robert’s another opportunity; that you look forward to giving her a positive
      experience. Discuss that one of the great things about John Roberts is that with our multiple locations, and large
      choice of Service providers our guests are able to find a perfect fit for their needs.

                                                                                                            April, 2007
91.   Two team members are discussing a situation that is inappropriate, and could be
      offensive to your guest:
      Tell your guest that you are sorry for the distraction, and that is how those two act…I don’t know why they
      haven’t been fired yet.

      Excuse yourself, and ask the team members to please continue their discussion in the back room. Apologize to
      your guest for the distraction, and begin asking questions that relate to their interests, or use the opportunity to
      discuss some of our charity work that you or the salon has been involved with. When leaving apologize again,
      and offer her a discount off her next visit with you; that you look forward to hearing more about (specific topic).

      Support the team member that you work with the most, bad mouth the other girl and forge a union to convince
      management to get rid of the other team member.

92.   An individual is constantly late and/or calling off and the rest of the team starts to slack.
      How should management approach the team:
      Tell the rest of the team that this particular team member is going through a rough time so they are allowed to

      Tell the rest of the team to mind there own business and worry about doing their jobs and following the rules.

      Explain to the team members that it is being handled and you need the rest of the team to pull together so that
      we can fill the gap until the issue is resolved…thank them for all their hard work, and encourage them to step it
      up! Sit down with the member that is slacking and have a talk with them, find out why their behavior has
      changed, try to encourage them to do better and offer your help to them.

      Gossip with the team about the individual, and tell them how you think the person should just be fired, you are so
      tired of dealing with their problems.

93.   Lice is found in a guest’s hair while they are being shampooed:
      Excuse yourself, and discreetly make the service provider aware. After confirming it is lice; the service provider
      should wrap the hair in a towel, and privately talk with the guest. Explain that this is not uncommon; especially if
      the guest has been exposed to school age children, and that there are many over the counter treatments
      available. Emphasize that we are required by state health codes to ask the guest to treat the condition at home.
      After the guest leaves, dispose of any towels, brushes or combs used on the guest. Call the guest that evening
      or the next day to follow-up, and see if they have any questions.

      I hope that you can understand we have all of our Guest’s best interests in mind by prohibiting any type of
      contamination during our services. This is not something uncommon, and I recommend discussing with your
      physician what you’ll need to clear this right up, and we can reschedule your appointment.

      Scream, and start telling everyone you see lice.

                                                                                                             April, 2007

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