Capitalizing on Opportunities in Cord Blood Industry Growth by pengxiuhui


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Capitalizing on Opportunities in Cord Blood Industry Growth

Description:    Overview: Over the past 12 months, the cord blood banking industry has expanded through double
                digit growth, due to new entrants in the cord blood banking industry, as well as revenue growth at
                existing operations. To guide industry competitors, this report considers the questions:

                - What factors are causing a substantial number of new cord blood banks to open up business?

                - What will be the effect of these new entrants to the cord blood banking industry for existing

                - How can existing competitors maintain a position of dominance in the industry among this trend?

                Deeper analysis also reveals that existing cord blood banks follow a bi-modal distribution, either
                experiencing flat-line growth (less than 3% per annum) or substantively building revenue (25% or
                more per annum).

                While a similar bimodal distribution existed in the prior 12 month period (trailing 12 to 24 months),
                the peaks have continued to separate over the past 12 months, with the average flat-growth
                company staying stagnant and the average revenue growth company increasing its per annum
                growth rate from 17% per year to 25% per year. This trend indicates an increasing shift in
                dominance toward fast-growth companies, which begs the questions:

                - What are the differences among the cord blood banks that are experiencing flat-line growth,
                versus those that have substantively building revenue?

                - Why are the fast-growth companies continuing to increase their dominance relative to the flat
                growth companies?

                Over the past 12 months, there has also been particularly fast industry growth within specific
                regions of the world. This report considers the models and tactics used within those regions in
                order to identify strategies that businesses in other regions should consider leveraging as
                approaches for growth.

                In BioInformant’s initial version of this report, "Choices in Cord Blood Banking – Factors Influencing
                Parental Decision-Making," launched April 2009, a survey of 1,200 expectant parents was used to
                provide a roadmap for how cord blood banks can best communicate and market their services to
                potential clients. The top-selling report explored the specific reasons that parents elect to store
                cord blood and what factors influence their decision-making in choosing a specific bank. (Click here
                to read the Executive Summary for the original version of the report.)

                In sum, this expanded and updated version includes:

                - Supplemental analysis of factors that have produced double-digit industry growth over the trailing
                12 months

                - Guidance on how to break through flat-line growth to become a fast-growing competitor within
                the cord blood industry

                - Novel global tactics for growth that can be leveraged without respect to country

                - Results from a detailed survey of expectant parents to provide insight into the perspectives and
                decisions of prospective clients

- I. Rate of Entrants to the Cord Blood Banking Industry

- II. Revenue Distinctions among Existing Cord Blood Banks

A. Flat-Line Growth Companies (< 3% per Year)
B. Substantive Revenue Growth Companies (25% or More Per Year)
C. Comparison to Prior 12 Month Period - Increasing Bi-Modal Distribution

III. Effect of New Entrants for Existing Competitors

IV. Leveraging Novel Global Tactics for Growth


I. Summary of Conditions

II. Background

A. Fetal Cord Blood Characteristics
B. Existing Treatments
C. Future Applications

III. Cord Blood Banking Industry

A. History

B. Private vs. Public Cord Blood Banks

1. U.S. Public Banks

a. Overview
b. Number of Public Banks
c. Geographic Distribution

2. U.S. Private Banks

a. Overview
b. Number of Private Banks
c. Geographic Distribution

3. Programs for Families with Medical Need

4. International Banks

a. Overview
b. Number of Private Cord Blood Banks by International Region

IV. Market Characterization

A. List of U.S. Private Cord Blood Banks

B. List of U.S. Public Cord Blood Banks

C. U.S. Mail-In Donation Cord Blood Banks

D. Breakdown of Canadian Cord Blood Banks -
Public vs. Private / AABB Accredited vs. Non-Accredited

E. International Cord Blood Banks

1. Mexico
2. South/Central America
3. United Kingdom
4.   Europe
5.   Middle East
6.   India
7.   Asia
8.   Australia / New Zealand
9.   Africa

F. List of International Public Cord Blood Banks (Alphabetical by Country)

G. Worldwide List of AABB Accredited Cord Blood Facilities

V. U.S. Cord Blood Banking Legislation

A. U.S. State

B. U.S. Federal

VI. International Analysis – Trends, Policies, and Industry Conditions, by Country

A. North / South America

B. Asia

C. India

D. Australia / New Zealand

E. Europe

VII. Cost Analysis: Cord Blood Banking

A. Reasons for Variation in Cord Blood Pricing

1. Pricing Flexibility
2. Variable Services
3. Fee Breakdown Differences

B. Range of Pricing for U.S. Cord Blood Companies (1-100th percentiles)

1.   U.S. Cord Blood Banking Price Range (1-100th percentiles)
2.   Lowest U.S. Pricing
3.   Highest U.S. Pricing
4.   Average U.S. Cord Blood Costs (25-75th percentiles)
5.   Median Cost of U.S. Storage (50th percentile)

C. Range of Pricing for Canadian Cord Blood Companies (1-100th percentiles)

1.   Canadian Cord Blood Banking Price Range (1-100th percentiles)
2.   Lowest Canadian Pricing
3.   Highest Canadian Pricing
4.   Average Canadian Cord Blood Costs (25-75th percentiles)
5.   Median Cost of Canadian Storage (50th percentile)

VIII. Comparative Analysis of Quality Variables

A. Technical Variables

1.   Vapor-Phase Storage vs. Liquid-Phase Storage
2.   Cryo-bags vs. Cryo-vials
3.   Pentastarch vs. Hetastarch
4.   Computer Controlled vs. Manual Rate Freezing
5.   Whole Sample vs. Volume Reduction
6.   High-Control vs. Low-Control Aseptic Processing
B. Corporate Variables

1. Corporate Stability
2. Scientific Expertise


I. Survey Overview

A. Survey Population

B. Characterization of Market Survey Respondents

1. Geographic Distribution of Market Survey Respondents
2. Household Income Distribution of Survey Respondents

a. All Respondents
b. U.S. Respondents

3.   Respondent Breakdown by Race
4.   Respondent Breakdown by Gender
5.   Respondent Breakdown by Level of Education
6.   Respondent Breakdown by Location (Urban vs. Suburban vs. Rural)
7.   Regional Breakdown of U.S. Respondents
8.   Demographic Conclusions

II. Rates of Awareness: Unaware / Minimally Informed / Moderately Informed / Knowledgeable

A. Overall
B. By Gender
C. By Household Income

1. All Respondents
2. U.S. Respondents

D. By Education
E. By Race
F. By Geographic Location

1. Region within U.S.
2. Location (Urban vs. Suburban vs. Rural)

G. By Number of Existing Children within Family (e.g. Birth Order)

III. Factors Influencing Awareness

A. Personal Exposure: Relative Impact of Family, Co-Workers, Peers

B. Informational Sources: Information Sites, Books, Medical Pamphlets, Government Sources

C. Medical Exposure: General Doctors, Ob / Gyn, Midwifes, Nurse, Other

D. Promotional Sources: Internet Advertisements, Print Advertisements, Radio, TV, Other

IV. Factors Influencing Parental Decision-Making

A. Factors Influencing the Decision Not to Store Cord Blood

1.   Knowledge Level
2.   Price Sensitivity
3.   Safety Concerns
4.   Lack of Access
5. Misconceptions

B. Factors Influencing the Decision for Private vs. Public Storage of Cord Blood

1.   Ethical Beliefs
2.   Gender
3.   Total Household Income
4.   Level of Education (Highest Level Achieved by at Least One Parent)
5.   Race
6.   Geographic Location

a. Region within U.S.
b. Urban vs. Suburban vs. Rural

7. Access to Reliable Healthcare
8. Number of Existing Children within Family (Birth Order)
9. Source of Knowledge
10. Perceived Support of Medical Staff
11. Family Medical History

C. International Analysis of Cord Blood Banking Perceptions (Region-by-Region)

V. Parental Responsiveness to Health Statistics

A. Overview
B. Health Statistics
C. Health Statistic Conclusions

VI. Parental Expectations

A. Quality of Services
B. Willingness to Educate/Inform
C. Reputability of Organization

VII. Informative Websites: Online Sources Utilized by Expectant Parents

A. Overview of Websites

1. Information Only
2. Commercial Affiliation

B. Dominant Regional Websites (International Analysis)

C. Most Important Criteria Used to Identify Sites to Inform Decision-Making

D. Underlying Reasons for Visiting Online Resources

VIII. Trends

A. Rates of Cord Blood Storage (units per year)
B. Rates of Parental Awareness
C. Cord Blood Research Publication Rates
D. Cord Blood Research Funding Levels
E. Cord Blood Patent Breakdown
F. Rates of Cord Blood Research Product Development

IX. Conclusions

A. Traits of a “Model Customer”

1. “Model Customer” for a Private Cord Blood Bank
2. “Model Customer” for a Public Cord Blood Bank
            B. Ideal Price Range
            C. Approaches for Communicating with Expectant Parents

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