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Buy Facebook Page Likes Posts Video Testimonials by justinharrisonmarket


Buy Facebook Page Likes has posted video testimonials from real customers so that potential consumers can see that they are legitimate Buy Fans Testimonials.

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									Buy Facebook Page Likes Posts Video Testimonials

Mendham, NJ, 16-August-2011 -- Buy Facebook Page Likes is pleased to
announce the posting of video Buy Fans Testimonials on their website.
They chose the video format because it allows viewers to see that the
testimonials have been posted by real customers.

This website offers a unique service. Customers can purchase a package
that includes a set number of legitimate Facebook page likes. This adds a
new dimension to social media marketing because it creates a way for
website owners to get targeted leads. These individuals have already
expressed interest in the product or service being offered, increasing
the likelihood they will become customers.

Website owners are also given tools to manage communication with these
leads, including email blasts, messaging with individuals. Customers can
offer special discounts to those who like their Facebook pages and more.

For more information about how to attract targeted leads using Buy
Facebook Page Likes, interested website owners are invited to view the
Buy Fans Testimonials at and to
examine the different packages being offered to secure legitimate likes
from interested consumers at Members of
the press and/or other interested parties may obtain additional
information about this site and/or the content of this press release by
contacting the following:

Susan Smith

Public Relations

Justin Harrison Marketing

PO Box 311

Mendham, NJ, USA 07945

Phone: + 00 1 973 531 4982

Fax: + 00 1 973 543 5683


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