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									Marine Corps Base Quantico Base Telephone

  Telephone Control Officer Brief
        MARCH 23, 2009

References: MCO P2066.1/ MCO P2831.1A / TCO HANDBOOK
          Agenda Items
•   Introductions
•   Telephone Branch Mission
•   TCO Assignment and Responsibilities
•   Trouble Call Process
•   TSR Process
•   Dialing Instructions / Feature Codes
•   Telecomm Website
•   Classes of Service and Voicemail
•   Quality Control
•   Call Monitoring
•   Billing
•   Mobile Devices, Blackberries
•   Telephone Projects
         G-6 Headquarters
Director G-6:             Mr. Logsdon

Deputy G-6:               Maj.Voith

G-6 Operations Officer:   Ms. Mirro
Telephone Branch Head:      Mr. Featherstone

Telephone Officer:          CWO2 Carpenter

Telephone Chief:            SSgt Widener

Plant Records Chief:        SSgt Winslow

Project Analyst:            Ms. Spiller

Outside Plant Supervisor:   Mr. Massie
G-6 (Telecommunication) Mission

Mission: The Telecommunications (Tele Comm)
Branch is responsible for the overall official, non-
secure telephone service for the Command and all
tenant units. The operation and maintenance of the
telephone system is under the cognizance of the
AC/S, G-6.
       Communication Rooms

Communication Rooms are the responsibility of and
restricted to Base Telephone Personnel ONLY!


POC – Base Telephone Security Officer
      SSgt Widener or Sgt Galban 784-4005
 Communication Rooms
“Persons other than authorized telephone
maintenance personnel assigned to or working
under the supervision of the Base Telephone
Officer are prohibited from making any additions,
changes, modifications, or relocations of
equipment that is part of the government owned
telephone system. Anyone who willfully or
maliciously injures or destroys any works, property
or material of any radio, line, cable, telephone,
telegraph, station, system or other means of
communication operated or controlled by the
United States whether constructed or in the process
of construction or willfully or maliciously
interferes in any such line or system will be fined
not more than $10,000 or imprisoned not more
than 10 years or both”(18 USC 1362, 26 Sep 61,
Public Law 87-306, 75 Statute 669).
 TCO Letter,

    Sgt Bird
             TCO Assignment
• The Commander/Director of each base organization
    will designate a primary and an alternate Telephone
    Control Officer (TCO) for each Billing Account
    Code (BAC) by way of appointment letter. IAW
    MCO P2066.1, paragraph 2003d.
•    This letter will give the name, rank, work section,
    and telephone number„(s) of the individual(s) being
    assigned as TCO‟s and alternate TCO‟s.
•    Their primary function is to assist Base Telephone
    in providing the best telecommunications service to
    MCB Quantico to meet customer operational
TCO Letter
        TCO Responsibilities
•   Be the single Point of Contact for your units
    Telecommunications needs.

•   Submit Telephone Work Requests with accuracy
    and detail. Phone number, jack number, room
    number, floor, building number and section name.
    There is no need for a detailed explanation for
    work to be done. If we have any questions about
    your request we will contact you.

•   Audit and Certify Telephone invoice to insure that
    you are not accumulating charges that you aren‟t
    aware of like overages from unofficial phone calls.

•   Keep Active turnover folder with 2 years worth of
    certified invoices for history.
       TCO Responsibilities
•   Establish internal telephone control procedures to
    prevent administrative and cellular telephone
    abuse. A lot of the time phones are taken from
    their location. Take note that the equipment shall
    not move without the phone number being moved
    via work request.

•   Remain in constant coordination with your Fund
    Administrator (FA) for expenditure of funds
    associated with Work Order (WO) requests. If
    funding isn‟t available your request will be held
    until it is. The exception to funds are work
    requests asking for program changes.
    Programming is at no cost to your BAC.
         TCO Responsibility
• Arrange for continuous escort for our workers in a
  controlled or restricted areas to ensure that your
  work request will be fulfilled.

• To obtain a digging permit, for MCB Quantico, you
  must first contact Maria Self at FLSS. Once you
  have your permit you must bring it to Base
  Telephone BLDG 1999 to submit a request called a
  “locate”. This is so we at Base Telephone can mark
  our cables if any in the area you plan to work.
  Shortly after locating our cable you will be notified
  by BLDG 1999 to retrieve your permit and return it
  to FLSS for finalization.
     TCO Responsibilities
•   As a TCO you must handle reimbursement for
    unauthorized long distance phone calls via the
    customer. If no calls are found unofficial then
    all calls will be charged to the BAC as part of
    the bill.

    To assist you with customer troubles we have
    stickers with our Help Desk number printed
    on it.

           Help Desk # 784-2500 opt #1



       Ms. Spiller
                Trouble Calls
When an outage or trouble occurs on an existing line or
  circuit, follow the procedures outlined below to resolve
  the problem:

•   Report the outage/problem to the Telephone Branch
    by logging on to the Quantico Telecom website or
    dialing 784-2500 opt #1.

•   Give the technician an accurate description of the

•   The Telephone Branch Help Desk should be the first
    contact for any outage. This includes official
    commercial telephone lines in government buildings
    and special circuits.
Inputting a Web Trouble Call
Submitting Trouble Calls Via Net
Submitting Trouble calls Via Net (cont.)
        Work Requests (TSR)
•   A work request is required for any add, change, move or

•   Routine work requests cannot exceed $2000.00 per request
    or $3000.00 per calendar month.

•   Anything exceeding these limits will be turned into a project.

•   At least two weeks notice is required for all routine TSR‟s
    and at least 60 days for projects.

•   Work requests can be submitted via the web at
    or by hard copy using form NAVFAC 9-11014/20.
Inputting a Work Order via the Internet
Work Order Submit / Status Screen
TSR Via Internet
Work Orders Via Internet
Work Orders Via Net
Work Request Example
•Voicemail user calls the Telecommunications Help Desk
at 784-2515 and requests to have their password reset.

•Telecom personnel will instruct the caller to request a
password change via e-mail. E-mail must include unit,
building and telephone number of requester.

  Email should not be sent prior to calling 784-2515.

• If the requesting individual does not have an e-mail
account, the Telephone Control Officer must submit the
request via email.

•Upon receipt of the e-mail, Telecom personnel will
complete the request and inform the requester via e-mail
of the new password.
Voicemail Reset Policy Letter
Telecom Website
Call Monitoring

    Cpl Culp
      Telecomm Website

-Work orders / Trouble Tickets

-Analog    -Voicemail -Voice Menus

-Digital   -Help Desk
Telecomm Website Information
Telecomm Website Information
Telecomm Website Information
Telecomm Website Information
Telecomm Website Information
Telecomm Website Information
Telecomm Website Information
Telecomm Website Information
Telecomm Website Information
Telecomm Website Information
Telecomm Website Information
Telecomm Website Information
                 Call Monitoring:
 1. Implicit Consent. Within the DOD, the act of using official government-
 owned or government-operated telecommunications systems (including
 administrative telephones) is considered evidence of consent to monitoring
 for communications security (COMSEC) purposes. Notice of the intention to
 conduct periodic COMSEC monitoring and recording must be published in
 all Marine Corps telephone directories, in accordance with paragraph
Para 4009.3. All telephone directories will include a notice that official
telephones are provided only for the transaction of government business;
that they are subject to communications security monitoring at all times;
and, that all calls to emergency numbers may be recorded without notice.
  Ensure DD Form 2056 (Telephone Monitoring Notification
 Decal) and telephone help desk stickers are visibly displayed
                on all telephone instruments.

            These stickers are available at Bldg 1999.
                Call Monitoring
                 Call Tracing

To get call records or a line monitored or traced,
              Reuben Featherstone

Ms. Rachael Miller
Telecommunications Bill
     • TMS
     • DITCO
     • Verizon
   Telecommunications Bill
Telephone Management System (TMS)
  1. Long Distance
       $.03 for the first minute , $.01 for
      any additional minute

  2. Work Orders

  3. Line/ Equipment Charge
Telecommunications Bill (cont.)
     1. 800# numbers

 • Verizon
     1. Special Circuits
Billing Website
You now retrieve your bill from the
billing website, pictured below.
Log In Screen
Next you will select FY And Click the fiscal year you
want to view
Month Selection

               Click the Month you want to view

            *** Remember that first two
            Digits are the year second month.
            IE: Jan = 0501***
                   Document selection

                                       Click the Document you want to view

               What is submitted to TCO

.Doc = Long Distance Breakdown by phone number
.Txt = 15 minute long distance break down
.Rtf = Overall invoice of all charges (This is what I need back)
TMS Breakdown
15 Minute Summary
                Reconciliation Process
To verify calls as unofficial business these are some of the
        • Multiple calls to the same number
        • Calls placed after normal working hours.
        • Google or can be used to look up off base
          numbers to see if they go to residences or businesses
          (government numbers are not usually found using these
        • calls in excess of 15 minutes
• Notify section heads of suspected abuse
• Require individuals to reimburse the government for
    unofficial phone calls
•   Recommend punitive action for repeat offenders
•   Audit your units telephone services
                 Reconciliation Process

• Reimbursement of Unauthorized telephone calls

• What is needed from the TCO?

• Bill with all calls highlighted and initialed.

• Counseling letter written by TCO or Section Head.

• Payment made to US Treasury (Personal Check, Cashiers Check
  Money Order)


                TCO‟s must
• Return a signed copy of the Invoice to Base
•   Make sure that you are NO LATER THAN 30
    DAYS!! from the time you received your bill.
•   Your Work order privileges will be suspended if you
    are late on 3 invoices or more than 90 days late on
    one Invoice.
•   Keep two full fiscal year of billing information on
    file for purposes of Budgeting Audits
      Fax invoices to:

ATTN: Ms. Rachael Miller
Delinquent BAC‟s
Nextel And Verizon
 Wireless Devices

(Cell phones, Blackberrys,
      and Air Cards)

    Point of Contact:
      Linda Nathaniel
         Mobile Devices

• G-6 Business Management Section
  manages contracts for all 200 Series BAC
  Wireless Accounts

• G-6 coordinates with TCOs only
   Requesting New Devices

• Justification Letter signed by Director/Deputy

• POC must be the TCO‟s information

• Price Work Up Sheet

• Transfer of Funds
     Request Requirements
• Requests must be submitted 45 days prior
  beginning of new quarter

• Timeline to receive devices: 30-60 days once
  submitted to RCO (beginning of new qtr)

• New requirements for FY10 must be
  submitted prior to 10 June due to RCO
Justification Letter
Price Work Up Sheet
            Mobile Devices
• TCO‟s accept responsibility for each
  cellular device

• TCO‟s control user agreements

• Each device has it‟s own agreement

• TCOs are subject to random audits

• Keep two full fiscal years of billing
  information on file for purpose of audits
Dissemination of Cellular Devices letter
TCO Responsibility Letter
User Agreement Letter
      Monthly Validation
     of Cellular Device Bill
• TCO will receive an email with either the
  Nextel Cell Phone, Verizon Blackberry, or
  Verizon Air Card invoice attached

• Letter signed by TCO due back within 30

• Unauthorized charges must be reimbursed
  by check/money order made out to US
  Treasury and turned in with copy of the bill
  to G-6 Business Management Section
• TCOs will validate this part of the bill and
  determine actions for reimbursement

   Additional detailed billing information can be provided upon
   email request.
• TCOs will validate this part of the bill and
   determine actions for reimbursement

• Cellular Overage refers to charges for having a line forwarded, which
is also unauthorized, as it incurs additional charges.
• Minutes on contract are pooled/shared.
• TCOs will validate this part of the bill and
   determine actions for reimbursement

• LD and Other Overage occurs when you call outside the national
plan (ie Canada). This also incurs an additional charge and should be
preapproved thru the Base G-6.
• TCOs will validate this part of the bill and
  determine actions for reimbursement

•Directory Assistance also incurs additional charges and is
• TCOs will validate this part of the bill and
  determine actions for reimbursement

 • Group connect is when you use the Walkie Talkie to talk to more
 than one person. Unauthorized as it incurs additional charges.
 • One person Direct Connect is authorized and there is no additional
• TCOs will validate this part of the bill and
  determine actions for reimbursement

 • You do not need to open a text message for it to be charged. If it
 is a monthly "notification" or something similar, they should open it
 and then unsubscribe from it or call the number in the text to have
 cell device number removed.
        Validating Continued
• TCOs sign this document and email/fax back to
  G-6 Business Management Section

Mr. Featherstone

• A Project is anything over $3000.00.

• Who pays for projects?
Telephone Projects Timeline

 • 21-75 working days
    •TCO submits TSR
    •Site survey is completed
    •SOW submitted to customer
    •PR entered into PR builder
    •RCO Process (could take up to 45 days)
    •Project Awarded and Start date scheduled
    •As much prior notice as possible

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