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Telenor Marketing Research Process by uhb62375


Telenor Marketing Research Process document sample

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    Standards at Work
             Public Safety Partnership Project
               Boston, MA. 11 August, 2000

                    Christopher Corbett
                   ETSI Head of Marketing

             What is ETSI?

       A standardization body for
       - telecommunications and areas common to
       -telecommunications, IT and broadcasting

       Non-profit organization - Created 1988
       Registered in France
             ETSI’s purpose

         … to produce …
         the technical standards
         and other deliverables
         ... required by its Members

• 773 Members from 52 countries worldwide
• 594 Full Members from 35 European
   51% Manufacturers (301)
   17% Network Operators (101)
    8% Administrations (48)
    3% Users (19)
   21% Service Providers & Others (125)
• 57 Observers from 17 countries
• 122 Associate Members from 16 countries
              ETSI Structure

                        General Assembly

     Director General                                  Finance
     Deputy Dir Gen                                   Committee
  Secretariat               Board                    ETSAG

Technical Organization
                                    OCG            Special Committees
     ETSI Projects
                                                      SAGE        JEEC
    ETSI Technical
                                                          User Group
     ETSI Partner-
     ship Projects
        Working hierarchy

                     Technical Body
                        (TC, EP, EPP)

                 Working Group

             Rapporteur                Specialist Task Force (STF)

     Voluntary experts                  STF experts

      Status: 2000-03-01
                                                        General Assembly
                                                                                                                   Legend: Ch: Chairman
                                BOARD                                                                                      Act Ch: Acting Chairman
                                                                                                                           CP: Contact Person
                                                                                                                           Secr: Secretary
                        Technical Committees                                                         ETSI Projects
                 TC EE                               TC ERM                            EP ATA                                  EP BRAN
        Environmental Engineering          EMC and Radio Spectrum Matters   Analogue Terminals and Access          Broadband Radio Access Networks
         Ch: Maurizio Grossoni                  Ch: Oliver Wheaton              Ch: Nuno Encarnaçao                     Ch: Jamsid Khun-Jush
                 STET                                   DTI                            OFCOM                               Ericsson Eurolab
          CP: Marcello Pagnozzi                  CP: Mike Sharpe                 CP: Claire d’Esclercs                    CP: Balazs Kiacz
                 TC HF                               TC SEC                            EP DECT                                  EP DTA
             Human Factors                           Security                 Digital Enhanced Cordless              Digital Terminals and Access
            Ch: Knurt Nordby                    Ch: György Endersz               Telecommunication                          Ch: David Maxey
            Telenor Research                         Telia AB               Ch: Günter Kleindl Siemens AG                         BT
           CP: Helene Schmidt                   CP: Harri Rasilainen            CP: Marcello Pagnozzi                    CP: Claire d’Esclercs

                 TC MTS                              TC SPAN                          EP EASI
          Methods for Testing &               Services and Protocol for       ETSI Project ATM Services                         EP PLT
               Specification                    Advanced Networks                  Interoperability                 PowerLine Telecommunications
          Ch: Dieter Hogrefe IITB                Ch: Mike Briggs BT              Ch: Mike Bexon BT                  Ch: August Blunschi Ascom AG
           CP: Helene Schmidt                   CP: Christian Julien            CP: Claire d’Esclercs                   CP: Olivier van de Wiel

                   TC SES                              TC TM                            EP PTS                                EP TETRA
     Satellite Earth Stations & Systems     Transmission and Multiplexing      Pay Terminals and Systems               Terrestrial Trunked RAdio
               Ch: Alain Richard                Ch: Günther Zedler               Ch: Gerhard Raimann                       Ch: Brian Oliver
                  Alcatel NV                   Deutsche Telecom AG                       FEEI                            RCC Consultants Ltd
               CP: Balazs Kiacz                CP: Olivier van de Wiel            CP: Helene Schmidt                     CP: Harri Rasilainen
                 TC STQ                             ECMA TC32
                                                                                       EP TIPHON                                 UMTS
           Speech processing                 Communication, Networks           Telecommunications and Internet             Universal Mobile
          Transmission & Quality             & Systems Interconnection      Protocol Harmonization Over Networks      Telecommunications System
          Ch: John Horrocks DTI               Ch: John Elwell Siemens        Ch: Helmut Schink Siemens AG             Ch: Pierre Perrichon Alcatel
           CP: Claire d’Esclercs                CP: Christian Julien               CP: Laurent Vreck                       CP: Adrian Zoicas
                 TC TMN                            TC Safety
           Telecommunications                 Telecommunications
          Management Networks                  Equipment Safety
      Ch: Franck Peeters Alcatel Telecom   Ch: Richard Hughes Nortel
          CP: Marcello Pagnozzi               CP: Claire d’Esclercs
              JTC Broadcast                            SMG
          EBU/CENELEC/ETSI                     Special Mobile Group
        Joint Technical Committee             Ch: Friedhelm Hillebrand
          Ch: Philip Laven EBU                    SMG Consortium
             CP: Balazs Kiacz                   CP: John Meredith

                          Special Committees                                              ETSI Partnership Projects
                     Special Committees                                  ETSI Partnership Projects
                                                ETSAG                                      3GPP
        Finance Committee            European Telecommunications            Third Generation Partnership Project
                                      Standards Awareness Group                     CP: John Meredith
         Secr: Wil Dekkers            Ch: Roland Strauss Siemens
                                       Secr: Christopher Corbett         TSG-CN                           TSG-RAN
                                                 JEEC                  Core Network                 Radio Access Networks
                                      Joint ETSI/ECMA committee     Ch: Stephen Hayes                Ch: Yukitsuna Furuya
   Operational Co-ordination Group
                                          Ch: Jan van den Belt         Ericsson (T1)                     NEC (ARIB)
        Ch: Gerry Lawrence                                                                          CP: Hans van der Veen
     Matra Communications Ltd.                   ECMA              CP: David Boswarthick
       Secr: Julian Pritchard             Secr: Christian Julien
                                                                         TSG-SA                         TSG-T
                                                                   Services and System                 Terminals
               SAGE                                                      Aspects                  Ch: Sang-Keun Park
                                             User Group             Ch:Niels Andersen
        Security Algorithms                                                                         Samsung (TTA)
                                        Ch: Pierre-Yves Hébert       Motorola (ETSI)
          Group of Experts                                                                        CP: Michael Sanders
                                                  EDF               CP: Maurice Pope
      Ch: Gert Roelofsen KPN
                                           CP: Victoria Gray
       CP: Helene Schmidt
Terms of reference etc. at
• Activity focused on set of Work Items

• Self-managed

• Approves own results

• Justified by market requirements

• Contribution: Full and Associate members

• May sub-contract to Technical Committee

            ETSI Projects (EP)
• Co-operation with other bodies

• Forum-like

• Specific deliverables

• May contract work to Technical Organization

• Need not follow all ETSI rules

       ETSI Partnership Projects (EPP)
• Internal programme management in each TC

• TCs operate where EP not appropriate

• Technical area rather than market sector

• Sub-contracted work from EPs

• Contracts from EPPs

• TC approves and validates own deliverables

• Participation: Full and Associate members,
  plus reciprocal arrangements

    Technical Committees and Working Groups
• Previously called Project Teams

• Small group of specialists (ETSI members,
  full or part time)

• Single task, fixed (short) period

• Funding from members of TC, EP, EPP
  and/or Funded Work Programme budget

• EC/EFTA standardization mandate (funded)
For more details see

            Specialist Task Force (STF)
   ETSI’s Standards Making Process

                                                                             Widely used
          Inception Conception Drafting            Adoption      Promotion

Market need
for standard                                                 Published
                 Technical                                   standard
                   Body         Work
                             programme         Draft

    Approved and adopted by the Technical Body

    ETSI TS           ETSI Technical Specification
    ETSI TR           ETSI Technical Report

    Approved by the Technical Body and adopted after voting by Members

    ETSI ES           ETSI Standard
    ETSI EG           ETSI Guide

    Approved by the Technical Body and adopted after voting
    with national standards body involvement

    ETSI EN           European Standard

                Final editing


                  Editing                    Final editing


                             Member Voting


                                                   Editing        Final editing


                        Public Enquiry                       NSO Voting
Fully electronic working …

… at all levels of the organization

… with all external bodies

... during the whole standards making process

      ETSI production as of end 99

  4225 Published
    14 Adopted, awaiting publication
   367 In process of adoption

3rd generation mobile project


OP MRP          PCG
 Members      TSG
                 TSG                        ITU members

                               Specifications             OP

              3GPP Partners
Organization Partners – SDOs
T1 – Committee 1 - Telecommunication
ARIB – Association of Radio Industries and Businesses
TTC – Telecommunication Technology Committee
TTA – Telecommunication Technology Association
CWTS – China Wireless Telecommunication Standards

Market Representation Partners - MRPs
UMTS Forum
GSM Association
GSA – Global Mobile Suppliers Association
UWCC – Universal Wireless Communication Consortium
             Annual production

“The future is built
 through partnership”

 Past & Future success

•Global System for Mobile Communications
• Digital cellular system for voice, fax, data
•>200 million customers
•>320 networks
•137 countries
•Annual growth rate of 100% - 200%
•4 new customers every second

         Greater “presence” than MacDonalds!
           Countries with GSM

with GSM

no GSM

•Digital Video Broadcasting
•a partnership project (ETSI, EBU, CENELEC)
• supports Internet services at high speed (>6Mbits/s)
•covers all media (satellite, cable, terrestrial, SMATV)
•mobile DVB tests have also been successful
•future developments include “software radio” to allow
download of latest decoders

                 DVB on the air

DVB-Terrestrial adopted   DVB-Satellite in use or planned   Not planned

•Digital Audio Broadcasting
•a partnership project (ETSI, EBU, Worlddab Forum)
•digital radio giving spectrum efficiency and CD sound
•supercedes AM/FM in terrestrial or satellite modes
•data/text transmission (e.g. traffic information, stock
market information, programme details etc.) or

•Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications
•cordless telephones for voice and data (up to 552kbit/s)
•1.5 million business systems in Europe
•21 million residential systems in Europe
•50 million worldwide
•most widely used digital cordless standard, being
deployed in 100 countries over 5 continents

•Terrestrial Trunked Radio
•for Private Mobile Radio (emergency services) and Public
Access Mobile Radio (taxis, sports arena)
•voice, data (up to 28.8 kbit/s), paging , group calls
•being deployed in 19 countries (Europe, Singapore, USA,
Israel, New Zealand)
•Market size:
        •2001 - 360 M$
        •2003 - 2.3 B$
• 3rd Generation (mobile communications) Partnership Project
• based on GSM core networks
• new radio interface (UTRA - UMTS Radio Access)
• full global coverage and roaming
• support a full range of services including IP, with rates up to
• partners are ARIB, TTC, TTA, T1, ETSI, CWTS, GSA, GSM
  Association, UMTS Forum, UWCC & IPv6 forum
• agreement with the WAP Forum

•x Digital Subscriber Line
•x = A (Asymmetric)          x = H (High-speed)
•existing copper networks to be re-used for high-speed
      •ADSL - up to 640kbit/s upstream and up to 6Mbit/s
      downstream (Internet, VoD)
      •HDSL - 2 Mbit/s symmetric (e.g. GSM base stations)

•commercial ADSL services launched this
year throughout Europe, USA and Japan
•5 million lines by 2003
•developed in partnership with T1 of the

• users of PSTN, ISDN, GSM and PCs (ITU H.323) will all be
  able to communicate (voice/data/fax) over IP Networks
• low cost international calls
• working in co-operation with ITU, IETF and IMTC
• regular interoperability tests (ETSI/IMTC) are run to ensure
  speed to market
• agreement with the IPv6 Forum


• wireless access system with rates >25Mbit/s
• both business and residential environments - 3 main
   – HIPERLAN2 (short range/cordless)
   – HIPERACCESS (up to 5km)
   – HIPERLINK (155 Mbit/s for interconnection of HIPERLAN
• independent of existing infrastructures (new operators)
• partnership with IEEE (US), IETF, MMAC-PC (Japan)
• Working closely with the H2GF


• Powerline Telecommunications
• transport of telecoms over powerlines (access network)
• up to 1Mbit/s (Internet)
• interesting competition for traditional telecomms
• partnership with the International Powerline
  Communications Forum (IPCF) - 50% power companies

More information at …

   Technical Bodies home pages
   Technical Activities

   All standards free of charge
   Press releases, directives, …
   Working documents (some open access)
   and a lot more …


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