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					                      395 Merrick Avenue
                       Merrick, NY 11566

                   PH : 516-379-1135
                  FAX: 516-379-0026

 Crave offers a wide variety of unique, freshly prepared, delicious dishes.
Our menu is designed and prepared by award winning chef, Mark Haber.
 His eclectic style and elegant presentation are sure to please and make
any occasion special. We will gladly help you design a package to fit your
  budget or theme. We can prepare anything from a simple meal to an
 elegant gourmet feast. If there is anything you would like us to prepare
  that you do not see on our menu, we will be happy to make it for you.
           For Catering Inquiries, contact Jessica – 516-508-1902 or

                            HOT & COLD HORS D’OEUVRES

Classic Franks in a Blanket
Assorted Sushi Rolls
Asparagus wrapped with imported prosciutto
Poached Shrimp Cocktail with daikon cocktail sauce
Potato Pancakes made with onions, carrots, & apple
Meatballs: Swedish or Five spice glazed
Mini Pizzas: Cheese, pepperoni, or roasted vegetable
Tuna Tar Tar tossed with a coconut lime yogurt served on spiced plantain chips
Chicken Pinwheels
        - With prosciutto, sun dried tomatoes and goat cheese
        - Taso ham, avocado, and queso blanco
Slow Roasted Baby Back Ribs: (14 pcs) - Cajun, Asian, BBQ
Stuffed Roasted Mushroom Specialties: (other varieties available)
        -Vegetable Ratatouille
        -Smoked Whitefish Salad
        -Dungeness crab Salad
        - Fresh cherry tomatoes and basil with a toasted garlic balsamic dressing
        - Crab and tropical fruits with a touch of cilantro and spice
        - Roasted portabellas with fresh herbs and white truffle drizzle
        - Shrimp and artichoke with goat cheese
        - Roasted mushroom, goat cheese, and herbs
        - Spinach and feta cheese
        - Roasted pork with cabbage and apples
        -Crab, corn, and mushroom
        - Grilled shrimp and andouille sausage
        - Chicken: BBQ, Curry, Teriyaki, Sesame, or Garlic & Herb
        - Steak: BBQ, Teriyaki, Curry, Garlic & Herb, or Sesame
        - Veal skewers with roast garlic & herb pesto
        - Lamb skewers with fresh mint pesto
Grilled Chicken Skewers:
        - Buffalo style with a gorgonzola cheese dip
        - Hot and sour passion fruit with herb goat cheese dip
        - Honey Dijon
        - Grilled with pineapple teriyaki
Savory Grilled Chicken Wings
        - Buffalo style with a gorgonzola cheese dip
        - Hot and sour passion fruit with herb goat cheese dip
        - Honey mustard
        - Grilled with pineapple teriyaki
        - Chicken with cherry tomato, red peppers, and mushroom
        -Steak with cherry tomato, red peppers, and mushroom
        - Grilled tuna with cherry tomato, red peppers, and mushroom
                     HOT & COLD HORS D’OEUVRES - continued

Pan roasted shrimp:
       - Hot & spicy with banana smoothie dip
       - Cilantro & cumin with toasted garlic lime sour cream
       - Cajun BBQ with creamy ranch
       - Cheese - blend of Cheddar & Monterey Jack
       - Roast Vegetable and cheese
       - Grilled Steak and cheese
       - Grilled Chicken and cheese
Asian Rolls and Dumplings:
       - Pan fried vegetable dumplings with citrus soy syrup
       - Vegetable summer rolls with roasted red pepper or citrus chili dip
       - Pan fried chicken dumplings with citrus soy syrup
       - Crab and veggie summer rolls with roasted red pepper dip
Mini Quiches:
       - Virginia ham and gruyere
       - Broccoli and cheddar
       - Dill potato topped with smoked salmon
       - Tomato and pancetta
       - Spinach and Swiss cheese
Fish Cakes:
       - Crisp crab cakes with spicy rémoulade
       - Blackened cod cakes with classic rémoulade
       - Roasted salmon cakes with fennel vanilla rémoulade

                                      DIPS & SPREADS
                            Served with assorted breads or crackers

                         Small 6-8   ~ Medium 10-15 ~ Large 16-20

                                    Spinach and Artichoke
                                       Roasted Eggplant
                                    Butter Bean and Fennel
                                     Roasted Sweet Onion
                           Fresh Tomato, Corn, and Black Bean Salsa
                                     Nicoise Olive & Herb


              Create Your Own Salad or Choose from our Suggested Salads
                                 Small 10-12    ~   Large 16-20
                                       Add Grilled Chicken
                                     Add Grilled Shrimp or Steak

                         Small 6-8       Medium 10-15        Large 16-20

Fresh Crudités an assortment of fresh vegetables served with your choice of home made dips:
       Creamy ranch, white bean, spinach, roasted onion, hummus, gorgonzola with sun dried
       tomatoes & toasted garlic, & creamy roasted red pepper ~ Sm ~ Med ~ Lg
Cheese Platter mix of domestic and imported cheeses arranged with fresh fruits, crackers, and
       herb toast points ~ Sm ~ Med ~ Lg
Antipasto Platter fresh mozzarella, provolone, Genoa salami, prosciutto, olives, roasted
       peppers, artichokes, and hot peppers ~ Sm ~ Med ~ Lg
Grilled Vegetable Platter variety of fresh grilled vegetables ~ Sm ~ Med ~ Lg
Bagels and Lox fresh bagel assortment, sliced Nova salmon, plain & vegetable cream cheese,
       sliced tomatoes, and sweet onions ~ Sm ~ Med ~ Lg
Fresh Fruit Platter an assortment of seasonal fruits with your choice of chocolate fondue,
       mango yogurt dip, & fresh raspberry dip ~ Sm ~ Med ~ Lg


                                       CHICKEN ENTREES
● West Indies Jerk Chicken ● Chicken Cacciatore ● Chicken Florentine ● Chicken Sorrentino
        ● Chicken Cordon Blue ● Oriental Chicken & Broccoli ● Lemon Grass Chicken
     ● Greek Skillet Roasted Chicken ● Stuffed Chicken Breast ● Summer BBQ Chicken
  ● Green Olive Pesto Chicken Breast ● Chicken Parmigiana ● Chicken Marsala ● Chicken
            Francaise ● Chicken Marsala ● Chicken Piccata ● Chicken Pomodoro
                              ● Chicken & Vegetable Stir Fry

                                          BEEF ENTREES
   ● Herb Roasted Boneless Prime Rib ● Short Ribs or Brisket ● Skillet Roasted Beef Tenderloin
                       ● Savory Meatloaf ● Stuffed Meatloaf ● Pepper steak
           ● Skillet Roasted Flank Steak ● Italian Style Meatballs ● Swedish Meatballs
      ● Five Spice Dry Rubbed flank or tenderloin ● Cinnamon Smoked flank or tenderloin
                            ● Mesquite Smoked Filet Mignon Napoleon

                                         PORK ENTREES
      ● Sausage and peppers ● Savory Breaded Loin Cutlets ● Pork & Vegetable Stir Fry
          ● Slow Roasted Baby Back Ribs ● Apple Citrus Glazed Baked Spiral Ham

              Your choice of pork loin, chops, or tenderloin priced accordingly:

               ● Herb Roasted ●Stuffed ● BBQ Grilled ● Vietnamese Style Pork

                                          VEAL ENTREES
       ● Pan Fried Veal Cutlets ● Veal Rolatini ● Osso Buco ● Veal Cutlet Milanese
             ● Skillet Roasted Veal Chops ● Veal Piccata ●Veal Parmigiana
                                      LAMB ENTREES
                    ● Herb Crusted Lamb Chops ● Pan Roasted Chops
                    ● Slow Cooked Lamb Stew ● Braised Lamb Shanks

                                      DUCK ENTREES
                   ●Rotisserie Roasted Long Island Duck ● Duck Confit
                 ●African Stewed Duck ● Grilled Long Island Duck Breast

                                   VEGETARIAN ENTREES
                     ●Eggplant Rolatini ● Roasted Mixed Vegetables
                 ●Grilled Vegetable Napoleon ● Tofu & Vegetable Stir Fry
                  ● Eggplant Parmagiana ● Suffed Japanese Eggplant

                                    SEAFOOD ENTREES
                           All seafood entrees are market price

               ●Shrimp, Calamari, & Mussels ● Pan Roasted Jumbo Shrimp
             ●Roasted Black Cod ● Stuffed Filet of Sole ● Porcini Crusted Cod
            ● Pan Roasted Salmon ● Cornmeal and Coriander Crusted Salmon
             ● Grilled Tuna Steak ● Sesame Crusted Tuna ● Chili Rubbed Tuna
          ● Seafood Fra Diavolo ● Shrimp Fra Diavolo ● West Indies Jerk Shrimp
                     ● Mussels ~ marinara, fra diavolo, or lemon thyme
       ● BBQ Glazed Tilapia ● Calamata Tuna Tapenade ● Pecan Crusted Catfish

                             CREATE YOUR OWN PASTAS
                       Small 6-8     Medium 10-15           Large 15-20

                                      Choice of pasta
           Spaghetti, angel hair, linguini, penne, bowtie, rigatoni, tri color spiral
                            Small            Medium      Large

                             Ricotta cavatelli, gnocchi, tortellini
                                 Small   Medium      Large

                                    Choice of Ravioli
                                Small 6-10  Large 15-20
                           Cheese             Wild mushroom
                         Lobster            Prosciutto and provolone
                      Crab and lobster         Roasted red pepper

                                       Choice of sauce
Marinara, roasted garlic & oil, basil pesto, ala vodka, pomodoro, Bolognese, Fresh tomato
            basil, carbonara, roasted red pepper, lemon butter, and Marsala
                                    SPECIALTY PASTAS
                                  Small 6-10     Large 15-20

                 ● Wild Mushroom and Angel Hair ● Sautéed Broccoli Rabe
                              ● Roasted Chicken ● Seafood Fettuccini
                   ● Roasted Vegetable ● Linguini with White Clam Sauce
                        ● Classic Baked Lasagna ● Classic Baked Ziti

                                        SIDE DISHES
  ● Roasted Red Potatoes with garlic and herbs ● Mashed Potatoes many varieties ● Potato
                          Pancakes with onions, apples, and carrots
                ● Oven Baked Steak Fries ● Honey Chili glazed sweet potatoes
              ● Potatoes au gratin ● Roasted fingerling potatoes with fresh sage
● Toasted garlic, and white truffle ● Texas mashed gold potatoes, crisp bacon, and buttermilk

                     ● Pilaf ● Oriental fried with peppers, egg, and onion
                      ● Confetti with carrots, red peppers, and scallions
                             ● Coconut jasmine ● Herbed Basmati
                  ● Basmati with minced sun dried tomatoes and fresh basil

             ● Savory ● Spinach ● Seafood ● Mushrooms ● Wheat Berry Risotto

● Baked Macaroni & Cheese creamy blend of Vermont cheddar, Monterey jack, & Reggiano
          cheese topped with coarse bread crumbs and baked golden brown
                  ● Moroccan Cous Cous with a hint of cinnamon spice

             ● Spinach and gruyere cheese pie ● Honey ginger glazed carrots
                                   ● Assorted grilled vegetables
                ● Sautéed green beans with stewed tomatoes, garlic, & basil
                       ● Sautéed baby spinach with garlic and lemon
              ● Pan roasted cauliflower with broccoli, carrots, & toasted garlic
                         ● Broccoli rabe with pancetta and pine nuts
                     ● Stir fried Asian vegetables with a light hoisin glaze
  ● Pan roasted mushrooms with shallots, herbs, & white truffle oil        ● Roasted spaghetti
                                      squash with fresh thyme
                                ●Roasted Butternut or Acorn squash
             ● Braised cabbage with tart cherries & a touch of mild chili sauce
                 ● Roasted Vegetables with orzo pasta, oil, and seasonings
                ● Sautéed seasonal vegetables ● Escarole and butter beans
                       ● Bok Choy braised with garlic and red peppers
                 ● Green beans sautéed or steamed ● Cauliflower au gratin
                                     ● Roasted Brussels sprouts
                                       SIDE SALADS
           Price is per pound. There is a two pound minimum on all salad orders.

                        ● Classic Macaroni Salad ● Three bean salad
               ● Red Bliss Potato Salad ● Orzo & Roast Vegetable Pasta Salad
                                 ● Cucumber & Tomato Salad
                              ● Fresh Tomato & Mozzarella Salad
                 ● Baby Bok Choy and Cucumber Salad ● Rotini Pasta Salad
                            ● Sesame Noodle Salad ● Shrimp Salad
                     ● Smoked White Fish Salad ● Green Papaya Salad

                                         Tuna Salads:
                        ● Classic style with celery and mayonnaise
             ● Dried cranberries, spiced pecans, & a lemon dill yogurt dressing
                ● Mediterranean with capers, artichoke hearts, black olives,
                        sun dried tomatoes, and sherry vinaigrette

                                        Chicken Salads:
         ● Classic style with mayonnaise ● Poached with walnuts, dill, and light mayo
                    ● Curry chicken with golden raisins and Macadamia nuts
● Roasted with grilled pineapples, curried macadamia nuts, buckwheat noodles, and cilantro

                                WRAPS & SANDWICHES
                             Assorted Wrap & Sandwich Platter

                                  HEROS BY THE FOOT
 Choose from a wide variety of traditional and chef inspired sandwiches or create your own

                                       KIDS MENU
                                     Macaroni & Cheese
                                        Grilled Cheese
                                           Hot Dogs
                                       Chicken Tenders
                                        Salisbury Steak
                                     Mini Cheeseburgers
                                         French Fries
                                      Steamed Veggies
           Anti Pasto Plate: apple, carrot, celery, raisins & sliced cheddar cheese
                       Small 6-8    Medium 10-15        Large 16-20

Assorted bagels, muffins, Danish, & croissants, Plain and vegetable cream cheese, Assorted
       jellies, and whipped butter ~ Sm ~ Med ~ Lg
Smoked Fish Platter smoked Nova salmon, smoked whitefish, sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, And
       red onions with a dill crème fresh ~ Sm ~ Med ~ Lg
Poached Salmon Platter poached side of salmon with capers and a creamy lemon dill yogurt
Fresh Baked Quiche your choice of:
        - Virginia ham and gruyere
       - Broccoli and cheddar
       - Dill potato topped with smoked salmon
       - Tomato and pancetta
       - Prosciutto with provolone
       - Spinach and gruyere
       - Chorizo sausage and Monterey jack cheese
       -Fresh Poached Egg Salad
       - Smoked Salmon and cucumber
       - Choice of one of our chicken salads
       - Choice of one of our tuna salads
Baked Brie: Small ~ Large
       - Cranberry and walnut compote
       - Roasted pear and cinnamon spice
       - Roasted fig
Fresh Fruit Platter an assortment of seasonal fruits with choice of chocolate fondue, mango
       yogurt dip, or fresh raspberry dip ~ Sm ~ Med ~ Lg

                                    Ask about our:

                            ● Backyard BBQ Packages ●
                     ● Chef Hosted In-House Dinner Parties ●
                   ● Professional wait staff and bartenders ●c

              *All menu items & prices subject to change without notice*