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2008 YMCA
Strong Kids

Year-End Report
    Dear YMCA Donor,
    Last year, the YMCA helped thousands of children and youth from
    low-income families access YMCA programs. They built new skills,
    found a place to belong, and had fun.
    As a YMCA donor, YOU made this possible. Thank you!
    I am delighted to report that we have exceeded our goal to raise
    $735,000, with a current total of $747,827 raised.
    As well, YMCAs in Ontario received a grant of $1.25 million from the
    Ministry of Health Promotion, to help many more children get to the
    Please review the following report on the children and youth that
    gained access to a YMCA program, and the impact it’s had on their
    lives. It is truly remarkable what we are able to accomplish together.
                                                                             “Last year, the YMCA helped
    In this turbulent economic cycle, your gifts and support are even more
    necessary and appreciated.
                                                                             thousands of children and
                                                                             youth from low-income families
                                                                             access YMCA programs.”
    Brian Heagle
    Chair 2008 YMCA Strong Kids Campaign
    Chair, Board of Directors, YMCA of Hamilton/Burlington

2          2008 YMCA Strong Kids Campaign
2008 YMCA Strong Kids Campaign
Thousands of children and youth participated in YMCA programs in 2008, who otherwise would be unable to, without the support of our
many donors. They had fun, made new friends, and most importantly, built lasting skills for their future.

YMCA & Developmental Assets                                                    YMCA Health, Fitness & Recreation
YMCA Canada uses the Developmental Assets® framework from the Search           Over 2000 children and youth received financial support to access
Institute, in the design and evaluation of all YMCA programs in Canada.        YMCA centres in Burlington, Hamilton and Flamborough, to
                                                                               participate in traditional YMCA sports and recreation programs
Developmental Assets are common sense, positive experiences and qualities
                                                                               that build self-confidence to take on new challenges and help them
that help influence choices young people make and help them become
                                                                               develop an interest in good health.
caring, responsible adults.
Grounded in extensive research in youth development, resiliency,               YMCA Community Outreach
and prevention, Developmental Assets represent the relationships,
                                                                               There are thousands of children living in lower-income
opportunities, and personal qualities that young people need to avoid
                                                                               neighbourhoods without easy access to a YMCA centre. The YMCA
risks and to thrive.
                                                                               reaches out to these children by providing community-based
Studies of more than 2.2 million young people consistently show that the       outreach program in their schools and other centres. In 2008,
more assets young people have, the less likely they are to engage in a wide    410 children were provided with fully subsidized access to after-
range of high-risk behaviors, and the more likely they are to thrive.          school and summer programs, like the highly successful Virtual
Assets like having a positive relationship with a caring adult, other than a   YMCA, where the children get help with their homework, reading
parent; or a regular commitment to exercise and physical activity.             programs, sports and recreation programs, social values education
                                                                               and a nutritional snack.
The average young person today experiences fewer than half of the 40
assets. That’s where the YMCA comes in.
For more information on the 40 Developmental Assets, visit www.search-

                                                                                                                            Year-End Report         3
    YMCA School-Age Child Care                                                      YMCA Career Development & Learning
    More than one hundred families received subsidized access to child care         More than 140 youth in our community received sponsored access
    sites for their children before and after school. While their parents worked,   to our YMCA Career Development and Learning Centres that offer
    the children had a safe place to have fun, to socialize with other children,    a number of personal development, support programs and job
    and to get help with their homework.                                            counseling services.

    YMCA Day Camp                                                                   YMCA International
    135 families received reduced fees so their children could take part            1100 Zambian youth were provided with an HIV-Aids education and
    in a YMCA Summer Day Camp program where they participated in                    prevention program through our international partnership with the
    sports and recreation programs, and experienced the outdoors at                 YMCA of Zambia.
    Christie Conservation Area.

    YMCA Wanakita                                                                   THANK YOU!
    More than 340 children and youth benefited from subsidized access
    to YMCA Wanakita, our year-round outdoor education centre
                                                                                    To our many donors and volunteers,
    in the Haliburton Highlands. The children and youth developed                   thank you for making a difference in
    self confidence and independence, while learning to respect and
    understand our environment.                                                     the life of children and youth in our
    YMCA Pre-School                                                                 community and beyond.
    82 families received uninterrupted access to safe, licensed pre-school
    child care programs at a YMCA Child Care centre.

4          2008 YMCA Strong Kids Campaign
2008 YMCA Strong Kids Campaign Volunteers
Mohammed Abdulle      Trevor Butchard        Andy David             Candice Francoeur   Marcia Huibers      Lily Lumsden
Susan Abell           Barbara Byrne          Jana Davidson          Jocelyn Fraser      Melissa Hymers      Danielle Lyle
Sandra Alix           John Byrne             Clay Davies            Jason Frost         Tracey Jamieson     Melanie Mackenzie
Sarah Allison         Juanita Byrne          Debbie Davis           Kim Galante         Parveen Johal       Sherry MacKinnon-Tripp
Wajida Amjad          Randy Calvert          Gail Dell              William Giannou     Suzanne Jones       Shawna MacLellan
Marylena Angeloni     Charlene Campbell      Donna Desson           Shelly Gittens      Greg Kastelein      David Magder
Tim Aquin             Janine Campbell        Paul Di Saverio        Nicki Glowacki      Baljit Kaur         Martina Malkova
Hardeep Atwal         Nicole Cantelon        Chauntelle Dietrich    Leticia Goddard     Patricia Kelly      Monika Maric
Neil Austin           Michael Caudle         Steve Digiandomenico   Lisa Godin          Wendy Kennelly      Matt Markowiak
Linda Baldwin         Karen Chalmers         Kelly Dimic            Erin Goetz          Andrew Kerr         Sapphyra Marshall
Madison Baldwin       Devon Cherwinski       Jacqueline Drawbell    Chris Goguen        Jessica Kerr        Christina Martin
Sydney Baldwin        Mary Lou Ciancone      Valerie Dring          Carmel Grant        Carrie Knecht       Sharron Martin
Theresa Baldwin       Linda Clayton          Barbara Duncan         Brittany Gray       Jennifer Knight     Karen McLaughlin
Robin Barker          Mary Lou Coleman       Michelle Dunne         Robert Green        Bernie Knowles      Laura McMahon
Irma Beattie          Gaynor Collings-Cole   Cheryl E. Hurst        Doug Grennan        Janice Kochuk       Sarah McMillan
Lauren Bellai         Susy Comegna           Amanda Efner           Melissa Halloran    Jacki Kostuk        Johnny Megalos
Lindsay Berneche      Jim Commerford         Julie Ellis Cole       Moe Hanley          Heather Kuchynski   Cindy Meyers
Karen Bigeye          Leslie Connolly        Tania Fahey            Leyla Hassan        Janinne Labenski    Adele Mitchell
Katie Blair           Brandy Cooney          Winona Farraway        Brian Heagle        Danielle Laidman    Christine Mooers
Denise Block          Candice Cooper         Camellia (Zannatul)    Sharon Heldsinger   Monique Larocque    Kim Moon
Kevin Brady           Frank Corruzzi           Ferdous              Melissa Hickey      Mary Laurenzano     Rachel More
Michael Braithwaite   R. Ian Cowan           Donna Ferguson         Heather Himmel      Marcel LeClerc      Sandra Mowder
Ryan Bridge           Dana Crane             Trish Ferguson         Jessica Hirst       Corrie Ledgerwood   Lisa Mulholland
Christine Brousseau   Beverly Cuffe          Kati Finnigan          Allan Hislop        Adrienne Lefler     Heather Mullen
Daniel Brousseau      Michael Cuffe          Ward Fisher            Genevieve Hladysh   Pauline Leier       Sharon Munslow
Liza Buck             Lucie D’Agata          Shannon Fleming        Geoff Hogarth       Patricia Lopez      Minette Murphy
Leslie Budd           Karen Dalgleish        Brent J. Foreman       Freida Hone         Carolyn Lott        Cherie Nash

                                                                                                            Year-End Report          5
    Sandra Nelson          Shawna Robinson      Catherine Sutherland   Dennis J. Whalley
    Roberta Nethridge      Tim Robinson         Alicia Tardif          Kimberly A. Willey
    Ken R. Nordoff         Nancy Rocha          John Tavares           Chris Wilson
    Anne Norris            Heather Rodak        James Teeple           George Winchester
    Linda Olimer           Andrew Rose          Estela Teixeira        Maggie Windich
    Marlene M. Olsen       Jaci Rose            Erin Terek             Kelle Winter
    Pat Ormesher           Dale Rowe            Candice Thorpe         Michael Winward
    Joey Owen              Nancy Rumple         Donald Thorpe          MaryBeth Wist
    Rebecca Parrish        Paula Salvucci       Shelby Tilley          Krista Wladyka-Kwok
    Frank Passaro          Caterina Sansalone   Beverley Titley        Christina Wood
    Jocelyne Payne         Ihor Saplywyj        Pamela Trpcic          Michelle Wood
    Terry Pearce           Pameline Sarrabo     Austin Turner          Rachel Wood
    Kelly Pontes           Steven Schneider     Steven Turner          Amanda Wren
    Sherri Popovich        Jane Schwenger       Kevin Van Kampen       Karen Wright
    Marcel Potvin          Mark Schwenger       Christine VandeGraaf   Kevin Wright
    Sylvie Poulin          Mike Schwenger       Yvette VandenBreemen   Susan Yurincich
    Donna Price            Paul Shelton         Gail Vedelago          Carolanne Zeffiro
    Sharon Prince          Erin K. Shewfelt     Heather Vitucci        John Zuber
    Laura Purdy            Joanne Shields       Dave Walker            Erica Zubrinski
    Laura Ragona           Michelle Skinner     Jennifer Walker
    Salem Rao              Ashley Sloggett      Christine Warner
    Leonard Reddick        Gerry Smallegange    Dave Watson
    Eileen Regan           Karli Smith          Leslie Watson
    Olive Reynante         Richard Solonenko    Bryan Webber
    Marlene Richardson     Laurie Sparham       Sarah Wedge
    Carol Ricketts         Jordan Sprentz       Jamie Weisz
    Veronica Riemer        Roy Springstead      Mischa Weisz
    Karen Robertson        John Sprott          Katie Westoby
    Lorraine Robinson      Breanne Stephenson   Karen Westwick

6          2008 YMCA Strong Kids Campaign
2008 YMCA Strong Kids Campaign Donors
Chair’s Round                   Childrens’ Miracle          Haliburton Timbr-Mart        JNE Consulting Ltd.          Ross & McBride                Financial Planning Inc.
                                Foundation CIBC Wood        Halton Heritage Realty Inc   Kitching, Steepe & Ludwig    Rotary Club of Burlington   W.P. Scott Foundation
Table Donors                    Gundy                                                      Funeral Home                 Inc.
                                                            The Hambley Family                                                                    Isabel Waterman
$1,000 +                      Deane & Judy Collinson        The Hamilton Community       Dr. Daniel Kraftcheck        The Rotary Club of          Bryan & Peggy Webber &
                              Jim & Donna Commerford          Foundation                 Norman & Blanche Levitt        Waterdown                   Family
2WA Consulting Inc.
                              Ralph & Eileen Connor         Hamilton Harriers            Lincluden Management         Running Room                Weisz, Rocchi & Scholes
                              Bruce Corey                   Hamilton Spectator             Ltd.                       Ihor Saplywyj                 And Effort Trust
Aim Trimark Investments
                              R. Ian Cowan                    Summer Camp Fund of        Lovable Labels Inc.          Robert Sawyers                Company
                              Bill, Bill & Will Dandie        the Hamilton Community     Lily Lumsden                 School Sisters of Notre     Michael Winward
Craig Alexander
                              Hillary Dawson                  Foundation                 Kevin McAleese                 Dame                      Allen Wynperle
ArcelorMittal - Stainless
                              Estate of Burleigh Farrar     Hamilton Wentworth           Judith & Peter McCulloch     Scotia Capital              Anonymous
  International Canada Inc.
                                                              District School Board                                   Gordon W. Skinner
Bozek Orthodontics            Evans, Philp LLP Barristers                                Michael L. Lamont
                                and Solicitors              Hamilton-Wentworth             Professional Corporation   David & Pamela Smye
                                                                                                                                                  Member Involvement
Kevin & Barb Brady &
  Family                      William A. Fields
                                                              Catholic District School
                                                                                         Midtown Car Wash, Jack &     Richard Solonenko           Donors $15 – 999
Brimstone Holdings            Brenda Flaherty & Brent                                      Lynne Walker               Stantec Consulting Ltd.     Mariam Abdelkader
                                                            Mackesy Smye LLP
Bristol Sales                   Wood                                                     James Morrison               Paul and Janice Sweeny      Mahamat Abdoulaye
                                                            Brian Heagle
BUNK1.COM                     Brent & Sally Foreman                                      Once Upon A Child            The Charles Johnson         Abell
                                                            Dr. Stewart B. Heddle
Burlington Community          Foresters                                                  Optimist Club of Carlisle      Charitable Fund           Mary Acheson
                                                            Genevieve Hladysh
  Foundation                  Garwood-Jones & Hanham                                     Marianne & Lou Pacella       The Martin Foundation       ALC Landscape
                                Architects                  Geoff Hogarth                                                                           Maintenance
Burlington Youth                                                                         The Pearson Family           The Fergie Jenkins
                              The Gervais Family            Justin Hogeterp                                             Foundation                Isaac Acquah
  Advancement Fund                                                                       The Honourable Paul G.
                              Glenn Richardson              Margaret Horgan                Philp                      The Frank Cowan             Action Sanitation Supply
John & Dianne Busser
                                Plumbing & Heating Ltd.     Chris Ilias, Edward Jones    A.M. Porte                     Foundation                Active Green & Ross #777
Canadian Tire Foundation
  for Families                Richard & Nicki Glowacki      Mannarino Family             Leonard Reddick              The Gardener 1687555        Sharon Acton
W. Frank Carpenter            Gowling Lafleur               J.C.’s Hot Bagels - Jack     ReMax Escarpment Realty        Ontario Inc               Doug Adams
                                Henderson LLP                 Chami & Labib Joe Chami      Inc.                       The Hamilton Harbour
Harvey Chapple                                                                                                                                    Sophia Aggelonitis
                              Hess Millwork                 J. P. Bickell Foundation     Robert Findlay Law Offices     Commissioners
CIBC Commercial Banking                                                                                                                           Glenn Agro
                              Wendy Gunning                 Jan Gelderman                RONA Foundation              The Malloch Foundation
CIBC World Markets                                                                                                                                Karen Agro
                                                              Landscaping Ltd.                                        Today and Tomorrow

                                                                                                                                                  Year-End Report             7
    Airon HVAC Services LTD    Susan Atkinson          Karen Bigeye                  Brenda Browes                 Tyler Cain                JP Charlebois
    Jacqueline Aitken          Rosalind Attika         Pat Bilsland                  Al-Ri Brown                   Karen Calderaro           Holly Chercover
    Sonia Alavata              Hardeep Atwal           Perry & Leah Bisutti          Diane Brown                   Charlene Campbell         Devon Cherwinski
    Peter Alessi               Christopher Augstman    Danny Black                   Matt & Charity Brown          Janet Campbell            Vivian Cheung
    George Alexiou             Neil Austin             Kathleen & David Black        Maureen Brown                 Janine Campbell           Valerie Chevannes
    Sandra Alix                Avron Foods Ltd         Wendy Blackborow              Angela Bruzzese               Julia Campbell            Jose Chica
    Douglas Allan              Lucy Babjak             Katie Blair                   Carolyn Bryant                Lori Campbell             Anne-Marie Chiles
    Sarah Allison              Brittni Bagen           Debbie Blazenko               Cathy Buchanan                Marisia Campbell          Stephen Chin
    Jane Allison               Caroline Bahr           Denise Block                  Liza Buck                     Canadian Tire, Fairview   Lucian Christofan
    Robert & Patricia Almas    Herman Bailey           Blueline Transportation       Leslie Budd                     Street                  Jamie Christoff
    Jamie Alonso               Michelle Baird            Ltd.                        Stan Budzynski                Canamerica Capital        Christopher C. Breen,
    Alternative Cleaning       Theresa Baldwin         Jerry Bokma                   Brian & Trish Buffo             Corporation               Lawyer
      Technologies             Bambury Painting        Samuel E. Bonilla             Larry Bukta                   Chris Cardey              Martha Joy Chung
    Luann Alton                Linda S. Banks          Jacqueline Bourgeois          Katie Burgess                 Stuart Carless            Filomena Cino
    Mary Alton                 Elicia Bannink          Patrick Bourke                Nadia Buri-Herrmann           Karen Carmichael          Kim Civiero
    Ashley Amell               Maryam Baradarvar       Connie Bovair                 Charlotte & Eric Burk &       Tom Carolan               The Clare Family
    Wajida Amjad               Michele Barbeau         Radenka Bozanovic               Family                      Margaret Carpenter        Ann Clark
    Mary Ancona                Neil K. Barber          Brady Financial Group Inc.    Burlington Eagles Bantam      Karen Carruthers          Shellan Clark-Crichton
    Angela Anderson            Barrascuba Underwater   Jon Braithwaite                 AA Hockey Team              Charlotte Carstensen      Linda Clayton
    Miranda Anderson             Club                  MacCabees Branch 343 RCL      Burlington Automotive         Paul Carvalho             John Cleary
    Joanne Angelakis           Baskin Robbins            Poppy Fund                    Centre                      Emilia Casado             Koreen Cleary
    Marylena Angeloni          Irma Beattie            Lori Brand                    Burlington Rifle & Revolver   Cash ASAP Inc             Cathy Climie
                                                       Teshaida Brandis                Club Inc.                   Joseph Castro
    Maria C. Angeloni          Carolyn Beckett                                                                                               Lisa Coates
                                                       Dave Brasher                  Pam Burse                     Jose Castro
    Natasha Angeloni           Barb & Garry Bedford                                                                                          Jeffrey Cobbledick
                                                       Robert & Edith Brechin        John Buschhausen              Joe Celi
    Rebecca Anger              Emma Begert                                                                                                   Eric Coffey
                                                       Christina Brinjak             Janet C. Butt                 Olga Cenic
    Rosa Arauz                 Duncan Bell                                                                                                   Kathy Coleman
                                                       Ian Brisbin and Andrea Hill   Barbara Byrne                 Wendy Cerilli
    Catherine Archibald        Beth Belshaw                                                                                                  Tammy Coleman
                                                       Bristol-Myers Squibb          Marion & Mac Byrne            BJ & Bruce Chadwick
    Angelica Arias             Anne-Marie Bergeron                                                                                           Susan Colley
                                                         Canada                      Jean Byrnes                   Karen Chalmers
    Lian Arman                 Lindsay Berneche                                                                                              David Collier
                                                       Broadway Printers Ltd.        Cafe Limoncello               Lauren Chalmers
    Sonya Arndt                Terri Bertozzi                                                                                                Gaynor Collings-Cole
                                                       Michele Broley                Rhonda Cain                   Tim Chaput
    Around the Bay Road Race   Melanie Beswick                                                                                               Susy Comegna

8          2008 YMCA Strong Kids Campaign
 John A. Commerford        The Csengeri Family        Christina Dertinger          Laura Dungey                   John F. Evans, Q.C., LSM &   Lillian Fothergill
 Marian Commerford         Alicia Cuffe               Jessica DeSantis             Kenneth Dunn                     Patricia Peacock-Evans     Fotoland
 Charles Conlon            Beverly Cuffe              Desi’s Aluminum Limited      Pierre Durand                  Kristen Evans-Gray           Four Corner’s Construction
 Lisa Connelly             Bridget Culnan             Donna Desson                 Durcan Medicine                Mary L. Fackrell             Fondation Fournier-Ethier
 Leslie Connolly           Larry G. Culver            Laura Devenish                 Professional Corporation     Tania Fahey                  Martha Fox
 Suzanne Conquer           Mario Cupido               Diane DeVries                Dynamic & Proto Circuits       Anne Farquhar                Flora Franco
 Julie Conquer-VanHeumen   Terry Curd                 Jack Dillon                    Inc.                         Devon Farrant                Candice Francoeur
 Rhonda Cook               Matthew Curran             Kelly Dimic                  Sharon Earle                   Nina Fassullo                Paula Francoeur
 Ruth Cooke                Christopher Cutler         Sharlene Dingle              East Side Mario’s              Fastsigns                    The Frasers
 Brandy Cooney             Heather DaCosta            Dingle, Charlebois           Arthur Edwards                 Cole Fawcett                 Freedom 55 Financial
 Candice Cooper            Lucie D’Agata                Barristers & Solicitors    Ron & Esther Edwards           Martha Fejer                 The Freeman Family
 Serina Cooper             Rachel D’Agostino          Katelyn Dingman              Geoff Edwards                  Camellia Ferdous               Foundation
 Jane Cooper-Kelly         Sandra Daleo               Dorothy Dingwall             Eric Ehgoetz                   Patricia Ferguson            Kyle Frew
 Pricewaterhouse Coopers   Ron Dalley                 Tires Direct                 Harvey Eisenstadt              Donna Ferguson               Guylaine Frigon
 Cora Home Contracting     Karen Dallow               Discovery Collision Center   Julie Ellis Cole               Nora Ferguson                Jason Frost
 Sylvain Corbeil           Dancemakerz                Laura Diskin                 Michelle Ellis                 Sandra Ferris                Lynn Froud
 Northwinds Corporation    Andy David                 Lisa Djurfeldt               Girlie Eloriaga                Filomena Filice              Vince Fuciarelli
 Angela Coruzzi            David Richards Treadmill   Geoff Doherty                Kurtis Elsliger                Kati Finnigan                Jenna Fullerton
 Rita Cossa                  Solutions                Regina Donaldson             Holly Emmanual                 Jeffrey Firkser              Ivana Furimsky
 Brad Coughlan             Jana Davidson              Rob Donelson                 Melanie & Doug                 Heather Flaherty             Edward Furimsky
                           Debbie Davis               Jessica Donnelly               Engebretsen                  Shannon Fleming              Leo Gadoury
 Melissa Coulson
                           Roger Davis                Rhonda Downey                Mardo Erazo                    Mike Floren                  Nicole Gallace
 Alayn Courtois
                           Denise Davy                Amy Doyle                    Nancy Erb                      Zsuzsanna Fodor              Sonja Gallant
 Guilianne Courtois
                           Suzanne Dawkins-Smith      John Dragosits               Erica & Louie                  Sandra Forbes                Jeremy Galloway
 Andre Couture
                           Al Daxner                  Brenda Draper                Shelley Ernst                  Anne Ford                    Dale Gardiner
 Jack Crawford
                           Ama De Graft-Johnson       Valerie Dring                Jeremy L. Eskritt              Carrie Ford-Jones            Dawn Gardiner
 Scott Crawley
                           Lyndsay DeJager            Teresa Dube                  Jorge Esqueda                  Brent & Sally Foreman        Carmelle Gardiner
 Tracy Creamer
                           Lucia S. Dell’Agnese       Natalie Duckett              Evans, Philp LLP, Barristers   Chloe Forsyth                Mark Garrick
 Conaire Creedon
                                                                                     and Solicitors
 Ryerson Cretzman          Catherine Demers           Brian Duffy                                                 Ian Forsyth                  Gary Titley & Associates
                                                                                   Alex Evans
 Mitchell Crispe           Nancy Denby                Alysha Dumelie                                              Ada Forte                    Nicole Gaskin
                                                                                   Nancy Evans
 Robert Crockford          Jill Derouin               Donna Duncombe                                              Ed Fothergill                Penny Gatza

10      2008 YMCA Strong Kids Campaign
Dawn Gawley                  Ltd.                       The Hawkrigg Family         Joan Horne                   JBLS                         Kerry’s Party and Dollar
Carla Gee                  Rob Griffiths                Adrian Heacock              Maria Hovingh                Assunta Jeffery              Deborah Key Mundair
Reanna Georgiades          Joseph E. Guagliano          Health From Within Family   Marion and Norm Howell       Elizabeth Jeney              Samina Khan
Vanessa Georgiades         Elspeth Gullen                 Chiropractic              David Howell                 Shauna Jezequel              Franca Khawaja
Dirk Gerlofs               Allan Gunn                   Scott Hedelieus             John Hryhorchuk              Jing Jin                     Kia of Hamilton
Una Gibbons                A.W. Gusenbauer              Sharon Heldsinger           Chi Huang                    Parveen Johal                Karen Kiang
L. Gibson                  Alex Guthro                  Steve & Ginny Heming        Beth Hudson                  Sandra John                  Mary Kirchner
Chris Gibson               Michelle Hache               Amanda Hemmink              Anthony Hughes               The John Lafferty Family     Kailey Kirkpatrick
Laurie Giftochristos       Michael Hall                 Carolyn Henderson           Humane Wildlife Control      Joanne Jones                 Jennifer R. Kitchen
Jon Gill                   Bob & Pamela Hall            Jane Henderson              Livia Hunter                 Suzanne Jones                Ruth & Howard Kitchen
Bruce Gilroy               Jeff Hall                    Jane, Paul, Tom, John &     Cheryl E. Hurst              Joseph Korkis Medicine       Jennifer Klein
Wayne Gittens              Brian Halliwell                Kate Henderson            Erica Hutton                   Professional Corporation   Carrie Knecht
GLAM                       Melissa Halloran             Sharon Henderson            Hyatt Holdings Inc.          Gary Joyner                  Breanne Knowles
Leticia Goddard            Hamilton Police              Loree Henry                 Melissa Hymers               Elizabeth Kaczmarczyk        Sonja Koenen
Lisa Godin                   Service-Senior Officer’s   Penelope Henry              IBM Employees’ Charitable    Angela Kalpakis              Mary Anne Kondo
Erin Goetz                   Association                Julie Henry                   Fund                       Robin Kamphuis               Lillian Koppe Gilchrist
Golden Horseshore Credit   Moe Hanley                   Edgar Hernandez             Inaria                       Jane Kappele                 Suheyla Korkmaz
  Union                    Paul Hanover                 Chantal Herrera             Mary Anne Innes              Baljit Kaur                  Kelly Koscielak
Lynn & Joseph Golfi        James Hansen                 Julia Herron                Iroquois Canoe & Outing      Brian Kelemen                Irene Kosterewa
Mary Goodacre              Samantha Harbinson           Melissa Hickey                Club                       Melissa Kelly                James J. Koyanagi
Martha Goodings            Margaret Harcourt            Michael Hickey              Lorraine Isaac               Gail Kendall                 Brian Kreps
April Graham               Doris Harper                 Terry-Lynn Hill             J.B. Hunter Medicine         1071651 Ont Inc., O/A        Patricia Kroeze
Carmel Grant               Ashley Harper                Dennis & Rosemary Hill        Professional Corporation     Kenilworth Tire &          Heather Kuchynski
Sherry Gravelle            Kenn Harper                  Gilroy F. Hills             J2 Solutions Group Inc         Automotive
                                                                                                                                              Andy Kulik
Ruth Graves                Allen Harrington             Heather Himmel              Leena Jaanimagi              Mary H. Kennedy
                                                                                                                                              Emily Kunz Purser
Mary Green                 Vickey Harrison              Allan Hislop                The Jackman Foundation       Wendy Kennelly
                                                                                                                                              Nathan Kupusa
Terra Greenhouses          Jennifer Harrison            Cynthia Hodgson             Ronald James                 Warren Kern
                                                                                                                                              John Kurchik
Katherine Gregoris         Sarah Harvey                 Ken Hoffner                 Tracey Jamieson              Alan Kerr
                                                                                                                                              Andy Kurelek
Doug Grennan               Leyla Hassan                 Kirsten Holubeshen          Cynthia Janzen               Andrew Kerr
                                                                                                                                              Barb Kurpita
Tarmeet Grewal             Christopher Hau              Paul Homsy                  Philip Jarrett               Fiona Kerr
                                                                                                                                              Brenda Kwant
Grieve Home Maintenance    Jennifer Haveron             Louise Hooper               Benjamin Jarzebski           Jessica Kerr
                                                                                                                                              Willem O. Kwant

                                                                                                                                              Year-End Report            11
La Couture Studio Inc   Michael Lerner                Natasha Lyle               Jennifer Mann                Irene Mayhew                 George McMenemy
Janinne Labenski        Tami Leskie                   David Lyons                Alan Manney                  Doug Mays                    Sarah McMillan
Danuta Lach             Ken Leslie                    Mabel’s Labels Inc         Sports Marc-Eting            Amanda Mc Conville           Jim McNab
Louise Lachowskyj       Phyllis Levesque              Elizabeth MacCara          Halina Marciniak             Sheila Mcallister            Katie McNulty
Danielle Laidman        Nina Lewin                    George MacCuish            Sarah Marentette-Brown       Ellard McBane                Heather McQueen
Nancy Laing             Corey Lewis                   David MacDonald            Monika Maric                 Eileen McCabe                Martha McRoberts
Judy Lambton-Thomson    Lisa Liberty                  Gary MacDonald             Carrie Marino                Barbra McCaffrey             Audrey McSherry
Amanda Lammers          Lil’ Henry Corporation, O/A   Lynn MacEachern            Molly Marrack                Doug McCallum                Tina McVittie
Robyn Lang                Tim Hortons                 PST Machining Ltd          April Marratto               Elizabeth McCallum &         Irene Meace
Dierk Lange             Robert Lindley                Pam MacIntosh              Dr. Tony & Sheila Marriott     Family                     Fluid Media
Joan Langley            Irene Lis                     Ellen MacKay               Alex Marshall                Judy McCollum                Lesley Megarry
William J. Langlois     Randy Lisoy                   Lauren MacKenzie           Laura Marshall               Murray McDiarmid             Brian Menaji
Lang-Oerlemans Family   Stephen List                  Lisa MacKenzie             Shannon Marshall             Bob McDonald                 Lucy Menna
Victoria Lanteigne      Ying Lin Yan Liu              Nicole Mackie              Sharron Martin               Jodi McDonald                Michelle Meyer
Monique Larocque        LKDK Management               Sherry MacKinnon-Tripp     Christina Martin             Scott McDonald               Carol Michaud
Phil Larsen               Corporation                 Bonnie MacLachlan          John Martin                  Joyce McDonald               Kate Mikoda
Louise Latremouille     Sarah Llewellyn               Mike MacLean               Murray Martin                Lori McDougall               Nancy Miller
Mary Laurenzano         Gareth & Tara Llewellyn       Eric MacLennan             Terri Martin                 Tyrone McFadden              Dan Millgan
Nathalie Lavoie         Alison Logue                  Lynne MacLennan            Rob Martino                  Ursula McGuinness            Tricia Mills
Barb Lawless            Margaret Lok                  Janet MacLeod              Martin-Stewart               McHugh & Company             Milli Miskovic
Marilyn Lawrason        Michelle Lombardi             Rose & Stewart MacLeod       Contracting Limited          Photographers              Adele Mitchell
Karen Lawrie            Camila Lopez                  Peter MacVannel            Coral Mason                  Allison McInnis              Karen Mitchell
Mel Lawson              Lord Byron Steakhouse         Magnetsigns Halton,        Kirsty Mason                 Alan McInnis                 Brenda Mizzan
Carrie Lawton           Sheila Louisy                   117074 Ontario Limited   2066473 Ontario Limited      Wayne McIntyre               MKM Painting & Plastering
Corrie Ledgerwood       Lorraine Love                 Shereen Mala                 O/A Master Mechanic        Shannon McKnight             Sadreddin Mohammed
                        Jane E. Love                  Theresa Malar                Burlington East            Karen McLaughlin
Brian Lee                                                                                                                                  Jillian Mojeski
                        Brent Lowe                    Ali Malczewski             Taylor Matchett              James McLaughlin
Adrienne Lefler                                                                                                                            Pat Molden
                        Richard Lowery                Lorraine Malkovich         Mattel Canada Inc.           Bob McLaughlin
Terri Legere                                                                                                                               Karine Mondoux
                        J. W. & Joan Lowry            Jason Mallory              Caroline Mavrak              Lori McLean & Glen Storrie
Pauline Leier                                                                                                                              David Montgomery
                        Emily Lutyk                   The Mandy Family           Sahara Mawani                Laura McMahon
Patrick D. Lennon                                                                                                                          Tom Montgomery
                        Danielle Lyle                 Kazimierz Mankiewicz       Brad Maxwell                 Bridget McManus
Tara Lepp                                                                                                                                  Darlene Monti

                                                                                                                                           Year-End Report        13
 The Mooers Family       Pamela Myke                 Patrick O’Grady            Nick Pekaruk              Vernon Power                Crystal-Anne Reid
 Kim Moon                Sue Nador                   Sarah O’Hara               Amanda Pemberton          Thomas Prestney             John Reid
 Moon Shadows Estate     Phyllis Nagle               Alf Oliver                 Pennzoil 10 Minute Oil    Gareth Price                Mya Reid
   Winery                Janet Nairn                 Marlene M. Olsen             Change Centre           Christine Prieur            Tim Reid
 Justin Moor             National Council of Young   Andrea Olson               Lorie Pepper              Sharon Prince               Eric Reukl
 Shannon Moore             Men’s Christian Assoc     Stephen O’Neill            Andre Pereira             Helen Pritchard             Olive Reynante
 Eric Moore                of Cda                    Lorraine Ophoven           Lacey Pereira             John W. Pritchard           Roland Ricci
 Penelope Morabito       Michelle Neeb               Mary-Ellen Opie            Katherine P. Perkins      Private Giving Foundation   Marshall Rice
 Giovanni Morabito       Teresa Nelson               John O’Shaughnessy         Morris J. Perozak         Probus Club of Hamilton     Glenn Richardson
 Steve Morden            Marjorie & Bill Nelson      John O’Sullivan            Dan Pestil                Jessica Prominski           Carol Ricketts
 Antonietta Morgante-    Ted Nelson                  Richard Ottaway            Carrie Peterson           Jeanette Puddington         R.A. Riddell
   Bucik                 Roberta Nethridge           Abddu Yongoro Oumarou      Catherine Peterson        Sandra Pulliam              Veronica Riemer
 Thomas Morley           Network Research Field      Outotec Canada Ltd.        Petro-Canada              Jennifer Purdie             Thomas Riley
 Gary Morris               Services                                             Berenice Pevec
                                                     Joey Owen                                            Quadra Chemicals            Amanda Ritchie
 Wendy Morris            Andrew Nevills                                         Paul H. Philp
                                                     Richard Owens                                        Road Race                   Kathleen Robb & Peter
 Keegan Morris           Kimberley Newcombe                                     Mark Philpott                                           Cook
                                                     Karen Paavila                                        Sheila Raddie
 Christa Morrison        Jodi Newman - Carr                                     Philthy McNasty’s                                     Roberts-Austin Fuels
                                                     Olga Panova                                          Mae Radford
 Starsha Mortensen       Jaine Newsham                                          Jennifer Phoenix-Kocken                                 Limited
                                                     Eric Paquette                                        Shaun Radigan
 Ted Morwick             Newt Holdings Inc., Coast                              Janette Pirie                                         Kristen Robicheau
                                                     Earlene Parker                                       Laura Ragona
 Judith Moser              to Coast Sales and                                                                                         Joan Robinson
                                                     Rob Parker                 Brad Plunkett             Dr. E. J. Rajczak
 Mount Nemo Sales &                                  Rebecca Parrish            Poco Loco                 Justin Ramage               Lorraine Robinson
   Service               Terry Newton
                                                     Linda Parsons              Grace Poles               Lilian Ramsewak             Nancy Rocha
 Raelyne Mudryk          Hilda Nezan
                                                     Shari Paulin               Jennifer Popovich         Bob & Sheila Ranalli        Justine Rochefort
 Betty & Henry Muggah    Roger G. Nicholson
                                                     Barbara Pautler            Sherri Popovich           Salem Rao                   Heather Rodak
 The Mulholland Zofcin   Allison Nielsen Jessome
                                                     Jocelyne Payne             Steve Popovich            Karl Rashford               Robert H. Rogers
   Family                Mark J. Nimigan
                                                     Frank Pazucha              The Posavad Family        Neil Raynor                 John Ross
 Heather Mullen          Nicoleta Nitu
                                                     Terry Pearce               Jessica Potter            RBC Royal Bank              Victoria Rossi
 Dana Muma               Emily Norgang
                                                     Shirley L. Pearson         Marcel Potvin             RBC Dominion Securities     The Rotary Club of
 Sharon Munslow          Barry O’Brien                                                                                                  Burlington Central
                                                     Dorothy Pedersen           Terry, Linda & Heather    Grace Rea
 Anne-Marie Murray       Linda M. O’Brien                                                                                             Rotary Club of
                                                     Jessica Peer                 Powell                  Rebecca Rea
 Helen Mushlian          Warren O’Brien                                                                                                 Flamborough A.M.
                                                     Pegasus Direct Mail Worx   Linda Powell              Leonora Regenstreif
 Don Myers               Pauline O’Conor- O’Meara                                                                                     Michael Rowlands

14      2008 YMCA Strong Kids Campaign
Sumona Roy               Emma Schram                  Lesley Simpson             Ross & Susan Stephen            Alicia Tardif               Aggie Tose
James Royce              Ellen Schwartzel             Rekha Singh                Breanne Stephenson              David Tarrant               Tosello and Sons Inc
Rubarb                   Fran Scott                   Bonnie Sitherwood          Norman Stevens                  Diana Taylor                Weston Towers
The Rumple Family        Michael Scott                Melanie Slack              Todd Stevenson                  Jane Taylor                 Paola Travaglini
Runner’s Den Waterdown   Debra Seabrook               Jodi L. Slosarcik          Clare Stewart                   Janet Taylor                John Traynor
Beth & Dean Rutty        Jennifer Seal                Dale Small                 David Stewart                   Kellie Taylor               Shannon Treacy
Sheilagh Ryan            Megan Searby                 Kim Smit                   Paul Stiles                     Sherry L. Taylor            Erinn M. Treff
Elizabeth Ryckman        Vinette Seaton               Nancy Smith & Jim Woods    Dave Stinson                    Estela Teixeira             Trenton’s Family
David Safarian           Second Nature Mechanical     Martha Smith               Jen Stoddart                    Ron Tenthorey               Mary M. Trichilo
Andrea Sahadath            Inc.                       Tammy Smith                Barry & Nadia Strathdee         Erin Terek                  Cedo Trivanoic
Bebe Sahib               Barbara Seifried             Gordon H. Smith            Strecker Bros Ltd.,             Beth Terpstra               Clifford Trollope
Mary Saliba              Bruce Semkowski              Iain Sneyd                   Industrial Textile Services   Terra Greenhouses           Pamela Trpcic
John Salvatore           Jordi Sendra                 Lynda Sobolewski           Florence Stroeder               John Terry                  Roger & Janet Trull &
Lucy Sanmartin           Service Plus Aquatics Inc.   Xavier Sole Boleda         Chris Styka                     Ariane Terveld-Georgiou       Family
Caterina Sansalone       Shaklee Canada Inc.          Craig Sommer               Julie Sugden                    Ted, Marg & Mike Thaler     Lee Turcotte
Laura Santi              Murray Shapcott              Soroptimist Dundas         Summit Learning Centres         Ruth Thoem                  Trenton’s Family
Nelia Santos             Eric Shaw                      Ancaster                   Inc                           Darlene Thomas              Barbara Turkowska
Kerry Sartor             Mary Shaw                    Kim Soth                   Sunwaves Tanning Salon          Jaime Thomas                Turkstra Lumber Co. Ltd.
Heidi Sartor             Fraser Shein                 Jack Soule                 Sujatha Suresh                  Robert & Valerie Thomas     Jim Turnbull
Jennifer Sartor          Paul Shelton                 Nicholas Sowley            John & Sharon Suter             Brenda Thompson             Bobbi Jo Turner
Michael Savoy            Clive Shepherd               Richard & Laurie Sparham   Catherine Sutherland            Carole Thompson             Steven Turner
Barb Saxby               Colleen F. Shepherd          Sparklewash                Adam Swanson                    David Thompson              Alyssa Turville
Jennifer Saylor          Michael E. Sheridan          Ryan & Katie Spehar        Meredith Swanson                Thomson Metals & Disposal   Mike Twamley
Frank Scallan            Michelle Sherwood            Roy Springstead            Elizabeth Sweeney               Thomson-Gordon Group        John Tweedie
Kevin Schaefer           Erin K. Shewfelt             Richard St.Pierre          Sharon Sweeney                  Donald Thorpe               Russell Twining
Maria Schattauer         Chao Shi                     William Stacey             Eileen Sweeney-Bergen           William Thorsteinson        Upper Brant Automotive
Armin Scheewe            Frank Shimoda                Staff Association WSIB     Myra Sweeny                     Kerin Threader              Luis Usenica
Rena Scheffer            Emree Siaroff                  Charity Trust Hamilton   Beth Szczerbak                  Rita Tiberi                 Vytas John Valaitis
Alyssa Schneider         Diana Simmons                Rose Stathakos             Sharif Tadros                   Joyce & Bill Tidball        Vance Family
Steven Schneider         Amanda Simonyai              Rachel Steffler            Peter Tait                      George Todd                 Jill van den Heuvel
Barbara Schram           Patricia Simpkin-Richmond    Anderson Steiner           Susan Tallett                   Margaret Torrance           Michele Van Raay

                                                                                                                                             Year-End Report            15
 Tom Van Zuiden          Monique Waring                Medlock                  Ann Yeh                    Teacher $3,000 +               William Dawson
 Christine Vandegraaf    Christine Warner            Ed Willey                  Randy Young                                               Dignity Memorial Funeral
                                                                                                           Lori & Dean Mosca
 Yvette VandenBreemen    Ross Warriner               Mary Williams and Rob      John Yu                                                     Homes
 Bruce VanDieten         Monique Wasson                Forbes                   Susan Yurincich                                           Excell Communications
                                                     Sean Williams
                                                                                                           Child $1,000 +                 Fairview Landscaping
 Stacia Vartanian        Waste Services, Inc                                    Liza F. Zaman
 Sarah Vassair           Rudy Wasylenky              Treena Williams            Lesley Zawadzki            Acclamation Bar & Grill -      Fascination & Rosery Florist
                                                     Marian E. Williamson                                    The Roque Family             Mona R. Fell
 Walter Ventura          Waterdown District High                                Elicia Zebroski
                           School                    Willowcrest Property                                  Andrew Peller Limited          Bonnie Folkard
 Nunziatina Ventura                                                             Carolanne Zeffiro
                         Waterdown District Lions      Management Services                                 Anonymous                      Theresa Furey
 Janice Veri                                                                    Mark Zega
                           Club                      Chris Wilson                                          Arctic Experience Gallery      Hamilton Enertainment &
 Amanda Vert                                                                    Carol Zettel
                         Liz & Al Weaver & Family    Karen Wilson                                          B’Nai Brith Sports Celebrity     Convention Facilities Inc.
 Sarah Vetrano                                                                  Emily Zuber
                         Joy Weavers                 Nancy Wilson                                            Dinner                       JDI Cleaning Systems Inc.
 Doris Vidal - Buckley                                                          Erica Zubrinski
                         Weeks Home Hardware         Edmund P. Winch                                       Greg & Shawna Button           Mary Anne Jeffrey, RMT
 Lana Vidovich                                                                  Anonymous
                         Shanthy Weeraskekera        Kelle Winter                                          Eastgate Ford                  Kathy and Karyn’s
 Heather Vitucci
 Brenda Volkov           Cassandra Weimann           Lindsay Wizowski           In Memoriam                Liuna Gardens Limited            Domestic Engineers
                         Jacqueline Weiss            WKS Marketing Associates                              Marg and Paul Webert           Life Lounge Family
 Ursula Vrkljan                                                                 Dean Alex
                         Jamie Weisz                 Krista Wladyka-Kwok                                   Frank & Carmela Passaro          Chiropractic
 Carol Wade                                                                     Vic Hryhorchuk
                                                                                                             Pricewaterhouse Coopers      Murray Lloyd
 Ann Marie Waine         Janet I. Weisz              Debra Wong                 Douglas Alexander Wright     (Jim Forbes)                 Jean Marini
 Lily Wakabayashi        Norman Wells                Brent Wood                 John S. McCallum           Remax Del Mar Realty Inc       Marquis Systems
 Bebi Wali               West Windows & Doors        Christina Wood                                          Brokerage
                           Ltd.                      Michelle Wood              In Honour of                                              Dean & Lori Mosca
 Deborah Walker                                                                                            Leah Schwenger
                         Katie Westoby               James Worotiny             The wedding of Betsy                                      Once Upon A Child
 Jennifer Walker                                                                                           The Pearson Family
                         Dennis J. Whalley           Mitra Wosta                 Balding & Paul Skafel                                    Judy Popov
 Corinne Wallace                                                                                           Turkstra Lumber Co. Ltd.
                         Kathleen Whatmough          Amanda Wren                Drs. Lee & Anthony Ford-                                  Kathy Renwald
 Sharon Wallace
                         J. Michael White            Matthew Wren                Jones Celebration         Gift-in-Kind Donors            Debbie Roszell
 Dr. Walsh
                         Kara-Joy White              Victoria Wright                                                                      School Sisters of Notre
 John Walsh                                                                     8th Annual Virtual         Nick Ampas
                         Clarissa Wiggers            Wendy Wright                                          ArcelorMittal
 Betty Walsh                                                                    YMCA Auction                                              Leah Schwenger
                         Claribel Wigle              Maria Wroniewicz                                      BHC Cable Assemblies Inc.,
 Katherine Walton                                                                                                                         Lois Schwenger
 David Wands
                         D.F. Wilby Tree Surgeons,   Adam Wylie                 Mentor $10,000 +             Burlington
                           1333832 Ontario Ltd                                                             James Cimba                    Michael & Jane Schwenger
 William Ward                                        Carol Wysocki              Michael & Jane Schwenger
                         Al & Pam Will                                                                     Cosco Juvenile Products/       Mike Schwenger
 Stephanie Wardrope                                  Lucy Xu                    The Ancaster Old Mill
                         Megan Will & Ryan           Walla Yassawi                                           Once Upon A Child

16      2008 YMCA Strong Kids Campaign
 Scotiabank Commercial        Standard Life                Bronze Sponsor $250           Gift-in-Kind Auction       Kerry’s Wholesale          Joe Viecili
   Banking                                                                               Donors                       Distributors             World Care
 StressCrete Group            Platinum Sponsor             Albanese Branding &
                                                                                                                    Keystone Manufacturing     Wrigley Canada
                              $2,000                         Communications Inc          Albanese Branding &
 Serenity Now, The Spa                                                                                              Mr. & Mrs. Brian Kitchen   YMCA of Hamilton/
                                                           Allegra Print & Imaging         Communications Inc
 St. Mary Elementary School   Manulife Financial - Group                                                            Lakeshore Clinic             Burlington - Board of
                                                           Baycoat                       Alexanian Flooring
 The Ancaster Old Mill         Benefits                                                                             LeVan Family                 Directors
                                                           Bio Sculpture Canada Inc      Aurora Tancock Financial
 The Hamilton Tiger Cats                                                                                            M & M Gourmet Nuts
                              Gold Sponsor $1,000          C & B Display Packaging         Services Inc.                                       12th Annual David
 The Studio                                                  Inc.                                                   Tim Maloney
                              Gryphin Advantage                                          Better Bitters Brewing                                Magder Y to Y Run
 Toronto Sun                                               Chicken Farmers of Ontario      Company                  MapArt
 True Blue Services           Industrial Alliance                                                                   Medcan Clinic              Sponsor $5,000
                                                           Dave Livermore                Brady Financial Group
 Gail Vedelago                Play Advertising                                                                      Mondo Products
                                                           David & Betty Webb            Brady Golf Classic Event                              Scotiabank Commercial
 Davorka Vujanovic            RBC Insurance                                                Committee                Nestle Canada Inc.
                                                           Desjardins Financial                                                                 Banking
 Marg & Paul Webert           SB Partners LLP, Chartered                                 Business Development       Newport Group Inc.
                                                           Fusion                          Consultant YB Sales &    Niagara Fallsview Casino   Donors $15 +
 8th Annual Brady                                                                          Associates                 Resort
                              Silver Sponsor $500          Garwood-Jones & Hanham                                                              Frank Accomando
 Financial Group Golf                                        Architects                  Cadbury Adams              Nielson Dairy              Lynda Aceti
 Classic                      Algoma Central
                                                           Hess Millwork (1195668        Canadian Sportfishing      NT. Co.                    Angela Anderson
                                                             Ont Ltd)                      Productions Inc.         Old Dutch Foods            Mary Ellen Andrego
 Dinner Sponsor               Bozek Orthodontics
                                                                                         Claybar Industries
                                                           Inch Foods Inc. (McDonald’s                              OLG                        Ashley Furniture
 $5,000                       Capo Industries Ltd.
                                                             Restaurant)                 Cleveland Clinic Canada                                 Homestore
                              D&R Insurance
 Great-West Life, London                                   McDonald’s Restaurants        Coca Cola Bottling         Peeks/Sundog Eyewear       Kirstan Asukian
                                Administrators Inc.
  Life and Canada Life                                       Burlington                    Company                  Pennzoil/Quaker State      Livia Barton
                              Empire Life
 TNS Smart Networks                                        Millen Manufacturing Inc      Commisso, Carmen, Jr.      Performance Lexus          Grace Baswick
                              Grand & Toy
                                                           RWAM Insurance                Crown Verity Inc.                                     Cancore Industries Inc.
 Diamond Sponsor              Lincluden Investment           Administrators Inc.
                                                                                                                    Planters Peanuts
                                                                                         Framesite                  Prime Petroleums           Cannon Knitting Mills
 $3,000                         Management
                                                           Dean & Beth Rutty             Golf Town
                              NSBL International                                                                    Quick Serve Restaurants      Limited
 BDO Dunwoody, LLP (19th                                   Smith’s Funeral Homes         Hershey                                               Margaret Carvalho
                              RBC, Royal Bank, Hamilton                                                             Royal VIP Options
   Hole Sponsor)                                           Sun Life Financial            Hi There Media/Road Side
                                Commercial Markets                                                                  Scott Barnam Pottery       Guilio Cicconi
 Dalton Timmis Insurance                                   Taylor Pipe Supports            TV Network
                              Sunshine Building                                                                     Sunshine Building          Art Coleman
 Feltmate Delibato Heagle                                                                HR Off-Site
                                Maintenance                                                                           Maintenance              Adrienne Coletto
 McMahon Chapman                                                                         Russ Jackson               The Marketing Department   Charles DeJong
   Financial Group Inc                                                                   Jake’s Grill and Oyster    Throat Threads Apparel     Patricia DeJong
 Pioneer Petroleums                                                                        House

18       2008 YMCA Strong Kids Campaign
Joseph Furtado              Linda Petsche                 Ron Edwards Family            Torbram Electric Supply   Raymond Chen             Connie Farrell
G.T. French Paper Ltd.      Bill Reavely                  YMCA Turkey Roll              Xqisit Salon & Spa        Melanie Clement          Ron Ferguson
Marvin E. Goldblatt         ReMax Escarpment                                            John R. Yurincich         Susan Colley             Chris Tony Finn
Mary Goodacre                 Realty Inc.                 Sponsors                                                Gary Collins             Krisi Fisher
Gowling Lafleur             Nicholas Richter                                            YMCA Pre-School           Gail Collyer             Denise Flett
                                                          Taylor Moving & Storage,
  Henderson LLP             Ulrich Riller                   Ltd                         Trike-a-Thon              Vince Conroy             Ian Forsyth
John Greene                 John Rocky                    Alexander Rutherford          Donors $15 +              Rita Cossa               Helen Freeland
Carol Greene                Jack Ross                                                                             Christopher Crane        Nancy Fukumoto
Maureen Harris              Janice Secord
                                                          Gift-in-Kind Donors           Dan Abbott
                                                                                                                  Scott Crawley            Edward Furimsky
                                                          Action Sanitation Supply      Michael Alix
The Hawkrigg Family         Nicole Sheehan                                                                        Gary Creamer             Ivana Furimsky
                                                          Acura of Hamilton             Sandra Alix
Diane Ing                   Simmons Family                                                                        Laurie Crispo            Maria Furimsky
                                                          Rosemarie Berezowski          Ashley Amell
Andy Kulik                  Simpson Wigle LLP,                                                                    Joe Daleo                Cathy Garland
                              Barristers and Solicitors   Burlington Hyundai            Shawn Arndt
Kathy Laidman                                                                                                     J. Dalgleish             Georgie Gartside
                            Richard St.Pierre             Dan Bovair                    Rosalind Attika
Paul Lakin                                                                                                        Sofia Davey              Tammy Gillis
                            Steel Care                    Bernie DeOre                  Josie Aubert
The Lasky Family                                                                                                  Joe DeAbreu              Nancy Goulet
                            Cate Stewart                  East Side Marios              Jamie Babjak
Laura Lewis                                                                                                       Gary Dean                Paul Goulet
                            Frank Tomairo                 Fire Code Maintenance &       Tara Barker
Macassa Bay Yacht Club                                                                                            Anthony DeIuliis         Carla Gouzalez
                            Nick Tomasic                    Consulting Ltd.             Anthony Bartolozzi
MacGillivary Services Inc                                                                                         Dino DeIuliis            Kim Guay
                            Sheila Torsney                Glenn Richardson              Bryan Bartolozzi
David Magder                                                                                                      Rita DeIuliis            Michelle Halliwell
                            Kevin Treacy                    Plumbing & Heating Ltd.     Patricia Bartolozzi
Christine Maning                                                                                                  Carolyn DeLoyde          Rosemarie Hammill
                            James Van Dyke                John Hinchliffe               Christine Basile
Judy Martin                                                                                                       Leo DeLoyde              T. Harnadek
                            Brian Vanderlip               Brian Jarvis                  Debbie Belsey
McCabe Iron Works                                                                                                 Jill Derouin             Jennifer Hartley
                            Kevin VanKampen               Patricia Kelly                Donna Bennett
James McChesney                                                                                                   Martin Desroches         Sharon Henderson
                            Lorraine Waller               Martin & Hillyer, Lakeshore   Samuel E. Bonilla
Greg McKenna                                                                                                      Marianne Deutschendorf   Kevin Henderson
                                                            Law Chambers                Tracie Booth
Reg Meiers                  Walters Inc.                                                                          Steve Digiandomenico     Elizabeth Hernandez
                                                          Mark McCrory                  N. Borchetta
Arthur Mitchell             James Warden                                                                          Rhonda Dravinskis        Cheryl E. Hurst
                                                          Monilex Sports Ltd            Daniel Brousseau
Tom Montgomery              Bryan & Peggy Webber &                                                                Rachelle Dubeau-Kielty   Christine Hurst
                              Family                      Natural Care Clinic           Jennifer Burns
Randy Nelson                                                                                                      Alicia Dubrawski         Lee-Ann Hurst
                            Mary Lynn West Moynes         NBI Specialty Chemicals Inc   Pam Burse
George Nickolason                                                                                                 Natalie Duckett          Brenda Iachelli
                            George Winchester             Brian Olsen                   Karen Carruthers
Optimist Club of Hamilton                                                                                         Preston Duckett          Jennifer Iachelli
                            Terry L. Winchie              Radigan Bros. Limited         Scott Carruthers
Jessica Peer                                                                                                      Matt Fallowfield         Stephanie Iassogna
                                                          Bob Steiner                   Emilia Casado
Donald Pether

                                                                                                                                           Year-End Report       19
Andrew Imrer          Christa Mckenna       Paul Sciascetti   Kevin Wasson                 Jenn Bateman            Coulter Building
Pat Jacques           Jodi Mckenzie         Michael Scopa     Monique Wasson               Wendy Bateman             Consultants Ltd.
Teena James           Audrey McSherry       Heather Sellan    Ann Watkin                   Graham Beattie          Karen Coulter
Helen Jarvis          Raelyne Mudryk        Vito Sgn          Amy Wells                    Lebaron Benjamin        Beverly Cuffe
Frank John            Liz Mullan            Darren Simpson    Elizabeth Wennick            Michael Berlinguette    Cliff Dakers
Fiona Kerr            Aaron Murakami        Alan Sipila       Shirley West                 Michael Bishop          Nella Damen
Kanita Khamphoomee    Kim Murphy            Ross Smith        Cathy White                  Marian Borthwick        Barbara Dawson
Tongdee Khamphoomee   Lori Myers            Phyllis Spong     Ryck Wiederhold              Greg Boudreau           Aubrey Denomy
Shauna Knight         Mina Nelson           Jodi Sponge       Jennifer Wiertel             Connie Bovair           Janine Deveaux
Tim Kocken            Lisa Nesloitt         Chris Styka       Kimberly A. Willey           Dave Bradbury           Barb DiFilice
Barb Kurpita          Paul Nitu             Michelle Styka    Sean Williams                Patricia Brooks         Jesse Dobbins
Jeff Labenski         Patrick O’Day         Stuart Sugden     Jeff Wilson                  Kathleen Brown          Geoff Doherty
Sharon Labenski       Mary Oikawa           Debbie Swire      Kelle Winter                 Colin Brown             Stephen Douglas
Mike Lang             Lucy Oliverio         Paul Swire        Zbigniew Wroniewicz          Bill Brown              Lorne Duck
Joan Langley          Marco Oppedisano      Beth Szczerbak                                 Charlene Brule-Lemmen   Phil Duffy
Eleanor Langley       Jennifer O’Sullivan   Diona Szczerbak
                                                              Ron Edwards Family           Sheri Burge             Ranjit Dulabh
Dianne Lara           John O’Sullivan       Ritchie Taylor    Y-a-Thon                     Jackie Burnie           Alison Dunn
Louise Latremouille   Sherrey Peeres        Laura Therrien    Sponsors                     Wendy Caldwell-Walker   Michael Dunphy
Bruce Lindsay         Robert Pevec          Darlene Thomas                                 Rob Campagna            Maria Dyck
                                                              Shewfelt Construction Corp
Pete Lundrigan        V. Pevec              George Todd                                    Jolene Carrier-Sine     Karen Eade
                                                              WKS Marketing Associates
Danielle Lyle         Michael Prawak        Deena Tosto                                    Tim Chaput              Jennifer Earle
Natasha Lyle          Veronica Preikschat   Joe Turcotte      Donors $15 +                 JP Charlebois           Theresa Elliott
Jim MacCallum         Alex Provan           Dirk Van Dalen                                 The Clare Family        Evelyn Erpelo
                                                              Susan Abell
Tim MacCallum         Jeff Redford          Shawn Van Raay                                 Susan Clare             Virginia Falconi
                                                              Anita Ali
David Macleod         Crystal-Anne Reid     Mandy VanGoch                                  Charlotte Clare         Dale Fasullo
                                                              Kellie Allen
Jennifer Marcinow     Sam Reid              Walter Ventura                                 Josephine Clark         Renzo Ferronato
                                                              Jack Allison
Mary Marcinow         Elsa Rodriguez        Cordelo Ventura                                Cathy Climie            Ann Fitchett
                                                              Lynda Anstett
Kathy McArthur        Vito Ruggia           Pamela Ventura                                 J Colantino             Carla Floriani
                                                              Marla Ashmore
B. McDermott          Joe Santocono         Vidalia Ventura                                Joelle Cooling          Corrine Fraser
                                                              ATS Scientific
Maryann McDermott     Nelia Santos          Tom Vernon                                     Don Cooper              Lisa Gaeton
                                                              Jean Austreng
Lori McDougall        Michelino Sardo       Monique Waring                                 Peter Costanzo          Diana Gauthier
                                                              Lynne Babin

                                                                                                                   Year-End Report      21
 Almaz Gebremichael       John Jaconelli       Peter Mitchell           Heather Powell               Elsie Steinnagel          MaryBeth Wist
 Milan Gedeon             Gillian Jakubowski   Brenda Mizzan            Lynda Redwood - Campbell     Martha Stephens           Mary Witzel
 Jennifer George          Amy Jenkins          Joel Murphy              Randy Reid                   Rosemary Stephens         Walter Woods
 Susan Gibson             Kathryn Jones        Dave Myers               Patti Reid                   Paul and Janice Sweeny    Bonnie Woodward
 Tracy Gilbert            Matthew Jones        Doug Nagy                Peter Repka                  Sylvia Tavares            Traci Wright
 Donna Golakovich         Baird Jones          Alexandra Neill          Catherine Reynolds           Frank Taylor              Scott Wright
 Monica Gray              Jennifer Keenan      Mary Nichol              Marlene Richardson           Sabina Taylor             Carol Wysocki
 Andrea Gruehl            Patricia Kelly       Pamela Nicol             William & Judith Robertson   Mary Terpstra             Stephanie Zawadzki
 Henry Hadley             Asghar Kichi         Tom Nicol                Beverley Rose                Anna Terpstra             Philip Zerr
 Steve Halfpenny          Garry Knight         Joy Noguchi              Patricia Rossall             Katie Terpstra            John & Dianne Zuber
 Rick Hames               Marty Kocjan         Anne Norris              Elaine Royer                 Robert & Valerie Thomas   Flamborough Family
 Linda Hanson             Frankie Lavallee     Debbie O’Connor          The Rumple Family            Valerie Thomas            Y-a-Thon
 Robin Hart               Jennifer Lowndes     Tom O’Connor             Amelia Rusch                 Lori Thompson
 Nancy Hastings           John MacCulloch      James Olmstead           Lee-Ann Santos               Donald Thorpe             Donors $15 +
 Cam Haunton              Monica Mackenzie     Marlene M. Olsen         Holly Schroeder              Candice Thorpe            John Ackerl
 Joe Hawken               Krista MacLaren      John Paul Ophelders      Nan Sears                    Ryan Tobin                Fiona Allen
 Malcolm Hayes            Chris Maddison       Kerri Ouellette          David Sears                  Barbara Turkowska         Brian Barton
 Ruth Haynes              Dave Mahony          Lynn Paddon              Bridget Sebestyen            Andrew Tyrell             Bass Paper & Packaging
 Nancy Henderson          Dan Majaina          Dennis Panchuk           Grace Seecharan              Bob Valentine               Ltd.
 Helen Henderson          Mario Maltais        Kevin Paterson           Tony Seecharan               Justin Vandenberg         Karen Bigeye
 Tony Henry               Evelyn Mandalfino    Rob Patterson            Grant Seifred                Sandy Vant                Susan Blatz
 Donna Hilts              Jennifer Martin      Elaine Peach             Paul Shelton                 Kathleen Vipond           N Brooke
 Allan Hislop             Keith Martin         Jaye Peart               Kate Shewchuk                Erica Vivian              Sean Brooks
 Donald Hislop            Matt Mathews         Janet Perigo             Kim Shikaze                  Joyce & Bill Wallace      Gary Bulloch
 E Hopkins                Bob McIsaac          David Petch              Michelle Slotuik             Spencer Warren            C Carpenter
 Kim Horning              Mary Lou Merritt     Rick Pihlainen           Wally Smeding                Ron Welsh                 Ann Clark
 Marion and Norm Howell   Lisa Merry           Mena Porter              Nancy Smith & Jim Woods      Dave Westlake             Tania Coakwell
 Carol Hrsan              Mike Michalski       The Posavad Family       Catherine Somers             Jack White                Ruth Cooke
 Susan Humphries          Sandra Middleton     Susan Potyondy           Sean Spelman                 Fran Whyte                Keith & Kathryn Coskey
 Gord Ingram              Ruth Mifsud          Terry, Linda & Heather   Sonja Spelman                Peter Williamson          Patrick Couture
 Janine Jaconelli         Bob Mitchell           Powell                 Jeff Spurell                 Terry Willis              Alicia Cuffe

22      2008 YMCA Strong Kids Campaign
Cassandra Cuffe      David Johnson           Waterdown Cafe &           Professional Landscape    Deb Randall
Michael Cuffe        Terry Johnson           Catering Inc.                Services Inc.           Mary Randazzo
Enid Curd-Masotti    Peter Kalman          Ray Weston                   R. Denninger Ltd.         Rita Reimers
Frank Dejak          Ruth Kyle             Ted Wilcox                   Roy, Speed Ross Limited   Paul Shelton
Paula Durham         Cathy Lapoint         Windchaser Carrier           Salon Red                 Shirley Shelton
Tania East           Janet Linton            Logistics Inc                                        Erin Shewfelt
                                           Vera Winter                  Donors $15 +
Joan Eckardt         LW Quilting                                                                  Donald Thorpe
Pamela Edgcumbe      Chuck Mantel          Stanley Wojtasik             Neil Austin               Janet Thorpe
Dolores Farrell      Wes McLaughlin        Gillian Wood                 Lindsay Berneche          Susan Tychansky
Sue Farrell          Joy Mitchell          Harry Wood                   Karen Burr                Nick VandeGraaf
Joe Fernandes        Connie Moore          Laura Wood                   Nadia Comegna             Gwen Vernon
Rhonda Forster       Michelle Murphy       Don Woodcock                 Marie Davison             Roxie Vernon
G&D Tank & Trailer   Ryan O’hare           Nancy Woodcock               Gillian Fernie            Alex Willms
Lydia Garland        Sue Peart             Kimberly Wright              Nancy Fuschino            Ben Zulerons
Katie Geoghegan      Ryan Penney                                        Susan Goetz
                                           Career Development &         Gina Holden
Bill Grant           Neil Pickering        Learning Bowl-a-Thon
Elizabeth Hagel      Aaron Pingree                                      Ronda Kachkar
Sandra Hanes         Hope Pingree          Sponsors                     Ethel Kelly
Amanda Himmel        John Pingree                                       Margaret Kummer
                                           Better Bitters Brewing
Heather Himmel       Karen Pingree          Company Ltd.                Shannon McNally
Hilde Himmel         The Posavad Family    Cedar Springs Health/        Stephen Mosher
Karl Himmel          Quilters Dream         Sportsclub                  Sharon Munslow
Trevor Himmel        Sandy Ready           Denbok Landscaping &         Janet Nagy
Dwayne Holditch      Annetta Rogenhop       Design Ltd.                 Cherie Nash
Rachel Holditch      Paula Salvucci        Energizer Canada Inc         Andrea Ondevilla
Faye Holmberg        Klint Skolnik         Garden Grove Landscaping     Mike Ondevilla
Kevin Honrath        Joclyn Tamboer        Hidden Lake Golf &           Jordyn Parry
                                            Country Club                Stanton Pawchuk
Jeanne Hood          Helen Toulmin
                                           Maple Leaf Consumer          Douglas Pawson
Trevor Hood          Ray Trask
                                            Foods                       Lorie Pepper
Denise Hroncek       Margaret Turner
                                           Mark Goulet Golf Shop Ltd.   Manon Pepper
Tom Jacques          John & Lina Nehme /

                                                                                                                    Year-End Report   23
Charitable Registration # 10808 3825 RR0001

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