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									Belly Button Rings

Though I don’t have anything on my body pierced other   than my ears, I
know a lot of people that do, and you probably do to.   Body jewelry looks
really good on the right people, and there are others   who probably should
have passed. No matter what though, there will always   be someone who
loves the look of nose or belly button rings, and you   may not be able to
talk them out of it no matter what you say.

I had a friend who loved belly button rings, and she was determined to
get her piercing done as soon as she could once she set her mind to it.
She had a slender waist, so it wasn’t a matter of looks that had me
worried. She was going to go to someone who has no business inserting
belly button rings and I was afraid something might end up going wrong
when she went in to get it done. She was in such a hurry that she waved
off my concerns and went right over.

This person did the belly button rings right in their own home. That was
what scared me about the whole ordeal. If you are going to let someone
put belly button rings through your skin, you had better make sure they
know what they are doing, and that they are using sterile materials. This
person was not. My friend got her ring inserted, and she ended up with a
very bad infection as well as a hole in her belly button that looked

If you want to find someone who can put in belly button rings for you,
you should go to a reputable piercing store and have them do it for you.
Watch what they are doing to make sure they are using sterile materials,
and if you feel like something is not quite right, you are well within
your rights to get up and walk out. Don’t go through with it if you have
a bad feeling about a place or a person. There is a reason we have those
bad feelings. They are meant to keep us safe from harm. You will be able
to find someone else to do belly button rings and you won’t have to risk
your health to get it done. Remember that if you really want to do it, it
can wait until you find a good person to do it.

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