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2009 Annual Users Conference
Maximizing your Subscription:
Ten Value Added Benefits

•   Marketing Your Company in ISNetworld
•   Increasing Your Exposure to Owner Clients
•   Optimizing the Conformance Tools
•   Simplifying Your Record Keeping Process
•   Managing and Evaluating Your Personnel
•   Tracking In-House Training Records
Marketing Your Company in ISNetworld
Marketing Your Company

                Benefit 1: Company Profile
                   • Upload a Company Logo
                     and Picture
                   • Populate Company Website
                   • Populate Company
                      •   What sets you apart from your
                      •   What is your company’s history?
                      •   What range of services does your
                          company provide?
Marketing Your Company
                 Benefit 1 (Cont.): Contractor
                 Specific Documents
                 •   Ability to submit company specific
                     documents for all Owner Clients to
                 •   Fax or upload documents under
                     Contractor Specific Documents
                 •   Examples: Safety Awards, Company
                     Brochure, News Articles, ISO
                     Certification, Etc.
Increasing Your Exposure to Owner Clients
  Over 130 Owner Client Companies in ISNetworld

                                                                                                                             •   Sinclair Oil Corporation
UPSTREAM                                      •   Shell Exploration & Production   •   LDH Energy
                                                                                                                             •   Sunoco, Inc.
• Apache Canada Ltd                           •   St. Mary Land & Exploration      •   LOOP, LLC
                                                                                                                             •   Terra Industries
• Badger Oil Corporation                      •   StatoilHydro                     •   Magellan Midstream, LP
                                                                                                                             •   TOTAL Petrochemicals
• BG Canada                                   •   Stone Energy                     •   Marathon Pipe Line LLC
                                                                                                                             •   Valero
• BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc.                •   W&T Offshore                     •   NuStar Energy, LP
• BP - Gulf of Mexico Business Units          •   Windsor Energy                   •   ONEOK Energy Companies
• Chevron Australia Pty.                      •   Woodside Energy (USA) Inc.       •   ONEOK NGL
• Chevron Canada Resources                    •   XTO Energy                       •   Plains All American Pipeline          ENVIRONMENTAL
• Chevron E&P Co. Gulf of Mexico                                                   •   Plains Midstream                      • Chevron EMC
• Chevron MidContinent/Alaska Business Unit                                        •   Praxair
• Connacher Oil & Gas Limited                 MIDSTREAM                            •   Ribost Terminal, LLC                  POWER GENERATION
• ConocoPhillips Alaska                       • Alliance Pipeline                  •   Shell Pipeline Co. LP                 • Covanta Energy
• ConocoPhillips Canada                       • Alyeska Pipeline Service Company   •   Spectra Energy
• ConocoPhillips Company (Lower 48)           • Atmos Energy Corporation           •   Source Gas                            MINING
• Devon Canada Corporation                    • Aux Sable Liquid Products          •   Southern Union Gas                    • Chevron Mining
• Devon Energy Corporation                    • Belle Fourche Pipeline             •   Sunoco Logistics Partners, LP         • Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan, Inc
• El Paso Exploration and Production Co.      • BP Pipelines & Logistics           •   Targa Resources                       • Teck Coal Ltd.
• EnCana [Canadian Foothills]                 • Bravo Pipeline Company             •   Tesoro Refining & Marketing Company
• EnCana [Integrated Oil & Canadian Plains]   • Buckeye Partners, LP               •   TransCanada
                                              • Centurion Pipeline L.P.                                                      BIOPHARMA
• Energy XXI                                                                       •   Williams
                                              • Chevron Pipe Line Company                                                    • Amgen
• EOG Resources Canada                                                             •   Wolverine Pipe Line Company
                                              • Chief Gathering, LLC                                                         • Biogen Idec
• Fairborne Energy Ltd
                                              • Colonial Pipeline                                                            • Bristol-Myers Squibb
• Hunt Oil Company
                                              • ConocoPhillips Pipe Line Company                                             • Schering-Plough
• Husky Energy
                                              • Denbury Onshore, LLC               DOWNSTREAM                                • Wyeth
• Koch Mineral Services
• LLOG                                        • Dow Pipeline                       • ALON USA Energy, Inc.
• Mariner Energy Resources, Inc.              • El Paso Pipelines                  • Celanese
                                              • Enbridge Natural Gas Business      • Chevron Products Company                STEEL
• McMoRan Oil & Gas
                                              • Enbridge Pipelines Inc.            • Chevron Products Company, NAM, P&FO     • ArcelorMittal
• Nexen Inc. Canadian Oil & Gas Division
                                              • Energy Transfer Company            • CITGO Petroleum Corporation             • Nucor Steel
• Nexen Petroleum USA Inc.
                                              • EPCO Holdings, Inc.                • ConocoPhillips                          • U.S. Steel
• Nippon Oil Exploration U.S.A. Limited
• Noble Energy                                • Explorer Pipeline                  • ExxonMobil Lubricants & Petroleum
• Oxy USA Inc./Occidental Permian Ltd.        • ExxonMobil Pipeline Company          Specialties Company                     WOOD/CONSUMER PRODUCTS
• PetroQuest Energy LLC                       • Genesis Crude Oil                  • Flint Hills Resources                   • Georgia-Pacific
• Plains Exploration and Production Company   • Holly Energy Partners              • HOVENSA, LLC                            • Weyerhaeuser
• Repsol E&P USA Inc. and affiliates          • Keyera Energy                      • Lyondell/Equistar
• Seneca Resources Corporation                • Kinder Morgan                      • NCRA/Jayhawk Pipeline                   FACILITIES MGMT.
                                              • Koch Pipeline Company- Corporate   • Oxbow Midwest Calcining LLC             • Chevron Business Real Estate Services
                                                                                   • Shell Energy Canada                     • ConocoPhillips Services
                                                                                                                             • Jones Lang LaSalle
How Do Owner Clients Search for Contractors?

                       Search Methods:
    1         2        1. Contractor Name
                          •   Searches for DBA and company
                              name changes
                          •   Searches partial company names
          3            2. Map Search
                          •   Main and branch office locations
                          •   Searches near a specific Zip Code
                              or Postal Code
                       3. Advanced Search:
                          •   Types of work
                          •   Countries you perform work in
                          •   Contractors with a specific grade
                              (Ex. A or B Grade, Green Light)
Increasing Exposure to Owner Clients

                    Benefit 2: Populate Dashboard
                    Information for All Owner
                    Clients to View
                     • Types of Work
                     • Office Locations
                     • Geography Served
Optimizing the Conformance Tools
How Can I Increase my Conformance?
                   Benefit 3: Available tools
                   within your subscription
                   • Access to Owner Client Grades
                   • Step-by-Step Contractor Checklist
                   • Video Tutorials

                  Benefit 4: Additional help
                  included in your subscription
                   • User Group Meetings
                   • Help Desks
Viewing Owner Client Requirements
Viewing Grades and Gaps
Viewing Grades and Gaps
Step-by-Step Contractor Checklist
•   Link Available on the Welcome Page

•   Customized for each contractor
    displaying all Owner Client
    requirements in ISNetworld

•   Displays the status of each item which
    allows the contractor to easily identify

•   Provides direct links to the applicable
    submittal page for each item on the

•   Highlights value added benefits
         - SmartLog
         - Training Manager
         - Employee Evaluation Tool
ISNetworld Video Tutorials

                       • Accessible anytime from the
                         Help Menu
                       • Step-by-step instructions on
                         how to utilize value-added
                       • Complete library of video
                         tutorials covering benefits,
                         including Training Manager,
                         SmartLog, and Employee
                         Evaluation Tool
Users Group Meetings and Help Desks:
Why Attend?
  •   One-on-one Contractor Assistance
  •   Direct Owner Client Contact
  •   Networking Opportunities
  •   Provide Functionality Suggestions and Feedback
  •   Learn How Owner Clients Utilize ISNetworld
  •   Review Requirements for a Specific Owner Client
Upcoming Users Group Meetings and
Help Desk
  •April 6, 2009 Krotz Springs, LA          •April 7, 2009 Grande Cache, AB
  •April 7, 2009 Big Spring, TX             •April 7, 2009 Weyburn, SK
  •April 7, 2009 West Greenwich, RI         •April 8, 2009 Hinton, AB
  •April 8, 2009 Cambridge, MA              •April 9, 2009 Edson, AB
  •April 9, 2009 Pasadena, TX               •April 21, 2009 Fort Nelson, BC
  •April 21, 2009 Augusta, GA               •April 21, 2009 Lloydminster, AB
  •April 22, 2009 Corpus Christi, TX        •April 22, 2009 Bonnyville, AB
  •April 23, 2009 South San Francisco, CA   •April 24, 2009 Red Deer, AB
  •April 29, 2009 Port Arthur, TX           •April 28, 2009 Medicine Hat, AB
  •May 5, 2009 Lemont, IL                   •May 5, 2009 Lac La Biche, AB
  •May 13, 2009 Oklahoma City, OK
  •May 14, 2009 Olathe, KS

  •May 20, 2009 Gonzales, LA
Simplifying Your Record Keeping Process
Simplifying Your Record Keeping Process

                  Benefit 5: SmartLog - Interactive tool
                   for managing and documenting
                        • Time savings
                        • Efficient record keeping process
                        • Manage multiple locations
                        • Generate and print 300 log and
                          300 A summaries
                        • Optional printing of Form 301
                        • Meet OSHA privacy requirements
                        • Available on the Company Tab
SmartLog Tool
Simplifying your Record Keeping Process

                   Benefit 6: Hierarchy Structure
                   Allows contractors to manage multi-
                   divisional companies within ISNetworld.
Hierarchy Benefits
Managing and Evaluating Your Personnel
Managing Individual Level Information

Benefit 7: Personnel Functions - Human Resources Tool to
track individual data
Contact Information                                       Special Certificates
     •   Physical Address                                      • Medical Certificates
     •   Email Address                                         • Training Certificates
     •   Phone Numbers                                         • Passport
     •   Emergency Contact

Job History                                               Driver’s License Information
     • Location/Department                                     • Driver’s License Number
     • Job Classification and                                  • Driver’s Status
                                                               • Expiration Date
     • Site/Business Unit

 **Optional, Permission based, and not shared with Owner Clients
Managing Individual Level Information

 Job History                    Information

Driver’s License                Special
Information                     Certificates
Managing Individual Level Information

Employee Reports – Exportable to Excel to easily sort and manage
individual level data

   • View all employee information from the Personnel section in one
   • Run reports to view information on:
       • Driver’s License or Driver’s status
       • Passports
       • Medical and Special Certificates
   • Receive automated emails for expired certificates or expired
     driver’s licenses
Managing and Evaluating your Personnel

 Benefit 8: ISNetworld ID Cards

 •   Upload photo of employees and receive free ISNetworld ID Card

 •   ID Cards can be scanned to view QuickCheck information
      • Operator Qualifications
      • In-house Training Records
      • Drug & Alcohol Information
      • Background Checks

 •   Print Temporary ID cards at anytime that can be scanned

 •   Unlimited ID cards for no additional Cost
Managing and Evaluating your Personnel
 Benefit 9: Employee
 Evaluation Tool
  • Track and manage
    employee performance
  • Create performance
    evaluations based on job
    class or department
  • Exportable reports detailing
    individual or group
    performance over time
Employee Evaluation Form
Employee Performance Report
Tracking In-House Training Records
Tracking In-House Training Records
Benefit 10: Training Manager
• Included within current ISNetworld

• Dedicated exclusively to in-house training
  for contractors

• Run reports to track required training for

• Automated email reminders on class
  expirations and renewal notices

• Easy to transfer historical training records
  from your system to ours

• Ability to link to T-RAVS

• Option to share course information with
  Owner Clients
Training Manager Setup Course Catalog

                    Ability to Track:
                    • Hours to the Course
                    • Renewal Months
                    • Type of Course
                        - Computer Based Training
                        - Instructor Taught
                    • Equivalent Courses
                    • Specific Notes
                    • Documents
                        - PowerPoint Presentations
                        - Syllabus
Training Schedule
Roster Management: Attach Documents
Training Manager Class Roster
Training Manager Requirements Matrix
Job Requirements Matrix
History/Schedule/Renewal Report
New Training Manager Functionality
•   New reports in 2008:
     – Job Training Matrix
     – Training Matrix

•   Automatically Renew a Course

•   Upload Documents through Roster Management

•   Remove Inactive Students from Future Schedules in One Step

•   New Enhancements to Course Profile Setup

•   Optimizing Performance and Speed of Training Manager in 2009
Maximizing your Subscription

 •   Marketing your Company in ISNetworld
       1. Company Profile and Contractor Specific Documents
 •   Increasing your Exposure to Owner Clients
       2. Company Dashboard
 •   Optimizing the Conformance Tools
       3. Viewing Grades, Step-by-step Checklist and Video
       4. User Group Meetings and Help Desks
Maximizing your Subscription

 •   Simplifying your Record Keeping Process
       5. SmartLog
       6. Hierarchy Structure
 •   Managing and Evaluating your Personnel
       7. Personnel Functions and Employee Reports
       8. ID Cards
       9. Employee Evaluation Tool
 •   Tracking In-House Training Records
       10. Training Manager
Contractor Customer Care

Dedicated Contractor Customer Service Team

Unlimited Help Desk Support – (214) 303-4900, (800) 976-1303


Conduct telephone and on-line training to setup and train contractors

Follow-up calls to check on progress

Regional Contractor Users Group Meetings and Help Desks
Question and Comments:

Help Desks Sessions Available in Texas
Ballroom A - D
2009 Annual Users Conference
Maximizing your Subscription:
Ten Value Added Benefits

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