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									                                  State Licensing Requirements
All States do not have roofing specific regulations: However, they may have construction or specialty contractor licensing
requirements that affect roofing contractors.

Please contact both the state and local agencies to verify roofing contractor licensing requirements. Requirements at the
local level are not included on this list, however they may be extensive in the regulation of construction work, especially
when there is no state law.

Note: MRCA provides this information with no guarantee as to accuracy. If critical information is needed, a
member should always contact a specific state government to determine licensing issues.
MRCA cannot be held responsible for any actions taken by providing this information .

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Alabama - The state of Alabama requires any general contractor working on a commercial or
      industrial project costing $50,000 or more to get a license. If you're the general contractor on a
     residential project that costs $10,000 or more, you need a license

                 State Licensing Board for General Contractors          (334) 272-5030
                 2525 Fairlane Drive
                 Montgomery, AL 36116

Alaska - Contractors are required to be registered with the Department of Commerce and
         Economical Development.

                 Department of Community and Economic Development
                 Division of Occupational Licensing   (907) 465-2546
                 333 Willoughby Avenue, 9th Floor
                 P.O. Box 110806
                 Juneau, AK 99801-0800

Arizona - A license is required for a contractor to bid on any job over $750.

                 Arizona Registrar of Contractors          (602) 542-1525
                 800 West Washington
                 6th Floor
                 Phoenix, AZ 85007-2940

Arkansas - A contractor's license is required for any commercial job over $20,000.

                 Contractors Licensing Board                  (501) 372-4661
                 4100 Richards Road
                 N. Little Rock, AR 72117

California - If the total of one or more contracts on a job is over $300, contractor must be licensed.

                 Contractors State License Board             (916) 255-3900
                 9821 Business Park Drive
                 Sacramento, CA 95826

Colorado - License requirements must be met at the local governments. No state licensing required.

                 Division of Commercial Recordings                (303) 894-2200
                 Department of State
                 1560 Broadway, Suite 200
                 Denver, CO 80202

Connecticut - Certification is required for anyone working on new or renovated projects.
              Major projects must be registered.

                 State of Connecticut                             (860) 713-6000
                 Department of Consumer Protection
                 165 Capitol Avenue, Room 110
                 Hartford, CT 06106

Delaware - Contractors are required to be licensed.

                 Division of Revenue                    (302) 577-5800
                 Carvel State Building
                 820 North French Street
                 Wilmington, DE 19801

District of Columbia - Every business in the District of Columbia with more than $2,000 in gross
              receipts annually must obtain a Master Business License.

                 Dept. of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs           (202) 442-4400
                 Government of the District of Columbia
                 941 North Capitol Street NE
                 Washington, DC 20002

Florida -You need to be registered or certified to do construction work in Florida. You can get a
      "registered" contractor's license at the local level, unless a certified license is required by the
      county you want to perform the work in. Contractors with a "certified" license are allowed to
      work anywhere in the state.
                 Department of Business & Professional Regulation             (850) 487-1395
                 Construction Industry Licensing Board
                 1940 North Monroe Street
                 Tallahassee, FL 32399

Georgia – License requirements must be met at the local governments. No state licensing required.

                 State Construction Industry Licensing Board         (478) 207-1416
                 237 Coliseum Drive
                 Macon, GA 31217-3858

Hawaii - License is required for contractors.

                 Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs                       (808) 586-3000
                 Professional & Vocational Licensing
                 335 Merchant Street
                 P.O. Box 3469
                 Honolulu, HI 96813

Idaho - The state of Idaho does not license general contractors working on private sector residential
or commercial projects. License requirements must be met at the local governments.
                 Public Works/Contractors State License Bureau         (208) 334-4057
                 1090 E. Watertower St.
                 Meridian, ID 83642

Illinois - Roofing contractors are required to be licensed.

                 Illinois Department of Professional Regulation         (217) 782-8556
                 320 West Washington Street, 3rd floor
                 Springfield, IL 62786

Indiana - No license required at state level. Check with local level for license requirement.

                 Indiana Professional Licensing Agency            (317) 232-2980
                 302 West Washington Street, Room E034
                 Indianapolis, IN 46204-2700

Iowa - License required for asbestos projects.

                 Iowa Division of Labor            (515) 242-5871
                 1000 East Grand Avenue
                 Des Moines, IA 50319-0209

Kansas - With the exception of asbestos abatement and water well drilling, Kansas doesn't license
     construction contractors at the state level. But you should check for licensing requirements at
     the local level.

                 Department of Revenue          (913) 296-0222
                 State of Kansas
                 Docking State Office Building
                 915 SW Harrison St., 3rd Floor
                 Topeka, KS 66625-0001

Kentucky - Roofing contractors are not licensed by the state. Check with local governments for
          license requirements.

                 Department of Housing, Buildings, & Construction           (502) 564-3580
                 1047 US Highway 127 S, Suite 1
                 Frankfort, KY 40601-4337

Louisiana - To do construction work in Louisiana you need to be licensed by the State Licensing
             Board for Contractors.

                   State of Louisiana                         (225) 765-2301 (800) 256-1392
                 State Licensing Board for Contractors
                 P.O. Box 14419
                 Baton Rouge, LA 70898-4419

Maine - License required for asbestos projects.

                 State of Maine                         (207) 287-2651
                 Department of Environmental Protection
                 17 State House Station
                 Augusta, ME 04333-0017

Maryland - Home improvement projects only require a license.

                 State of Maryland               (410) 230-6176
                 Home Improvement Commission
                 500 North Calvert Street
                 Baltimore, MD 21202

Massachusetts - Contractors are required to be licensed.

                 State Board of Building Regulations and Standards             (617) 727-3200
                 McCormack State Office Building
                 One Ashburton Place, Room 1301
                 Boston, MA 02108

Michigan -Contractors working on residential or a combination of residential and commercial
          buildings must be licensed.
                 Builder's Unit                (517) 241-9254
                 Bureau of Commercial Services
                 Department of Consumer and Industry Services
                 P.O. Box 30245
                 Lansing, MI 48909

Minnesota - Residential projects are required to be licensed and bonded by the Dept of Commerce.

                 Department of Commerce          (651) 296-2488 (800) 657-3978
                 133 East 7th Street
                 St. Paul, MN 55101

Mississippi - All except the smallest projects require licensing or certification.

                 Mississippi Contractor Licensing Board              (601) 354-6161
                 215 Woodline Drive, Suite B
                 Jackson, MS 39208

Missouri - Contractors are not required to be licensed.

                 Sec. Of State Business Services              (573) 751-4153
                 P.O. Box 778
                 Jefferson City, MO 65102

Montana - The Department of Labor and Industry requires contractors to be registered if they have
            employees. Registration is optional if a contractor has no employees.
            For government jobs, a state license is required.

                 Contractors Registration Unit          (406) 444-9586
                 Employment Relations Division
                 Department of Labor and Industry
                 P.O. Box 8011
                 Helena, MT 59604-8011

Nebraska - All contractors doing business in counties with a population of 100,000 or more need a
           license to do business. Nonresident contractors doing business in Nebraska must
            register with the Nebraska Secretary of State and the Nebraska Dept of Revenue.

                 Nebraska Workforce Development- Dept. of Labor                (402) 595-3189
                 5404 Cedar Street, Third Floor
                 Omaha, NE 68106-2365

                 Nebraska Department of Revenue (402) 471-2971
                 301 Centennial Mall South
                 P.O. Box 94818
                 Lincoln, NE 68509-4818

Nevada - Anyone bidding or working in construction are required to be licensed.

                 State Contractors Board                      (702) 486-1100 x1139
                 2310 Corporate Circle, Suite 200
                 Henderson, NV 89074

New Hampshire - A license is required for contractors working with asbestos.
                Local governments may have requirements.

                 New Hampshire Division of Public Health Services (603) 271-4676
                 Bureau of Health Risk Assessment
                 6 Hazen Drive
                 Concord, NH 03301-6527
New Jersey - You must register to be in the business of building new homes in New Jersey. You
             must also warrant each new home you build and provide warranty follow-up services.
            Registration is required do business as a home repair contractor. Starting Dec. 31st,
            2005, you'll need to be registered to do business as a home improvement contractor.

                 Office of the Attorney General         (888) 656-6225
                 Division of Consumer Affairs
                 Office of Consumer Protection
                 Regulated Business Section
                 124 Halsey Street, 7th Floor
                 P.O. Box 46016
                 Newark, NJ 07101

New Mexico - A license is required for contractors.

                 Construction Industries Division              (505) 827-7030
                 State of New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department
                 725 St. Michael's Drive
                 P.O. Box 25101
                 Santa Fe, NM 87504

New York - Check with local governments. State regulates asbestos work.

                 Division of Safety and Health           (518) 457-2735
                 License and Certificate Unit
                 Building 12, Room 161
                 State Campus
                 Albany, NY 12204

North Carolina - North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors requires licensing if
             making over $30,000.

                 North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors          (919) 571-4183
                 P. O. Box 17187
                 Raleigh, NC 27619

North Dakota - Any project over $2,000 requires a license.

                 Secretary of State             (701) 328-3665
                 State of North Dakota
                 600 East Boulevard Avenue Dept. 108
                 Bismarck, ND 58505-0500

Ohio - Licensing for contractors is controlled by municipality where work is done.

                 Ohio Department of Commerce                    (614) 644-3493
                 Ohio Construction Industry Examining Board
                 6606 Tussing Road
                 P.O. Box 4009
                 Reynoldsburg, OH 43068-9009
Oklahoma - Special requirements are set up if the contractor is from outside the state of Oklahoma.
           In-state contractors are not required to be licensed.

                 Oklahoma State Department of Health                     (405) 271-5217
                 Occupational Licensing Service
                 1000 N. E. 10th Street
                 Oklahoma City, OK 73117-1299

Oregon - Anyone paid for working in construction must be registered.

                 Construction Contractors Board       (503) 378-4621 ext. 4900
                 700 Summer Street NE, Suite 300
                 P.O. Box 14140
                 Salem, OR 97309-5052

Pennsylvania - No state license is required for contractors. Check with local departments for
           business privilege license and contractor license requirements.

                 Department of General Services                   (717) 783-7610
                 18th and Herr Streets, Room 103
                 Harrisburg, PA 17125

Rhode Island - Registration with the Contractors' Registration Board is required if work is done on
            one-to four-family dwellings.

                 Department of Administration                     (401)222-1270
                 Contractors' Registration Board
                 One Capitol Hill
                 Providence, RI 02908-5859

South Carolina - Commercial contractors are required to be licensed if making more than $5,000.
            Residential contractors must be registered as a specialty contractor with SC
            Residential Builders Commission, if making over $200.

                 South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation             (803) 896-4696
                 Residential Builders Commission
                 Synergy Business Park, Kingtree Building
                 110 Centerview Dr., Suite 102
                 Columbia, SC 29210

South Dakota - Only contractors working with asbestos require a license.

                 Office of Secretary of State    (605) 773-4845
                 500 East Capitol
                 Pierre, SD 57501

Tennessee - - Contractors are required to be licensed.

                   Board for Licensing Contractors             (615) 741-8307
                   500 James Robertson Parkway, Suite 110
                   Nashville, TN 37243

Texas - - No license required. Home builders are not licensed, but are required to register.

                 Texas Residential Construction Commission                (877) 651-TRCC
                 P. O. Box 13144
                 Austin, TX 78711

Utah - Contractors must obtain a license to work in the State.

                 Division of Occupational & Professional Licensing                (801) 530-6628
                 160 East 300 South, 4th floor
                 P. O. Box 146741
                 Salt Lake City, UT 84145-6741

Vermont - Certification is required for asbestos work only.

                 Department of Labor and Industry        (802) 828-2107
                 National Life Bldg., Drawer 20
                 Montpelier, VT 05620-3401

Virginia - To do construction work in Virginia you need a license or certificate from the
              Virginia Board for Contractors.

                 Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation                  (804) 367-8511
                 Board for Contractors
                 3600 West Broad Street
                 P. O. Box 11066
                 Richmond, VA 23230-1066

Washington - - Anyone in the construction field is required to register with the Washington

                 Department of Labor and Industries              (360) 902-5226
                 Contractor's Registration Section
                 P. O. Box 44450
                 Olympia, WA 98504-4450

West Virginia - Contractors must be licensed.

                 West Virginia Contractor Licensing Board             (304) 558-7890
                 Building 6, Room B-749
                 State Capitol Complex
                 Charleston, WV 25305

Wisconsin - Contractors are required to have a Dwelling Contractor Financial Responsibility
             Certification if they are working on one- or two-family homes.

                 Department of Commerce, Safety and Buildings Division     (608) 261-8500
                 201 W. Washington Avenue
                 P. O. Box 7082
                 Madison, WI 53707-7082

Wyoming - Contractors must be licensed by local governments.

                 Corporations and UCC Department               (307) 777-7311
                 Office of the Secretary of State
                 110 Capitol Building
                 Cheyenne, WY 82002


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