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					List Kinjutsu Ninja Saga

For those who want to buy kinjutsu but which maubeli confused? The
following lists Token Jutsu Ninja Saga at present:

All Kinjutsu level 10 have a Cooldown and Use Chakra (CP) are the same,
namely 10 and 50 Cooldown CP, except for WATER renewal only need 10 CP.
Here's a description of each Kinjutsu level 10:

Effect = Increase the amount of damage (the amount of damage) of all
attacks by 40% during the third turn (3 turn).
This skill increases the amount of damage the attack by 40% for 3 turns,
it is suitable for the type of offensive like the element of fire and
lightning that want to increase the amount of damage to their attacks.
This skill is MANDATORY for ninja element of fire damage was enormous.

Effect = Increases Critical Strike chance (critical attacks; 150% of
normal damage) by 40% during the third turn (3 times).
Lightning Charge skill is similar to Fire Power as equally useful to
increase the number of attacks. Only the difference, Lightning Charge is
chance or opportunity, which increases the Critical Strike chance by 40%.
While the Fire Power is direct without having to have a chance. For the
air-element ninja Pure Pure Thunder or Lightning, Fire Power and
Lightning Charge, both effective to use this skill, because Pure Thunder
ninja element already has a high critical chance. But for the Pure Fire,
is not recommended for use Lightning Charge because it is not effective
given the Pure Critical Fire has a low chance. So, API or LIGHTNING? FIRE
or LIGHTNING POWER CHARGE? Both have their advantages ....
-Without a high critical chance though, FIRE POWER has been used
effectively to enhance the attack, effective to use all of the elements.
While LIGHTNING CHARGE will not be of much use to the ninja with a low
critical chance ... this skill is not recommended, but ...
- For users of lightning or Pure Lightning element that has a high
Critical Chance, especially users talent Dark Eye, LIGHTNING CHARGE
clearly better than FIRE POWER. Because once critical, damage its 150%
normal damage, not to mention the critical strike bonus gained from every
point of lightning, while the Fire Power only gives 140% normal damage.
But, Fire Power can also be used to obtain a higher damage and super-
awful again.

Description: Creates a Golem ground to protect itself from any attack.
Effect = Reducing the amount of damage (the number of attacks) received
by 40% during the third turn (3 times).
This skill is the opposite Fire Power, reduce 40% damage received.
Suitable for use as a defense skills. Especially when your opponent is
using a Fire Power, and you use Golem Protection, then buff Fire Power is
not functioning.
Again, GP is a good skill and will be more effective if used against
enemy air-high damage, although not mandatory, but please do not hesitate
to take this skill if you have a lot of extra tokens.

4) WATER = WATER Renewal
Effect = Increase the amount of Chakra Point (CP) by 13% at every turn
(regeneration) for 3 turn (3 times).
In my opinion, of all the level 10 skill tokens, skill is the most ugly
and not useful. Should not have bought ... CP return only 39% (3 x 13
%)... only to 39% CP need to wait 3 turns ... Charge passable, right? 2
turn has increased 50% CP. Moreover, users talent Dark Eye Level 10 which
need only 1 time Charge to restore the 50% CP. So, in essence, not have
to buy this skill because it will not kepake '...

5) WIND = Evasion
Effect = Increases chance Dodge (dodge / dodge) by 40% during the third
turn (3 times).

This is my favorite skill and skill token token the first time I bought
once a skill that I most hated enemies in PvP have the skill>>>
For users of the wind element or attribute it to lots of wind ...
MANDATORY legal purchase this skill ... Wind element without Evasion =
Water Element without reloading
Increases dodge chance / rate of 40% is enough to make opponents can
barely touch you ....

Here's a description of each Kinjutsu level 20:

1) API = Hellfire
Cooldown: 10
CP: 220
Damage: 231
Description: Attack the fire that led to Burn effect (burning)
Effect = Target hit the Burn effect of 3% (target's HP is reduced by 3%
at every turn) for 3 turn (3 times).
Skill Hellfire is a skill that must be installed user element in dealing
with World Boss fire or other enemies that have high HP. Reduction of 9%
HP (3% x 3) will greatly help to kill World Boss Hunting House with ease.
Here are lists of skills, talent, pets and weapons that have the effect
of the most high-Burning:
1. 15% HP: (1.5% x 10) = Mirror of Passion - Eye of Mirror Lv. 10
2. 9% HP: (3% x 3) = Hellfire
3. 6% HP: (3% x 2) = Keiko, (2% x 3) = Tomaru (Emblem)
4. 4% HP: (2% x 2) = Leiko, (2% x 2) = Lava Spirits - Explosive Lava Lv.
10 (30% chance)
5. 3% HP: (1.5% x 2) = Kagero (Emblem; 35% chance), (1% x 3) = Burning
Yanki Sickles (World Boss, 60% chance)

Cooldown: 10
CP: 242
Damage: 210
Description: lightning lightning attack that causes effects Blind (blind)
Securities affected by Blind Target = 70% (accuracy / precision of the
target was reduced by 70%) during the second turn (2 times).
Blind, this effect makes the accuracy of the affected enemy blind
reduced, almost like Evasion, only the difference did not like Evasion or
other skills for yourself, Blind different. If a friend were attacked
targets affected by Blind, Dodge they will also increase or attack those
targets missed. Although it must be remembered that the accuracy is not a
dodge his opponent.
This skill is very useful in PvP, especially for wind ninja elements who
want to increase their dodge chance. When in a state Evasion skill
cooldown, you can use a Lightning Flash which has utility similar to
Evasion, unfortunately, although a reduced number of very high accuracy
(nearly 100%), is valid only during the second turn (2 turns).

3) Absorption EARTH EARTH =
Cooldown: 10
CP: 220
Damage: 189
Description: Attack of the earth that reduces the target Chakra
Effect = Absorb CP (Chakra Point) target of 15% for 1 turn (1 time), and
add it to our CP, very effective for Boss World, where the CP was large.
Come to think again, Earth is actually not useful Absorption ...
dibandingin other skill ... if buying this skill, buang2 aja token, a
good buy another skill that is better ... the effect is just absorbing
the chakra doang ... not effective everywhere, except the World Boss CP
gede2 his ... but why should absorb Chakra, Charge wrote passable skill
and buy another token. So, in essence, not have to buy this skill because
it will not kepake '...

Cooldown: 10
CP: 210
Damage: 168
Description: The attack of water to restrict the target
Effect = Targets hit by the effects of Restriction (the target can not
use skills) during the second turn (2 times).
Restriction 2 turn ... Water Bundle makes very useful, not like that can
stun-resist and not clear how many turn kenanya (either 3, 2, or even 1
turn), Water Bundle different. Restriction can not in-resist and
definitely got 2 turn. Restriction that only two enemies Purify and
DODGE!, So this skill will actually be effective against ninja non-
Angin/Air. Water Bundle itself is actually the only step that has the
effect of Restriction. Pet Talent and the rest are as:
- Hidden Silhoutte: Extinguish (3 turn)
- Eye of the Mirror: Mirror of Grace (3 turn)
- Dark Eye: Acupuncture meridians Destruction (2 turn)
- Keiko: Toad Lick (1 turn)
- Suzu: SECRET: Ecstasy Transformation (1 turn)

Cooldown: 8
CP: 176
Damage: 147
Description: Attack the wind that causes the effect Bleeding (hemorrhage)
Effect = Target hit Bleeding effect by 25% (Damage / destruction of all
attacks increased by 25%, 125% Damage normal) during the third turn (3
Bleeding, these effects make the damage increase when attacking an enemy
that affected the bleeding, not like Fire Power or other skills for
yourself, Bleeding different. If your friends are exposed to attack
targets Bleeding, their damage will also increase.
This skill is actually useful to increase the damage the attack users of
low wind element by 25%, but now it seems the effect of this skill is not
TOO useful anymore, because there are skill (talent) other bleeding
that's better, the Samurai: One Sword. In addition, there are many other
skills that can increase the number of attacks with an even larger
amount. The following sequence of skill-skill, talent and useful pet
increases the damage of attacks from the highest:
1. +80% = Eight extremities - Extreme Mode Lv. 10 (only for talent and
skill taijutsu 8-EX, 3 turn)
2. +75% = Hidden Among Rocks (1 turn)
3. +50% = Critical STRIKE! >>> Lightning Charge. Actually, to get +50%
damage need not use any jutsu because everyone already has a 5% Critical
Chance from the beginning. Only, to enhance this opportunity to make it
more effective are needed Lightning Charge.
4. +40% = Fire Power (3 turn) and Deadly Performance - Samurai: One Sword
Lv. 10 (3 turn)
5. +30% = Combustion>>> This status can only be obtained by clicking
invest at least 1 point to the element fire.
6. +25% = Blade of Wind (3 turn)
7. +20% = Rage of Yama (3 turn) and Explosive Lava - Lava Shield Lv. 10
(3 turn only to the elements fire and earth)
8. +15% = Armor of Narukami (3 turn)
9. +10% = Wind Edge Chop, Moon and Wind Blade Cleave Extension (1 turn)
10. +10% = Inokuchi - SECRET: Rock Death Spear (2 turn)
11. +8% = Chiko - SECRET: Flight Sickles (2 turn) and the Angry Tiger
12. +7% = Leiko - Catalytic Matter (with sacrifice HP 4% / 2% x 2 turn)
13. +6.5% = Enchanted Katana Gyoubu
14. +5% = Eriko - Roar Courage (2 turn), Raita - Military Lightning Roar
(2 turn), Ichi no Katana and Explosive Lava (passive skill)
15. +3% = Hiragi - Poem of Bird (3 turn)
16. +2% = Abarenbo (50% chance) and Mountain Haze

Here's a description of each Kinjutsu level 30:

1) API = FIRE ENERGY excitation
Cooldown: 10
CP: 240
Damage: -
Description: Using the skill without the use of Chakra (CP) for 3 turn (3
Effect = Can not fill Chakra (Charge) for 6 turn (6 times).
Skill is suitable for use by any elements and against any elements, but
is more effectively used by non-water elements and non-dark eye that has
a low CP. This skill is also suitable type of user elements offensive to
the use of CP, such as Lightning and Fire. This skill is great for the
most extravagant elements of Lightning CP usage. But there are side
effects can not Charge for 6 turn or 3 the next turn, but the point here
is that during this chakra SCROLL I guess not to ... xD

Cooldown: 10
CP: 176
Damage: 341
Reducing the chance to escape the effects = average (Dodge rate) target
by 40% and reduce Chakra (CP) target of 8% every time the target is
attacked during the third turn (3 times).
When viewed from above description, it seems very useful skill to fight
the ninja who has the wind element high dodge chance, dodge chance and CP
reduces the opponent, these moves will really hurt the wind element user.
BUT, try pikir2 go again, what FLB really effective? Read the dialogue
below ...
If dipikir2 again, FLB is actually not effective and not in order, why?
A: Flash Lightning Bundle should be used before the opponent using Wind
Peace Evasion or her, because although we try to attack, if the enemy has
put up two of the skill, Flash Lightning Bundle we will still be dodge.
B: So how NIH?
A: We must go first in order to use Flash Lightning Bundle first before
the enemy uses to buff dodge enhancing his chance ...
B: Well you know, Wind User's always the way first because of its high
agility, how could sempet nyerangnya?!

In conclusion, this stance just like any other regular attack stance ...

Cooldown: 10
CP: 75
Damage: -
Effect = Reduce the amount of damage (Damage) received 100% in one turn
(one time) the first, and increase the amount of damage (Damage) attacks
by 75% (175% normal damage) on the second turn (one time).
One of the best skill other ground elements is HAR (Hidden Among Rocks)
... This stance is good for use anywhere, but more useful for PvP and
missions. First effect is any damage that attacked us would be 0, the
first effect aja dah looks good, unfortunately only 1 turn doang ... the
effect of both is to add our attack damage by 75%, WOW ... of all the
existing skills, HAR is the highest damage-enhancing skills ... which is
75%, almost 100%! Unfortunately, it's just one turn. If from all the
talent, skill and pet enhancing existing damage, HAR no.2, Extreme Mode
after his 8-extremities which increase 80% damage.

4) = Prison colliding WATER WAVE
Cooldown: 10
CP: 160
Damage: -
= Target stun effect, HP (blood) & CP (chakras) the target was reduced by
2% during the second turn (2 times).
PCW (Prison colliding Wave) in my opinion is the best skill level 30 and
also one of great skill other than water. Suitable for everything, PvP,
World Boss or mission. Although the stun, if pake 'PCW, stunnya never
less than 2, if taxable, would stunnya 2 times, never less, great samalah
Water Bundle ama ... besides, according to my observations during this
PCW was never resist World Boss. Reducing CP & HP by 4% (2% x 2), PCW is
also effective in the World Boss ... similar functions such as Hellfire,
Hellfire though still number 1.

Cooldown: 10
CP: 128
Damage: -
Effect = Increases dodge chance average (Dodge rate) by 20%, and increase
the amount of Chakra (CP) by 8% at every turn during the third turn (3
times), applies to all team members.
Wind Peace, this skill is a twin Evasion, equally ningkatin dodge, though
smaller ... hehe ... only 20%, but this skill also add 8% CP and I like
most of these skills are: The effect applies to all team members,
especially useful when team members are dying again

Of all Kinjutsu, Kinjutsu level 40 can be spelled out rather interesting
and unique compared to other Kinjutsu, because almost all Kinjutsu level
40 monster or god-like shape of each of these elements, except the Shield
of Suiten. Here's a description of each Kinjutsu level 40:

Cooldown: 10
CP: 100
Damage: -
Effect = Increases the amount of damage (Damage) attacks by 20%, the
amount of damage (Damage) opponent is also increased by 20% but 100% the
amount of damage (Damage) received reversed to the enemy (Reactive Force)
for a 3 turn (3 times).
Tangible creepy-looking monsters head with flames of hair called YAMA.
The effect is the Rage which can increase damage 20%, just like Fire
Power, though far smaller ... moreover, defense / defense we will also be
reduced by 20% or it can be said about the attacks that we also increased
20%, but the best of this moment is = 100% reactive FORCE!
Although the damage the enemy also increased 20%, but what's the point if
all these attacks to the enemy completely reversed (100 %)??? It's the
same aja Damage = 0 and the enemy that attacked it will buang2 Chakra ...
but be careful with Pure Earth (Pure Land) is the amount of his HP more,
although we use Rage of Yama, Pure Earth will not hesitate to attack ...
Pure Earth was the only drawback Rage of Yama

Cooldown: 10
CP: 100
Damage: -
Effect = Increases the amount of damage (Damage) attacks, the chance to
do critical attacks (Crirical Chance), and accuracy (accuracy) of 15%
during the third turn (3 times).
Tangible haired monsters mighty sharp-covered electrical named NARUKAMI.
The effect is to increase the attack, accuracy, and critical by 15%. Only
15% aja?

Ningkatin damage 15%>>> Bagusan Fire Power-lah ... 40%
Ningkatin critical 15%>>> Bagusan Lightning Charge (LC) was ... 40%
Ningkatin accuracy of 15% ... I think this was just a nice ...

After second thought, I think, Armor of Narukami is not a priority ...
may be purchased but now have much more ... Token Armor of Narukami will
either be used as a substitute for Lightning Charge, especially when in a
state Cooldown LC ... LC Cooldown if not, ya pake 'LC wrote ...

3) Embrace OF EARTH = Golem
Cooldown: 10
CP: 100
Damage: -
Effect = Increases the amount of HP (blood) by 5% every turn and will not
be affected by any negative status (Purify) for 3 turn (3 times).
Who does not know the Golem? Of course know, this monster is the earth
element jutsu specialists are available in various levels and forms such
as the jutsu Mud Golem, Golem Protection, Mud Golem Fist, Embrace of
Embrace of Golem effect is really great, that Purify & add 5% HP for 3
turn makes EOG (Embrace of Golem) to be the Best Defense Skill Token
Number 3 Ninja Saga, I think, after Evasion (1) and SHIELD OF Suiten (2).
For those who have this skill, MUST be used on the first turn PvP.
Because usually, on the first turn-turn, the enemy will use disabling
moves like Restriction, Sleep, Barrier, Chaos, Stun, etc.. So with the
EOG, you will be spared from the negative effects ... in addition, the
effect of return of 15% HP (5% x 3) will also be felt its effect on Earth
Pure (Pure Land) is the average of his cell phone ...

Cooldown: 10
CP: 100
Damage: -
Effect = The amount of damage (Damage) is received via the CP, and not
through the HP (Ratio: 1 CP = 2 HP). Valid for 3 turn (3 times).
This stance is intangible like a monster but only tangible bubble that
envelops the user, may indeed like that of his original form Suiten.
The purpose of this stance is, our HP will not decrease when the enemy
attacked us, or it can be said Damage = 0. However, permanent damage
received by enemy attacks us with a ratio of CP: 1 CP = 2 HP. Here I give
an example situation:
You use a jutsu Shield of Suiten. And when the enemy attacked, it would
appear that means writing the numbers 0 HP you are not reduced, and this
is indeed true. Instead, your CP decreased with a ratio of 1 / 2 Damage
enemy. If the normal, the enemy deals damage of 1000, but in this
situation, your phone was not reduced but you reduced the CP 500. If an
enemy deals damage 250, HP does not decrease and your CP is reduced 125.
If the damage 414, HP does not decrease, but the CP is reduced 212. If
damage 56, HP does not decrease, but the CP is reduced 28, and so on.
UDAH UNDERSTAND, KAN? This skill is more effectively used by a ninja with
an excess amount of CP, which is of course the user of the water element
and Talent Dark Eye.

5) WIND = DANCE OF Fujin
Cooldown: 10
CP: 100
Damage: -
Effect = 4 turn cooldown Reduces all existing stance (Excluding this
stance and Talent).
Intangibles such as the curly haired monster in the form of a great wind
is named FUJIN.Efeknya Rapid Cooldown Cooldown which can reduce all of
the existing stance (This jutsu except his own, and talent) of 4 turns.
Wind speed in Agility, and the use of CP Kick Cooldown can be maximized
with this stance.
Even with the Dance of Fujin ...
An ordinary person Fire Power Fire Power = 2 with Dance of Fujin
An ordinary person = 2 Evasion Evasion with Dance of Fujin
1 Wind Peace ordinary people = 2 Wind Dance of Peace by Fujin
1 Lightning Flash ordinary people = 2 Lightning Flash by Dance of Fujin
1 Feather Illusion ordinary people = 2 Feather Dance of Illusion by Fujin
Hmmm .... how?

Kinjutsu level 50

1.Wind Kinjutsu: Infinite Whirlwind Breakthrough
Effect: Removes all negative status, reduce a cooldown on every ninjutsu
wind, every player receives the attack. (2 Turn)
Damage: 0 Cooldown: 12 Chakra: 250

2. Earth Kinjutsu: Rock Golem Gauntlets
Effect: Removes all negative status, reducing the damage received by 25%
(2 Turn), if there is land used ninjutsu, the next round of damage
received player to 100%.
Damage: 0 Cooldown: 14 Chakra: 250

3. Water Kinjutsu: Encampment Shark Shield
Effect: Removes all negative status, 30% bonus when using the extra heal
heal or healing jutsu scroll (Turn 3), reduce 10% CP opponents each
player receives an attack from the opponent.
Damage: 0 Cooldown: 14 Chakra: 250

4. Fire Kinjutsu: Phoenix Fire Breath
Effect: Removes all negative status, ignoring the 30% dodge the opponent,
together with reducing 30% dodge opponents but only to users of this
jutsu. (4 Turn)
Damage: 0 Cooldown: 14 Chakra: 250

5. Lightning Kinjutsu: Ultimate Lightning Boost
Effect: Removes all negative status, giving the effect of stun (1 Turn)
for all ninjutsu lightning attacks. (2 Turn)
Damage: 0 Cooldown: 15 Chakra: 250

Kinjutsu Level 60
1. Lightning Kinjutsu: Narukami Great Lightning Bullet
Effect: Reduce 20% chance of 'Reactive Force' on the opponent (4 Turn),
add (prolong) 'cooldown' on 3 Ninjutsu Land owned by the opponent, the
opponent receives 100% attack Critical Hit if the player is in effect a
state of 'Kinjutsu: Ultimate Lightning Boost '.
671 Damage, Cooldown 14, Chakra 300

2. Water Kinjutsu: Strong Arm Of Suiten
Effect: Reduce 20% chance of 'Combustion' on the opponent (4 Turn), add a
'cooldown' on 3 Ninjutsu Fire's opponent, the opponent attacks the player
is reduced 50% damage if the player is in effect a state of 'Kinjutsu:
Encampment Shark Shield'.
549 Damage, Cooldown 14, Chakra 300

3. Wind Kinjutsu: Fuijin Storm Vacuum
Effect: Reduce 20% kemungknan 'Critical' to the opponent (4 Turn), add a
'cooldown' on 3 Ninjutsu Lightning's opponent, the opponent receives 120%
damage attack if the player is in effect a state of 'Kinjutsu: Whirlwind
488 Damage, Cooldown 12, Chakra 300

4. Fire Kinjutsu: Yama Great Fire Cannon
Effect: Reduce 20% chance of 'Dodge' on the opponent (4 Turn), add a
'cooldown' on 3 Ninjutsu Wind's opponents, each attack by the opponent
will decrease 8% HP opponent, if the player is in effect a state of
'Kinjutsu: Phoenix Fire Breath '.
732 Damage, Cooldown 14, Chakra 300

5. Earth Kinjutsu: Great Golem Smash
Effect: Reduce 20% chance 'Purify' the opponent (4 Turn), add a
'cooldown' on 3 Ninjutsu Water belongs to the opponent and make the
opponent can not do 'heal', if the player is in effect a state of
'Kinjutsu: Rock Golem Gauntlets' .
610 Damage, Cooldown 14, Chakra 300

Kinjutsu Genjutsu
Besides Kinjutsu elements, there are also 3 other form of Genjutsu
Kinjutsu, namely:

1) Transformation SEXY GIRL
Price: 100 token
Cooldown: 14
CP: 85
Damage: -
Description: Ber-transformation into a sexy girl and to stun the target
Effect = Stun target for 3 turn (3 times).
This is a stunning special genjutsu Premium User / User Emblem, while for
the Free User, can use the Fat Woman Transformation that has stun effect
during the second turn (2 times).

2) Feather ILLUSION Price: 200 token
Cooldown: 14
CP: 85
Damage: -
Description: A genjutsu that causes the effect of Sleep (sleep)
Effect = Target affected by Sleep for 3 turn (3 times).
In contrast to stun, restriction or other disabling effects, the effects
of sleep will be lost if the target is attacked. or exposed to Burn
effect. Because sleep means sleep, if the target is attacked, then the
target will wake up, and the effects of this sleep will automatically
disappear. Feather Illusion effect sleep has many benefits and legal
MANDATORY for every element has this Genjutsu ...
Here excess Feather Illusion (FI):

1. Useful as an opportunity to fill the blood (HP) and chakras (CP)
returned for 3 turn: Charge, Refresh and Healing Scroll
2. FI is the best way to eliminate the enemy buff, EXCEPT Embrace of
Golem, Water Renewal, Evasion and Wind Peace. Lightning Charge BYE, BYE
Armor of Narukami, BYE Shield of Suiten, Fire Power BYE, BYE Rage of
Yama, and the Hidden Among Rocks too ... xD
3. As the delay time of the fight, it is useful to wait for the cooldown
of your best moves.
4. To do COMBO without interruption.
5. To make the attack a member of your team be more focused on one
target. Effective against an enemy that is more than one, because Pet and
team members will not attack enemies that are in Sleep status.
6. Price was cheap (just 200 Token) but suitable for all combinations of

However, the FI also has drawbacks, namely:

1.   Purify Water Element or Embrace of Golem.
2.   Catalytic Buff Leiko Matter.
3.   Burn and Poison status.
4.   Dodge Chance Wind element. FI can not hit ...

Price: 400 token
Cooldown: 14
CP: 275
Damage: -
Effect = Eliminate all targets Buff effect.
Genjutsu is used to eliminate the effects of enemy buffs. Referred to as
buff here is the positive effects by the enemy. For example, if the enemy
uses Kinjutsu Fire Power, then we use the Falling Leaf, then the effect
of Fire Power to increase 40% damage attack is lost and does not
function. Likewise for the other buff jutsu, like Evasion, Lightning
Charge, Armor of Narukami, Hidden Among Rocks, etc.. These effects will
be lost and do not work when we use the Falling Leaf.

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