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									Bayer Termite Control

One of the most well-known pest control chemical companies in the pest
control business is Bayer Termite Control. The Bayer Termite Control
Company produces one of the most trusted and most effective chemicals in
the termite eradication business – Premise. This chemical has been
proven to get rid of termites effectively with just one application and
then with annual applications, it can keep termites away for good.

The Bayer Termite Control Company has worked hard to develop the Premise
chemical for termite control and they have come up with a product that is
trusted by pest control companies all over the country. Bayer termite
control conducted extensive studies on the Premise product before they
released it for sale over seven years ago. What they found was that
Premise performed much better than comparable chemicals on the market
which was very exciting for them.

After releasing Premise for commercial use, Bayer termite control almost
instantly became one of the most trusted and respected termite chemical
company in the business. They pride themselves on their products and
even offer an iron-clad guarantee to companies who use their product.

Part of the Bayer termite control guarantee has terms and conditions of
the guarantee that states in effect if Premise fails to stop termites at
any time within seven years of initial treatment, Bayer termite control
will reimburse up to one hundred percent of product and labor costs
involved in re-treatment to a maximum of $1000 for residential accounts
and $5000 for commercial accounts.

Bayer termite control will also guarantee to pay the termite controller's
damage claim insurance deductible up to $500 per structure”. It is a
condition of this guarantee that annual inspections are carried out by
the same company installing the Premise termiticide soil treatment.
There are very few companies who are that confident of their product that
they will offer up a guarantee that is as good as this one!

When you use the Premise chemicals produced by Bayer termite control, you
can be assured that you are getting effective treatment of your termite
problem and that the problem will not be coming back! Not only is that
peace of mind, that is unfailingly knowing that your home will be
protected from termite damage because you were smart enough to trust a
company like Bayer termite control. You’ve made an investment in your
home, so you owe it to yourself and your home to use the best products to
keep it safe and sound. Using Bayer termite control is a good choice!

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