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            ACCORDING TO 49.28.065 R.C.W. AND W.A.C. 296-127-022

The employee whose name and signature appears below, voluntarily agrees to work up
to ten hours per day in a four-day work week without the payment of overtime rates on
the ________________________________ project. It is understood by both parties
that the employee will be paid overtime rates for any work performed on the subject
project in excess of ten hours per day or forty hours per week.

Both parties recognize that there may be days when a full ten hours of work is not
available and that the remainder of the forty hours in a week may be made up on other
days within the same work week, provided that work performed on Saturdays, Sundays
and holidays shall be subject to the established prevailing overtime provisions for a
given trade or occupation.

Both parties understand that this agreement applies to the above named project only
and that, should this employee become employed on another public works project, a
new agreement must be signed.

The employer agrees to keep a copy of this signed agreement for three years from the
date of acceptance of the subject public works project by the contract awarding agency.

        EMPLOYEE                                    EMPLOYER

_______________________________             _______________________________
Signature                                   Signature

___________________                         __________________
Date Signed                                 Date Signed

_______________________________             _______________________________
Print Name                                  Print Name and Title

                                            Employer's Business Name

NOTE:         All other requirements provided for under the Public Works Act
              (RCW 39.12) shall also apply.

Revised: 6/10/09

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