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					PROJECT TITLE LOCATION: Annual Contract for Citywide Milling and Resurfacing

Scope: Mill and resurface city streets as determined by neighborhood funding, GASB34 ratings, or other

Fund: 101                                                   Project Manager            Project Number: Various

Budget: $                                                   Taheri/Verduin             Comm. District: All but 4

Consultant: N/A
Contractor:                                                                      Legal Matters:
  WEEK       DATE                                           STATUS: C                                         HOURS
   20       05/20/05       Preparing bid documents for bid
   21       05/27/05       Finishing cross section details.
   22       06/03/05       Reviewing Schedule of Bid Items
   23       06/10/05       Finalizing the specification
   24       06/17/06       Ken is Prioritizing Active Projects List
   25       06/24/05       Reviewed Bid Items with Chuck
   26       07/01/05       Discussed the schedule with the Contract Specialist
   27       07/08/05       Project is No. 9 on Ken's priority list
   28       07/15/05       Bid documents were forwarded to Charisse to advertising the project
   29       07/22/05       Asked Ken, if he wants to advertise the project soon.
   30       07/29/05       The project is No. 8 on Ken's priority list
   31       08/05/05       Awaiting for Ken's approval to advertise the project.
   32       08/12/05       No change
   33       08/19/05       No change
   34       08/26/05       No change
                        The project is No. 7 on Charisse's priority list. Ken will advise re
     35        09/02/05 advertising date.

   DATE        AMOUNT        PAID         COMPANY                            COMMENTS                C/O           G/L

(Contacts, Phones, Faxes, Upcoming Dates, CAD Name, Etc.)
Funds will be allocated in October, 2005

                             Bids      Comm.                    Preconstr.                          Constr.
Design Start     Advert.     Due      Approval     Award         Meeting       Construction Start    End      Final Pay
P-        P-

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