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					Religious Discrimination in Employment Setting

Like any other rights, a right to religion is enshrined as a basic human
right that should be respected. In consonance to the right to religion is
the freedom of religion. Freedom of religion is generally recognized by
many nations and international instrumentalities as a basic human right.

Within the context of the freedom of religion include the choice to
follow, or not to, or to change a religion. Religious freedom encompasses
the freedom of people to observe religious practices, manifest, believe
or worship religious dogma and teachings.
Religious discrimination

Most countries or authorities, nowadays tend to stress freedom of
religion. Various international conventions were waged respecting this
concern to the point of creating a consultative body in order to address
the issue on religious discrimination.

Charges of religious discrimination have been applied to governmental,
social, and educational policies. Within the list is religious
discrimination on the workplace.

Under the United States Federal Law (Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of
1964) as well as various state laws, among others prohibits workplace
discrimination based on religion. The prohibition extends to all aspects
of employment, from the recruitment, hiring, promotion, giving out
benefits, training, work duties, and until termination.

In this context, the same law prohibits any kind of workplace harassment
on religious grounds.

The real situations

It is often difficult to find out exactly why a person was not hired, was
dismissed, was not promoted for a job and was not given due benefits. It
is hard to draw the line in determining the discriminatory actuations. It
is all a case-to-case basis and is situational.

At most, a full explanation and comprehension of the employer’s reason
would be required before you can determine whether the actions were

In real situations, laws against religious discrimination had a seemingly
contradictory effect in the workplace.

Contradictions can be gleaned in the provisions of various non-
discriminatory laws, which provide prohibitions, allowances or
accommodations and exceptions respecting religious practices in the
workplaces. These contradictions have relatively affected job-related

Legal options
Despite the relative loopholes and contradiction of some non-
discriminatory laws, it must be emphasized that discrimination in the
workplace based on religious grounds is proscribed by law.

When discriminatory practices were readily apparent in all aspect of
employment, the victim can take steps to protect their rights.

Particularly in Universal City and other areas in California, a powerless
employee who has been discriminated has the option of filing a complaint
with the proper agency like the State Fair Employment Practices Agency
(FEPA) or may contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
for guidance with your case.

In this event, a qualified employment lawyer is priceless when this
illegal activity needs to be corrected.

In Universal City, where several business establishments were in
circulation, the employee who felt being discriminated on religious
grounds should take the advice and representation of an employment

Universal City employment lawyers are very keen in approaching their
client’s claims. They have a well-honed knowledge on all aspect of
employment law litigation.

Whether, an impending battle is with the courts or before the various
administrative agencies tasked to hear cases of this sort, the Universal
City employment lawyers can readily represent any claim.

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