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Friction materials for railway vehicles from Becorit
At your side for decades –

O             ur success story began with
              the production of friction
materials for conveying and lifting systems
in mining. That was back in 1926. Twenty
                                              Europe. We produce highly superior disc-
                                              brake pads and composition brake-shoes
                                              for all applications in modern railway traffic.
                                              That means that virtually all railway com-
                                                                                                prove themselves to their users through
                                                                                                their excellent quality. This is a general
                                                                                                principle which will also ensure our success
                                                                                                in the future. We focus on a clear goal:
years later, BECORIT GmbH was developing      panies of note use our products – including       to satisfy our clients worldwide to the very
brake pads for railway vehicles and became    companies far beyond the boundaries of            highest degree.
one of the most renowned manufacturers        Europe. It has always been our goal to
of friction materials across the whole of     develop technically innovative products which
We supply our
clients all around
the world from our
premisis in
Products in a class of their own –
today and in the future

F           or more than a half century
            now, BECORIT GmbH has been
developing, producing and testing disc-
brake pads and composition brake-shoes
                                              deal of know-how and energy in the
                                              development sector. We are constantly
                                              active in the further development of our
                                              products in order to meet the increasing
for railway vehicles. It is our mission to    requirements of our clients. From 1986,
develop products which feature a constant     we were given UIC approval for a type of
high standard of quality. The resounding      asbestos-free brake pad, and right up until
success which we have been able to achieve    today we provide a wide range of UIC-
encourages us to continue to invest a great   approved types.

Organic disc-brake pads                       Sintered brake pads                           Composition brake-shoes

Benefits:                                     Benefits:                                     Benefits:
❚ High friction-coefficient stability         ❚ Are used for high-speed traffic up to       ❚ Substitute for grey-cast-iron brake
❚ Low inherent and counter wear of              350 kph                                        shoes
  the brake disc                              ❚ Can be employed in high-tempe-              ❚ High friction-coefficient stability for K,
❚ Insensitive to moisture                       rature applications up to 900                  L and LL type shoes
❚ Low noise levels during use                   degrees Celsius                             ❚ Low inherent and counter wear of the
❚ Environmentally friendly                                                                     wheel
                                              Application areas:                            ❚ Significantly reduced rolling noise
Application areas:                            ❚ High-speed traffic (ICE I-III, TGV)            and substantially less dead weight
❚ High-speed traffic (ICE I, II)              ❚ Passenger traffic (modern EMUs                 compared to grey cast iron
❚ Passenger traffic (IC vehicles, EMUs,         und DMUs)                                   ❚ Environmentally friendly
  DMUs, metro vehicles, trams,                ❚ Locomotives
  special-purpose vehicles)                   ❚ Special freight wagons                      Application areas:
❚ Locomotives (main-line and                                                                ❚ Freight wagons (K, L and LL shoes
  shunting operations)                                                                         for new-build projects and as a sub-
❚ Freight wagons                                                                               stitute for grey cast iron)
                                                                                            ❚ Passenger coaches (for new-build
                                                                                               projects and as a substitute for grey
                                                                                               cast iron)
Our products for all
application areas.
A question of standards

P    roduction methods

Highly automated but nevertheless very
flexible production allows “just-in-time”
                                              E            nvironmental protection

                                              The materials and processes used are all
                                              subject to continuous control in terms of
delivery to our clients. In-process control   “safe raw materials”, in order to comply
ensures the optimised quality of our          with all regulations pertaining to environ-
products. It is our mission to continuously   mental protection. The development of low-
optimize our use of energy, time and raw      emission processes, an optimised reduction
materials.                                    of waste and the effective saving of energy
                                              are given a high priority at Becorit.
❚ Raw-material control is subject to
  application-specific testing.
❚ Batching using a barcode-weighing
❚ Production using a variety of mixing
  aggregates which are temperature and
  time controlled
❚ Production of brake pads partly on fully
  automated press and assembly plant
                                              C            ertification

                                              BECORIT GmbH produces friction
                                              materials of the highest grades. Our
❚ Automatic recording of all process data     extreme care and the uniformly good
  and their evaluation                        quality of our products are reflected in the
❚ In-process control of the respective        certifications:
  production stages
❚ Comprehensive traceability system           ❚ DIN EN ISO 9001
                                              ❚ DIN EN ISO 14 001
                                              ❚ Specific quality approvals from
                                                 major railway authorities world-wide
Becorit products are
processed fully
automatically in our
manufacturing plant.
It is innovation which drives us

T       est centre
With our innovative test centre we are setting
new standards. Its size, its equipment and
                                                  S           ervice
                                                  Success is allied to performance. We put
                                                  all of our efforts into a continuous
its technical possibilities are unique in our     increase in our performance capabilities,
industry: 3 full size friction test benches and   because only in this way can we more
3 small size test benches offer the very best     effectively develop our prime position in
research and development conditions. This         the market. Apart from the development
puts us in a position to simulate all opera-      of pad materials for all types of railway
tional profiles encountered by our clients        vehicles, the following tasks also form
worldwide under conditions close to reality.      part of our overall service:
Environmental and climatic conditions can
be reproduced using our cooling-chamber,          ❚ Consulting and support for vehicle and
snow machine or wetting facility, thereby           brake producers in the design of
allowing us to investigate real operating           braking systems
conditions in advance. A targeted design of       ❚ Simulation and functional testing on
the products for later operational                  our own test benches
application in their respective                   ❚ Sample and prototype manufacture of
vehicles is therefore ensured.                      all types of friction materials with short-
Analysis of energy transfer be-                     term delivery deadlines
tween brake disc and brake pad
or wheel and brake-shoe is carried
out using the latest thermography
techniques. Our objective is to develop
friction material which are less severe on
discs and wheels.
As far as size and
technical facilities
  are concerned,
our test centre is
    unique in the
Good partners generate trust

C            lient Loyalty & Customer trust

Our long history of supply contracts with
many railway administrations both inside
                                                 L           ogistics
                                                ❚ Coordinated “just-in-time” delivery
                                                ❚ 24-hour service where required
and outside Europe reflects the enormous        ❚ Worldwide cooperation with renowned
trust placed by our clients in our work. They     forwarders
value our excellent delivery performance,
the competent advice which is always at
hand where necessary and the mutual
development of solutions to specific


                                                               o you have any queries?
                                                               Then please contact:

                                                  BECORIT GmbH
                                                  Rumplerstraße 6 – 10
                                                  45659 Recklinghausen

                                                  Tel. +49 2361 666-6
                                                  Fax +49 2361 666-740

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