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March 2011 by wuxiangyu


									March 2011
REGISTRATION INFO                                                     ANNOUNCEMENTS/REMINDERS
                                           Got the Math Blues? Try Pass ELM!
FACULTY PROFILE                            What is PASS ELM? It’s a free program to help you place
CAMPUS EVENTS & OPPS                               into MATH 117, the required math class for many
----------------------------------------           majors.
                                           What is the commitment? Only one evening a week,
Important Dates                                    Monday-Thursday, 5:00pm - 8:00pm, for six
March 1 – CSUSA scholarship                        weeks.
            Apps Due                       When does it start and where is it? The next session
March 1 – REU Apps Due                                              st
                                                   starts March 21 - through April 29

March 3 – Fall 2012 class schedule         What can I get out of it? Tutoring tips, techniques, and coaching to pass the ELM exam!
            available on RAMweb            How do I sign up? By going online to:
April 5 – Senior registration begins
April 8 – Junior registration begins
                                           Registration is coming soon! Meet with an advisor!
April 15 – Sophomore registration
                                           There are currently no advising codes for Psychology students. However, we recommend
                                           that you see your advisor once a semester. Vicki, Heather and Cassidy are here to assist. Please
April 22 – Freshmen registration
                                           call (970) 491-3799 or stop by room 201 of the new Behavioral Sciences Building Monday –
                                           Friday 7:45 - 4:45 to schedule an appointment. Walk-in advising is also available Mondays 12:00 -
                                           2:00p.m., Thursdays 1:30 – 3:30p.m., and Fridays 1:30 - 3:30p.m.
Spring 2011Advising Walk-in
hours: For quick questions, limited to
10 minutes or less. If you think you’ll
                                                    Registration begins…
need longer, please call (970) 491-3799                     Honors/Athletes/RDS - April 4
during business hours to schedule an                        Seniors (90 credits or more) - April 5
appointment.                                                Juniors (60-89 credits) - April 8
Location: BSB 201                                           Sophomores (30-59 credits) - April 15
                                                            Freshmen (29 credits or less) - April 22
Cassidy McLaren – Mondays from
          12:00 – 2:00 p.m.                Advising holds have been placed on accounts of students who were placed on academic
Heather Matthews – Thursdays from
          1:30 – 3:30 p.m.
                                           probation at the end of Fall 2010. Academic probation is defined by a student's cumulative GPA
Vicki Volbrecht – Fridays from             being below a 2.0. If you are in this situation, we will discuss options for repairing your GPA when
          1:30 – 3:30 p.m.                 you come in for advising as well as plan your next semester.
                                           CALL (970) 491-3799 or (970) 491-6363 TODAY TO SCHEDULE YOUR ADVISING
                                           APPOINTMENT! Sooner rather than later… we’re already filling up!

TIP OF THE MONTH:                          Summer 2011 Registration begins on March 22nd! There are great psychology courses,
                                           including weekend classes, you can take over the summer to work towards your degree. Here are
                                           just few… (please check the summer class schedule on Ram Web for a complete list)

                                           STAT 312 (Statistics for Behavioral Sciences) is now offered in the summer! ~This is a great time
                                           to take this class! ~
The General Catalog is a great
place to find class listings –              PSY 228 (Psychology of Human Sexuality)            PSY 360 (Addiction Treatment)
including psychology course                 PSY 252 (Mind, Brain, and Behavior)                PSY 362 (Issues in Addiction Treatment)
descriptions, electives, minors and         PSY 260 (Child Psychology)                         PSY 370 (Psy Measurement & Testing)
2 majors! Visit:                            PSY 305 (Psychology of Religion)                   PSY 371 (Psy Measurement & Testing Lab)           PSY 310 (Basic Counseling Skills)                  PSY 401 (History and Systems of Psy)
For example: Under 3.0 – Courses            PSY 311A (Counseling Skills Lab for CACI)          PSY 452 (Cognitive Psychology)
of Instruction click on MIP-WS and          PSY 315 (Social Psychology)                        PSY 453 (Cognitive Psychology Lab)
scroll to Psychology on page 34!            PSY 317 (Social Psychology Lab)                    PSY 454 (Biological Psychology)
                                            PSY 320 (Abnormal Psychology)                      PSY 455 (Biological Psychology Lab)
                                            PSY 325 (Psychology of Personality)                PSY 456 (Sensation and Perception)
                                            PSY 327 (Psychology of Women)                      PSY 460 (Child Excptnality & Psychopathol)

                                           Summer Weekend Courses – 3 upper division credits each!
                                                 Conflict Resolution (PSY 492A) July 9, 10, 23, 24; 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
                                                 Psychology of Sport & Exercise (PSY 492C -001) May 14, 15, 28, 29; 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
                                                 Mental Illness and Media (PSY 492C -002) June 4, 5 18, 19; 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
                                                 Counseling/Clinical Psy (PSY 492C -003) July 23, 24, Aug 6, 7; 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
                                                 Forensic Psychology (PSY 492C -004) June 11, 12, 25, 26; 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
                                                 Psychology of Happiness (PSY 492C -005) July 16, 17, 30, 31; 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
                                                   NEW PSYCHOLOGY COMPUTER LAB!
The Psychology Department recently opened a new computer laboratory for psychology majors only. The space was set aside by the
Department of Psychology upon moving to the new building, and the equipment was purchased with Technology fees. The lab is located
in Clark C-80; it will be open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The computer lab is equipped with 16 Windows PCs, all of them with the Microsoft Office suite, SPSS, and internet browsers. Note that
the computers should be used for schoolwork only. Lab monitors will be present at all times to monitor use of the computers, and many
internet sites have been blocked.

There is also laser printing capability from all 16 computers. Psychology majors may print documents in this lab at no cost, without any
page limit, provided that it is for schoolwork (e.g., course materials and assignments, research assistantships, teaching assistantships,
theses). Please note that personal printing is not allowed. If this printing policy is abused, we will be forced to apply stricter printing
controls and will take away printing privileges from offenders.

Lab Policies:
• The computer lab is for undergraduate psychology majors only.
• Printing is offered as a service to psychology majors for schoolwork only.
• Everyone must sign in to use the lab.
• Quiet please--this is intended to be work space, not a place for socializing.
• No food or drink allowed.

Computer Lab Web Page (with information and hours of operation):

                                                         FACULTY INTERVIEW
Recently we spoke with Dr. Kurt Kraiger, one of our faculty members in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, who also teaches
Psychology of the Individual – PSY 210. We talked to Dr. Kraiger about his areas of interest in the field of Psychology and his path
to CSU, his research, and his life outside of work. Here’s what he shared with us.

Dr. Kraiger, what was your path to CSU?
I grew up in Ohio and went to the University of Cincinnati for my undergraduate degree. I went on to earn
my PhD at Ohio State in Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology in 1983. After that I spent 22 years
starting, developing, and directing a terminal I/O master’s program at CU Denver. Along the way I got
married and had a family. In 2002 I became an endowed chair at the University of Tulsa for their Ph.D.
program. It was a great position, but my wife and I missed Colorado and the extended family we left behind.
When CSU recruited me, it was an easy choice to come back.

What are some of the highlights of your tenure here at CSU?
One of my biggest accomplishments has been building and directing the current online masters I/O program
here at CSU. The program is very unique in that it is the only fully online master’s program in I/O
Psychology offered at a traditional university. Another achievement was serving as the president for the
Society of Industrial Organizational Psychology (Division 14 of the American Psychological Association)
last year. At the annual conference in April, as the president and key speaker, I was able to highlight all the
work that goes into running the association by creating a music video (with music from Coldplay’s Viva La Vida), a video that also
emphasizes all the hard work by volunteers in the organization. (To learn more about the Society for Industrial & Organizational
Psychology visit

What are your current projects?
Generally my graduate students and I are concentrating on age as an independent variable. For example, how does age affect learning
with online training, or how does age affect coping with the loss of a job. I am also currently working with Chernyshevsky Saratov
University in Russia with the hopes of developing a dual master’s I/O degree with CSU. Another focus involves a website I developed a
few years ago that features public domain vocational assessment inventories ( Dr. Bryan Dik and I are working on a
grant from the Department of Education to further advance this project. The website assesses students and gives them immediate
feedback on jobs that fit their interests and profile. We are piloting the site with Front Range Community College and Arapahoe
Community College students, and our hope is that at some point this website will be available to all Colorado residents as a free
assessment and support tool.

Is there anything going on in the field of I/O Psychology that you are particularly excited about (either your own work or in the
In a general sense, I/O Psychology develops the tools that organizations use to manage the workforce. For example, how to best select,
train, and give feedback to employees. Our current challenge is that, for better or for worse, any organization can now go online and
download similar tools. However, unless the tools are well researched, there is no guarantee that organizations are utilizing an effective
product. As I/O psychologists, our job is to demonstrate the added value of utilizing research-based tools. We are reinventing ourselves
to be even more relevant and useful to organizations in this technology savvy society.
How can undergraduate students get involved in I/O Psychology here at CSU?
Research is always a great way to get involved. Many of my graduate students recruit assistants for the I/O labs. Assistants can do
anything from a few hours a week helping out on small tasks to larger more time consuming projects. If you have an interest in research
in I/O Psychology, I am happy to talk to you about it and point you in the right direction. I have recently started co-teaching Psychology
of the Individual (PSY 210), so that is another great way for students to learn about I/O Psychology and make a connection with me and
ask questions. We get to study some really applied elements of I/O and Social Psychology. Students get to learn how the current
literature applies to their lives and work. Teaching PSY 210 is an absolute blast.

For those students who have already declared an I/O concentration or are considering doing so, are there plans for the PSY 296
group study and the 400 level seminars to be offered in the near future?
The I/O faculty will be welcoming a new professor, Dr. Jan Cleveland, this coming Fall semester. With the addition of another member
we will be working towards offering the I/O group study (PSY 296) tentatively in the Fall 2011 semester, and the 400-level I/O
seminars in the Spring 2012 semester.

What advice would you give to students who are interested in going to graduate school for I/O Psychology, and is a higher degree
the only path to positions in I/O?
First of all, research is key, and there are so many great opportunities in our program here at CSU. Secondly, I/O Psychology is
probably the most quantitative area of psychology, so any additional statistics or measurement courses are a good idea. I also
recommend taking a few business classes, including strategy and finance classes. If a Ph.D. is not in your future then I suggest looking
into some of the many terminal master’s degrees in the country. In the U.S., there are about 120 terminal master’s programs and 35
doctorate programs. This tells you clearly there is a high demand for individuals with a master’s degree and that you can get a good job
and make good money with a two-year master’s degree. As of now, I/O Psychologists do not need additional licensure.
If you are not interested in going on to obtain a higher degree then I suggest, in addition to your psychology classes, taking
undergraduate business courses, especially in Human Resources (HR) and Marketing. You can get positions in HR. You won’t be
working in I/O Psychology, but it will have the feel of I/O.

What do you enjoy doing away from CSU? What is something students don’t know about you?
        Most people don’t know that a long time ago I did amateur standup comedy in Denver as a hobby. Now my hobby is my two
          teenage children. They take a lot of my time and attention. I am also a very active person and workout daily. I like to travel
          (he has recently been to Spain and Australia and is planning a trip to Russia and the Netherlands in May), and I teach at in
         the University of Hawaii business school on Oahu in the summers.
                                                            Thank you Dr. Kraiger!

                                                         CAREER COUNSELING

How can the Career Center help you? Resumes, graduate school, internships, summer jobs…

GRE study group – did you know there are GRE study groups open to anyone thinking about taking the GRE? They meet Monday 5:00
– 7:00 pm in TILT 21 and Wednesday 7:00 – 9:00 pm in TILT 21.

Internships – NOW is the Time!
Internships are a way for you to explore your major and career path. The more internships you have the more you are confirming what
you want to do. Internships are good for graduate school as well.
Utilize CareerRAM through the Career Center to search for internships.

Drop in Career Counseling General walk-in hours in the Lory Student Center at the Career Center (Next to Sweet Sinsations) are
Monday – Friday from 8:30 – 4:30. No Appointment Necessary
-OR- If you would like to set up an appointment with Judy Brobst, Career Center Liaison, College of Natural Sciences, please contact
Judy at or (970) 491-1190.
Walk-in Career Counseling Hours in the Behavioral Science Building, room 355:
9:00a.m. – 12:00p.m. on the following dates:
                    th      th
         March 11 and 25
                 th      nd
         April 8 and 22
         May 6
                                                             PSI CHI & PSA

           Would you like to join a club that's fun, engaging, and enlightening, while focusing on your major and your
           academic interests? Join the Psychology Student Alliance (PSA) to gain access to:
                 Guest and faculty speakers in all fields of psychology including counseling & clinical,
                  cognitive, I-O, behavioral, social, and more!
                 Tutoring for a wide variety of psychology and statistics courses (sign up online at
                 Information on graduate schools and help on how to get there.
                    Social activities including game and movie nights.
                    Volunteer and service opportunities.
                    A fun group of people with an interest in psychology just like you!
           Are you a second semester sophomore with a 3.2 GPA and 9 or more credits of psychology courses?
           Check out Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology for all of the benefits of PSA, plus membership in an honor
           society that will look great on resumes for employers, and applications for graduate school!
           For more information on who we are, events, and to apply, visit or search for "PSA/Psi Chi at
           CSU" on Facebook!
           Contact Psi Chi/PSA: In Person: Behavioral Sciences Building 208, Email:,
                           Phone: (970) 491.3780
                                       TILT Learning Programs Academic Skills Workshops

Half way through the semester…and you need help! Check out TILT's Learning Programs, room 105 of the TILT building.
Spring 2011 Workshops:
      Making the Grade: Test-taking Strategies- Mar. 1 @ 7pm ║ Mar. 3 @ 5pm
      Confident Presentation & Speaking Skills- Mar. 21 @ 4pm ║ Mar. 22 @ 7pm ║ Mar. 24 @ 5pm
      Active Learning Techniques- Mar. 28 @ 4pm ║ Mar. 29 @ 7pm ║ Mar. 31 @ 5pm
All workshops are FREE, last 50 minutes, and snacks are provided. For a complete list of workshops visit: If you have questions about these workshops, please contact Heather Landers at or (970) 491-1324.
                                                   PAID SUMMER RESIDENCY PROGRAM

National Security Analysis & Intelligence Summer Seminar (NSAISS)
The Office of the Director of National Intelligence’s (ODNI) National Security Analysis & Intelligence Summer Seminar (NSAISS) soon will
be accepting applications for a two-week residential summer program in Washington, D.C., 10-22 July 2011. NSAISS participants will be
introduced to the business of intelligence and will interact with senior officials, current intelligence analysts, and private sector experts to
explore intelligence disciplines, methodologies, and substantive topics through a curriculum of lectures, panels, case studies, simulations,
and site visits to agencies. Program participants will receive accommodations, per diem, and transportation to/from Washington D.C. and
to all program activities.
Program participants must be US citizens and should be currently enrolled university graduate students or exceptional graduating seniors
with proven plans for ongoing graduate study in Fall 2011. Applicants will be required to submit materials: Please check the ODNI
website for updates and information on when, where, and how to apply.
                                                       SENIORS! JOB OPPORTUNITY!

Post-baccalaureate Cancer Research Training Award Fellow (CRTA)

The Office of the Associate Director ( in the Behavioral Research Program
(, part of the Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences at the National Cancer Institute, is
seeking a Post-baccalaureate CRTA fellow. This position is suitable for an undergraduate student graduating in Spring 2011. Post-
baccalaureate CRTAs generally stay at NCI for between 1 and 2 years, and most leave to pursue graduate education in Psychology,
Public Health, or related fields.
Preferred Qualifications:
    An interest in research focusing on cancer control and prevention
    Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Communications, Public Health or similar fields with excellent grades.
    Research experience in Cancer is preferred but not necessary. Research experience in planning, running, analyzing, and interpreting
     studies is highly desired. These experiences may include working as a Research Assistant in university departments, medical
     centers, non-profit organizations or commercial settings focused on Psychology, Communications, Cognition, Decision Making,
     Human Behavior, Health Behavior Change or similar topics.

Information on stipends, health insurance and other details can be found at:
For more information please contact: David Portnoy:        301-496-8586


     Turning Point is a treatment center for high-risk adolescents with drug and alcohol and criminal conduct issues. Applicants are
being considered for summer and fall 2011 placements. To accommodate interest, there are Orientation/Interview opportunities to learn
about our programs and what an internship involves. Time for group interviews is built into the process.

Some basic information that may be helpful to you:
   1. The minimum age requirement is 20 years or older.
   2. A minimum commitment of 200 hours spread over a 15 week period is required. Internships are not paid positions.
   3. Perspective interns must pass a drug screen and fingerprint background check.

Please email to reserve a place for one of the listed times: Gwen Bell: - or - 970-221-0550 extension 102
Dates for Orientation/Interviews: (Please sign up early for summer positions!!)
                  Tuesday, March 8 from 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm at 614 South Mathews
                  Tuesday, March 22 from 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm at 614 South Mathews
                  Thursday, March 24 from 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm at 614 South Mathews
                  Thursday, April 7 from 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm at 614 South Mathews
                  Wednesday, April 20 from 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm at 614 South Mathews
                  Thursday, April 21 from 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm at 614 South Mathews
Location: Turning Point Training Center and Female Residential Program at 614 South Mathews. The Training Center is located in
the basement of the female residential program. There is no signage on the building. From the intersection of College and Laurel you
travel 2 blocks east (away from the mountains) on Laurel and turn left (north) onto Mathews. The building is located on the east side of
                                                                        the street in the middle of the block. It is a 2-story white brick
                                                                        building with a long front porch and 2 green front doors.
                                                                        Entrance to the basement is through the north stairwell. You will
                                                                        find 2 classrooms. Please do not go in the main entrance as
                                                                        this is the treatment facility.

                                                                               The Center for Behavioral Decision Research at
                                                                         Carnegie Mellon University is accepting applications from
                                                                         undergraduates interested in conducting judgment and decision
                                                                         making in our summer research internship. The program begins
                                                                         on June 20, 2011 and ends on July 29, 2011. The Center
                                                                         includes researchers with training in social and cognitive
                                                                         psychology, behavioral economics, neuroscience, organizational
                                                                         behavior, marketing, and risk perception. Interns will spend
                                                                         approximately 30 hours/week working in close contact with
                                                                         faculty and graduate students affiliated with the center. Work
                                                                         includes conducting experiments with CBDR researchers in the
                                                                         lab and field (on our Data Truck).
                                                                         For information about the Center for Behavioral Decision
                                                                         Research, please visit:
                                                                         The deadline for applications is March 13th, 2011. Applicants
                                                                         should submit the following materials:
                                                                         1. A resume or curriculum vitae. Please include your university,
                                                                         major, relevant courses, relevant research experience, GPA,
                                                                         and email address.
                                                                         2. A one page cover letter describing your research experience
                                                                         and interests. Please include information regarding why you
                                                                         would like to attend the program.
                                                                         3. A letter of reference from a member of your academic
                                                                         community; either a graduate student, post-doctoral researcher,
                                                                         or professor.
                                                                         Materials should be submitted to Professor Morewedge’s
                                                                         administrative assistant, Ms. Eileen Simeone, by email
                                                                         ( or by regular mail to:
                                                                         CBDR Summer Internship c/o Eileen Simone; 208 Porter Hall;
                                                                         Pittsburgh, PA 15213

                                                  CAMPUS EVENTS & OPPORTUNITIES
Achieving sustainability: What are the gender issues?
   Wednesday, March 2, 2011, 5:00 PM; Location: Avogadro's Number, 605 S. Mason Street in Fort Collins

    Join CSU experts as they discuss how women and men can advance together equitably.
    Featuring a CSU panel of experts:
         •Elissa Braunstein, Department of Economics
         •Sue Ellen Charlton, Department of Political Science
         •Martha Denney, Office of International Programs
         •Robin Reid, Center for Collaborative Conservation

The Managing the Planet Panel Series is sponsored by the School of Global Environmental Sustainability.
Women's Conference
Saturday, March 26, 2011, 9:00 AM, Lory Student Center West Ballroom
One day of exploring identies surrounding race, gender, sexuality, and class. Registration required.

         •Cristy Road from Brooklyn, guest speaker
         •Saja Butler, local artist, guest speaker
         •Three sessions of programs to attend
         •Lunch break at noon
         •Art show showcasing CSU women artists
Must register in the Women and Gender Advocacy Center prior to the event for attendance. The registration fee is $5.00 and there is also
a scholarship program for those who in need of assistance. The fee pays for lunch and beverages served at the conference.
Event Contact: Hannah Keene can be reached at (719) 429-6704, Sponsored by the Women and Gender Advocacy Center.
Work, intern, volunteer, or teach abroad!
    Tuesday, March 29, 2011, 3:00 PM, Laurel Hall, Common Room
    The International Education staff will give an overview of resources for:
                   •Volunteering, and
                   •Teaching abroad

Opportunities include summer, semester, and year-long programs for undergraduate students and recent graduates. Open to all
majors and levels.
Event Contact: Karen Gardenier can be reached at (970) 970-5917. Sponsored by the Office of International Education.

                                              Society for human resource Management
                                            Student Professional Preparation Workshop
                                                    March 5, 2011 – 9:30am – 2:00PM
                                            Colorado State University – College of Business
                                                    Directions available on Facebook or by email

                                                        Resume Critique
                                                      Interview Workshop
                                                 HR Trends and Recruiting Panel

                                                    Register by March 2, 2011
                                                        SHRM Members – FREE
                                               Non-SHRM Members – $5.00 at the door
          To become a SHRM member talk to your faculty advisor or go to

                         To register contact College Relations at or 720-480-6885
                                                  Facebook: Colorado SHRM College Relations

  If you have news or information you would like to submit to an upcoming Undergraduate Psychology Newsletter, please
               contact Cassidy McLaren, Academic Support Coordinator, at Cassidy.McLaren@ColoState.EDU

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