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									   Summary
       o Description
       o Background
       o Coverage
       o Key points
   Schedule
       o Standard schedule
                Schedule
                Catch-up schedule
       o Special circumstances
                Preterm infants
                High-risk children
                Immunosuppression
                Others
       o Immunization recording
       o Information for patients and caregivers
       o Clinical pearls
   Vaccinations
       o Summary of childhood immunization
       o Vaccines
                Hepatitis B vaccine
                Rotavirus vaccine
                Diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis vaccines
                Hib vaccine
                Pneumococcal vaccine
                IPV
                Influenza vaccine
                MMR vaccine
                Varicella vaccine
                MMRV vaccine
                Hepatitis A vaccine
                Meningococcal vaccine
                HPV vaccine
       o Summary of evidence
       o Vaccination in special circumstances
                Coexisting disease
                Coexisting medications
                Special patient groups
       o Vaccine safety
       o Adverse event reporting
       o Patient and caregiver issues
                Forensic and legal issues
                Frequently asked questions
       o Information for patients and caregivers
       o Parent/caregiver refusal
       o Clinical pearls
   Resources
       o References
                Evidence references
                Guidelines
                Further reading
       o Associations
       o Contributors

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