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Pretty Baby Girl Names, Please?

Hello, I need some really pretty Baby Girl names. Thank you! :)
Celeste is one of my favorite names! That just made me smile! :) :)
What do you think about Madeline?

Asked by G at Aug 07,2011 19:19

Rare, but cute and pretty names: -Felicia -Celeste -Bonovany (Ba-Naw-Vu-Nee) -Nadia Casual, but cute names: -Samantha -Lilly -Mackenzie -Adriannah Hope
this helped!(:

Answer from candyrocks62 at Aug 07,2011 19:23

Hailey Dakota Hayden(my personal favorite) Avery Aislinn Lilly Imogen Troian Athena ;) Damara Janissa Arilynn <3 just my personal taste, i like kinda unique

Answer from Bridgett at Aug 07,2011 19:26

Madeleine Grace Sophia Elizabeth Amelia Claire Summer Ashley Michelle Chloe Good luck!:)

Answer from Princess (and i'm proud) at Aug 07,2011 19:29

Aubrey, Alexis, Ainsley, Callie, Kaylee, Aria, Mariah.

Answer from Sarahh at Aug 07,2011 19:30

Best answer

Isabella, Isabelle, Annabelle, Sophia, Olivia, Abigail, Gabriella, Elizabeth, Natalie, Grace, Victoria, Evelyn, Amelia, Charlotte, Savannah, Vanessa, Alexandria,
Mia, May, Rose, Violet, Katherine, Faith, Madeline, Stella, Caroline, Summer, Angela, Sadie, Nicole, Lilian, Liliana, Jade, Skye, Rebecca, Danielle, Melissa,
Marissa, Vivienne, Claire, Alice, Margret, Lilah, Josephine, Amanda, Eliza, Sabrina, Alexia, Lucia, Juliet.

Answer from Annie Animal Lover at Aug 07,2011 19:31

Makenna Cora Claire Cammile Danielle Dana Rose Quinn Carlie

Answer from Caitlin at Aug 07,2011 19:38

Linnea Alysse Carina Cerise Brynna Marina Colette Marisa Dahlia Rosanna Laurel Christina Anais Vienna Susanna Analiese Lucia Olivia Ayla Kate Corinna
Elena Reanna Ava Grace Chloe Eliza Lily Emma Celine Serena Eve Beth Amaya Adele Megan Meredith Sophia Renee Avery Eva Esme Leah Lilah Cary Zara
Vienna Madeline Laurel Keela Juliette Alanna Halle Sienna Greta Freya Audrey Catherine Deirdre Louise Alice Fleur Isla Elise Audrina

Answer from JustMe at Aug 07,2011 19:39

I love Dakota, Elle, and Scarlet! Genevive is also really pretty!

Answer from Cookie Dough at Aug 07,2011 19:44

Mila Amaya Layla Nina Rosalyn Sienna Vivianne Kayla Maya Alexa Cassandra Evelyn Aleah Melanie s s s

Answer from Marcie at Aug 07,2011 19:45

Scarlett Tiana Liliana Florence Anne Petra Aubree Ambrylnn Jasmine Arabella Diana Evelynn

Answer from VioletSaphiraDarling24 at Aug 07,2011 19:48

What I'd name my children : Michelle Roxanna Alexandra Other really cute and pretty names : Sophia Emma Rhya Mia Mickeala Olivia Olympia Charlotte Shyla
Bella Marie Lyra Amy Lia Caroline Izzy Isabella Grace Bethany Niveya Anuia/Anuya Ceceilia

Answer from raquelsupermoon at Aug 07,2011 19:52

Charlotte Amelia Evelyn Katherine Vivienne Julia Amanda Eleanor Aurora Kathleen Lydia Evangeline Laura Caroline

Answer from Emril at Aug 07,2011 20:37

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