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									   Summary
       o Description
       o Synonyms
       o Urgent action
       o Key points
   Background
       o Cardinal features
       o Causes
               Common causes
               Rare causes
               Contributory or predisposing factors
       o Epidemiology
               Incidence and prevalence
               Demographics
       o Codes
               ICD-9 code
   Diagnosis
       o Clinical presentation
               Symptoms
               Signs
       o Associated disorders
       o Differential diagnosis
               Diabetes mellitus type 1
               Hypercalcemia
               Diabetes insipidus
               Psychogenic polydipsia
               Stress hyperglycemia
               Diabetes due to hormonal excess, drugs, or pancreatic disease
       o Workup
               Diagnostic decision
               Questions to ask
               Examination
               Summary of tests
               Order of tests
               Tests
       o Clinical pearls
       o Consider consult
   Treatment
       o Goals
       o Immediate action
       o Therapeutic options
               Summary of therapies
               Order of therapies
               Efficacy of therapies
               Medications and other therapies [EBM]
       o Management in special circumstances
               Coexisting disease
               Special patient groups
               Patient satisfaction/lifestyle priorities
       o Patient and caregiver issues
                Questions patients ask
                Health-seeking behavior
       o Follow-up
                Information for patient or caregiver
       o Ask for advice
       o Consider consult
   Summary of evidence
       o Evidence
                References
   Outcomes
       o Prognosis
                Clinical pearls
                Progression of disease
       o Clinical complications
       o Consider consult
   Prevention
       o Primary prevention
                Modifiable risk factors
                Evidence
       o Screening
       o Guidelines
   Resources
       o References
                Evidence references
                Guidelines
                Further reading
       o Associations
       o Contributors

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