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Parents of newborn boys: has your doctor told you about.?

about not forcing the foreskin back, as it is attached to the glans? This is probably why intact babies have more UTIs: nothing to do with being intact, but improper
care of the complete male organ. Apparently, many doctors and nurses are ignorant on this matter.
It is a question: I'm trying to find out how many doctors are ignorant on this matter. And yes, it could serve to inform; is that so bad?
Wyatt's Mom: your son is lucky to have such an intelligent parent!

Asked by thom t at Aug 16,2011 09:48

so is this an actual question or just an fyi post?

Answer from Roxy at Aug 16,2011 09:54

The nurses at the hospital tried to tell me to pull the foreskin back to clean him. I informed them that they were misinformed and need to do more research on the
intact baby boy. I didn't go into leaving my son intact without researching the care of it. which is no different than cleaning his finger actually lol. Alot of people
don't realize that it shouldn't be retracted until the boy does it himself.

Answer from Wyatt's Mom ♣3.17.10♣ at Aug 16,2011 09:54

N/A for circumcised boys.

Answer from Jamie at Aug 16,2011 09:56

That wasn't discussed, but that seems to be common knowledge.

Answer from Danielle ♦ C and A's mom at Aug 16,2011 10:02

You mean the OB or the Pediatrician? The OB doesn't really say much at all about baby care, just women's health really. The Pediatrician does talk about the
proper care of the penis and whatnot. Also, when my twins were born I got a book they gave me at the hospital about newborn care that had that info in pretty
clear detail.

Answer from Multiple Miracles at Aug 16,2011 10:09

My son is not circumcised and I have heard both. His pediatrician told me never to pull the foreskin back unless he has been particuarly dirty, playing in sand,
swimming in chlorine, etc. When we saw a pediatric urologist he told me to pull the skin back at every diaper change. When I told him I had studied the matter
and most modern research says not to, he basically treated me like an idiot. Needless to say, I also ignored his advice to get my son circumcised by age 1 for his
future sexual health. ALWAYS get a second opinion.

Answer from littlebit0863 at Aug 16,2011 10:13

Best answer

When I nannied the boys had to be circumcised because of this issue. The doctor or the parents had pulled it back, so they had a lot of infections. So when I had
my own I told their pediatrician to never force back their foreskin. Apparently if they HAVE an infection, it does need to be pulled back at that point, but pulling it
back otherwise just causes infections. I think this confuses people. I do not have any instincts that told me to yank apart my sons' penises anymore then I have an
instinct to remove their eyeballs to scrub behind them. And since babies are born with foreskins, cleaning them would be instinctual. If removing foreskin or
detaching it was necessary for human development, there would be no humans, because they don't come physically and parents don't have a tear you childs
penis apart instinct.

Answer from Ivy has Twin Boys! at Aug 16,2011 12:20

I think I got just about the same advice regarding cleaning my son that I did regarding cleaning my daughter: none.

Answer from tobyink at Aug 16,2011 14:21

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