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4 to 6 years
      Final booster dose of DTaP
      Fourth dose of IPV
      Second dose of MMR vaccine
      Booster dose of varicella vaccine
      Influenza (live or inactivated) vaccine should be given annually; a two-dose series
       should be given to children who have not received at least the previous doses of
       seasonal vaccine and one dose of 2009 H1N1 vaccine
      If not previously administered, certain high-risk children should receive:
           ○ Meningococcal MCV4 vaccine
           ○ Hepatitis A vaccine
           ○ PPV

Catch-up schedule
      Any dose not administered at the recommended age should be given at a subsequent
       visit, when indicated and possible
      Vaccine series do not need to be restarted, regardless of how much time has elapsed
       between doses
      Vaccine doses should not be administered at less than the recommended intervals, as
       reducing intervals between doses may interfere with antibody response and protection
      A vaccine dose is considered valid if it is administered up to 4 days before the
       minimum recommended interval

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