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Do you like these baby names?

I'm not expecting or anything just love picking out names but anyways rate and say why you like or dislike them thanks in advance Brittany Nicole Natalie summer
Victoria Michelle Mikaela Danielle Evelyn rose Elizabeth kaye Camille (middle name suggestions) Melanie Lynn Callie Sophia Theresa Mae Rebecca Lynn Emily
winter Kaylee Madison Leah Brooke Megan Elizabeth Jennifer Lynn

Asked by Dancer at Aug 13,2011 05:35

I love natalie michelle evelyn rose leah mae

Answer from @!!iS0n at Aug 13,2011 05:44

Brittany Nicole: 5, blah Natalie summer: 6, both good names, not sure if I like them together Victoria Michelle: 7, pretty, typical Mikaela Danielle: 2, Hate Mikaela
no matter how you spell it, but esp. not this way Evelyn rose: 7, pretty, but too old sounding Elizabeth kaye: 6, would be better Elizabeth Kay Camille (middle
name suggestions): I don't like this name. Camille Jane Melanie Lynn: 4, doesn't sound right together Callie Sophia: 3, hate Callie Theresa Mae: 3, old lady name
Rebecca Lynn: 4, blah Emily winter: 2, never use the name Winter Kaylee Madison: 1, hate both names Leah Brooke: 3, don't use Brooke Megan Elizabeth: 5,
blah Jennifer Lynn: 6, boring Best: Natalie Summer, Victoria Michelle, Evelyn Rose, Elizabeth Kay, Jennifer Lynn

Answer from Isabel at Aug 13,2011 05:44

Evelyn rose is very cute!

Answer from Alaina Wood at Aug 13,2011 05:47

I like Victoria Michelle, Evelyn Rose & Leah Brooke.

Answer from Kate Rhode at Aug 13,2011 05:47

I feel like kicking your

Answer from Scott at Aug 13,2011 05:47

Best answer

Natalie Summer

Rebecca Lynn

Cammile Sophie?

Callie Sophia

Evelyn Rose for sure

Answer from Taylor Deena at Aug 13,2011 05:51

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