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					Stem Cell Surgery

Like any other medical research, stem cell therapy is not free of any political controversies. Since its discovery from the late 60s, it has been one of the most debated topics in medical conferences and seminars. Stem Cell therapy Mexico is one of the very well known surgeries used to cure fatal diseases and bodily malfunctions like kidney failure, heart blockage, blood pressure and diabetes etc. Scientists are performing new experiments to provide a relief to those women also who are unable to get pregnant even after undergoing relevant treatments. There is another potential benefit of stem cell treatment Mexico that is gaining worldwide popularity called stem cell transplant treatment. Stem cell treatment Tijuana can help a patient gain the ability to duplicate his or her body parts such as arms, hands, chest, legs, heart, spinal cord etc. Even though it is a very slow process but initial research has been promising and has the capability of changing the world of medicine drastically. This would mean that every time a patient needs lung or heart transplantation, there would not be any requirement of a donor. Once the transplantation surgery has been performed, the patient will not be dependent on any antibiotic or drugs to relieve him of the pain. It is because the immune system will automatically accept the changed body part as it has been duplicated from the patient’s body only. For example if someone is paralysed, the spinal cells can be duplicated and transplanted in the patient’s body to make him resume his normal activities again. This research is under the developing stage and may take few decades to become available to people at large. Availability of qualified doctors and surgeons and made health tourism see an upward trend in Mexico. Tijuana stem cell therapy is attracting many foreigners, especially from European countries due to cheaper prices and world class medical care. There are many people who cannot afford the treatment at their own country as the prices are high and choose to visit other countries to get the procedure done. Stem Cell therapy Mexico, stem cell treatment Mexico, Stem cell treatment Tijuana, Tijuana stem cell therapy

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Description: Regenerative Medicine is a leading stem cell therapy provider in Mexico. They offer state of the art stem cell treatment for cancer and other diseases.