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why wouldn't my iphone 2G wont slide to unlock?

The bottom of the screen wont work on my iPhone 2G GB, i don't know if its the digitizer of something else inside of the iPhone? But the top of the screen does
work because i can turn off the iPhone from the "slide to turn off ". What can i do to fix the bottom of the screen?

Asked by Evereth at Aug 12,2011 11:37

Best answer

go to the apple store. No other way to fix it.

Answer from Dustbunny Punny at Aug 12,2011 11:38

you need a new screen b/c i had to do that for my iphone & my ipod b/c the screen wasn't working now it works perfectly

Answer from Arieanna at Aug 12,2011 11:41

take it to the store.

Answer from Kao Pi at Aug 16,2011 03:09

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