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switching computers for ipod / itunes?

ok i finally got a laptop, and my home computer which all my music is on is crap. my dad shared the music to my laptop, and i have most of it. but when i plug my
ipod in will it delete all the previous music and just load the music on my laptop onto it? or does it take all the music from my ipod and download it to my
computer? thanks!

Asked by babydollxoxo555 at Aug 12,2011 15:48

Tunes will only allow you to transfer content that you purchased from the iTunes store. If you donwloaded music from an external source iTunes will not be of use
in transferring that music over. You'll need a third party piece of software to pull them from your iPod. There are a number of third party utilities that you can use
to retrieve music files and playlists. Here are a few: Senuti - Mac Only TuneAid - Mac only iGadget - Mac & Windows Floola - Mac & Windows iRepo - Mac &
Windows iPod Access - Mac & Windows TouchCopy - Mac & Windows Or do a google search for a utility like this and you'll come up with a few options pretty
quickly. This article [http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1848] will guide you through transferring purchases.

Answer from Jefe T at Aug 12,2011 15:51

I'm not sure if apple changed this but from what I know, if you have some songs on your iPod that is not in your iTunes library, it will delete those songs. However,
if you purchased these songs, when you sync your iPod, it will ask you if you want to transfer those songs to your library, but that's if your using the same apple
account also.

Answer from Real Real at Aug 12,2011 15:53

Best answer

"when i plug my ipod in will it delete all the previous music and just load the music on my laptop onto it?" If you set it to automatically sync, then iTunes will
probably erase everything on the iPod that's not on the PC, then copy everything from the computer (w/a check in the adjacent box) to the iPod. You can get
around this by setting the iPod (in iTunes) to manually manage your music and video. That's what I do and I connect my iPod to my home and office computers
w/o ever getting anything wiped.

Answer from Diana B at Aug 12,2011 16:04

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