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Netflix audio problem on Xbox?

Whenever i play a stream a movie from netflix on my xbox and i try to press any button(volume, info, etc.) the screen has a quick white flash and the audio mutes
for like 3 seconds. Does anyone know a fix to this? I just dont get why changing the volume on my tv causes this.
I am changing the tv volume. its not the tv because it works fine when i play from my blu ray player and change volume. I dont get why netflix on xbox gets
affected while changing my tv volume. its only netflix on xbox that this happens to, when i play games and change the volume this doesnt happen.

Asked by Ravi G at Aug 12,2011 15:57

Best answer

Im not sure why that happens, are you changing the xbox volume or the tv volume, just change the tv volume, otherwise your tv may need some fixing.

Answer from max 100000 at Aug 12,2011 16:19

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