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FPS Xbox game with bots?

Hi, ive been playing Call of duty black ops on my xbox lately and its really fun. been playing team deathmatch and filling the rest of the teams with bots. i was
wondering if there is any other games where i can do this? i have no access to xbox live as i am on dialup. thanks

Asked by Aaron Jones at Aug 11,2011 17:54

I think team fortress 2 has bots

Answer from raminpaknoosh at Aug 11,2011 17:55

Best answer

Halo Reach has a wave-spawn game mode similar to COD Zombies but with aliens. I think Gears Of War has bot modes too.

Answer from DAZ3626 at Aug 11,2011 18:05

Try Far Cry 2, it's a great FPS and the story line is long enough to keep you playing, actually it's pretty long and very fun, there is also online multiplayer if you do
ever get xbox live.

Answer from iiPOiSON at Aug 11,2011 19:05

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