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can I save my texts from mobile phone?

to my computor its a sony ericson 960i.if so how?

Asked by ? at Aug 12,2011 22:18

technically. yo ucould send the txt messages from your phone to your email and then save the messages to your computer. just type in your email address in the
To: thing and it should send to your email

Answer from Bill at Aug 12,2011 22:20

Best answer

Yes, you can do this from Sony Ericsson PC Suite on your computer when your mobile phone is either connected by the cable or by bluetooth. You can download
it here:

Answer from ƒαηsαssι¢ CATs at Aug 12,2011 22:21

just forward the message, and instead of a number, put you email address in :)

Answer from Lauren Mitchell at Aug 12,2011 22:25

Hey Buddy, First of all download phone explorer to your PC and then using your data cable connect it to your phone and transfer all your messages. By chance
you don't have a cable then you need to get a bluetooth adapter for your pc, and then download a bluetooth manager. After doing this you'' be able to send all the
messages via bluetooth. Hope this helps. Good luck :)

Answer from Gracie Olive at Aug 16,2011 10:06

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