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Best graphics card for THIS pc?

what would be the best graphics card for a pc of following config, that won't bottleneck. Intel Pentium 4 - 3 ghz processor 1 GB RAM ddr1
I actually have a gfx card nvidia 9400 gt. but i think bottlenecks with the system configs. when i try to run cod modern warfare it only gives a black screen. my
friend has nvidia 8600gs and he can run cod modern warfare easily with the same configs.

Asked by Sibtain at Aug 11,2011 21:18

Best answer

You probably only have an AGP slot to work with, so a GeForce 6200 or Radeon 4670 would be about the best you could do. Make sure your power supply
meets the requirements.

Answer from shidhet at Aug 11,2011 21:24

Even with the card, your computer won't be much up to running anything made in the last 8 years. it would be an incredibly slow, fairly useless thing to do.

Answer from telefantastical at Aug 11,2011 21:26

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