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									about us                                                                      your baby’s
Dear Expectant Parent,
Our daughter was a parent’s dream, and we hope that your child will
provide you the love, pride, accomplishments and great memories
                                                                                          will produce

that she bestowed upon us.
Natasha was a loving, compassionate, magna cum laude graduate of
Cornell University. She never met a person she would not call a
friend, traveled the world having studied in Ireland and Spain while in
college and taught at the Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar after
graduating in 2005. She was diagnosed with leukemia upon returning
home from Qatar to attend Yale School of Medicine.
Over the next few years, we learned a lot about the strengths and
weaknesses of her treatment. The most important being that your
chance for a cure is often directly related to your ability to quickly find
a perfectly matched bone marrow donor in the NMDP registry.
The problem is that Natasha was the daughter of an African
American father and an Irish American mother, and it is very difficult        what is natasha’s place                            why is cord blood important                      how does the family storage
to almost impossible to find a perfectly matched donor if you’re mixed                                                                                                            process work
heritage. This is equally true for a high percentage of minorities.           Natasha's Place is the nation's first MBE          Cord blood is obtained from the umbilical
                                                                              certified, cord blood bank. It is run in           cord that links a mother and child. The          Step 1: Enroll
All seemed lost until her doctors decided to go with a newer                  partnership with Cryobanks International, the      hospital usually discards it after the baby is   Go to www.natashasplace.org to read more
procedure using two frozen umbilical cord blood units that matched            most trusted name in private and public            born. The blood present in the umbilical cord,   about the benefits of storing your baby’s cord
her. She became the first adult cancer patient to receive a cord blood        blood storage for over 10 years.                   however, is rich in life saving stem cells.      blood. Then either call us at 1.800.869.8608
transplant in Kentucky.                                                                                                                                                           or use the website to enroll or download the
                                                                              Our Scientific and Medical Board of Advisors       Stem cells are the cells that can become all
Natasha’s cord blood transplant gave her an opportunity to pursue                                                                                                                 forms and mail them to us.
                                                                              is comprised of some of the most influential       of the other cells in your body such as heart
her dream of becoming a doctor. She finished her first year of                names in the industry, including Dr. Eliane        cells, brain cells, and immune cells. Stem       Step 2: Receive Your Collection Kit
medical school at Yale before dying from the complications of a bone          Gluckman, who performed the world’s first          cells continue to reproduce throughout life      We will send your collection kit after
marrow transplant following the return of her cancer two years later.         successful cord blood transplant.                  unless they are destroyed by diseases like       you officially enroll – immediately give your
The sad fact is that she would likely be alive today had my wife and I        Our Laboratory is fully accredited by the          leukemia or chemicals like chemotherapeutic      ob/gyn or midwife the kit’s caretaker’s
had an opportunity to bank her cord blood when she was born.                  American Association of Blood Banks,               agents. You will die if you don’t replace your   brochure to let him or her know that you want
Natasha’s Place, the International Mixed Heritage Cord Blood                  licensed by PharmaStem and the State of            stem cells once they are destroyed.              your cord blood collected.
Bank, Family Storage service was created to honor her and                     New York in tissue banking operations, and         Stem cell transplants are being used to treat    Step 3: Cord Blood Collection
give parents of kids like her a better chance than we had to watch            registered with the Food and Drug                  more than 80 diseases and injuries including:    Cord blood collection is simple, painless and
them grow old and achieve their dreams.                                       Administration. We are also one of the 15                                                           not at all harmful to your baby or you. Your
                                                                                                                                   Leukemia           Sickle Cell Anemia
                                                                              banks in the National Marrow Donor                                                                  physician, nurse or midwife will collect the
Sincerely,                                                                                                                         Lupus              Heart Disease
                                                                              Program network.                                                                                    cord blood after the delivery using a sterile
Theodore Collins, Ph.D., M.S., M.A., Co-Founder                                                                                    Diabetes           Multiple Sclerosis
Natasha’s Place                                                                Our mission is very simple – we are here to         Liver Disease      Spinal Cord Injury          closed bag system.
                                                                              insure that mixed heritage and minority              Stroke             Alzheimer’s                 You will then call 1.800.869.8608, at any time
                                                                              families and individuals receive equal access                                                       of the day or night, and they will arrange for a
                                                                                                                                 Nobody ever thinks that it will happen to
                                                                              to the life saving potential of effectively safe                                                    courier service to pick up and deliver what is
                                                                                                                                 them…just ask our founder. However,
                                                                              stem cell transplants, not because it's good                                                        collected for processing and storage.
                                                                                                                                 banking your baby’s cord blood with us
                                                                              business but because they're our family and
                                                                                                                                 assures you that your family will have the       Please visit www.natashasplace.org or call
                                                                                                                                 best possible chance if any of you ever          1.800.869.8608to learn more!
                                                                                                                                 needs a stem cell transplant.

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