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Napa Valley College Napa Valley College (PDF) by wuxiangyu


									Napa                                                             Summer 2007


                            Adult Basic Education/ESL ................... 54
                            Adelante .................................................. 55
  Noncredit Classes         Arts and Crafts........................................ 56
  Arts and Crafts Classes   Auto Repair ............................................. 61
                            Computer Classes .................................. 62
  Food and Wine Classes     Enrollment Form ..................................... 90
                            Emeritus College .................................... 63
  On-line Classes
                            Food & Wine............................................ 65
  Small Business            General Information ............................... 89
  Development Center        Health and Safety ................................... 71
                            Home........................................................ 72
                            Kid’s Classes .......................................... 73
                            Language................................................. 74
Visit our website at:       Music ....................................................... 74
                            Occupational ........................................... 75
                            Off-Campus Addresses .......................... 81
                            Online Classes ........................................ 63
                            Photography ........................................... 76
                            Physical Education ................................ 77
                            Real Estate .............................................. 79
                            Registration Information ........................ 90
                            Sewing ..................................................... 79
                            Small Business Development Center ... 83
                            Special Classes for Special People ...... 87
                            Trips and Tours ....................................... 80
                            Wine Classes .......................................... 80
                            Writing ..................................................... 82
                                     Adult Basic Education

English as a second language (ESL)                                                                Basic education
The noncredit ESL program is designed to accommodate ESL students from the                        This basic skills course for adults will
beginning level (ESL 1) through the intermediate levels (ESL 2 and ESL 3) of                      include foundation work and practice
basic English. Classes are free, and teaching materials are provided in class. Course             in listening, speaking, reading, writing,
includes basic language skill areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, with            critical thinking and math. The class has
a focus on U.S. culture, community participation and pre-vocational skills. New stu-              an all-inclusive format of individualized
dents will be given a simple placement exercise when they register to determine en-               instruction and study group work for
try level. It is important to register during the first week of class as they fill quickly        improvement and increased proficiency
on a first-come, first-serve basis. (ABEN750) Registration will take place in class.              in adult basic skills. The course objec-
                                                                                                  tive is to Prepare students for continu-
Inglés como segundo idioma                                                                        ing education, GED, college and future
                                                                                                  careers. There is no fee for this class.
El programa de Inglés Como Segundo Idioma esta organizado para dar instruc-                       Registration will take place in class
ciones en Inglés basico a los niveles principiante (ESL 1) y intermedio (ESL 2 y                  only. (ABEN600)
ESL 3). Clases son gratis y libros estan disponibles en clase. Los cursos ofrecen                 #53722 Jun 5-Jul 24
instrucción en escuchar, hablar, leer, y escribir Inglés con énfasis en la cultura de                        Napa State Hospital
los Estados Unidos, participación en la comunidad, y habilidades prevocacionales.                            Tue, 9-11am, Kowalkowska
Nuevos estudiantes tomaràn un simple examen para determinar su nivel de clase.                    #53720 Jun 5-Jul 26
Es importante inscribirse durante la primera semana de clase; las clases se llenan                           Napa State Hospital
rapidamente. (ABEN750)                                                                                       Tue/Thu, 1:30-3:30pm
                                                                                                  #53723 Jun 7-Jul 26
St. Helena Classes                             Calistoga Classes                                             Napa State Hospital
ESL I                                          ESL 1, 2                                                      Thu, 9-11 am, Kowalkowska
#53728 Jun 4-Jun 13                            #53726 Jun 4-Jul 25                                #53724 Jun 7-Jul 26
        Stonebridge, St. Helena                        Calistoga Elementary School                           Community Education
        Mon/Wed, 4:00-5:30pm                           Rm 7                                                  Center, Rm 5, Napa
        Hemken                                         Mon/Wed, 6:15-9:15pm                                  Thu, 4-6pm,
ESL – Multi-level                                      Pena                                                  Kowalkowska
#53725 Jun 4-Jul 26                                       Childcare is available                  #54072 Jul 4-30
        Upper Valley Campus                    #53733 Jun 4-Jul 26                                           Calistoga Elementary
        Rm 7AB                                         Calistoga Elementary School                           School, Rm 3
        Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu,                               Rm 3                                                  Mon, Wed, Fri, 6:30-9:30
        9:00am-12:00pm, Pena                           Mon/Thu, 6:30-9:00pm                                  pm, Hemken, staff
                                                       Childcare is available
                                               #53727 Jun 4-Jul 31
                                                       Calistoga Family Center
                                                       Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu, 8:30-
                                                       11:30am, Hemken, Laidlaw

                        Pre-Registration is strongly recommended for all fee based classes

                            Classes are subject to cancellation if there is low enrollment!

                                     See page 90 for the Four Easy Ways to register

54                                  | Not-for-Credit Classes
                                  Adult Basic Education

Basic education and preparation for the GED:                        Napa Valley College Writing Center
Learning center                                                     The Napa Valley College Writing Center is staffed by friendly,
Want to learn at your own pace? The Learning Center at the          highly trained instructional assistants who work with students
Napa Valley College Upper Valley Campus in St Helena                with a wide range of writing needs and interests. Students who
provides for open entry, open exit, individualized instruc-         want feedback on essays and other writing projects may make
tion in a number of basic skills areas including English as a       30-minute appointments for a maximum of four hours per
Second Language (ESL), Basic Reading, Basic Math, Basic             semester. Those wishing to combine such feedback with more
Language, Pre-GED, SAT and ACT Preparation, Grammar                 intensive work on their writing skills and on specific areas of
Review, keyboarding practice and computer literacy. The lab         grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, spelling and vo-
is equipped with IBM computers with CD ROM drives and               cabulary may enroll in the Writing Center class that provides
a variety of CD ROM software. This is an adult noncredit            self-paced course work individually tailored to your needs.
class requiring no fee for participation; however, students may     Registration will take place in class. (ABEN 600)
choose to purchase workbooks or materials depending upon th         #53847 Jun 11-Jul 19
eir educational goals. Instructors will work with each individ-              Napa Main Campus, Rm 1027
ual to design a learning plan to help reach his/her educational              Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu, 8:30-10:00am
                                                                             1:45-9:00pm, Conroy
goals. Staff can also explain the many programs and services
available at Napa Valley College. Come by and visit during
                                                                    MATH LAB
the hours listed below. Discover what the Learning Center can
offer you! There is no fee for this class. Registration will        #53846 Jun 11-Jul 19
                                                                           Napa Valley College Main
take place in class. (ABEN600)
                                                                           Campus, Computer Lab, 1000 Bldg.
#53788 Jun 4-Jun 14                                                        Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu
          Upper Valley Campus, Rm 5                                        9:00am -7:00pm, Fried
          9:30am-12:30pm, Laidlaw
#53732 Jun 4-Jul 26
          Upper Valley Campus, Rm 5
          Mon/Thu, 3:00-5:00pm,

                                         Adelante Program
Migrant Education Region II and Napa Valley College Com-            High School English
munity Education. The purpose of the program is to provide          #553754 Jun 18-Jul 27
instruction in secondary basic skills leading to high school               Napa Main Campus
credit for eligible high school students in grades 9-12. In-               Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri 7:45am-2:45pm, TBA
struction will follow Napa Valley Unified School District ap-         
proved curriculum in English, Mathematics, English Language         High School Math
Development, and Leadership.                                        #53753 Jun 18-Jul 27
                                                                           Napa Main Campus
Students will have an opportunity to prepare for NVUSD                     Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri 7:45am-2:45pm, TBA
California State High School Exit Exam and to make up credit         
deficiencies for graduation. Bilingual instruction is provided      High School Leadership
as appropriate to students in need. Students interested in          #53755 Jun 18-Jul 27
enrolling in this program should contact their middle or high              Napa Main Campus
school counselor for registration information and approval to              Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri, 7:45am-2:45pm, TBA
register. Information is also available through Dennis Rug-
giero at 707-253-3537. Classes meet June 18-July 27, Mon-
day through Friday, 7:45 am-2:45 pm at Napa Valley College’s
Napa Campus

                                        (707) 967-2901 or (707) 253-3070 | Community Education                                   55
                                                  Arts and Crafts
     Pam Jones received her Bachelor’s Degree in Art from Atlantic Union College in Massachu-
     setts. Pam has taught art classes for Napa Valley College for 23 years. Her specialties are
     China Painting, Porcelain Dolls and Lace Draping, Watercolor and Mixed Media. Pam has a
     studio in her residence.

     Basic watercolor techniques:                 Porcelain crafts: Beg/Int
     Floral and fruit paintings                   Designed as an introduction to the
     The instructor will teach a step-by-         media of porcelain, this class will cover
     step approach to painting subjects of        hand forming, pouring, cleaning, paint-
     nature. Each week a new watercolor           ing, firing and other doll making and
     procedure will be added. A collection        porcelain craft techniques. Students
     of 8X10 techniques will be col-              will practice skills by creating two baby           Creative arts: Garden crafts
     lected in an information book. Many          dolls, flowers, and leaves. Students may            Using a variety of media, create
     paintings will be inspired from these        purchase materials in class for indi-               small art pieces for your garden or
     lessons. Cutting mats for frames will        vidual projects. Registration for this              home. At the first class meeting the
     be covered in one class. Costs will          course will take place in class only.               instructor will give students a list of
     be kept to a minimum in this fun, re-        There will be no Pre-registration.                  the weekly projects _ Wind Chimes,
     laxed environment. Registration for          (ACN711)                                            Sun catchers, Wood Fence Arbor,
     this course will take place in class         #53766 Jun 5-Jul 24                                 Rock Art, Flower Pot Decorations,
     only. There will be no Pre-registra-                   Community Ed Ctr, Napa                    Holiday Wreaths and much more.
                                                            Rm 6B
     tion. (ACN611)                                                                                   Students will receive a list of sup-
                                                            Tue, 12:15-4:15pm, Jones
     #53712 Jun 7-Jul 26                                                                              plies necessary at the first class
               Upper Valley Campus,
                                                  Painting workshop:                                  meeting and will need a small set
               Rm 7A                                                                                  of acrylic paints and a few brushes.
               Thu, 5-9pm, Jones                  Mixed media
                                                                                                      Pre-registration required for this
                                                  This class is designed to visit the fol-            course. Call 253-3070, ext. 1303, or
     China painting and                           lowing media: Acrylic, watercolor, oil              mail or fax in the form on page 64.
     decorative arts                              pastels, water media, and mosaic tiles.             ACN833
     Enjoy learning to paint decorative           Students are welcome to come try one                #53716 Jun 4-Jul 23
     tiles, glassware and porcelain through       or all of these areas of painting. Some                       Upper Valley Campus,
     demonstration and hands-on proj-             supplies are available to use in class.                       Rm 8AB
     ects. Class is suitable for all levels of    Bring what you have. Demonstrations                           Mon, 5-8pm, Jones
     experience.. Students work at ones           will be offered each week in various
     own pace. Supplies available for pur-        media. The class may paint outside if
     chase in class. Registration for this        the weather is nice. All painting levels
     course will take place in class only.        welcome in this class. Registration
     There will be no Pre-registration.           for this course will take place in class
     (ACN670)                                     only. There will be no Pre-registra-
     #53713 Jun 5-Jul 24                          tion. (ACN615)
                Community Ed Ctr, Napa            #53765 Jun 4-Jul 23
                Rm 6B,                                       Community Ed Ctr, Napa,
                Tue, 9am-noon, Jones                         Rm 6B
     #53715 Jun 5-Jul 24                                     Mon, 10am-2pm, Jones
                Community Ed Ctr, Napa
                Rm 6B
                Tue. 5:45-8:45pm, Jones
                (This class recommended
                for Beginners)
     #53714 Jun 7-Jul 26
                Upper Valley Campus
                Rm 1
                Thu, 1-4pm, Jones

56                                      | Not-for-Credit Classes
                                        Arts and Crafts
Nancy Willis received her BFA from the University of Cincinnati in Ohio and her MFA in paint-
ing at the San Francisco Art Institute. Willis has lived and worked in St. Helena for 16 years.
She has been a member of the Arts Council board of Directors, a curator of exhibitions, and
producer of workshops. Willis has a dedicated studio practice and brings her love of art along
with her into the classroom.

Painting workshop: Bay Area Gallery Openings
This class is about getting out and looking at art. The Bay
Area is thriving with a strong dedicated art scene. Events
come and go often without notice. This class will plug you
in to what is going on by touring galleries, artist studios and    Painting workshop: Summer Printmaking
museums. Jump-start those creative brain cells by getting          This printmaking workshop is for artists, painters, photog-
out and looking and talking about art. No art experience nec-      raphers, chefs and other creative geniuses. All are invited
essary but appreciation for the arts suggested. Exact dates        to try their hand at a new medium. Emphasis will be on
and venues will be announced at first meeting. Registration        experimentation, creative ambience and the basic how-to on
will take place in the class only. There will be no Pre-reg-       pulling a print. No experience necessary, but willingness to
istration. (ACN615)                                                explore a must. Tap into the synergy of making work within
#53761        June 12 session meets at the                         a community of artists. Registration will take place in the
              Upper Valley Campus Lobby
              St Helena, 10am-noon                                 class only. There will be no Pre-registration. (ACN615)
              Other session dates to be announced                  #53859 Jun 14-Jul 19
              Tue, 9am-4pm, Willis                                           Upper Valley Campus,
                                                                             Rm 8AB
                                                                             Thu, 9am-2:30pm, Willis

Vicki Long Cooley earned her MFA degree from California State University, Long Beach,
where she studied fine arts with Lyn Foulkes and Paul Wonner. Her favorite medium and
subjects are abstract mixed media, the figure and portraits. Her work is in the corporate of-
fices of AT&T, IBM, Chubb Corporation and numerous others.

Learn to draw:                                                     Painting workshop:
Life drawing and painting                                          Monotype
This all-skill level class will explore sketching and drawing.     A monotype is a print created
Students will work toward finding a balance between form,          by transferring to paper an im-
content, composition, techniques and the creative process.         age that has been painted on a
Emphasis is on personal growth and the further development         plate made of metal, glass, Plexiglas or acetate. Transfer
of drawing skills. Bring basic drawing materials to class. A       is accomplished by using a Press. Students will learn the
model will be used for drawing. Optional fee will be divided       history of the process as well as instruction in Hands On
among students. Registration will take place in class only.        application. All levels welcome. Students will work at ones
No Pre-registration. (ACN618)                                      own pace. Registration will take place in class only. No
#53747 Jun 5-Jul 24                                                Pre-registration. (ACN615)
          American Legion Hall, Napa                               #53746 Jun 4-Jul 23
          Tue, 9:15am-1:15pm, Cooley                                        Upper Valley Campus, Rm 8AB
                                                                            Mon, 9:30am-4:30pm, Cooley

                                     (707) 967-2901 or (707) 253-3070 | Community Education                                   57
                                               Arts and Crafts
     Michael Maday received his A.S. Degree in Telecommunications Technology from Napa
     Valley College in 1988 and his Bachelor’s Degree at UC Berkeley in the Practice of Art.
     Approaching video as an alternative to film, he sought to enrich his art background while at
     NVC with classes in painting, printmaking, art history and later, ceramics. Ceramics became a
     passion and artistic focus. By 1994 a distinctive style of mixed-clay ceramic work was emerg-
     ing in the form of his ongoing “Spirited Bottle” series: hand-built sculptural vessels of various
     size and form designed for salt-firing and characterized by flowing organic textural patterns
     and multi-colored tectonic surfaces. Long interested in natural materials, recent sculptural
     works explore the use of scrap and found-stone (granite-marble-slate) in the making of non-
     traditional free-standing architectural sculptures he calls “Chronoliths”. Michael loves working
     with clay and is eager to share new ideas with his students.

     Ceramics: Clay construction,                                       Ceramics:
     beginning-intermediate                                             Making Mosaics (& Ceramics Open Studio*)
     Beginners will use coil, slab, and pinch techniques to cre-        Through short demonstrations, brief lectures and/or slide
     ate a variety of projects including teapots, wind chimes,          presentations each week this class will examine the histo-
     and masks. Advanced students will focus on large coil              ry and aesthetics of mosaics as well as both the traditional
     work, advanced techniques in slab to explore sculptural            methods and materials used in their making . Contem-
     form, and throwing on the wheel. A minimum materials               porary applications and new techniques in the making of
     fee of $25 per student to be paid in class for the clay and        mosaics will also be examined and explored through spe-
     supplies furnished (larger projects may require additional         cial demonstrations. Short small-scale introductory proj-
     materials fee.) Registration for this course will take             ects and exercises will be offered regularly for the begin-
     place in class. (ACN701)                                           ner and periodic advanced demonstrations will be given to
     #53751 Jun 4-Jul 25                                                promote a climate of creative interaction among beginning
               Community Ed Ctr, Napa                                   and advanced students. Clay demonstrations with empha-
               Rm 6A                                                    sis on mosaic production will also be given periodically.
               Mon/Wed, 9:30am-1:30pm                                   Continuing and advanced students may work on projects
     #53752 Jun 5-Jul 26                                                independently in consultation with the instructor. Special
               Community Ed Ctr, Napa                                   emphasis on designing and building with mixed clays.
               Rm 6A                                                    A field trip to the di Rosa Art & Nature Preserve may
               Tue/Thu, 9:30am-1:30pm                                   be scheduled if sufficient interest among class members
               Maday                                                    exists. A minimum materials fee of $25 per student to be
                                                                        paid in class for the supplies furnished (larger projects
                                                                        may require additional materials fee.) Registration for
                                                                        this course will take place in class. (ACN701)
                                                                        #53750 Jun 7-Jul 26
                                                                                  Community Ed Ctr, Napa,
                                                                                  Rm 6A
                                                                                  Thu, 5-9pm, Maday

       Art Class Locations                        American Legion Hall                             Upper Valley Campus
                                                  1240 Pearl St., Napa                             1088 College Ave, St Helena
       Art Association Bldg.                                                                       Off Pope St. Near Silverado Trail
       1520 Behrens St, Napa                      Community Education Center
       First St to Seminary; turn right.          1360 Menlo Ave, Napa
       Seminary to Center St, turn left.          Two blocks north of Napa High
       Behrens is an immediate right off          School and 1/2 block west of
       Center.                                    Jefferson

58                                   | Not-for-Credit Classes
                                             Arts and Crafts
  Deborah Donahower received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of California
  at Santa Barbara with an Art major, emphasizing ceramics and printmaking. Deborah has
  owned several art and pottery design centers and has taught for the Hudson River Museum
  in Yonkers, New York and the Branson School in Ross.

   Ceramics: Clay construction,               clothes or bring a work apron. A $15
   beginning-intermediate                     materials fee will be collected in class
                                              for portfolio. Registration will take
   Beginners will use coil, slab, and
                                              place in the class only. There will be
   pinch techniques to create a variety
                                              no Pre-registration. (ACN605)
   of projects including teapots, wind
                                              #53743 Jun 5-Jul 24
   chimes, and masks. Advanced stu-                    Art Association Bldg
   dents will focus on large coil work,                Tue, 9:30am-12:30pm                  Textile crafts:
   advanced techniques in slab to explore              Donahower                            Painting and stenciling
   sculptural form, and throwing on the       #53742 Jun 7-Jul 26
   wheel. A minimum materials fee of                   Upper Valley Campus                  Have a great time learning all the
   $25 per student to be paid in class                 Rm 8AB                               techniques of Fabric Painting and
   for the clay and supplies furnished                 Thu, 6-9pm, Donahower                Stenciling. You will learn how to
   (larger projects may require addi-                                                       paint on cotton, canvas and silk. Cre-
   tional materials fee.) Registration for    Pastel drawing:                               ate your own personal canvas tote
   this course will take place in class.      Intermediate and advanced                     bags, aprons, dish towels, floor mats,
   (ACN701)                                                                                 silk scarves and much more. Please
                                              Returning intermediate and advanced           bring an old shirt or apron to wear.
   #53744 Jun 4-Jul 25                        students will explore more sophisticat-       Fabric paint is permanent so wear old
             Community Ed Ctr, Napa           ed techniques and projects advancing
             Rm 6A                                                                          clothes. There will be a $25 materials
             Mon,Wed, 5:30-9:30pm             their skills in this exciting medium.         fee collected the first day of class for
             Donahower                        Come stretch your imagination and             materials supplies. Registration for
                                              forge new territory with pastels. Wear        this course will take place in class.
   Pastel drawing: beginning                  old clothes or bring a work apron. A          (ACN701)
                                              $15 materials fee will be collected
   Have fun and develop skills in the                                                       #53745 Jun 6-Jul 25
                                              in class for portfolio. Registration                    Art Association Bldg
   wonderful world of pastels. Learn
                                              will take place in the class only.                      Wed, 9:30am-12:30pm,
   basic techniques in both soft and oil
                                              There will be no Pre-registration.                      Donahower
   pastels. We will also cover both soft
   and oil pastel background washes
                                              #53741 Jun 5-Jul 24
   and under-paintings to support pastel                Art Association Bldg
   works in still life and landscape. You               Tue, 1:30-4:30pm
   will receive your own personalized                   Donahower
   drawing board and portfolio. Wear old

                                             Adventure College
Napa Valley College offers classes that       Arts and Crafts                                Special Classes
are considered beneficial to older adults,    Basic Watercolor techniques                    Senior seminar
though they are open to all interested
                                              On-location watercolor                         Ceramics
students. These special classes may be
                                              Painting on china
found in the following sections.
                                              Porcelain doll making
                                              Creative arts
                                              Learn to draw
                                              Painting workshop
                                              Decorative and tole painting
                                              International decorative arts

                                         (707) 967-2901 or (707) 253-3070 | Community Education                                        59
                                               Arts and Crafts
     Maridee Hays has an interdisciplinary background in art that includes drawing, painting
     and collage. She studied at CSUSF and received her MA from CSUS. Maridee has had one
     woman shows in San Francisco and Sacramento, including the Sacramento Crocker Art
     Museum. She encourages her students to explore their own unique creative processes. Her
     current focus is on water media, monotype and collage.

     Basic watercolor techniques               Painting workshop:
     Using a step-by-step approach, the in-    Studio time
     structor will help students master and    Time and space to focus! Work on on-
     de-mystify the beautiful and versatile    going projects in any medium, plan
     watercolor medium. Students will do       art to enter in Fairs and competitions;
     a series of enjoyable exercises with      plan for open studios; complete a
     emphasis on developing both skills        series; try a larger than usual size and            Learning to draw:
     and creativity while having fun and       format with frequent class encourage-               Experimental techniques
     gaining confidence. Registration for      ment, input and critiques. Registra-
     this course will take place in class      tion will take place in class only.                 Develop a natural way of drawing
     only. (ACN611)                            There will be no Pre registration.                  based directly on feeling while en-
     #53734 Jun 5-Jul 24                       (ACN615)                                            hancing basic drawing skills. Experi-
               Upper Valley Campus, Rm         #53737 Jun 6-Jul 25                                 mental approaches that expand cre-
               8AB                                       Art Association Bldg                      ative expression will be emphasized.
               Tue, 9:30am-12:30pm,                      Wed, 1-4pm, Hays                          Recommended for persons involved
               Hays                                                                                in education, counseling and medita-
     #53736 Jun 7-Jul 26                                                                           tive practices. Registration will take
               Art Association Bldg,
                                               Painting Workshop:
               Napa                            On-location                                         place in class only. There will be no
                                                                                                   Pre-registration. (ACN618)
               Thu, 9:30am-12:30pm,            Join us on site to draw and paint at
               Hays                                                                                #53740 Jun 7-Jul 26
                                               various destinations throughout the                          Art Association Bldg
                                               valley. First meeting will be in front                       Napa
     Painting workshop:                        of the Community Education Build-                            Thu, 6-9pm, Hays
     Introduction to art media                 ing, Menlo St, Napa, where dates
     Students will use watercolors, acrylic    and destinations will be distributed.
     inks, gouache, acrylics, pencil, and      Registration will take place in class
     various mediums in a series of assign-    only. There will be no Pre registra-
     ments both traditional and experi-        tion. (ACN615)
     mental. Emphasis will be on exciting      #53735 Jun 8-Jul 27
     design concepts, originality and                   On location - various
     stretching in both concept and execu-              Fri, 9:30am-12:30pm,
     tion. Registration will take place in
     class only. There will be no pre-reg-
     istration. (ACN615)
     #53738 Jun 5-Jul 24
              Upper Valley Campus, Rm
              Tue, 1-4pm, Hays
     #53739 Jun 7-Jul 26
              Art Association Bldg
              Thu, 1-4pm, Hays

60                                   | Not-for-Credit Classes
                                           Arts and Crafts
  Donna Houck, has been creating beaded jewelry for over 20 years and is now passing on her skill.. She is the owner of Napa
  Valley Jewels, where she designs and sells custom jewelry on

   Beginning Beaded Jewelry Class                                     Peyote Toggle Crystal Bracelet...NEW
   Learn all the basics of bead stringing and to give your pieces     Use a basic peyote stitch and create a beautiful toggle from
   a professional look. Students learn beading terminology,           various seed beads to carry out the fluidity of a sparkling
   step-by-step techniques to make plain and wrapped loops,           crystal bracelet made from two complimentary colors of
   and the various components used in bead stringing while cre-       crystals. Students should have some working knowledge
   ating a necklace, bracelet and earrings. Please bring diagonal     of bead stitching. $20 materials fee payable to instructor. A
   wire cutters, chain nose and round nose pliers if available.       picture of project is available at
   $25 materials fee payable to instructor. A picture of project      Pre-registration required.
   is available at Pre-registration          #1150.301 July 12
   required.                                                          $30          Upper Valley Campus, Rm 1
   #1141.301 June 26                                                               Thu, 9:30am-12:00pm, Houck
   $30           Upper Valley Campus, Rm 1                            #1150.302 July 12
                 Tue, 9:30-11:30am, Houck                             $30          Community Ed Center, Napa
   #1141.302 June 26                                                               Room 3
   $30           Community Ed Center, Napa                                         Thu, 6:30-9:00pm, Houck
                 Room 5
                 Tue, 6:30-8:30pm, Houck

                                                 Auto Repair
Mecánica de automovil principiante (Clase en Español)
Aprenda a mantener su automovil, incluyendo el afinamiente general, reparar los frenos, lubricar el auto, e inspecciones de
seguridad que puede hacer en su casa. Aumente las millas de su auto con mantenimiento apropiado y buenos habitos de manejo.
Para matricularse, llene el formulario de registro abajo y presentelo el primer dia de clase. Universal Auto, 480 Soscol Avenue
(entremedio de Autohaus y Napa Valley Camper hacia atras). (HMRN800)
#53710 junio 4-julio 23
$20     Universal Auto, Napa
        lunes, 7:00 - 9:30pm, Alarcon

Home auto repair-Beginning
Students will learn routine preventative maintenance such as oil changes, lubrication, and home safety inspection. Registration
for this course will take place in class only. There will be no pre-registration. Universal Auto is located between Autohaus &
Napa Valley Camper, south of Napa Bowl, at 480 Soscol Avenue-drive under the arch and go to the back. (HMRN800)
#53711 June 5-July 24
$20       Universal Auto, Napa
          Tue, 7:00 - 9:30pm, Alarcon

                                        (707) 967-2901 or (707) 253-3070 | Community Education                                    61

As you choose a computer class, please consider …
     • All computer classes require some basic typing skills.
     • If you do not know how to type, we suggest that you take the credit class
       CISA 170, Keyboarding 1, Part 1.
     • If you have no prior experience with computers, take the “Introduction to IBM
       PC’s with Windows” class first.
     • All IBM classes include a textbook for your use in class, which you get to keep
       when class is finished.
     • One-day classes take a 1-hour break for lunch.
     • We use Windows NT and Office 2000, but if you have Office 97 or Windows
       95 on your home or office computer, our instruction and materials will work
       for you as well.

Introduction to IBM PCs with                  Research on the Internet                            Basic Website Design
Windows operating system                      This course is designed to help anyone              This one-day course will introduce the
This class is for the novice. No experi-      who uses the Internet to find informa-              student to the procedures, facilities, and
ence necessary. Learn about basic hard-       tion on a research topic. You will learn            techniques required to build an entry
ware, the Windows operating system,           methods and techniques to become more               level Internet website on a Windows-
and use of the mouse. Within Windows,         effective and efficient in doing research           based computer. Topics covered
learn to use Windows Explorer to              on the Internet. The book and in-class              include:
control menus, manage files, customize        exercises are designed to help you find                • Client/Server Networking
work area, access available software us-      the information you need and also make                 • Authoring tools
ing icons, exit properly, and other basic     value judgments about the quality and                  • Page layout and linking
information to prepare you for your soft-     completeness of what you have found.                   • Navigation techniques
ware applications classes. The instruc-       Topics to be covered:                                  • Publishing methods
tor will briefly demonstrate the three           • Using a browser – Internet Explorer               • Web Hosting
major kinds of software packages (word              and Netscape Navigator                        Lab exercises will include developing
processors, spreadsheets, and databases)         • The Internet and the www – Web                 a functional website using text, images,
and stress important safety tips to avoid           pages and how they work                       and hyperlinks. Microsoft FrontPage
loss of data and damage to disks or              • Searching with directories (Yahoo,             will be used as the authoring tool. Basic
equipment. Course fee includes book                 Magellan, etc.)                               tools and facilities contained in Front-
and class materials. Pre-registration is         • Searching with search engines (Alta            Page will be explained and imple-
required.                                           Vista, HotBot, Excite, etc.)                  mented. The HTML language will be
#1300.301 Jun 14                                 • Finding people (e-mail, telephone,             explained but not covered in detail.
$75           Upper Valley Campus,                  mailing directories, maps)                      
              Rm 3                               • Other specialized sites (Shopping,             Prerequisites: Intermediate experience
              Thu, 9:30am-3:30pm,
              Bell                                  travel, education, news, finance,             with Microsoft Windows. Experience
                                                    reference information, shareware).            with Microsoft Word is useful, but not
                                              Pre-registration is required.                       necessary.
                                              #1323.301 Jun 21                                    #1319.301 Jun 28
                                              $85          Upper Valley Campus,                   $85          Upper Valley Campus,
                                                           Rm 3                                                Rm 3
                                                           Thu, 9:30-3:30pm, Bell                              Thu, 9:30-3:30pm, Bell

62                                  | Not-for-Credit Classes
                           Computer Online Classes
Napa Valley College offers over            Complete course descriptions and requirements as well as instructor profiles can be
250 online classes. Computer               found at works
classes include the full range of          1 You register for the class or classes you want and pay registration fees using
Microsoft programs, Quicken,                  our registration procedures outlined on inside back cover. Registration must be
QuickBooks, Photoshop, as well as             received in our office by noon of the Friday prior to start date of class.
a class on troubleshooting your PC.        2 You log in to our online courses web page ( and go
Some of the other applications in-            through orientation for each course you wish to take. (In completing the orienta-
clude classes on creating web pages           tion, you actually place your name on the class roster for approved access to
and web graphics, JavaScript and              lessons).
Macromedia Dreamweaver 3.                  3 On the start date of class, you may access your first lessons from the designated
Other classes are aimed at manag-             online class website. All classes run over a six-week period starting on the class
ing your small business, creative             start date as listed in this schedule.
writing, Preparing for the SAT/            4 A new class lesson is available each Wednesday and Friday for each of the six
ACT, and navigating your Palm                 weeks for a total of 12 lessons. Lessons are released sometime between 8am and
Pilot.                                        noon.
Courses run for six weeks and              5 Class help is available from a searchable database of FAQs and instructor
consist of 12 lessons. The lessons            responses; students are also given access to a class online discussion area for
include interactive quizzes, assign-          interaction with students and instructor.
ments, tutorials and online discus-        6 Registration deadline for all online classes is noon on the Friday prior to the
sion. Complete your lessons and               start date of the class
contact your instructor at times
                                           7 Access to the class website is limited to 8 days after end date of class.
most convenient to you. If you are
                                              Requirements: Windows 95, 98, 2000, Internet access, e-mail, and the Micro-
taking an applications class you will
                                              soft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator web browser.given access to a
need that software.
                                              class online discussion area for interaction with students and instructor.

                                         Emeritus College
The Mission of the Napa Valley                Why Philosophy Now?                            So, which are you? This light summer
Emeritus College is to provide a              Donald John, educated at St. Cathe-            course will demonstrate, first, why do-
forum for the continuing educa-               rine’s College Oxford in Literature and        ing a little philosophy will benefit you
tion and enrichment of Napa                   Philosophy, has lectured on Blake,             greatly (with the “Socratic method” in
Valley adults. Short-term courses             Dante, Milton and Romanticism in the           mind you will be better able to cross-
and lectures are designed to                  Napa Valley College Emeritus Program.          examine a perfidious spouse or an
reflect the ongoing interests and             He has taught philosophy at the college        irascible child, even an overly authori-
needs of our community. The sole              level for many years and is a contributor      tative parent!). In the second session we
criterion for participating in this           to the Dictionary of Eighteenth-Century
                                                                                             will look at the fascinating questions
program is the desire to learn
                                              British Philosophers (Thoemmes Press,
                                                                                             philosophy seeks to answer, noting
and grow. Our philosophy is that                                                             some famous cross-century debates
learning can be fun, enriching,                                                              such as that of Plato versus Sartre.
and on going.                                 The astute English poet, Samuel Taylor         The final lecture will cover George
                                              Coleridge, wrote, “Every person is born        Berkeley’s delightful, beautifully
We would appreciate it if you would           an Aristotelian, or a Platonist. I do not      written yet deadly serious 18th-century
share your catalog with others who            think it possible that anyone born an          essay, “Siris: A Chain of Philosophical
may not be on our mailing list. We            Aristotelian can become a Platonist;           Reflexions and Inquiries Concerning
welcome your suggestions, your par-           and I am sure no born Platonist can            the Virtues of Tar-Water.”
ticipation, and your enthusiasm!              change into an Aristotelian. They are          #2876.301 June 26, July 3, 10.
                                              two classes of people, besides which           $60           Upper Valley Campus,
                                              it is next to impossible to conceive a                       Rm 4
Please join us. Remember No Tests!
                                              third.”                                                      Tue, 1:00-2:00pm, John
No Stress!

                                        (707) 967-2901 or (707) 253-3070 | Community Education                                      63
                                            Emeritus College
If you ask Arlene Taylor what she does in life that absolutely energizes her, she will likely reply: “I’m a brain – function special-
ist and I help people thrive!” She incorporates cutting edge brain-function research into her empowering seminars, highlighting
strategies that, when practically applied, can help people be more successful, by design.
A recipient of the American Medal of Honor for Brain-Function Education (American Biographical Institute, Inc, 2002) Taylor holds
doctorates in Health & Human Services and in Clinical Pastoral Counseling. In 1989 the Loma Linda University Nursing Alumni
Association selected Taylor as Alumna of the year. She is a life member in the National Registry of Who’s Who, 2000 edition. A
member of the National Speakers Asssociation, Taylor is listed with the Professional Speakers International.

Downshifting of the Brain – Gear Up for Success!
The mass of tissue inside your bony skull known as “the brain” really consists of several functional layers. These brain layers
can be compared to gears in a vehicle. When the going gets tough the vehicle downshifts automatically to help you get through.
In situations of trauma, crisis, or any type of fear, the brain downshifts in an attempt to access functions that promote safety.
While this is a helpful strategy, it can be very deleterious when activated frequently or when sustained over thme. The outcomes
can range from failure to learn to relapse into addictive behaviors.

This seminar is designed to increase your understanding of the downshifting phenomenon in the brain, and explains the conse-
quences of existing in a downshifted state for any prolonged period of time. At work or at home, communication can be derailed
if either the sender or the receiver (or both) are downshifted. Strategies to help you identify downshifting in a timely manner are
included, along with suggestions for ways to promote upshifting and for communicating congruently with someone who is in a
downshifted state.

#2877.301 Jun 12
$15       Upper Valley Campus, Rm 4
          Tue, 1:00-2:00pm, Taylor

To Grieve is to Heal
In general, our culture has taught us how to acquire but not how to lose. This is especially true when it comes to grieving losses.
It is vitally important to recognize that there can be a vast difference between the grieving process in preparation for oone’s
own death and the grief-recovery process for survivors of loss. The Kubler-Ross work has been landmark in helping individu-
als prepare to die with dignity. The Grief Recovery Pyramid, on the other hand, is designed to help survivors successfully move
through a grief-recovery process.

This seminar is designed to present strategies for identifying, grieving, and moving beyond our losses. The goal is to retain our
memories without the sting of the emotional pain. It requires tremendous amounts of energy to keep grief and loss “walled off”;
energy that we need to have available to use for successful everyday living. Includees the Grief Recovery Pyramid.

#2878.301 Jul 17
$15       Upper Valley Campus, Rm 4
          Tue, 1:00-2:00pm, Taylor

                        Pre-Registration is strongly recommended for all fee based classes

                            Classes are subject to cancellation if there is low enrollment!

                                    See page 90 for the Four Easy Ways to register

64                                 | Not-for-Credit Classes
                                            Food and Wine

Chef Barbara Alexander
Chef Barbara Alexander, Executive Chef of the Napa Valley Cooking School, comes from a long background of restaurants and
Cooking Schools. She has headed the culinary programs at the Napa Valley Cooking School for 5 years now, and has expanded
the culinary offerings considerably and is most proud of the wonderful variety of culinary experts that make up the faculty of the
Food Enthusiast Program. Most recently of the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone, Chef Barbara instructed for five years
at the acclaimed Dubrulle Culinary Institute of Canada, after returning from a seven-year stint in award winning hotels and restau-
rants in Australia and England.

Shrimp Mania                                                         Main Course Summer Salads
Summer is Shrimp Season!!! In response to the seafood fanat-         Ah, the long awaited beautiful Napa Valley summer is upon
ics, who loved the popular Crab-Mania!, here’s a fun new             us with long hot days, marvelous produce and lots of outdoor
class that will provide you with lots of new, easy and exoti-        eating. This class is tailored to simple cooking with the very
cally flavored recipes for the much loved shrimp. We will be         best of local products, seasonal ingredients and earthy flavors
working with only the best fresh shrimp including Hopper             of Californian Cuisine. These salads make perfect appetizers
Shrimp, White Gulf Prawns, and local Rock and Bay Shrimp,            or main courses and are great for entertaining or just a simple
to create a delicious meal. Salt and Pepper Wok-Fried Shrimp,        home cooked meal. A dazzling array of salads: A Chef’s
Grilled Shrimp on Sugar Cane with Spicy Dipping Sauce,               Warm Potato Salad with Proscuitto, Artichoke Caponata with
Coconut Shrimp with Spicy Tomato Chutney, Grilled Shrimp             Grilled Prawns and Lemon Fritters, Moroccan Poached
Cocktail with Mango and Chipotle Salsa , Corn Chowder with           Chicken Salad with Chickpeas and Roasted Peppers, Avocado
Spicy Shrimp Salad, Rigatoni with Rock Shrimp, Pesto and             and Grapefruit Salad with Dungeness Crab Cake, Niçoise
Cherry Tomatoes and Andalusian Shrimp Fritters with Garlic           Salad with Tuna Confit and Garden Lettuces with Torn Crou-
Aioli. Always popular in the summer months, Shrimp is great          tons, Sweet 100 Tomatoes, Poached Eggs, Bacon Lardons and
for entertaining.                                                    Green Goddess Dressing will change the way you look at the
Hands-On                                                             salad as a main course.
#3070.301 May 22                                                     Hands-On
$80          Upper Valley Campus Kitchen                             #3250.301 June 19
             Tues, 6-9:30pm, Alexander                               $75           Upper Valley Campus Kitchen
                                                                                   Tue, 6-9:30pm, Alexander
Summer “Starters” from the Grill
Well it’s time to fire up that grill for summer entertaining, and
who doesn’t need a few new recipes to add to your repertoire
rather than just dusting off the same old recipes every year.
In this class Chef Barbara will take you on a tour of exciting
world appetizers from the grill. These appetizers are great
served alone or do several of them for a casual outdoor dinner.
Tonight’s recipes to include: Thai Lemongrass-Marinated
Skewers with Spicy Peanut Hoisin Sauce, Grilled Goat Cheese
Pizettas, Banana Leaf Wrapped Achiote Marinated Pork and
Pineapple; BBQ Oysters with Scallion Ginger Sauce, Grilled
Prawns in Shots of Icy Gazpacho, Mini Kobe Beef Burg-
ers with Spicy Chili Aïoli, Grilled Eggplant Salad with Tea
Smoked Chicken and Grilled chipotle Chicken Tostadas with
Lime Crèma and Pickled Red Onions.
Register early for this popular grill class!
#3269.301 June 5
$75           Upper Valley Campus Kitchen
              Tue, 6-9:30pm, Alexander
                                                                                             See page 80
                                                                                         Wine Tasting Classes

                                         (707) 967-2901 or (707) 253-3070 | Community Education                                   65
                                              Food and Wine

Chef Adam Busby, Certified Master Chef
Chef Adam Busby, CMC, launched into his long culinary career in the revered kitchens of Michelin Star Restaurant Des Gour-
mets in Dijon, Burgundy and Jacques Cagna in Paris. After working with some of France’s top chefs he returned to his native
Canada to open his own award winning and internationally acclaimed restaurant, Star Anise. Chef Adam is the Director of Educa-
tion and Executive Chef of the talented team of instructors at the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone. In January 2004
Chef Adam received the honor of Certified Master Chef…one of only 62 in America!

Pizza Workshop                                                        Blademaster II You know you’re ready!
Great dough, great ingredients, and the college’s spank-              Perhaps you have taken Blademaster or maybe you didn’t, but
ing new hearth oven will join hands to create one dynamite            you’ve been practicing for some time and wondering what the
pizza class. White pizzas, Red pizzas, Calzone, Piadinis and          next step would be….the time has come to take your skills to
Grilled Pizzas will be the subjects of our culinary investiga-        the next level and introduce you to Blademaster II.
tions tonight. We’ll also discover that there IS life outside the     We’ll begin with a brief review of the cuts from Blademas-
“deep dish” syndrome as we prepare classic and contemporary           ter and then turn our attention to some of the finer nuances
thin and crispy pizzas. Matched with garden fresh salads and          of knife control: accurate small dice, the elusive brunoise,
some tasty wines, this class is sure to launch you into home          the oblique cut, turned zucchini, and chiffonade. Even if you
pizza production for you and your guests to enjoy. Chef Adam          haven’t taken Blademaster I this class is suitable for everyone
will show you how to duplicate a “hearth oven” in your home           and we’ll pace the class so that everyone can follow along and
oven.                                                                 get some concentrated knife handling practice. This is a great
Hands On                                                              class for those interested in The Home Chef (4-day course
#3219.301 May 24                                                      offered in the fall) or merely those interested in learing a more
$75          Upper Valley Campus Kitchen                              professional and safe approach to knife handling that nobody
             Thu, 6-9:30pm, Busby                                     ever taught you. Come learn with the Master, the “Blademas-
                                                                      ter”, for this fun-packed evening that’s sure to sell out! As
Rib Mania—back by popular demand!                                     usual, Professional grade Wustof Knives will be available for
Summer is definitely upon us when we start thinking of Ribs!          ordering at the end of the class with the Blademaster deep
It’s time to break away from your old rib recipe that you have        discount.
been dusting off every summer...and this class is just in time to     Hands On
shake up your 4th of July celebration!! Chef Adam will guide          #3262.301 Aug 23
you through a variety of Dry Rubs, Spice Shakes, Mop Sauces,          $75           Upper Valley Campus Kitchen
                                                                                    Thu, 6-9:30pm, Busby
and Finishing Glazes on a variety of Ribs that span from Latin
America and Asia to right here in our own backyards! Along
with some great salads, sides, relishes and condiments you
will leave with lots of great new recipes to give your barbeque
a good summer workout!
Hands On
#3246.301 June 14
$75           Upper Valley Campus Kitchen
              Thu, 6-9:30pm, Busby

                                                                                       Pre-Registration is strongly
                                                                                          recommended for all
                                                                                           fee based classes

                                                                                  Classes are subject to cancellation
                                                                                      if there is low enrollment!

                                                                                          See page 90 for the
                                                                                       Four Easy Ways to register

66                                 | Not-for-Credit Classes
                                             Food and Wine

Pastry Chef Stephen Durfee
Most recently, Chef Durfee served as pastry chef at Charles Nob Hill in San Francisco, Stephen Durfee worked for over five
years at The French Laundry in Yountville, CA, rotating through the various kitchen stations and eventually becoming pastry chef
of the popular restaurant. He won the 1998 James Beard Award for “Pastry Chef of the Year” and was named one of the “10
Best Pastry Chefs in America” in 1999 by Pastry Art & Design. Other professional experience includes working as pastry chef of
the Wheatleigh Hotel in Lenox, MA, and as a pastry instructor at Peter Kump’s New York Cooking School, where he earned his
Certificate in Pastry/Baking in 1991. Chef Durfee has also traveled and worked in France, during which time he apprenticed at
restaurants in Paris and Chambery.

Nuts for Nuts                                                        Luscious Summer Fruits
Join Pastry Chef Stephen Durfee for an all-new look at one           An all new class in the talented Chef Durfee’s pastry reper-
of the pastry chef’s favorite ingredients - Nuts! In this class      toire! For you ardent followers of the Durfee “cult” and for
we will show how to properly blanch, roast and peel nuts,            new-comers, this class will be a great journey spanning the
then turn them into a variety of cookies, cakes, custards, tarts     full spectrum of the pastry realm. Spend the day with Chef
and confections. Featured recipes will include Italian Pignoli       Durfee and take a concentrated look at the Napa Valley’s
Cookies, Pistachio Ice Cream, Macadamia Nut Brittle, Fresh           bounty of summer fruits and how to use them in a variety of
Almond Marzipan, Spiced Hazelnut Pots de Creme, Pecan                Fresh Fruit Tarts, Ice Creams, Sorbets, Salads, Cakes and the
Sandies and Chef Durfee’s famous “Cream of Walnut” Soup.             fabulous mignardise Fruit Geleés. Register early to be a part 
Don’t miss this class!                                               of this great class!
Hands On                                                             Hands On
#3309.301 May 19                                                     #3047.301 Aug 18
$75          Upper Valley Campus Kitchen                             $75           Upper Valley Campus Kitchen
             Sat, 10:30-2, Durfee                                                  Sat 10:30-2pm, Durfee

                                         (707) 967-2901 or (707) 253-3070 | Community Education                                   67
                                             Food and Wine

Chef/Pastry Chef Krista Garcia
Chef Instructor/Pastry Chef Instructor Krista Garcia is a California native and graduate of the second class at Napa Valley
Cooking School (1997). Prior to her formal culinary arts training, Chef Garcia received her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature
from the Clark Honors College at the University of Oregon, for which she wrote a thesis on the symbolism of food in literature.
While attending the Napa Valley Cooking School, she worked at Jan Birnbaum’s Catahoula, where she was quickly placed as
Pastry Chef and began her career in pastry arts. During this time she wrote a monthly food column for the St. Helena Star en-
titled, “The Inquisitive Palate: A Monthly Exploration of Food and Lore in the Napa Valley.” In 1998, Chef Garcia moved to Seattle
to hone her skills, working first as Assistant Pastry Chef then interim Pastry Chef at the renowned French restaurant, Campagne.
Although she thoroughly enjoyed her experiences in the Pacific Northwest, she was eager to return to wine country. Chef Garcia
has taught professional students and food enthusiasts at the Santa Rosa Junior College, Sur la Table, and at the Napa Valley
Cooking School where she is a full time instructor.

Cake Decorating for Special Occasion Cakes                           Serve Safe Certification Program
We are lucky to offer this wonderful workshop in cake deco-          (Safety and Sanitation)
rating, for which we have had many requests. Join Chef Kris-         In response to the many requests both from professional
ta, our resident pastry chef, to learn the techniques required       kitchens and home cooks alike, we are happy to offer the
to create a special occasion cake. This informative approach         Certification Program for Serve Safe, a required certificate for
to making a special cake will address the architecture, design,      professional cooks. This two day class will guide you through
colors, decorations, transportation, cutting and serving of your     all steps to aquiring your certificate (valid for 5 years). Friday
cake and then it will be hands-on decorating! Using all the          will be a day of lecture, audio visual and questions and an-
latest techniques including rolled fondant, tinting, marzipan        swers regarding safety sanitation, following the National Res-
flower making, application of luster dust, piping with royal         taurant Association’s ServeSafe Program textbook . You will
icing and other frostings and you will be amazed at your cre-        have the weekend to study and review your notes and textbook
ations! The cakes will have been prepared in advance, leaving        and on Monday night will have a one hour review and then
all the time for decoration. Please bring a picture or an idea       take the exam. All materials and textbook are included in the
of what you would like to accomplish, bearing in mind time           price. Coffee and beverages will be provided. Please bring a
restrictions. All cakes will be taken home and all materials are     lunch as the lunch break will be restricted to 20 minutes.
provided.                                                            ***Although the class will be instructed in English, both the
Hands On                                                             text and the test will be available for purchase in Spanish, with
#3177.301 May 30                                                     prior request from the instructor.
$75           Upper Valley Campus Kitchen                            Hands On
              Wed, 6-9:30, Garcia
                                                                     #3159.301 Aug 24 + Aug 27
                                                                     $140          Upper Valley Campus Room 2
Exquisite Chocolate Bonbons                                                        Friday 8:30-2pm (lecture)
                                                                                   Monday 6-9:00pm (review and exam), Garcia
Have you ever shuddered at the price of beautifully made,
high-end chocolates? Well, now is the time to try your hand
at making some amazing creations with Chef Krista, freshly
back from Chicago’s famed French Pastry School’s profes-
sional workshop in advanced chocolate candies! In this class
you will use only the finest high quality world chocolate, and
pastry ingredients, a professional chocolate tempering ma-
chine (and also learn how to duplicate this, by hand, at home),
cocoa butter designed transfer sheets, luster dust, colored
chocolate, and make scrumptious fillings with modern hip
flavors…. You will truly be amazed at what you will produce
…and will be able to purchase cost price chocolate and ingre-
dients at the end of class to use at home! Each student will go
home with a box of pride worthy high end chocolates!
Hands On
#3294.301 June 13
$80           Upper Valley Campus Kitchen
              Wed, 6-9:30pm, Garcia

68                                | Not-for-Credit Classes
                                            Food and Wine

Chef Mariano Orlando
Mariano Orlando, was born in Balistrade, Sicily and honed his skills in South America and Europe. Before coming to Tra Vigne
in St. Helena, Mariano was the co-owner of Caffe Giuseppe in Southern California and cooked at the Hotel Del Conte in Milan.
In addition to teaching cooking classes, he also manages to find the time to be a member of the Napa Valley Cooking School’s
Board of Advisors.

Summer Tomato Bounty
Join Chef Mariano Orlando for another of his wonderful culinary experiences. This time we will be dealing with the beautiful
tomato, always bountiful in our Napa Valley summers. Using unique and delicious Heirloom Tomatoes available at your local
farmers’ markets, Mariano will show you his famous Conserva to enjoy later in the winter months, as well as some great new
recipes to add to your reportoire.

Hands On
#3191.301 August 27
$75       Upper Valley Campus Kitchen
          Mon, 6-9:30pm, Orlando

Chef Scot Rice
Chef Scot Rice The latest addition to the team at the culinary school, Scot Rice is an alumnus of Napa Valley College’s Napa
Valley Cooking School class of 2003. A native of Kodiak Alaska, Scot has worked extensively in the salmon fisheries business
as well as being a full-time teaching assistant for both the Professional Culinary Program and Food Enthusiast Program at the
Napa Valley Cooking School. Scot is also a graduate of the Professional Pastry Program at the Culinary Institute of America at
Greystone and worked at Citizen Cake, Patisserie Angelica, Restaurant Gary Danko and Acme Breads. Fun, entertaining and
well versed in our hands-on program, Scot is an expert in teaching young minds and hands to create great food.

Kids in the Kitchen 1—Foods around the Globe
Here’s fun class for your “foodie” kids…. Join Chef Scot Rice, a master with the young cook, on a culinary journey around the
globe. Chef Scot will take the kids on a fun adventure visiting foods from different lands sharing with them the “hands-on” reci-
pes perfect for kids to duplicate at home. From the American Classic Macaroni and Cheese with a Crispy Crust, to Asian Spring
Rolls with Sweet and Sour Dipping Sauce, Pizza Margarita with Fresh Mozzarella, and hand-rolled, Kid Friendly Sushi. The
kids will produce a great lunch for themselves and finish with Homemade Smores around the “live fire”. Register early as Chef
Scot can only take a limited number of kids. Add the Cookie Exchange for a fun day of great cooking!
Kids 8-14 only please….Parents, we will see you at 12:30 for pick up.
Hands On
#3255.301 July 13
$55          Upper Valley Campus Kitchen
             Fri 10:00-12:30 pm,( includes lunch at 12:00) Rice

Kids in the Kitchen 2—Cookie Exchange
Join Chef Scot in another of his fun cooking classes. In this class the kids will make several varieties of cookies including Scot’s
famous Mudslides, Peanut Butter “Sandwich” Cookies, Snickerdoodles, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Decorated Sugar Cookies.
All kids will enjoy a great lunch of foods from around the world at 12:00 noon (before the class begins at 12:30) and the kids
will take home a box of cookies to share with their family and friends. Join this class together with the morning class --Foods
Around the Globe-- for a full day of culinary fun!
Kids8-14 only please….Parents, we will see you at 2:30 for pick up.

Hands On
#3152.301 July 13
$55       Upper Valley Campus Kitchen
          Fri 12:00-2:30pm,(includes lunch at 12:00) Rice

                                        (707) 967-2901 or (707) 253-3070 | Community Education                                   69
                                             Food and Wine

Chef Ken Woytisek
Chef Ken Woytisek has been a professional cook and chef for the last twenty years. He has worked in many well-known Bay
Area restaurants during his career, such as Zuni Cafe, Square One, China Moon Cafe, and Campton Place Hotel. Currently, he
is a Chef Instructor at the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone where he teaches both Mediterranean and Asian Cuisines
having traveled extensively in those regions of the world.

“Ceviche” South America’s Seafood Darling
The new “in” food today is actually an old world dish from South America called Ceviche. The simplicity of the ancient coastal
peoples’ preparation of raw fish using salt and condiments is echoed in more modern techniques, such as “tiradito” the youngest
member of the Ceviche family and the one growing most in variety of preparation. In this class you will learn how to prepare
Shrimp Martini Ceviche with Cumin-Chili Chips, Marinated Snapper Peruvian-Style, Ahi, Baby Shrimp, and Hamachi Ceviche,
and Tiradato Alfresco. You will also learn to prepare a variety of side dishes to serve with your Ceviche.
Hands On
#3028.301 August 25
$75         Upper Valley Campus Kitchen
            Sat, 10:30am-2pm, Woytisek

Ronn Wiegand, Master of Wine, Master Sommelier
Ronn Wiegand has been teaching wine appreciation classes for more than 25 years. Class participants have responded en-
thusiastically to his relaxed, informative style and his candid insights on wine tasting, wine enjoyment, and the wine market. A
Master of Wine (1991) and Master Sommelier (1986), he currently publishes RESTAURANT WINE (a consulting guide to wine for
restaurants) and Taste Tour Wine Charts (educational wine materials). As a wine professional, he tastes more than 4,000 wines a
year and lectures on wine-related topics throughout the nation. He has been a Napa Valley resident since 1980.
Outstanding 2004 California Merlots
Join Ronn in another of his “Outstanding” series of Wine Tast-      Remarkable Rosés: The Best of the Best
ings! This time, we will take a close look at Merlots, and find     . Rosés are all the rage again--and great rosés have never been
out which bottles Ronn is stocking up on! A great way to ex-        more widely available. Perfect for summer drinking, these
pand your cellar is by tasting this delicious range of top Mer-     wines appeal to both the wine enthusiast and the “foodie” in
lots from Napa and Sonoma County producers. Pinot Noir              all of us; pairing perfectly with everything from fine dining
and Cabernet Sauvignon get all the attention, but the 2004          to lighter summer fare and backyard, beachy, flip-flop imbib-
crop of Northern California Merlots is the best--ever! Merlot       ing. In this class we will taste a wide range of the world’s best
is in our varietal universe--to stay!                               roses from a range of varietals, including Pinot Noir, Syrah,
All students must be at least 21 years old.                         and Grenache, primarily from California and Europe.
Tasting and Lecture                                                 All students must be at least 21 years old.
#3192.301 June 12                                                   Tasting and Lecture
$60           St. Supery Winery, Rutherford
              Tue, 6:30-9pm                                         #3055.301 June 26
                                                                    $60           St. Supery Winery, Rutherford
                                                                                  Tue, 6:30-9pm

70                               | Not-for-Credit Classes
                                              Food and Wine

Cynthia Sutko, Certified Specialist of Wine
Cynthia Sutko is a Certified Specialist of Wine and has completed the advanced level of wine studies from the Wine and Spirit
Education Trust. She has a master’s degree from Loyola University of Chicago and has studied viticulture at Napa Valley College.

Enjoyment of Wine
Each week of this 4-week course, you will taste 4 wines. First week: Breaking down the mystery, confusion and intimidation
that surround wine—wine tasting basics. Week 2: How many varietals are there? How to read a wine label. Storing and ageing
wines. Growing grapes and making wine. Wine regions of the world. Week 3: What to look for when buying wines at retail
shops and supermarkets. Sharing wine with friends and family. Matching food and wine. Week 4: Choosing wine from a wine
list. How wine is marketed. Fun with wine, e.g. blind tasting, wine cards. Bring wine glasses. All students must be at least 21
years old. Pre-registration required
#2803.301 Jul 2-Jul 23
$80         Upper Valley Campus, Rm 2
            Mon, 7-9pm, Sutko

                                          Health and Safety
Basic first aid (Adult and                    Health care provider CPR                        Heart saver CPR
pediatric)                                    This six (6) hour course is designed            (Pediatric & Adult)
This four (4) hour class deals with a         to meet the requirements of the health          This four (4) hour course is designed to
multitude of medical and traumatic            care professional (RN’s, LVN’s, FMT’s,          meet the requirements of the childcare
emergencies. This course will provide         Doctors, etc.) Individuals needing to           providers, foster parents, anyone who
the individual with the necessary skill       re-certify, only need to attend the first       deals with children, teachers, industry,
required to help stabilize someone until      session. Textbook: $15.00 purchased at          and the general public who have a desire
Advanced Life Support can arrive.             class (not required if you bring a current      to learn CPR. This course includes In-
This fulfills the requirements for day        textbook to class). Pre-registration            fant and Child CPR, as well as Foreign
care providers, teachers or anyone who        required.                                       Body Airway Obstruction for infants,
is required to complete a Basic First         #1703.301 Jun 11 & 13                           children and adults. Pre-registration
Aid class. California EMSA Pediatric          $40           Community Ed Center               required.
Sticker: $5.00 paid to instructor at class.                 Napa, Rm 3                        #1720.301 Jun 18
                                                            Mon/Wed, 7-10:00pm
(Required for Day Care providers and                        Mellow
                                                                                              $30          Community Ed Center
Foster Parents only.) Pre-registration        #1703.302 Jul 9 &11
                                                                                                           Napa, Rm 3
required.                                                                                                  Mon 6-10:00pm, Mellow
                                              $40           Community Ed Center               #1720.302 Jul 16
#1702.301 Jun 20                                            Napa, Rm 3                        $30          Community Ed Center
$30            Community Ed Center                          Mon/Wed, 7-10:00pm                             Napa, Rm 3
               Napa, Rm 3                                   Mellow                                         Mon 6-10:00pm, Mellow
               Wed, 6-10:00pm, Mellow
#1702.302 Jul 18
$30            Community Ed Center
               Napa, Rm 3
               Wed, 6-10:00pm, Mellow

                                          (707) 967-2901 or (707) 253-3070 | Community Education                                    71

The Science of staging—creating ambiance that sells...
Ruthanne Hatfield, is the owner of Art of Interior Placemen. You can reach her toll-free at 1-877-441-
2844 or on the web at She has been featured on HGTV’s Decorating
Cents, in Solano Magazine, and the Napa Valley Register.

Hatfield feels that before you can “romance” a potential buyer to make you an offer on your home,
its curb appeal must be inviting, and any photos and virtual tours must showcase the home and its’
potential. A house only has one opportunity to make a good first impression. When buyers are actually
looking at your home, think of it like “speed dating”—you have only seconds in which to convince a
buyer to keep checking out the possibilities. Once a negative reaction has occurred, the “date is over!”
Although buyers start house-hunting logically, they get hooked for emotional reasons – believing that
living there will improve their lives, and unconsciously they are thinking they will have more...prestige, popularity, smarter chil-
dren, a healthier lifestyle, more travel time, an improved love life, etc. Staging optimizes space, defines traffic flow, minimizes
flaws and appeals to the emotions of buyers. However, really effective staging is geared toward the woman, since it is she who
must fall in love. Romancing her includes the placement of props which will convey the “life improving” qualities buyers seek.
Statistically, staged homes sell faster and for more money. Agents also like to show their buyers staged homes, which ensure
more showings. and those just thinking of putting their home on the market will benefit from this seminar.
#1157.301 June 5
$30            Upper Valley Campus,
               Rm 2
	         	 Tue,	3:00-5:00pm,	Hatfield
#1157.302 July 11
$30            Upper Valley Campus,
               Rm 2
	         	 Wed,	3:00-5:00pm,	Hatfield

Fresh facials from your kitchen garden...NEW
Joan Morais teaches classes on how to make natural body care products. Joan’s studies in herbs
ad natural body care led her to replace synthetic ingredients with all-natural ingredients that promote
vibrant skin. Her passion is to teach others how to make creative, healthy and fantastic products for the
skin. Joan is the author of A Time to Celebrate: A Celebration of a Girl’s First Menstrual Period. For
more information, visit her website at or call 707-426-9480.

Save a bundle making your own natural body products from ingredients in your kitchen and garden.
Learn how easy it is to make fresh facials that are good for the skin. Fruits, vegetables, yogurt, herbs,
grains and nuts promote vibrant and healthy skin. They allow the skin to breathe plus feed and nourish it. We’ll make facial
scrubs, masks and toners and apply a facial with them. It is amazing how a fresh facial gives a beautiful glow to the skin and
invigorates the body. Take home lots of fresh facial recipes, a scrub, a toner and a mask. Bring a wash cloth and towel to class.
$20 material fee paid in class. Pre-registration required.
#1713.301 July 12
$40          Community Education Center, Rm 5, Napa
             Thu, 6:30-9:00pm, Morais

72                                | Not-for-Credit Classes
                                                 Kid’s Classes

Kids and clay
Explore the world of clay. We will pound it, pull it, stretch it, roll it, mold it, cut it, coax it, and glaze it. Let your creativity roll
as we build bird houses, three-dimensional fish, fantasy dragons and creepy-crawly creatures. Make your own cereal bowl to eat
from every morning or create your favorite pet’s food dish. Come get your hands dirty and let your spirit sore. There will be a
$15 materials fee collected in class. This class is open to grades 2 through 6. Pre-registration is required.
#5001.301 Jun 4-Jul 23
$90         Community Education
            Center, Napa, Rm 6A
            Mon, 3:00-4.30pm

Kids’ multi-mediums art....NEW
We will have a great time exploring many different mediums in the world of art. Bring your imagination and we will travel the
roads of drawing, painting, wood working, papier-mâché, printmaking, sculpture and more. You will learn the basic techniques
in each medium and create fun projects to take home. Be amazed at what you can do, the skills you will develop, and most of
all, the fun you will have. There will be a $15 materials fee collected in class the first day of class. This class is open to grades 2
through 6. Pre-registration is required.
#5068.301 Jun 7-Jul 26
$90           Upper Valley Campus, Rm 8AB
              Thu, 3:30-5:00pm

Kids in the Kitchen 1—Foods around the Globe
Here’s fun class for your “foodie” kids…. Join Chef Scot Rice, a master with the young cook, on a culinary journey around
the globe. Chef Scot will take the kids on a fun adventure visiting foods from different lands sharing with them the “hands-on”
recipes perfect for kids to duplicate at home. From the American Classic Macaroni and Cheese with a Crispy Crust, to Asian
Spring Rolls with Sweet and Sour Dipping Sauce, Pizza Margarita with Fresh Mozzarella, and hand-rolled, Kid Friendly Sushi.
The kids will produce a great lunch for themselves and finish with Homemade Smores around the “live fire”. Register early as
Chef Scot can only take a limited number of kids. Add the Cookie Exchange for a fun day of great cooking!
Kids 8-14 only please….Parents, we will see you at 12:30 for pick up.
Hands On
#3255.301 July 13
$55          Upper Valley Campus Kitchen
             Fri 10:00-12:30 pm,( includes lunch at 12:00) Rice

Kids in the Kitchen 2—Cookie Exchange
Join Chef Scot in another of his fun cooking classes. In this class the kids will make several varieties of cookies including
Scot’s famous Mudslides, Peanut Butter “Sandwich” Cookies, Snickerdoodles, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Decorated Sugar
Cookies. All kids will enjoy a great lunch of foods from around the world at 12:00 noon (before the class begins at 12:30) and
the kids will take home a box of cookies to share with their family and friends. Join this class together with the morning class
--Foods Around the Globe-- for a full day of culinary fun!
Kids8-14 only please….Parents, we will see you at 2:30 for pick up.
Hands On
#3152.301 July 13
$55          Upper Valley Campus Kitchen
             Fri 12:00-2:30pm,(includes lunch at 12:00) Rice

                                          (707) 967-2901 or (707) 253-3070 | Community Education                                        73

Practical Conversational Spanish for Beginners I                      Spanish over lunch—High Beginners.....NEW
This is a lively, interactive, non-competitive class with mini-       Join us for lunch (bring your own) and learn Spanish at the 
mal emphasis on formal grammar. Whether you are a “bare               same time!   This course is for people who have a working 
bones beginner” or a “beginner again”, this class will help you       knowledge of two or three Spanish verb tenses, who can 
build a foundation to understand and speak Spanish for travel,        recognize (though not necessarily be able to use) two or three 
work, and social occasions.                                           other verb tenses when they see them in writing, who have 
#1600.301 Jun 5-Jul 10                                                heard of “the subjunctive” (though will probably not yet 
$78           Upper Valley Campus                                     be able to use it), and who can carry on (or at least struggle 
              Rm 1                                                    through!) a simple conversation. Popular songs, selections 
              Tue, 6:30-8:00pm                                        from Spanish-language literature, and clips from Spanish-lan-
                                                                      guage TV programs and movies will help to bring the lan-
                                                                      guage to life for us. Pre-registration is required 
Spanish over lunch—Beginners.....NEW                                  #1616.302 Jun 5-Jul 26
Join us for lunch (bring your own) and learn Spanish at the           $150          Upper Valley Campus
same time! This course is for people who have no knowledge                          Rm 7A
of Spanish, but a great desire to learn this beautiful and useful                   Tue & Thu, 12-1PM
language. We’ll start with the very basics of Spanish pronun-                       Pena
ciation and verb conjugation, and immediately begin using
what we learn to communicate with each other in Spanish.
Popular songs and clips from Spanish-language TV programs
and movies will help to bring the language to life for us. Pre-
registration is required
#1616.301 Jun 4-Jul 25
$150          Upper Valley Campus
              Rm 7A
              Mon & Wed, 12-1PM, Pena

Beginning blues harmonica                                             Piano your teachers never taught you
Got da’“Blues”? Beginning Blues Harmonica will get you                Todd Walker has taught more than 30,000 students from
jammin’th blues immediately! Our emphasis will be on play-            beginners to those with years of lessons to play the piano in
ing having fun, as you are introduced to many of the tricks           just one day. Now, in this workshop, he will show you why
and techniques to make the harmonica cry, laugh, wail and             his students proclaim “I’ve learned more in three hours than
scream! No previous musical experience or harmonica train-            I did in three years of lessons.” Now, in his workshop, Todd
ing is required, only a love of the blues and desire to play the      will teach you 72 chords, 156 hand positions and how to read
harmonica! (Students will need a “C” major diatonic harmon-           music from lead sheets and fake books. You will learn how
ica). Instructor will have them available in class for about $11      to play any popular song in any key and the tools of the trade
if you don’t have one. Tapes and handouts are included in a           that will make you sound like a pro. Then you’ll be able to
$14 materials fee collected by the instructor in class.) Pre-reg-     master your technique by using Todd’s exclusive audio CD
istration is required.                                                and study book. This class also prepares you to take Todd’s
#2203.301 Jun 14                                                      other Piano workshops. If you can read the notes C, D, E,
$40           Community Ed Center, Napa, Rm 5                         F, G, A, B you already know enough to enroll. If not, send a
              Thu, 6:00-9:00pm, Broida                                SASE to Piano Magic, P.O. Box 1694, Rocklin, CA 95677
                                                                      for a free pamphlet. Material fees of $25 will be collected in
                                                                      class for study book and CD. Pre-registration is required.
                                                                      #2216.301 Jun 20
                                                                      $42           Community Ed Center, Napa, Rm 5
                                                                                    Wed, 6:00pm-9:00pm, Walker

74                                 | Not-for-Credit Classes

How to Play Blues and Boogie-Woogie Piano...NEW!!
Take this workshop and get ready to jam! Have you always wanted to improvise at the piano? Jazz, Rock and Roll, Gospel, and
even Country Western music all have their roots planted in the Blues. This workshop will teach you the Blues scale, the form
of the Blues, shuffle rhythms, bass lines, improvising techniques, blues and Boogies-Woogie patterns and how to give your pop
tunes that “Bluesy” feel. Whether you’re a trained pianist or a total beginner, this workshop will have you playing the Blues
within minutes. Website: Material fees of $25 per student will be collected in class for study book and
CD. Pre-registration is required.
#2202.301 Jun 27
$42          Community Ed Center, Napa, Rm 5
             Wed, 6:00pm-9:00pm, Walker

Become a notary in one day                                          Become a certified loan signing agent-build your
Start your own business, become a more valuable employee,           own notary signing business
provide customer service for your business or organization,         Now that you are a Notary, how do you build and maintain
earn additional income and get recommissioned. This inten-          your signing business? We will teach you the skills and pro-
sive one-day seminar is designed to equip you with everything       vide the tools necessary to:
you need to know to become an effective Notary. You will find         • become a “Certified Loan Signing Agent” and what it
out about new legislation as well as how to pass the “new” test          means
(must be taken every 4 years), identify document signers, keep        • contact the most lucrative and profitable businesses and
a journal, fill out certificates and avoid lawsuits. The class           who your primary contact should be
includes a practice Notary Public Exam.                               • get signed up with successful signing services/agencies
                                                                         that offer assignments
Cooperative Personnel Services will register you for the exam         • develop and build your own business with your clients in
from 4:15pm to 5:00pm. The exam will be from 5:00pm to                   Five Easy Steps
6:00 pm. For the exam you will need the following: A materi-        This class features how to properly notarize loan packages.
als fee of $25 will be collected in class. Also, a $40 check        You will actually go through a loan package and see exactly
made payable to “Secretary of State”, proper ID – current           what you need to do. We will discuss how to negotiate your
driver’s license with photo or state issued ID care; #2 pencils.    fee, how to get called back and how to brand yourself as a pro-
Fingerprints required after you pass the exam.                      fessional in your market. Bonus: You will receive a free listing
                                                                    of 500 loan signing companies that are looking for Notaries,
PLEASE NOTE: Arrive early. Due to State regulations,                now! Pre-registration is required.
no one will be admitted to the classroom after 8:30am. Be on        Payable in class;
time when coming back to classroom from a break.                    Seminar Guide and Reference Book - $35
Pre registration is required.                                       Certification $20
#2152.301 Jun 13                                                    #2174.301 Jun 20
$85          Upper Valley Campus, Rm 7B                             $99           Upper Valley Campus, Rm 7B
             Wed, 8:00am-4:00pm                                                   Wed, 9:00am-4:00pm, Christensen
             Exam, 5:00-6:00pm,Rm 7B

                                        (707) 967-2901 or (707) 253-3070 | Community Education                                    75

Building a successful notary business...NEW
You’ve got your Notary Commission, now what? Find out                 In this class we’ll also discuss how to file for a business li-
what it really takes to become a successful Notary Public and         cense, apply for business loans, practical advice on tax returns.
Loan Signing Agent.                                                   Join us for a day—Walk away with an effective plan that will
You’ll learn:                                                         put you on the path to your full earning potential. Brief re-
  •	 How to design your own business plan specific for Notary         view of updated laws and regulations included. $20 materials
     Public/Loan Signing Agents                                       fee collected in class. Pre registration required.
  •	 The day-to-day details required for being a successful Notary    #2177.301 Jul 18
     Public                                                           $99           Upper Valley Campus, Rm 7B
                                                                                    Wed, 9:00am-4:00pm, Christensen
  •	 Market yourself and your business
  •	 How to target your audience as a Notary Public
  •	 Ways to increase your income
  •	 What advertising works and what doesn’t
  •	 How to find your clients on the internet
  •	 Practical advice on how to build a website and gain affili-
  •	 The truth about working for a loan signing agency and how
     to get hired

Getting STARTED in Digital Photography                                Getting MORE from your digital camera
This class is for the beginning digital photographer who is           This class is for the amateur or experienced photographer who
trying to decide which camera to purchase or has purchased            has already purchased a digital camera, used it a bit and wants
a camera and is afraid of it. We will ‘demystify digital’. How        to learn more. We’ll cover: Features and menus on digital
does the camera work? What are all these controls? How do             cameras (i.e. white balance, metering), creative controls (i.e.
I know which camera to buy? How do I take great digital               aperture and shutter priority, manual modes, macro), computer
photos? How do I transfer my images from my camera to                 equipment and software, image compression and file for-
my computer and organize them? What is a JPEG? TIFF?                  mats (JPED, TIFF, Raw). We’ll also cover downloading your
How do I get a great print or an email? Through explanation           photos from your camera to your computer, how to get a great
and demonstration you will leave with a good understanding            print or email, printing papers and inks, traveling with your
of this wonderful digital photography phenomenon. Note:               camera, viewing your photos on your TV, naming, saving and
Beginners should not take both classes (Getting Started               organizing your photos. Class taught for both PC and Mac. A
and Getting More) the same day –much better to use your               $8 materials fee will be collected in class. Pre-registration
camera and return for the “Getting More” class at a later             required.
date. Class taught for both PC and Mac. A $6 materials fee            #2413.301 Jun 21
will be collected in class. Pre-registration required.                $69           Upper Valley Campus
#2412.301 Jun 13                                                                    Rm 2
$59           Upper Valley Campus                                                   Thu, 5:00-9:00pm , Shoemaker
              Rm 2
              Wed, 6-9pm, Shoemaker

76                                 | Not-for-Credit Classes
                                       Physical Education

Hatha yoga: Introduction                                             Tai Chi-Chuan
This class will stress the fundamentals of basic poses, basic        Tai Chi is both a moving meditation and a martial art, based
breathing and relaxation techniques, and descriptions and un-        on the principles of harmony and balance. A regular practice
derstanding alignment of all basic postures. Yoga helps reduce       reduces stress, stimulates the internal organs, strengthens the
stress and increase flexibility. This class is suitable for those    immune and nervous systems, improves blood circulation and
with injuries, older beginners, students new to yoga, and those      concentration, increases flexibility and range of motion, and
looking for more relaxation in their lives. Wear loose cloth-        helps balance and coordination. This ancient Chinese exercise
ing or tights and bring a mat. Suggested but optional: blanket,      is a wonderful source of relaxation. It emphasizes slow breath-
pillow, and long strap. (Inquire with instructor at first class      ing, balanced postures, and absolute calmness. It requires no
meeting.) Pre-registration is required. Mail or fax the form,        special equipment or place to practice, and adults of all ages
or call 253-3070, ext. 1303. (PEN620)                                and conditions can enjoy the movement involved. Registra-
#53705 Jun 4-July 16                                                 tion for this course will take place in class only. There will
          Covenant Presbyterian Church,                              be no pre-registration. (PEN630)
          Napa                                                       #53708 Jun 6-July 25
          Mon, 5:00-7:00pm, Murray                                             Fuller Park, Napa
                                                                               Wed, 7:15-8:30am, Brown
Hatha yoga                                                           #53709 Jun 7-July 26
                                                                               Community Education Center, Napa, Rm 6C
This class will combine the basics of introduction to yoga and                 Thu, 7:00-9:00pm, Brown
the flow and strength of beginning yoga and is suitable for
many levels. Tuesday will be more introductory, and Thursday         Fencing
will build and add beginning yoga with more flow. Wear loose
                                                                     Today’s modern sport of fencing is derived from schools
clothing or tights and bring a mat. Suggested but optional:
                                                                     of swordplay that were taught in the past to gain the skills
blanket, pillow, and long strap. (Inquire with instructor at         to defend yourself in less peaceful times. Learn the skills,
first class meeting.) All yoga classes teach breathing, relax-       techniques, and rules of today’s game based on yesterday’s
ation, alignment, description of poses, listening to your body,      tactics.
and moving at YOUR own pace. Pre-registration is re-
quired, Mail registration form or call 253-3070, ext. 1303.
(PEN620)                                                             Team sport/advanced fencing
#53704 Jun 5-July 19                                                 This summer session is set up for the continuing fencer.
           Academy of Danse, Napa                                    Emphasis will be placed on fencing foil and epee for tourna-
           Tue/Thu, 8:30-10:30am, Murray                             ments, both modern and classic. Skills and tactics, current
                                                                     and past rules, and judging and refereeing will be studied and
Hatha yoga: Continuing                                               discussed. In house practice tournaments will be set up and
This class follows the introductory yoga course by develop-          run. No beginning fencing will be taught, no beginners will be
ing the student’s understanding of alignment, breathing, and         accepted for this class. Pre registration required.
                                                                     #2533.301 Jun 5-Aug 7
basic flowing sequences. Increased flexibility and strength can
                                                                     $25          Napa Campus, Rm 601A
be gained along with stress reduction. The beginning class is                     Tue 7:30pm-10pm, Lee
suitable for the continuing student with some knowledge of
yoga, flexibility, and strength. Wear loose clothing or tights
                                                                     Tai Chi
and bring a mat. Needed but optional: blanket, pillow, and
long strap. (Inquire with instructor at first class meeting.)        Instructor, Joan Comendant, has 6 years of experience
                                                                     teaching Tai Chi and is a Certified Professional Senior Fitness
Pre-registration is required. Mail registration form or call
                                                                     instructor. Pre registration required.
253-3070, ext. 1303. (PEN620)
                                                                     #2527.301 Jun 7-July 26
#53706 Jun 6-July 18                                                 $60       Upper Valley Campus, Rm 9
          Covenant Presbyterian Church,                                        Thu, 10:45am-11:45am,
          Napa                                                                 Comendant
          Wed, 5:00-7:00pm, Murray

                                         (707) 967-2901 or (707) 253-3070 | Community Education                                     77
                                         Physical Education

Line dancing as a low-impact exercise
Some students come for the dance...some students come for the exercise...why not do both and let us all have fun doing it?
Dance to country, oldies, R&B and pop, and even some swing and night-club two-step. Come solo, with a partner, or even bring
a group of your friends. It will be a mix of beginning and intermediate dances. A $5 materials fee will be collected in class. Pre
registration required.
#2502.301 Jun 7-July 26
$40         Veterans Home,
            Grant’s Hall, Youtville
            Thu, 6:00-8:00pm,

     Instructor Howard Gilbert is a retired NVUSD teacher. He has taught fitness classes
     for older adults and has been a personal trainer for seniors. Howard can often be
     spotted riding his recumbent bicycle around Napa in preparation for one of his long
     distance bicycle trips.

     TriCycling: A three-wheeled bicycle program for older adults
     Discover the benefits of bicycling as a fun and healthy form of recreation. Ride
     leisurely and safely along Napa’s River bike paths away from traffic. gain new con-
     fidence and good health in a relaxed class with other seniors. A new fleet of six safe
     and stable recumbent trikes has been generously purchased and made available for
     this class by the Napa Eagle Cycling club. The bikes are ready so call today to re-
     serve a spot in this class. New classes begin Tues, June 5, and continue throughout the summer. Classes are held on Tuesdays
     and Thursdays from 10:00am to 12:00pm. Cost per week (2 classes) is $15. Helmets are provided.
     Pre-registration required for this course. Call 253-3070, ext. 1303 or mail in the form on page 90.

     #2568.301 Jun 5 & Jun 7                                            #2568.308 Jul 24 & Jul 26
     $15       Kennedy Park                                             $15       Kennedy Park
               Tue,Thu, 10am-noon, Gilbert                                        Tue,Thu, 10am-noon, Gilbert
     #2568.302 Jun 12 & Jun 14                                          #2568.309 Jul 31 & Aug 2
     $15       Kennedy Park                                             $15       Kennedy Park
               Tue,Thu, 10am-noon, Gilbert                                        Tue,Thu, 10am-noon, Gilbert
     #2568.303 Jun 19 & Jun 21                                          #2568.310 Aug 7 & Aug 9
     $15       Kennedy Park                                             $15       Kennedy Park
               Tue,Thu, 10am-noon, Gilbert                                        Tue,Thu, 10am-noon, Gilbert
     #2568.304 Jun 26 & Jun 28                                          #2568.311 Aug 14 & Aug 16
     $15       Kennedy Park                                             $15       Kennedy Park
               Tue,Thu, 10am-noon, Gilbert                                        Tue,Thu, 10am-noon, Gilbert
     #2568.305 Jul 3 & Jul 5                                            #2568.312 Aug 21 & Aug 23
     $15       Kennedy Park                                             $15       Kennedy Park
               Tue,Thu, 10am-noon, Gilbert                                        Tue,Thu, 10am-noon, Gilbert
     #2568.306 Jul 10 & Jul 12                                          #2568.313 Aug 28 & Aug 30
     $15       Kennedy Park                                             $15       Kennedy Park
               Tue,Thu, 10am-noon, Gilbert                                        Tue,Thu, 10am-noon, Gilbert
     #2568.307 Jul 17 & Jul 19
     $15       Kennedy Park
               Tue,Thu, 10am-noon, Gilbert

78                                 | Not-for-Credit Classes
                                                    Real Estate

Make your money the old fashioned way –                              Foreclosures:
Buy fixer-uppers!                                                    The good, the bad and the fantastic!
Many people have discovered that the best way to make real           This fully-packed half day seminar can help you find dis-
estate a great investment is to buy fixer-upper properties at a      tressed properties and show you how such properties can be
discount, make repairs that will increase the property value         acquired at a substantial discount. In this seminar you will
to that of its neighbors, and sell the property for a substantial    learn different ways to purchase properties, the laws that affect
profit. Others look to fixer-uppers for their next rental or live-   the purchase of foreclosures, and how to evaluate the accom-
in home. In this class, you will learn how to find fixer-uppers,     panying risks and rewards. You will become familiar with
uncover the critical characteristics of a property and location      the documents and forms through which property purchases
that make a property financially attractive, when it makes           are made. Innovative research techniques will be introduced
sense to become a real estate agent to sell your own property,       which increase profit potential in each property.
the most rewarding repairs to make, the importance of staging,       You will be shown the step-by-step process for looking for
and the risks and rewards of making fixer-uppers your full-          high equity properties by finding the fair market value and
time business. A $2 materials fee will be collected in class.        uncovering total debt that affects the purchase from the delin-
Pre-registration is required.                                        quent owner, defaulted owner, at the trustee’s sale, or from the
#1222.301 Jun 25                                                     REO lender who acquired title after the trustee’s sale. Details
$49            Upper Valley Campus                                   about this seminar that begins at 9:00am and ends at 12:00pm
               Rm 2                                                  can be found at Pre-regis-
               Mon, 6:30pm-9:00pm, Racine
                                                                     tration is required.
                                                                     #1219.301 Jun 26
                                                                     $49          Upper Valley Campus
                                                                                  Rm 2
                                                                                  Tue, 9am-12pm, Racine

Textile crafts: Fiber arts, spinning and knitting                    Modern patchwork and quilting: Studio
Learn to prepare the natural fibers and dye, spin the fibers         Join long-time Sewing & Textile instructor Virlea Schulze
into yarn, and use them to make wonderful craft projects and         in this on-going quilting studio where beginners and accom-
wearable art. Knit them, crochet them, weave them, and more!         plished quilters will work on projects of hand and machine
Registration for this course will take place in class only.          sewing. Learn patchwork techniques, solve the problems of
(SEWN801)                                                            thread and geometry, create and design self-expressive art
#53748 Jun 6-Jul 25                                                  pieces for walls and wearing. Registration for this course
         Carbone Winery, Napa                                        will take place in class. (SEWN825)
         Wed, 9am-1pm, Kintscher                                     #53749 Jun 4-Jul 23
                                                                               Upper Valley Campus
                                                                               Rm 7AB
                                                                               Mon, 1:30-5:30pm, Schulze

                                         (707) 967-2901 or (707) 253-3070 | Community Education                                     79
                                           Trips x x xTours
                            Trips and Tours started in 1974 with the
                            goal of providing life-long learning oppor-
                            tunities to the community through edu-
                            cational travel. More than 3,000 people
                            travel with us every year.

                      • You can take a one-day bus trip to the
                      Garbeau Dinner Theatre; tour the roof-top
                      gardens of San Francisco; attend a Broad-
     way Show; join a walking tour of Chinatown; or attend a
     Baseball Game to name a few! Exciting new trips are offered
     each semester.

     • Our extended Educational Trips include an instructional
     class highlighting the history and culture of the destination
     before departure.

     • Continental United States destinations include New York City, Branson, the Great
     Smokies and Kentucky, Grand Canyon, Islands of New England and Washington DC

     • Longer trips include destinations to the Lesser Antilles, Alpine resorts, South Africa,
     Thailand and more.

                    We would love to send you our latest Educational
               Trips and Tours brochure. Call us to get your trip brochure

                                                Wine Classes
Cynthia Sutko, Certified                   Enjoyment of Wine                                   4: Choosing wine from a wine list. How
Specialist of Wine                         Each week of this 4-week course, you                wine is marketed. Fun with wine, e.g.
Cynthia Sutko is a Certified Specialist    will taste 4 wines. First week: Breaking            blind tasting, wine cards. Bring wine
of Wine and has completed the ad-          down the mystery, confusion and intimi-             glasses. All students must be at least
vanced level of wine studies from the      dation that surround wine—wine tasting              21 years old. Pre-registration required
Wine and Spirit Education Trust. She       basics. Week 2: How many varietals are              #2803.301 Jul 2-Jul 23
has a master’s degree from Loyola                                                              $80          Upper Valley Campus,
                                           there? How to read a wine label. Stor-                           Rm 2
University of Chicago and has studied
viticulture at Napa Valley College.
                                           ing and ageing wines. Growing grapes                             Mon, 7-9pm, Sutko
                                           and making wine. Wine regions of the
                                           world. Week 3: What to look for when
                                           buying wines at retail shops and super-
                                           markets. Sharing wine with friends and
                                           family. Matching food and wine. Week

80                               | Not-for-Credit Classes
                         Wine Classes                                                                   Locations
Ronn Wiegand, Master of Wine, Master Sommelier                                                      OFF CAMPUS LOCATIONS
Ronn Wiegand has been teaching wine appreciation classes for more than 25
years. Class participants have responded enthusiastically to his relaxed, informa-
tive style and his candid insights on wine tasting, wine enjoyment, and the wine
market. A Master of Wine (1991) and Master Sommelier (1986), he currently pub-                      Calistoga Elementary School
lishes RESTAURANT WINE (a consulting guide to wine for restaurants) and Taste                          1327 Berry
Tour Wine Charts (educational wine materials). As a wine professional, he tastes
                                                                                                    Calistoga Family Center
more than 4,000 wines a year and lectures on wine-related topics throughout the
nation. He has been a Napa Valley resident since 1980.                                                 3rd and Washington
                                                                                                       (Presbyterian Church)

Outstanding 2004                              Remarkable Rosés:                                     RUTHERFORD
California Merlots                            The Best of the Best
                                                                                                    St. Supery Winery
Join Ronn in another of his “Outstand-        .Rosés are all the rage again--and great                  8440 St. Helena Hwy.
ing” series of Wine Tastings! This            rosés have never been more widely
time, we will take a close look at            available. Perfect for summer drink-
Merlots, and find out which bottles           ing, these wines appeal to both the                   ST. HELENA
Ronn is stocking up on! A great way           wine enthusiast and the “foodie” in all               NVC Upper Valley Campus
to expand your cellar is by tasting this      of us; pairing perfectly with everything                1088 College Avenue
delicious range of top Merlots from           from fine dining to lighter summer fare
Napa and Sonoma County producers.             and backyard, beachy, flip-flop imbib-                YOUNTVILLE
Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon             ing. In this class we will taste a wide
get all the attention, but the 2004 crop      range of the world’s best roses from a                Yountville Veterans Home
of Northern California Merlots is the         range of varietals, including Pinot Noir,                California Drive
best--ever! Merlot is in our varietal         Syrah, and Grenache, primarily from
universe--to stay!                            California and Europe.                                NAPA
All students must be at least 21 years        All students must be at least 21 years                Academy of Danse
old.                                          old.                                                     1123 Jordan Lane
Tasting and Lecture                           Tasting and Lecture                                   American Legion Hall
#3192.301 June 12                             #3055.301 June 26
$60           St. Supery Winery,              $60           St. Supery Winery,                         1240 Pearl Street
              Rutherford                                    Rutherford                              Art Association Building
              Tue, 6:30-9pm                                 Tue, 6:30-9pm                              1520 Behrens Street
                                                                                                    Carbone Winery
                                                                                                       2031 Coombsville Road
                                                                                                    Chamber of Commerce
                                                                                                       1556 First Street
                                                                                                    Community Ed Ctr, Napa
                                                                                                       1360 Menlo Ave.
                                                                                                    Covenant Presbyterian Church
                                                                                                       1226 Salvador Ave.
                                                                                                    Fuller Park
                                                                                                       Jefferson & Laurel
                                                                                                    Kennedy Park
                                                                                                       Streblow Dr. off Hwy. 121
                Pre-Registration is strongly recommended                                            Napa Valley College
                        for all fee based classes
                                                                                                       2277 Napa-Vallejo Hwy
    Classes are subject to cancellation if there is low enrollment!                                 Small Business Dev. Center
                                                                                                       1556 First St, Suite 103
             See page 90 for the Four Easy Ways to register                                         Universal Auto
                                                                                                       480 Soscol Ave.

                                           (707) 967-2901 or (707) 253-3070 | Community Education                                  81
                                               Writing Classes
Napa Valley College Writing Center
The Napa Valley College Writing Center is staffed by friendly, highly trained Instructional Assistants who work with Students
with a wide range of writing needs and interests. Students who want feedback on essays and other writing projects may make
30-minute appointments for a maximum of four hours per semester. Those wishing to combine such feedback with more in-
tensive work on their writing skills and on specific areas of grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, spelling and vocabulary
may enroll in the Writing Center class which provides self-paced course work individually tailored to your needs. Registration
will take place in class. (ABEN 600)
#53847 Jun 11-Jul 19
         Napa Valley College
         Main Campus, Napa, Rm 1027
         8:30am-10:00am, 1:45 pm – closing, Conroy

Creative Writing: A Fiction Writing Workshop
Ana Manwaring teaches Fiction Writing in Petaluma and is revising her first novel. Her short stories “I Do” and “Chu-
pacabra” have won awards. She has recently published in Vintage Voices: A Sonoma County Writers’ Club Harvest and
her haiku has been aired on KCRB radio’s Morning Haiku. She works with several writing groups.

Course description: Don’t put off those writing projects. We’ll warm up with a short writing exercise and share our thoughts
on the craft of writing. Next we’ll read from our own work and discuss our discoveries, obstacles, and breakthroughts, a con-
structive and supportive round table. Beginners and seasoned writers are welcome. Creative nonfiction writers are welcome,
too. For more information: (LARN 650)
#53717 Jun 7-Jul 26
          Upper Valley Campus, Rm 7A
          Thu, 1:00-3:00pm, Manwaring

Creative Writing
Natosi Johanna has an M.A. in English/Creative Writing from Sonoma State University. While at SSU, Ms. Johanna
worked on the editorial staff of the college’s literary magazine Zaum and presented research essays on various topics of
literary criticism at several California State University graduate conferences. Natosi Johanna is a published poet and
has worked at newspapers as both a staff writer and a free-lance writer. Ms. Johanna currently teaches English classes
at Napa Valley College and Solano Community College.

Summer is the time for play. The season of bursting creativity is upon us. Grab notebook and pen. Bring along those fictive
elements, poetic images, or memorable life experiences and come face-to-paper with them. See what’s in the spaces between
the lines…

This class will explore creative writing techniques in poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Students will work with initial story or es-
say ideas on through the drafting, editing, revising, and presenting stages of the creative-writing process. Special focus will be
on shaping detail to show desired emotions and on experimentations with dialogue. Classroom activities will involve in-class
writing exercises and workshops. All writing is honored; the classroom is a safe place to experiment, to discover your own
unique way of expression. Being in command of your language gives you motivation and confidence. . (LARN 650)
#53858 Jun 4-Jul 16
         Upper Valley Campus, Rm 4
         Mon, 2:00-4:00pm, Johanna
#53718 Jun 6-Jul 18
         Community Ed Center, Napa, Rm 3
         Wed, 2:00-4:00pm, Johanna

82                                 | Not-for-Credit Classes
            Small Business Development Center

The goal of the Napa Valley College Hospitality Institute is to enhance and expand the existing training resources avail-
able to restaurants & wine-hospitality related businesses. These trainings include customized workshops specific to the
hospitality industry. Our challenge is to create a sustainable Institute chartered to provide training resources and coun-
seling to meet the needs of our hospitality businesses in the Napa Valley, from restaurants to wineries and hotels to bed
and breakfast as well as spas and caterers. Look for the Hospitality Institute to roll out dynamic training programs for
entry-level employees to supervisors to owners, all with the goal to improve both our area’s labor force and the experience
that guests of the Valley receive. This Summer the NVC Hospitality Institute will be offering the following trainings:

Start-up Restaurant Roundtable                                    ing, however emphasizes restaurant specific language and
Starting any business is always a challenge. A restaurant         examples.
can prove to be both challenging and confusing due to all         #4196.302 Jul 16
                                                                  $40        Napa Chamber of Commerce
the different things that need to be done. It is a lot of hard               Mon, 2-4:30pm, Monahan
work, and it’s not always obvious what needs to be done
and when. If you are planning (or even just dreaming) of          Intro to Quickbooks
opening a restaurant, this workshop could be the difference
between failure and success. Your odds of succeeding are          With QuickBooks learn how to easily create professional
greatly increased when you develop your ideas into a plan.        looking invoices, financial statements and computer-gen-
The restaurant start up round table will address:                 erated checks. QuickBooks also provides the structure to
                                                                  manage accounts receivable and payable, customer and
   •	 The restaurant opening checklist
                                                                  vendor lists as well as track your business’ financial status.
   •	 How to determine the feasibility of your ideas
                                                                  This workshop will cover setting up your company and Chart
   •	 How to write a restaurant business plan
                                                                  of Accounts, generating invoices, tracking receivables and
   •	 How to finance your restaurant
                                                                  payables and creating reports. Please note that this training
   •	 And more!
#4114.301 Jun 4                                                   is not a hands-on computer workshop.
$20          Napa Chamber of Commerce                             #4127.301 Jun 5
             Mon, 2-4:30pm, Monahan                               $50          Napa Chamber of Commerce
                                                                               Tue, 9am-12pm, Johnson
HIS: Food & Beverage Cost Control
Problems with food cost are a major reason for a restaurant’s
difficulty attaining profitability. Percentages lost in cost of
goods are directly taken away from the restaurant’s “bottom
line.” This workshop offers templates and direction on how
to evaluate food cost issues in terms of product costing, in-
ventory tracking and control. It also addresses purchasing,
portioning, waste, and internal theft. Participants leave with
a thorough system to allow them to evaluate and impact
issues within their own restaurant.
#4196.301 Jun 18
$40           Napa Chamber of Commerce
              Mon, 2-4:30pm, Monahan

HIS: Restaurant Marketing Strategies
In this workshop, the elements of successful marketing
are explored. Participants are introduced to target markets,
assessing the competition, marketing strategies and how
to turn these elements into an action plan. We will cover
guerilla-marketing activities such as birthday and loyalty
programs, as well as effective email and direct mail market-                          
ing. The workshop utilizes the classic elements of market-

                                      (707) 967-2901 or (707) 253-3070 | Community Education                                       83
                    Small Business Development Center

The NVC Customer Service Academy “CSA” has trained over 300 employers and employees and is an award-winning training
program designed to train employees in the critical skills needed for your business’ success. The program delivers quality energetic
training by certified CSA trainers in areas from communicating in the workplace, team-building, and the very popular 8-hour
module on customer service. Trainings are interactive and cost-effective, costing only $50-75 per participant for a 4 to 8-hour
module, and conveniently offered at either the Napa Chamber of Commerce or the Upper Valley Campus. Organizations that have
more than 12 employees can opt to customize a training delivered at their business location. This Summer the NVC Customer
Service Academy is providing the following trainings:

CSA: Communications in the                     CSA: Attitude in the Workplace                         •	 Understanding customers’ needs
Workplace & Conflict Resolution                & Team Building                                        •	 Using marketing as outreach, not
This training is a combination of “Com-        The blended Customer Service Acad-
                                                                                                      •	 Increasing networking and referrals
munications in the Workplace” &                emy module focuses on “Attitude in the
                                                                                                         by 200%
“Dealing with Conflict Resolution”             Workplace & Team Building”. The first
                                                                                                      •	 Brochures and the phone
with the first 4 hours emphasizing valu-       4-hour module will provide participants
                                                                                                      •	 Why advertising can kill you
able business communication skills with        the tools needed to effectively deal with
                                                                                                      •	 The best free publicity activities
internal and external customers, and active    conflict and resolving people communi-
communication techniques to improve            cation problems in the workplace. Some
                                                                                                   Students walk away with a 52-week
customer service. This training is designed    emphasis will also be on dealing with
                                                                                                   “mini-plan” for setting up regular,
to introduce participants to the key ele-      customer complaints. The second 4 hours
                                                                                                   painless marketing. The materials
ments of effective communication in the        is designed to provide participants with an
                                                                                                   fee includes a 300-page book. (Cost
workplace. Topics include verbal and           understanding of how teams work togeth-
                                                                                                   includes $20 materials fee)
non-verbal communication and emphasis          er, common problems teams encounter
                                                                                                   #4043.301 Jun 7
on listening skills. The second 4 hour         and how to solve them. The training will
                                                                                                   $65         Napa Chamber of
training is devoted to conquering negativ-     cover effective strategies to teamwork,
ity, improving performance & enhancing         avoiding common team obstacles, and
                                                                                                               Thu, 6-9pm, Crandall
productivity in the workplace.                 emphasizing internal customer service to
#4141.301 Jun 7 & 14                           get the job done.
$75           Napa Chamber of                  #4141.304 Aug 2 & 9                                 From Kitchen to Market
              Commerce                         $75          Napa Chamber of                        Perhaps your friends and family have
              Thu, 8:30am-12:30pm,                          Commerce                               encouraged you to sell your delicious
              Cremen                                        Thu, 8:30am-12:30pm,                   BBQ sauce, homemade cookies or
                                                                                                   jams; perhaps you have already begun
CSA: Customer Service
                                                                                                   and need information on expanding;
“Customer Service” is designed to pro-         Marketing Your Services:
                                                                                                   or maybe you just love food and need
vide the participant with the necessary        For People Who Hate to Sell                         an overview of the marketplace to
skills and attitudes to effectively meet       Service businesses only survive if                  point you in the right direction. What-
and exceed customer expectations. Par-         they attract and satisfy clients. There             ever your motivation you will gain a
ticipants will define exceptional service,     is terrific competition whether you                 competitive edge by learning the ups
become familiar with external and inter-       are a psychologist or a construction                & downs, the ins & outs of the trendy
nal customers, enhance customer service        company. It is no longer enough to                  specialty food industry from an insider.
communication techniques, learn how to         provide quality service and wait for                Topics detailed in this 3-hour workshop
handle customer complaints in a positive       the word to spread. Fortunately, it is              include the planning and production
manner and understand key elements             relatively easy and inexpensive to                  process, contacts to help get you started,
of customer satisfaction and retention.        dramatically improve your marketing.                capitalization options, creative market-
Participants will also develop a customer                                                          ing ideas, the distribution network, and
service plan to take home or to their place    This popular course covers:                         more. Cost includes take-home packet
of work.                                         •	 The MBA basics of all marketing                with worksheets, resource guides and
#4141.303 Jul 12 &19                             •	 Establishing your unique sales propo-          current trend analyses.
$75          Napa Chamber of                        sition
             Thu, 8:30am-12:30pm,                                                                  The instructor, Anni Minuzzo, is a

84                                   | Not-for-Credit Classes
               Small Business Development Center
25-year veteran in the food trade, has      Business Startup Orientation                    Cost includes a business start-up guide
owned a wholesale baking company
                                            This free orientation is designed to be         for Napa County to help you get started
for over 15 years, teaches in 3 North
                                            a starting place for those considering          in your business.
Bay counties, and consults for the Napa                                                     #4122.301 Jun 8
Valley College Small Business Develop-      jumping into business for the first time.
                                                                                            $10          Napa Chamber of
ment Center.                                The workshop will provide a general                          Commerce
#4173.301 Jun 12                            overview of things to consider when                          Fri, 2-4:30pm, Jinnett
$45       Napa Chamber of                   starting a business such as:                    #4122.302 Jul 12
          Commerce                             • Business Licensing Requirements            $10          UVC, Rm. 2
          Tue, 6-9pm, Minuzzo                  • Business Taxes You Are Required To                      Thu, 2-4:30pm, Jinnett
                                                  Pay                                       #4122.303 Aug 9
                                                                                            $10          Napa Chamber of
                                               • Legal Form of Organization                              Commerce
                                               • Components of a Business Plan                           Thu, 6:30-9pm, Stelter
                                               • Marketing

 The very popular Wake Up Your Business Wednesdays Workshops continue this Summer. The Napa Valley College and Napa
 Chamber of Commerce Business Resource Committee invites you to attend the informal workshops on the 3rd Wednesday of
 every month from 7:30am-9:30am at the Napa Chamber of Commerce. We will provide stimulating coffee and a stimulating
 guest speaker. Participants provide the questions and have the opportunity to network.

 WUYBW: Exceptional Customer Service                                WUYBW: CSA Time Management
 Join Napa Valley College’s Certified Customer Service              Join Sandy Stelter, JD, owner of SOS - Strategic Organizing
 Trainer, Bill Cremen in this quick and upbeat morning ses-         Solutions as she provides organizing solutions & strategies.
 sion that demystifies the key elements of excellent customer       Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for
 service. Send your employees to this breakfast session so          some time, learn the basics for setting-up, using and keeping
 they can learn how to help your business grow. The train-          track of your paper, computer & email files. Find out about
 ing utilizes the award-winning Customer Service Academy            low-cost, easy-to-use organizing tips for quickly getting
 training program.                                                  your business or office in tip top shape.
 #4194.301 Jun 20                                                   #4194.302 Jul 18
 $10           Napa Chamber of                                      $10          Napa Chamber of
               Commerce                                                          Commerce
               Wed, 7:30-9:00 am,                                                Wed, 7:30-9:30am,
               Creman                                                            Stelter

Starting & Expanding a Garage Boutique Winery                        of a finished wine product will be presented. A section on e-
This fast paced and popular full day business seminar looks          commerce and the micro winery, production options, financial
into the necessary aspects and challenges of starting a small        reporting and analysis, cash flow management, a practical
boutique winery in the garage, home or a similar low cost,           guide to raising capital with a complete listing of business and
affordable location. This full day event is an overview of the       agricultural loans available to participants and other alterna-
many topics one needs to address to launch a successful micro        tive and secondary sources will be presented. The day wraps
wine business.                                                       up with income tax considerations for the winery owner. The
                                                                     training includes a booklet. This class tends to fill-up fast,
                                                                     please register early.
The seminar will feature the legal aspects of starting a micro
                                                                     #4195.301 Jun 16
winery with rules and regulations from local, state, and federal
                                                                     $95           Napa Chamber of Commerce
agencies. The legal aspects will include business regulations
                                                                                   Sat, 9am-3:00pm, Bearden
and the alcohol related regulations. A discussion on business
planning will be addressed. Marketing strategies and options

                                        (707) 967-2901 or (707) 253-3070 | Community Education                                      85
                   Small Business Development Center

     The Brown Bag Series: Brown Bag lunch trainings are the perfect quick- solution for getting the founda-
     tion you need to successfully launch your business. Start-up Business owners are encouraged to take
     the Business Start-up, Marketing 101, Business Planning 101 and Recordkeeping 101 to get a healthy
     foundation. Participants who successfully complete all four trainings will receive a Napa Valley College
     SBDC Start-up Certificate.

     Brown Bag:                                                       Brown Bag: Financing 101
     Recordkeeping 101                                                Do you need capital to start or expand your venture? This
     Get your business financials organized. In Recordkeeping         lunch-time workshop is designed to familiarize businesses
     101, the instructor will help start-up business owners with      with the key fundamentals of debt equity financing. This
     the framework of recordkeeping and budgeting. Emphasis           workshop will review the options for first-time financing
     at this bring-your-own lunch workshop will be on setting         with emphasis on the SBA micro lending program.
     up a profit and loss statement, organizing records for your      #4011.301 Jun 26
     business and exploring options for on-going bookkeeping          $20         SBDC	Office
     and taxes.                                                                   Tue, 12-2pm, Pratt
                                                                      #4011.302 Jul 27
     #4006.301 Jun 13                                                 $20         SBDC	Office
     $20           SBDC	Office                                                    Fri, 12-2pm, Pratt
                   Wed, 12-2pm, Kimball
     #4006.302 Jul 20
     $20           SBDC	Office                                        Desarrolla Tu Negocio
                   Fri, 12-2pm, Pratt                                 Esta orientación esta diseñada para los que estan conside-
                                                                      rando por primera vez empezar su negocio. La presen-
     Brown Bag: Business Planning 101                                 tación le dara una idea general de las cosas que debe
     We don’t plan to fail, we just fail to plan. Get your busi-      de tomar en consideración al emperzar un negocio, por
     ness plan -- the Roadmap to Your Success- going with             ejemplo:
     this lunch time training that covers the key elements of a          •	 Requisitos para Licencia de Negocio
     basic business plan. SBDC Business Advisor and Author               •	 Impuestos que se requieren pagar
     of Anatomy of a Business Plan will walk you through the             •	 Formulario Legal de Organización
     critical parts needed for a business plan, whether your             •	 Componentes de un Plan de Negocios
     seeking funding to launch your business or looking at plan          •	 Como atraer los consumidores
     that will help you stay on course.                               Después de completar la orientación, los entrepreneur pu-
     #4133.301 Jun 15                                                 eden hacer citar para consejo uno a uno para que les ayude
     $20           SBDC	Office                                        a tomar los siguientes pasos para comenzar su negocio.
                   Fri, 12-2pm, Jinnett                               #4193.301 Jun 14
     #4133.302 Aug 3                                                  $10          SBDC	Office
     $20           SBDC	Office                                                     Thu, 6-8:30pm, Nash
                   Fri, 12-2pm, Jinnett                               #4193.302 Jul 19
                                                                      $10          SBDC	Office
     Brown Bag: Marketing 101                                                      Thu, 6-8:30pm, Nash
     Kick start your marketing plan. Join SBDC Marketing
     Consultant Jerry Jinnett, author of Target Marketing for
     Small Businesses, as she provides the guidelines for de-
     veloping your business marketing plan. Emphasis will be
     on market research, utilizing demographics, and develop-
     ing a marketing strategy for your business venture.
     #4014.301 Jun 21
     $20          SBDC	Office
                  Thu, 12-2pm, Jinnett
     #4014.302 Jul 26
     $20          SBDC	Office
                  Thu, 12-2pm, Jinnett

86                                 | Not-for-Credit Classes
                Small Business Development Center

The Business Side of Art                                            How to Write a Business Plan
This workshop is tailor made for any artist who relies or wants     Do you need help writing your business plan? Does your
to rely on their art for a living. Carolynne Gamble will take       existing business plan need re-tooling? This is the workshop
artists through the business considerations of art. Topics cov-     for you! Attendees will receive a copy of the comprehensive
ered will include setting realistic financial expectations and      workbook “Your Business Plan”, a workbook that guides you
goals and planning for success.                                     through the planning process in an easy to understand, step-
#4052.301 Jun 28                                                    by-step, fill in the blanks, process. We provide the expertise
$40           Napa Chamber of                                       - you ask the questions! This workshop gives the road map
              Commerce                                              you need for continuing operations or loan applications.
              Thu, 6-9pm, Gamble                                    #4002.301 Jul 14
                                                                    $50            Community Ed Ctr, Napa,
                                                                                   Rm. 5
                                                                                   Sat, 9am-3:30pm, Stelter

                     Special Classes for Special People
Napa Valley College offers a variety of noncredit classes for developmentally, psychologically and/or physically disabled or
confined adults at various locations throughout the valley. All classes are free and are open to members of the community who
may benefit from instruction. New semester classes begin the week of June 4. Registration will take place in class.
For further information and specific times, call the Community Education Office, 253-3070, ext. 2901 or 967-2901, or the Of-
fice of Special Services at 253-3080.

ANGWIN                                       CALISTOGA                                       ST. HELENA
Crestwood                                    Calistoga Gardens                               Rose Haven
295 Pinebreeze Dr.                           1715 Washington St.                             520 Sanitarium Road

   Expressive Art                               Creative Art                                     Creative Arts
   Fri, 1:30pm-3:30pm, Priestley-Rouas          Mon, Wed, Thu,Fri, 9am-noon,                     Mon, Thu, Fri, 2-4:40pm, Schneider
   Sat, 1:30pm-3:30pm, Priestley-Rouas          Schneider
                                                                                                 Expressive Movement
                                                Expressive Art                                   Tue, 3:30pm-5pm, Isaksen
                                                Sat, 9am-noon, Priestley                         Tue, Thu, 10:00am-12:00pm, Isaksen

                                                                                                 Senior Seminar
                                                                                                 Sun, 3-5pm, Ray

                                                                                             Creative Living Center
                                                                                                 Expressive Art
                                                                                                 Tue, 9am-1pm, Priestley

                                                                                             Silverado Orchards
                                                                                             601 Pope Street

                                                                                                 Creative Arts
                                                                                                 Tue, 1:30-3:30pm, Schneider

                                                                                                 Music Sensory Awareness
                                                                                                 Mon, 5:45-7:15pm, Wheeler

                                        (707) 967-2901 or (707) 253-3070 | Community Education                                    87
                       Special Classes for Special People

YOUNTVILLE                              NAPA
Veteran’s Home                          Aegis                                               Napa Nursing
California Drive                        2100 Redwood Rd.                                    3275 Villa Lane

     Expressive Art                         Singing/Music Basic                                Music Sensory Awareness
     Mon. 1:30pm—3:00pm, Heims              Tue, 1:15-2:15, Wheeler                            Mon, 10:40-11:40, Wheeler
     Tue, 1:00pm-3:00pm, Isaksen            Wed, 1-2:30pm, Gilbert
     Tue, 9am-noon, Colson                                                                  Piners Guest Home
     Fri, 10-noon, Colson                   Senior Seminar
                                                                                            1800 Pueblo
     Fri, 2:30-4, Colson                    Sat, Sun, 9-10:30am, Ray
     Fri, 1-2:30, Colson                    Sat, Sun, 10:30-noon, Ray
                                                                                               Singing/Music Basic
                                                                                               Tue, 10:00am-11:00pm, Wheeler
     Singing/Music Basic
     Mon. 1:15pm—2:45pm, MacPherson     Berkshire                                              Tue, 11:00am-12:00pm, Wheeler
                                        2300 Brown Street                                      Thu, 1-2:30pm, Gilbert
     Mon. 3:00pm—4:30pm, MacPherson
                                                                                               Thu, 11am-noon, MacPherson
     Tue, 11:00am-12:30pm, Heims
                                            Music Sensory Awareness                            Thu, 10-11am, MacPherson
     Tue, 1:00pm-2:30pm, Heims
     Tue, 2:30pm-3:30pm, Heims              Tue, 2:30-3:30pm, Wheeler
                                                                                               Senior Seminar
     Tue, 3:30pm-4:30pm, Heims
                                                                                               Sat, 4-5pm, Martin
     Wed, 12:30-3:00pm, MacPherson      Concordia Manor                                        Sat, 3-4pm, Martin
     Wed, 2:30-4, Mead                  2435 Sutherland Drive
     Wed, 3-4pm, Wheeler
     Wed, 9-10:15, Wheeler                  Singing/Music Basic                             Products Services Industries
     Wed, 10:30-noon, Wheeler               Tue, 3:45-4:45pm, Wheeler                       651 Trabajo Lane
     Wed, 10:30-noon, MacPherson
     Wed, 3-4:30pm, Gilbert                                                                    Reading
     Thu, 1:30pm-3:00pm, Heims          Juvenile Hall                                          Thu, 8-11:30am, Lutz
     Thu, 12-1:30, Mead                 2350 Old Sonoma Road
     Thu, 2-3:30, Mead                                                                         Basic Math Concepts
     Thu, 1:15pm-2:45pm, MacPherson         Music Sensory Awareness                            Mon/Tue/Wed,8am-2pm, Lutz
     Thu, 2:45-4:15pm, MacPherson           Thu, Fri, 3:30-6pm, Edmontson
     Thu, 3-4:30pm, Heims                                                                      Community Participation Skills
                                        The Meadows                                            Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri, Thompson
                                        1800 Atrium Parkway
     Ceramics                                                                               Redwood Retirement
     Mon/Tue, 9:00am-11:30am, Murray        Expressive Art                                  2350 Redwood Road
     Mon, 4-5pm, Murray                     Mon, 11am-noon, Heims
     Tue, 12:30pm-2:30pm, Murray            Thu, 1:00pm-2:30pm, Isaksen
     Wed, 8:30am-11:30am, Murray                                                               Singing/Music Basic
                                            Thu, 2:30pm-4pm, Isaksen                           Mon, 1:30-2:30, Wheeler
     Thu, 9:30am-11:30am, Murray
     Thu, 1:00pm-3:00pm, Murray             Music Sensory Awareness
                                            Tue, 2-3pm, Mead                                Sierra Vista
Seventh Day Adventists                      Wed, 1:30-3pm, Heims                            705 Trancas
306 Vista Drive                                                                               Music Sensory Awareness
                                            Expressive Movement                               Mon, 9:30-10:30, Wheeler
     Expressive Art                         Mon, 1-2pm, Martin
     Fri, 10am-noon, Priestly               Mon,Wed,Fri, 10:30-12noon, Martin               Wolfe Center
                                                                                            2310 First Street
     Singing/Music Basic                    Creative Journey
     Mon, 3:30-4:30pm, Wheeler              Wed, 11:00am-12:00pm, Heims                        Music Sensory Awareness
                                                                                               Thu, Fri, 12:30-3pm, Edmontson
                                            Mon, 2-4:30pm, Martin                              Expressive Art
                                                                                               Fri, 1-3pm, Priestley
                                            Senior Seminar
                                            Mon,Wed,Fri, 9-10:30am, Martin
                                            Sat, Sun, 1-2:30pm, Ray

88                            | Not-for-Credit Classes
                                         General Information
Registration: See pages 81-82 for infor-         displayed as directed will be ticketed.         policies, contact Dr. Ed Shenk, Vice
mation on registration by mail, phone,           No permit is required at the Upper Val-         President, Student Services and Title
fax, or walk-in.                                 ley Campus in St. Helena.                       IX Compliance Officer, room 205,
                                                 Changes/Cancellations: The Commu-               253-3110. For information regarding the
Waiting Lists: If an enrollment is               nity Education Office reserves the right        requirements of Sections 503 and 504
received for an activity, which has been         to cancel, postpone or combine classes,         of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and
filled, the check will be returned and           and to change instructors should there          the Americans with Disabilities, contact
your name will be placed on a waiting            be a need. When a class is cancelled or         Windy Martinez, Associate Dean,
list. If you are waitlisted, please do not       changed, every reasonable effort will           Special Services, room 210-F, 253-3080
go to the class unless contacted by our          be made to notify enrollees by phone or         (voice), 253-3085 (TDD).
office. If space becomes available, you          mail.
will be contacted.                                                                               Drug-Free Campus: It is an objective
                                                 Publication Errors: Although we make            of Napa Valley Community College
Noncredit State-Funded Classes:                  every effort to avoid mistakes, this            District to achieve a drug-free edu-
Courses eligible for support from the            schedule of classes is not a contract. The      cational environment. Any student or
state are free to California residents.          college does not assume liability for er-       employee will be expected to behave in
Some state-funded non-credit courses             rors, typographical or otherwise.               accordance with this objective because
have optional materials fees, which are                                                          the use of illegal drugs is inconsistent
noted in the individual course entries.          Visitors, Auditors, Children and Pets:          with the policies of the district and the
These optional fees are payable in class         Visitors or auditors are not allowed in         law of the state. Smoking is allowed is
to the instructor, in most cases. If you         any class. Except for designated parent         designated smoking areas only.
do not want supplies you do not need             education classes targeted to parents and
to pay the fee. Materials fees are not re-       children or classes designed for kids,          Open Classes: It is the policy of the
fundable. Classes fewer than 15 persons          children under the age of 18 are not al-        Napa Valley Community College Dis-
enrolled and IN ATTENDANCE at the                lowed to attend Community Education             trict that, unless specifically exempted
first class meeting may be cancelled.            classes unless special approval has been        by statute, every course, course section
Once begun, minimum attendance of                granted by the Community Educa-                 or class, the average daily attendance
10 must be maintained for the class to           tion Dean. No pets are allowed on the           of which is to be reported for state aid,
continue.                                        grounds or in classes except for certified      whenever offered and maintained by the
                                                 dogs assisting the disabled.                    district, shall be fully open to enrollment
Fee-Based Classes: Classes which are                                                             and participation by any person who has
ineligible for State support must be             Special Assistance: If you are inter-           been admitted to the college.
self-supporting through registration fees.       ested in taking a Community Education            (Title V, Sec. 51006)
Self-supporting classes are subject to           course but have a disability that you feel
enrollment minimums but are not sub-             might interfere with your classroom per-
ject to the noncredit attendance policies.       formance, contact the Office of Special
Please see Refund Policy.                        Services, 253-3080 to find out about
                                                 reasonable accommodations available.
Parking Fees: Parking permits are
required for vehicles using the parking          Affirmative Action Policy: The Napa
lots at the NVC Napa campus between              Valley Community College District,
6:30 a.m. and 10:00 p.m., Monday                 in compliance with state and federal
through Friday. You may either purchase          policies, regulations and statutes, does
one-day permits from coin-operated               not discriminate on the basis of race,
dispensers in college parking lots at            religious creed, color, national origin,
$1.00 per day (four quarters, please) or         ancestry, physical or mental disabil-
purchase a parking sticker, which allows         ity, medical condition, marital status,
unlimited, legal parking. NOTE: Cars             gender, sexual orientation, or age. For
without either a parking sticker dis-            information regarding the college is an
played on the bumper or a daily permit           equal opportunity/affirmative action

                                             (707) 967-2901 or (707) 253-3070 | Community Education                                       89
                      Community Education Enrollment

           MAIL-IN                                  PHONE-IN                                       WALK-IN                                    FAX IN
Please include your checks               Use our 24 hour vocimail reg-                 You may register at Napa Valley             Fax registration is open 24
or credit card info with the             istration service. Registration               College Upper Valley Campus                 hours, 7 days per week.
completed enrollment form.               numbers are: (707) 253-3070,                  office, Monday-Thursday from                Be sure to fax your fully
Mail to: Napa Valley College             ex. 1301 or ex. 1302 and (707)                9am-7pm. 1088 College Ave                   completed enrollment form
Upper Valley Campus 1088                 967-2900, ext. 1300 or ex. 1302.
                                                                                       St. Helena.                                 with credit card information
College Ave. St Helena, CA
94574                                                                                                                              provided. Fax number
                                                                                                                                   (707) 967-2909.

                         Call 253-3070 or 967-2901 if you do not receive a receipt or have a problem with it.
                        YOU ARE NOT REGISTERED until you receive written confirmation from the college.

                                                                REFUND POLICY
      Checks will be returned and no credit card charges will be made if requested classes/trips are already closed. Full refunds will be issued
      if a class is cancelled by the college. Requests for refunds on a class not cancelled by the college must be made at least five working
      days prior to the beginning of class. No refunds can be made on requests received after that date. A $10 per person processing fee will
      be retained on ALL REFUNDS unless the class/trip is cancelled or meeting times are changed by the college. Refunds must be requested
      through the Community Education Office. For Trips and Tours, refunds are granted only if the trip is filled and the reservation can be
      resold by the Community Education Office.

            Non-Credit Community Education Enrollment Form
                          MAIL TO: Napa Valley College, Upper Valley Campus, 1088 College Ave, St. Helena, CA 94574 • FAX (707) 967-2909

            Social Security # ________ - ________ - ________ c Fall c Spring c Summer 20 ______
            Name: ___________________________ _________________________ __________________
                (Last)                                         (First)          (In.)  (Other name used)
            Address: _____________________________City: _____________ State: ____ Zip Code: _____
            Phone (    ) ____ - _______ Date of Birth: ___ - ___ - ___ c Male c Female U.S. Citizen: c Yes c No

     Support Services for the Disabled                                                     To pay by credit card, complete the following:
      Please call (707)253-3080 to inquire about support services for                       Check one: c VISA c MasterCard
      the disabled.
       (TDD: 253-3085)                                                                      Card No.: ____________________________
                                                                                            Expiration Date; _______________________
      If registering for on-line classes, please list your E-Mail address
                                                                                            Card Holder: __________________________
      here: ___________________________

 Registration No.                  Course Name                                                       Start Date                               Fees

 A separate check for each class registration facilitates prompt return in case of

 cancellation. Please be aware of our refund policy before enrolling.

 Signature _____________________________ Date ______________ __

90                                          | Not-for-Credit Classes

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