Astigmatism Symptoms

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					Astigmatism Symptoms
            Types of Astigmatism
• There are 2 Types – Corneal and Lenticular

• Corneal astigmatism may have one side of the cornea flatter than
  the other or steeper than it should be. When the light enters the eye,
  the irregular corneal shape will cause the light to focus at two places
   on the retina rather than at one spot.

• Lenticular astigmatism is an irregular shape of the lens of the eye.
  These shape irregularities of the lens cause light to focus badly on
  the retina of the eye. It is important to mention that many people with
  irregularly shaped lens have perfectly shaped cornea and vise
• Small degrees result in short periods of blurred vision,
  headaches, eye strain or a general unpleasant feeling of
  eye fatigue.

• Larger degrees result in serious vision problems. The
  most common symptoms are distorted and blurred vision
  at all distances, sensitivity to light, excessive squinting
  and often blinking.
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