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					Administrative management, public affairs
Advanced - Graduate studies / Master's Degree

Grégoire NUGER
59000 Lille

Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

I thank you for visiting my website.

I recently integrated French public sector as a civil servant.

Now in training in a specific public management school, I am about to integrate French state
administration in the Education / school system as a "manager".

I am very interested in international matters.
I speak English on a fluent basis and good German.
I have knowledge in Russian.

So far, I mainly worked for customer service, bank / insurance, public utilities, automotive sector.

If you're interested in my experience, please get in contact with me.

Yours faithfully,

Grégoire NUGER

Work experience

Civil servant
Since               public sector
September 2010
                    Mission: In training at the "Institut Régional d'Administration" in Lille (France)

Call centre assistant
August 2009         AVIVA Insurance
September 2009
                    Mission: AVIVA - legal protection insurance department

                                     In charge of informing insurants on their legal files on the phone > 45
                    calls / day

Customer representative
March 2009          ISILIS
June 2009
                    Mission: ISILIS – IT company – 25 people
                    In charge of contacting administrations / insurance companies in order to optimize
                    bank account change

                    Result : I could get contacts with French Health Insurance & welfare administration
                 (Caisses allocations familiales).
                 Success with tax administration so that ISILIS can exchange confidential information
                 through the web.
                 Success with some French and foreign insurance companies.

Call Centre Assistant
January 2007     B2S
December 2008
                 Mission:          In charge of giving administrative information over the phone and by
                 email to any citizen in the following matters :

                 - consummation, accommodation, health issues, environment, justice, employment,
                 administrative formalities…
                 - customer relationship on the phone and email; use of a database; web-use

                 Means: I needed to get trained in administrative information and the way to deliver the
                 information to the customer over the phone and by email.
                 Appraisal: I am able to answer about 150 calls / day on the average
                 or 50 emails / day

                 I have developed my ability to deliver information for any kind of administrative request.

                 I am able to qualify any ordinary situations in administrative terms in order to answer in
                 a proper way to customers.

Call Centre Assistant
May 2006         Groupama
September 2006
                 Mission: In charge of making home help available to policy holders with a physical
                 >         implementing contracts
                 >         customer relationship on the phone; use of a special software

                 Means: I had to be trained on health contract so that I could deliver the right benefits
                 to insured people
                 Appraisal: I could manage around 25 files / day on the phone including computer
                 literacy and file management

Administrative manager
November 2005    Association « Les Couleurs du Temps »
May 2006
                 Mission: I handled administration for a painting association with 150 students.
                 >      Communication / Marketing : web site management, creation of brochures,
                 mass mailing
                 >      Administration: database management, accountancy, relationships with bank

                 Means: I needed to create a database in order to manage the subscriptions and
                 manage the relationships with suppliers.
                 Appraisal: I created a database in order to manage about 250 customers
                 I created and managed website in order to advertise for the association.

Database Manager
May 2005         Vetoquinol
August 2005
                 Mission: I was involved in checking contracts in French / English / German and
                 notably the following sections: distribution; confidentiality; collaboration;
                 subcontracting, maintenance
                Appraisal: I implemented a database in order to make contracts available to

Business Engineer
August 2002     FAURECIA Industries
October 2004
                Mission: In charge of trade negotiations in Peugeot-Citroën’s Purchase department;
                Business management of a 140 K€ budget for plastic parts manufactured in series

                Means: I needed to get trained in plastic industry.
                As a non-engineer, I had to adapt to technical vocabulary.
                Appraisal: I dealt with frequent contacts with customers in order to raise invoices in a
                timely manner.
                I adapted prices for products on a regular basis.
                I built business offers for plastic parts (bumpers).

Diplomas and education

Institut Commercial de Nancy (ICN > French business school)
October 1997    Advanced master's degree in Marketing and Business
January 2000
                Specialisation in Marketing and international Business
                other classes : Finance / Business law / Management / English / German

                I also participated in an international Marketing business exchange programme with
                "Bloomsburg University" (Pennsylvania - USA) during six months (from 01/1999 to
                I could improve my command of English and open my curiosity to the American way of

                Area of specialisation: Marketing and international affairs

Pantheon - Sorbonne
October 1992    Four year degree in International Business Law
June 1997
                classes : French civil law; business law; finance; social law; criminal law; international
                business law; English law...

                Area of specialisation: International business law

Computing skills


Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Access, Internet, Jurisol, Simut, AS400

Language skills

Speaking competence: Native              Written competence: Native speaker

Speaking competence: Intermediate          Written competence: Intermediate

Speaking competence: Fluent                Written competence: Fluent

Speaking competence: Basic level           Written competence: Basic level


Young Chamber International (JCI)
> active member in the Young Economic Chamber in Neuilly / Seine (near Paris)

In charge of members' training.
examples of trainings : stress management; public speaking; mind mapping; quick reading

Consumers' association
Volunteer for a French Association of consumers' defence :

in charge of file update (for ex. purchases through the internet), legal information; members' training

Reserviste for French national defence :
In charge of creating a satisfaction inquiry towards earth army regiments.

Result : work in a team with military and civil servants in order to build such an inquiry.
Better understanding of French army functionning.

Painting school's webmaster
For a painting school, I have created a website.

I am in charge of updating the website and doing some administrative work.

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