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   1. Navigate to
   2. Click on the link GRLevel3 under the Products Section.
   3. Download both the GRLevel3 Setup and the GRLevel3 Update files.
   4. Once downloaded run the GRLevel3 Setup file.
   5. After installation run the GRLevel3 Update file.
   6. Press the Help Menu and then click on the Register Button.
   7. Input the Registration Key provided to you in the E-Mail from
      “Type in exactly the way it was provided in the E-Mail.”

  1. Navigate to Start>All Programs> GRLevelX> GRLevel3> GRLevel3
  2. If program opens and runs without problems skip to step 5.
  3. If program fails to open properly download an updated copy of Microsoft DirectX
  4. Follow Microsoft DirectX setup instructions and restart computer. Return to Step
      1 of Program Setup Instructions.
  5. Under the Site Menu click on Settings
  6. Under the Startup Site click Change and select “KFWS Dallas/Fort Worth, TX”
      then click OK.
  7. To Add Sites to your Favorites List click on the Site Menu and on Settings.
  8. Next, click on Sites you would like to add then press the Add Button. When
      finished press OK.
  9. Select your local radar site “KFWS Dallas/Fort Worth, TX”
  10. To add additional Radar Products click on the Products Menu and select the radar
      product you wish to have. Repeat this step for each product you want.

   Pentium processor or equivalent
   Microsoft Windows XP or higher
   64 MB of RAM
   16 or 32 bit color display at 800 x 600 resolution
   DirectX 9.0c

Eric KD7CAO                           8/16/2011                       Preston KL0ZW

  1. If you would like to have the fancy “Shape File” navigate, to http://www.denton- and download the files under the GRLevel3 link.
  2. Extract these files to an area of your choosing.
  3. Click on the GIS Menu, then Load Shape File.
  4. Click on the “…” under the Shape File column and select the shape File you wish
     to load.
  5. Click on the “…” under the Style File and select the corresponding file ending
     with .sty to the shape file you loaded.
  6. Hit the OK button.
  7. Now, when zooming in you will see the files you added. Example, Denton County
     may show Rivers, Streams, Lakes, Roads, Highways, or Rail Roads.

  1. To add the APRS Place File from Spotter Networks click on, Windows Menu,
     then Shape File Manager.
  2. Type in: then press the OK Button.
  3. Additionally, you may wish to add more static places. You may create a Place
     File using Lat/Long and upload this as well by using the “…” button in the
     previous steps.
  4. In the Place File Manager window you will see to check boxes. The first one
     allows you to turn a Place File on and off. The second check boxes determines
     whether you wish to have Place Files above or below the radar image.
  5. To delete a Place File select it and then press the red X above.

GRLevel3 uses your graphics hardware more than most applications. It accesses the
hardware through DirectX 9. The latest version of DirectX is available at Microsoft's
      Microsoft DirectX
It's also recommended that you download and install the latest drivers for your video

Common problems running GRLevel3 are:
   "d3d9.dll not found" -- you need to install DirectX9
   "Unable to create DirectX9 device" -- usually due to having a 24 bit desktop,
    switch to a 16 or 32 bit desktop

Go to the GRLevel3 support forums for more help.

Eric KD7CAO                            8/16/2011                         Preston KL0ZW

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