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									Page 12]                                                        The undermentioned Houses are situate within the Boundaries of the
Civil Parish [or Township] of        City or                Municipal Ward of         Parliamentary Borough   Town    Village or Hamlet,       Local Board or                Ecclesiatical
Betley                              Municipal                                         of                      of                               [Improvement                  District of
                                                                                                                      &c, of
                                    Borough of                                                                 Betley                          Commissioners District ] of
No. of      Where met with      HOUSES           NAME and Surname of      RELATION      CON-           AGE     AGE      Rank, Profession or    WHERE BORN                    Whether
Schedule                                         each Person              to head of    DITION         Of      of       OCCUPATION                                           1.Deaf and Dumb
            and No. or          In-  Unin
                                                                          Family                       Males   Female                                                        2.Blind
            NAME of             hab -hab                                                                       s                                                             3.Imbecile or Idiot
            HOUSE               ited ited                                                                                                                                    4.Lunatic
54                              I                John Gayter              Head          Married        40               Master Tailor          Staffordshire Betley
                                                 Hannah Gater             Wife          Married                42                              Middlesex Pimlico
                                                 John Gater               Son           Unmarried      14               Tailor Apprentice      Staffordshire Betley
55                              I                James Darlington         Head          Married        54               Carpenter              Ditto Audley
                                                 Margaret Darlington      Wife          Married                55                              Ditto Madeley
                                                 Agness J. Matthews       Niece         Unmarried              21       Milliner & Bonett      Derbyshire
                                                                                                                        Maker                  Chesterfield
56                              I                Robert Henry             Head          Married        38               Coachman Domestic      London
                                                 Hannah Henry             Wife          Married                29                              Staffordshire Betley
                                                 Jessie Henry             Daughter      Unmarried              2                               Ditto Ditto
57                              I                Henry Whittaker          Head          Married        32               Bricklayer Employing   Ditto Balterley
                                                                                                                        2 Men
                                                 Emma Whittaker           Wife          Married                31                              Buckingham Gawcott
                                                 Hannah Kingston          Mother in     Widow                  75                              Buckingham Stowe
58           Brassington St     I                Joseph Plant             Head          Married        54               Coal Miner             Staffordshire Betley
                                                 Ann Plant                Wife          Married                53                              Lincolnshire Boston
                                                 John W Plant             Son           Unmarried      21               Coal Miner             Staffordshire Betley
                                                 Martha Plant             Daughter      Unmarried              19       Servant Domestic       Ditto Ditto
                                                 Sarah Ann Plant          Daughter      Unmarried              11       Scholar                Ditto Ditto
                                                 Hannah Maria Plant       Granddaugh    ............           1                               Ditto Ditto
59                                               John A Payne             Lodger        Unmarried      29               Painter                Dorset Chideock
                                                 Thomas Watts             Lodger        Married        25               Painter                Warwick Highgate
60          Brassington St      I                James Baggully           Head          Married        62               Agricultural           Cheshire Wybunbury
                            Mary Baggully      Wife            Married          42                          Ditto Ditto
                            James Baggully     Son             Unmarried   16        Bricklayers Labourer   Staffordshire Stoke
                            Henry Baggully     Son             Unmarried   14        Scholar                Ditto Betley          Infirm
                            Mira Baggully      Daughter        Unmarried        8    Ditto                  Ditto Ditto
7   Total of Houses..   6                    Total of Males and Females…   12   13

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