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					              Information Technology SAC 2
This SAC requires you to produce a written report including documentation of analysis and
design techniques and a labelled network diagram. Complete this SAC using MS Word.
This SAC is worth 50 marks out of the 100 marks total for Unit 3, this is divided into 40 marks
for the design and analysis and 10 marks for the labelled network diagram.

                                      Case Study

Last Stop Retirement Home is a very pleasant up market accommodation facility for the
elderly located in a small country town 120 kilometres from Melbourne, it opened 18 months
ago. Previously it was a small 30 room, state of the art
private hospital however, the management could not
keep or attract doctors to the area and the facility closed
and remained empty for two years until it was bought by
the local trout farming company Something Fishy Ltd.
(located on the other side of the tall hill 150 metres
away) Something Fishy refurbished it as a retirement
home. It is a very well constructed concrete, steel and
brick single story structure. The walls were specially
shielded to stop interference to the medical equipment
that was used.
Every room in the hospital has at least one dual phone
and network connection socket in the wall via CAT 6
cable, the administration and all other service areas are fitted with multiple sockets. The
phone system was left in place but all of the computer equipment was removed except the
fixed cabling, patch leads, fly leads from the wall sockets, equipment racks and patch panels
when QuickFix Medical Group sold the building to the trout farm.
Last Stop has been surprised by the flood of elderly citizens taking up occupancy, the
business is thriving and there is a waiting list to move in. The residents while away the hours
playing lawn bowls, picnicking on the extensive lawns with lunch baskets provided by the
catering staff, chatting on the Internet, sending E-mails to family, a few residents with
Alzheimer’s spend all day waiting at the bus stop on the grounds for the bus that never comes
but the most popular pastime is fishing for trout in the trout farm ponds. Most of the trout are
returned to the pond but they almost always take one home for their evening meal.

The owners had a basic computer system installed (all new computers) but they were not
prepared to invest a substantial amount of money in the system until they knew that the
retirement home was a viable proposition.

There are five computers in total which the owners have provided. There are three
computers installed on the network and one un-networked computer in the lounge where
residents take turns accessing the internet via a dial up connection. All computers use
Windows 98 and have MS Office 2003 professional installed. The three networked
computers are in the same room (the admin office) and use a wireless access point to
connect to each other. They are arranged as a workgroup for sharing folders and a single
laser printer is attached to one of the computers from which all three can print. Many of the
documents that are printed contain confidential information. The remaining computer is in the
facility manager’s office but due to the construction of the walls it can not get wireless access
to the other computers. The facility manager’s computer is sometimes plugged in to the
wireless access points 4 port switch using a loose CAT 6 cable. Management realise that it is
time to update to a secure business network so as a starter they have asked the staff and
residents what features they would like in the new network. The network will stick with
Microsoft operating systems because tech support in the local area know Microsoft operating
systems best.
      The staff asked for E-mail and internet access to all computers so they can receive
       data such as pathology test results via E-mail. They also want access to the database
       that is currently stored on the manager’s computer so they can input resident details,
       menus, staff details, and other administrative data without having to go to the
       manager’s office to enter the data.
      There is a high demand for the sole internet access computer and several residents
       have asked if they can buy their own desktop PC so they can use the Internet
       whenever they like, some already have computers in their rooms (very technologically
       advanced old people!) High-sped broadband is available in the area.
      Currently, the kitchen staff must come to the admin area to access the daily menu, and
       to print recipes and return to the kitchen to prepare the meals, they would also like to
       be able to access so they can speed up the orders instead
       of phoning their orders through to their suppliers. They find coming to the admin area
       quite inconvenient and would like better access.
      The accounts are kept on the computer in the facility manager’s office and to ensure
       security she only plugs in the network cable when she wants to access the shared
       folders on the admin computer or to print reports.
      The owners would like to access records and patient data, input data and generate
       reports from the database and accounting programs from the trout farm using their
       only desktop computer at the farm which they use to do accounting for the trout farm
       and retirement home.
      Some residents have asked if they can print letters and E-mails from the shared
       computer or their own desktop PCs (eight residents already have PCs in their rooms).
The owners don’t intend to provide further computers for residents but will provide printing
and network access.
From the information above complete the following tasks:
To answer these questions you should answer as if you are a network manager with a
focus on security, efficiency and customer service.
   1. Produce a network diagram of the current computer installation/network showing all
      computers owned by the Something Fishy/Last stop - label all components. 4 marks
      To use MS Word to create the diagram you need to turn off the Drawing Canvas in MS
      Office 2003, instructions for turning it off are at the end of this file. Do not use programs
      that require your teacher to have that program installed on their computer. Our
      security prevents us from installing programs on the school PCs. You may produce
      the network diagrams in a gif or jpeg file format if you do not want to use MS Word

   2. Recommend at least six significant network or software improvements that can be
      made to the current network to improve efficiency for the owners and staff and access
      for the residents. These must be significant improvements, minor improvements won't
      score marks, an example of a minor improvement might be add network cards to PCs
      (all new PCs come with inbuilt network cards anyway). Work to a reasonable budget, if
      there is a cost effective piece of equipment that provides suitable performance select it
      rather than the Rolls Royce or gold plated version. Justify each of the
      improvements (use point form) For example: install a bimodal 9 channel satellite link
      between the trout farm and Last Stop - Justification - This would allow high speed
      access between the two sites so that the owners could access the............. 12 marks
      (I made this equipment up, it doesn't exist, don't suggest it as some students have in
      the past). There are more than six suggestions that you can provide for this list,
      however, some are much more important than others and we expect to see the
      important ones in your list. If these items are not on the list you will lose marks. There
      is some crossover between this question and question 4 which asks for a list of
      replacement equipment. When answering this question focus more on the network
      improvement rather than the equipment or software. In question 4 you will be asked
      for more detail about the equipment.

   3. Design and produce a network diagram for the new system based on the
      improvements that you suggested above (use MS Word to produce the diagram in
      a manner similar to the sample above, do not draw a floor plan, this diagram should
      clearly show the topology and all cables, do not use a single line to represent two or
      more cables) 10 marks Now that you have redesigned the network, list all of the
      significant additional or replacement equipment required for the new network and
      explain its purpose on the network. Its function on the network and why it/they will
      improve the network. This should include explaining the function of the equipment on
      the network (suggest at least six quite different pieces of equipment). This is a
      shopping list and someone has to go to the networking supermarket and buy the items
      on your list, don’t make him/her look like an idiot who has no idea what he/she is
      asking for. The guy on the other side of the counter must be able to select what you
      are asking for off the shelf instead of turning to look at his colleagues to say “we have
      another one who hasn’t got a clue what he/she wants”. See below for further
      information on how to answer this question. 6 marks

   4. List six significant software improvements that will be required and explain why they
      are needed and the improvement over the present configuration or method used. 6
      marks. This list also has a couple of mandatory inclusions and if the most important
      software is not on your list you will lose marks. Do not include software for residents.
      Residents must purchase their own software.

   5. List three major security precautions that need to be implemented and explain how
      they will improve the security of the system. 3 marks

   6. Produce a data flow diagram for the new system using the correct symbols (covered in
      week 6 of the course). In this DFD you are only required to show input and output of
      resident’s accounts, resident’s details and pathology reports. 3 marks

   7. How will the owners of the trout farm access the network from the trout farm? Provide
      two reasonably inexpensive alternatives and explain how each one will work and what
      speed of access each method will provide (one of these methods should be shown in
      your network diagram at Q3). 6 marks
Accuracy and layout are what will score marks in your network diagram. The aesthetic
properties of your presentation are not particularly important so there is no need to spend
hours on graphics or dressing up your presentation. Show all cables; do not show a single
cable representing multiple cables. We suggest that you use MS Word to draw the diagram
and use text boxes and lines to represent the equipment and cables. Equipment can have its
description or name in the text box. A handy function which you can use as you create a
diagram in MS Word is to select and group objects so that they stay fin a fixed position.
Grouping objects makes them into a single object and prevents them breaking up or moving
as you add further detail. You can ungroup if you need to edit a part of your diagram.

Clarification to question 4 above
What IS the difference is in a couple of the points in question 4 that you are asked to identify? There is a little
crossover in the answers however, what we are looking for are the following:

I'll use a proxy server as an example on a large network (you probably wouldn't use one here because the traffic
is too low to worry about it)

its purpose on the network - why have you included it - for example: to improve download speed for
frequently used web pages to nodes and to reduce the cost of the service by reducing downloads

its function on the network - what it provides/brings to the network - A proxy server is the central access point
for all nodes accessing the Internet, it saves frequently visited pages to hard disk and rather than download
entire pages again, the proxy server checks the web server to see if the page has changed and if not the page is
recovered from the proxy server's hard disk and sent to the requesting node. A proxy server can also run
firewall software to reduce the threat from hackers and I've included it in my configuration for this network.

why it improves the network - what happened before and the improvement it produces - (This does not fit the
SAC scenario, it's just an example) with the original configuration the ADSL modem directed internet traffic to all
requesting nodes on the network. Security was not as strong as it now is with the proxy server in place and the
proxy server often provides pages to the nodes faster because the ADSL connection is receiving less requests
for large pages. Traffic can also be monitored to see if any nodes are generating excessive traffic on the
internet connection. (Cost of downloads doesn't come into this one as it isn't a network improvement, it's a
budget consideration.)

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